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Welcome to Potter's Army

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Keith Nicholas

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Keith Nicholas Empty Keith Nicholas

Post by Keith Nicholas Wed Jul 29, 2009 12:29 pm

Out of Character:
Name: Call me Jack
Gender: Male
Age: teen....ish
How you found Potter's Army: Google. Wonderful huh?
Any other characters on Potter's Army: Nope
Anything else: (Optional.)

In Character

Name: Keith Nicholas
Nicknames: None
Gender: Female....Joking, Joking. Male.
Race: Human
Year AND Age: 11 and first year
Preferred houses: He says Gryffindor but I say Ravenclaw
Birthday: March 18
Canon or Original: Original
Play-by: .......
Blood Status: Pureblood

Height: Short. Very short.
Hair: Brown, untidy, falling down to just over his eyes.
Eye colour: A muddy, ugly brown
Skin: Slightly tannish, he vacationed at the beach.
Other distinguishing features: Crooked nose where he broke it fighting. Long scar going across his forhead (sideways) when he fell and hit his head on a desk.

Personality: Happy, cheery, and upbeat, Keith is always looking for new challenges, friends, and rules to break. He sees number of rules broken as a badge of pride and tries to break as many as possible.He's sarcastic and can be biting and cruel to those he doesn't like, but generally wants to be accepted by others.
Skills: Charms. He's a quick learner and good at making friends.
Weaknesses: He's brash and has a firery temper, diving into situations without thinking them through. He has a tendency to label people before actually meeting them.
Likes: Magic, reading, breaking rules, writing, magic.
Dislikes: Nerds or spoiled brats, people who think they're better or cooler than him, and ducks.
Motto: Magic=Epic
Family Information: He's pureblood, both mother and Father are magical. His Father graduated from Hogwarts and his mother from Beuxbatons, but it was decided long before Keith was born that he would be attending Hogwarts. He has no siblings and is an only child.
Background: Born to a pureblood family, an only child, Keith grew up in a relaxed, easy life, waiting for his owl to come and inform him he's been accepted to Hogwarts. His entire pre-Hogwarts life revolved around what he would do once he got into the school. Which house he would be in, what his favorite class would be, etc. etc. Now that's he's finally off to Hogwarts, he can't believe it.
Short Roleplay: "Run!" Keith shouted, tearing off down the hall. Now that the dungbomb had gone off the 5th years would be afer him, and he didn't fancy stopping an army of OWL students with nothing but Wingardium Leviosa. He reached the stairs and slid down the banister, having learned long ago this was the best way to avoid false steps. Unfortunately, it also resulted in several broken limbs before he had gotten it quite right.

He could hear the 5th years above him and chuckled to himself. Served them right, pushing him out of the way like that. He yanked out his wand and shot several wand sparks at the very solid looking wall in front of him. It evaporated for just a moment, allowing Keith to squeeze into the passageway hidden behind it. He ran until reaching a wooden section of the wall, tapping it furiously with his wand until it opened back into the library. Keith let out a small laugh. Those idiot 5th years would never have suspected him to come back to the scene of the crime....
Keith Nicholas

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Keith Nicholas Empty Re: Keith Nicholas

Post by Jemma Tiquelle Wed Jul 29, 2009 1:41 pm

ACCEPTED and sorted into RAVENCLAW.

Welcome to Potter's Army Jack =)). Feel free to PM me/reply here/ask me in the chatbox/contact me in some other way with questions.
Keith seems like an awesome charrie. Returning to the scene of the crime = win.
Anyway, I'll stop rambling here. Hope to see you around lots =)).
Jemma Tiquelle
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