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Jewel Rivera

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Jewel Rivera Empty Jewel Rivera

Post by Guest Tue Jul 28, 2009 11:52 pm

Out of Character:
Name: Mau
Gender: female
Age: 14
How you found Potter's Army: to a topsite i think
Any other characters on Potter's Army: nothing else
Anything else: no

In Character
Jewel Rivera Songhyegyo4mk4
Name: Jewel Rivera
Nicknames: none
Gender: female
Race: a witch?whats this?
Year AND Age: 14 and fourth year
Preferred houses: anything except Slytherin
Birthday: May 28
Canon or Original: original
Play-by: Song Hye Kyo
Blood Status: muggleborn

Height: 5'5
Hair: straight and black
Eye colour: black
Skin: a tan
Other distinguishing features: a birthmark(strawberry)

Jewel is one that can be hard to figure out.She is usually shy when she firsts meets someone, depending on who is around her. Usually after first meeting someone, she is quiet, but after a while she breaks out of her shell, she can be outgoing and fun. Jewel normally find it hard to trust people, but when she does, she tells them anything and almost everything. Its hard for someone to know what is on her mind.The only way for one to really understand Jewel, is of the look to her art drawings or paints.

Besides being a quiet person, Jewel is also an intelligent person. In her muggle schools, she is an honor student there and she has many awards. Her parents give Jewel a gift every awards she get. She also loved to have many friends.

mind - Jewel is intelligent as she say before. She is an honor student in the muggle schools. Also Jewel have good grades at Hogwarts. Sje always study even though there are no exams. In her room, Jewel have her own study table.

determined - Jewel is really determined. When she wants something, she really fight it. She also do whatever it takes to get it. Jewel is a bit of spoiled because she is also the only child in the family. Her grandparents also loved her.

defends her family if their hurt - Jewel defends her family if they are hurt. No matter what happen, she don't just sit there and dont do anything. Jewel loved her family so much. She cares for them. Even though it happens, Jewel still forgived them.
Weaknesses: Jewel's weaknesses are easily fall to a person, stubborn and easily angry
Likes: reading, watching quidditch and the colr Pink
Dislikes: ghost, fruits and vegetables
Motto: Time is gold
Family Information:
Jewel's mom is a muggle. She is 38 years old. Her parents are already separated but there still friends. Her father, Mathew is also a muggle. Jewel became a witch because of her grandmother who is a witch and got sorted in Ravenclaw. The new husband of her mom is Ethan Roger which is a French.
Jewel Rivera was born on May 28 in Paris. She has two parents named Mathew and Carol Rivera. When she was four, her parents had a disagreement. Which ended up with her parents getting a divorce. Jewel's mother, Carol took her daughter and went to live in London, to start a new life there. Jewel was a honor student in her Muggle schools, but would sometimes get hurt due to a few adventures she took. When she was eight years old, Jewel took a interest in art and music, while at the same time, Carol found a soul mate for herself. Her mother met a French gentlemen named Ethan Roger. After a few years Carol married Ethan. Jewel was uneasy about it, but she only wanted to see her mother happy. That was when her mother, decided it was time, Jewel started spending time with her father Mathew.

Jewel goes in the Hogwarts School and make new friends. Before she finally go there, Jewel learn that her grandmother(in her father's side) is actually a witch and she told her everything about Hogwarts. Curently this term, Jewel will be fourth years which she will nearly do OWLS.
Short Roleplay:
Jewel was sat alone by the black lake with an apple in her hand, class had been so boring before lunch, she had been in muggle studies. She laid back on the grass and looked up to the sky.

Jewel yawned and took a bite of her ruby red apple and smiled. Thats when a song popped into her head by the muggle band called Lostprophets. She began singing along to it in her head at first then it began to get louder and she realised she was singing outloud. "When our time is up, when our lives are done, will we say we've had our fun?" She closed her eyes and put her apple on her bag and began to drum on her knees alittle. GREAT!. Leah was having one of her mad musical moments, she had these quite often when she was bored. People were scared at first and thought she was some kind of crazy person but as the months and years went on they grew used to her music moments.

She stopped still and went silent when she felt arms wrap around her shoulder

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Jewel Rivera Empty Re: Jewel Rivera

Post by Jemma Tiquelle Wed Jul 29, 2009 12:07 am

ACCEPTED and sorted into RAVENCLAW.

Welcome to PA! You've already introduced yourself in the Hogwarts Express, so I won't go on about myself here.
Race is because some people are half-giant, werewolf, etc.
I'll change your name to Jewel Rivera by the way.
Any questions, feel free to PM me/ask me in the chatbox/reply here/contact me in some other form. =))
Jemma Tiquelle
Jemma Tiquelle

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