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Auden Lewis

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Auden Lewis Empty Auden Lewis

Post by Guest Sat Jul 18, 2009 12:29 am

Out Of Character:
Name: Sophia Elizabeth
Gender: Female
Age: 17
How you found Potter's Army: Topsite
Any other characters on Potter's Army: nope
Anything else:

In Character
Auden Lewis Auden
Name: Auden Hollis Lewis
Nicknames: Audy
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Year AND Age: 14, fourth year
Preferred houses: Ravencalw or Slytherin
Birthday: march 15
Canon or Original: Original
Blood Status: halfblood

Height: 4'10”
Hair: Dark brown almost black. Straight hair, midlength between chin and shoulders
Eye colour: a dull green
Skin: olive skin tone but rather pale.
Other distinguishing features:

Personality: Auden is that of an odd sort. To an individual, Auden may seem quite kind, able to look as though she is expressing herself fully. But that is not the case, in actuality, Auden hardly lets anyone touch the surface of her. No one will ever know about her fascination with power, or her fascination with death. The idea of power stems from the idea of a prosperous life-that in order to go far one must have the ability to do anything. No one will understand why she refuses to let people in, nor will they be able to interpret her way of life. She refuses to let all this occur because she believes that not only can you trust someone, but that the human race is declining and each is willing to do anything to survive.
Auden feels that she superior then her classmates, but will never admit it. She fears that if she even drops a hint of this idea, that her ability to observe people will be in jeopardy. She loves solving puzzles, and as stated earlier, she feels that life is a puzzle and each is playing the game. In order to solve the puzzle(or win the game) one must interpret and analyze everything, thus making her a good observer.
Auden loves literature, as does her parents (naming her after the poet Wystan Hugh Auden). Because of this, she often speaks quite unfamiliarly-often times in riddles. If (she believes) she is able to understand the root of a riddle, then life would be much easier to accomplish, and death would be much easier to accept. Living a life through a riddles is the easiest way to grow stronger and deal with uncertainties.
1)Studying (not just the books though)
2) Observing people/Riddles
3)Defense Against the Dark Arts
1)Lacks street smarts
2)Fails to integrate with others
1)Fying (but is horrid at it)
2)Observing People/Riddles
3)Power (wont admit it though)
1)The weak
2) Sweets
3) Things not related to logic
Motto: None
Family Information: Auden was raised believing that her stepdad (Charles Lewis) was her father. Both Charles and her mother, Percila Jane Lewis, grew are surrounded by the world of academia. It wasnt until Auden was much older that she learned that her father, her real father (Thompsan Hollis) was a wizard and the blood was in her as well.
Background: Auden, until recently, grew up with the belief that her father was indeed her father rather than just a man in both hers and her mothers life. Both were in the world of academia, each college professors as well as authors. This caused Auden to mature a lot faster then others. At the age of three, she would sit at the table during grown-up discussions about literature and color her coloring books, not making a peep. She learned to entertain herself at a very early age, She was the girl who was obsessive with school and grades since kindergarten, because academia was the one thing that always got her parents' attention. Auden was carted everywhere, constantly following in her mom or 'dads' wake. They took her to the symphony, art shows, academic conferences, committee meetings, where she was expected to be seen and not heard. There was not a lot of time for playing or toys.
Because of this upbringing, she had kind of a hard time relating ot other kids her age. She didn't understand their craziness, their energy, their rambunctious way they tossed around couch cushions, say, or rode their bikes wildly around culs-de-sac. She thought that it looked sort of fun, but at the same time, it was so different from what she was use to that she couldn't imagine how she would ever partake if given the chance.
At age ten, while looking through her mothers box of old photographs and belongings (hidden in the attic), Auden found multiple pictures of stoic men dressed in military attire. Each photo bore a familiar face (as well as a name and year that was constantly written on the back of the photo), one that Auden was not able to recognize. Questions arose, and Auden was determine to unravel the mystery.
She took one of the photos from the box with the intentions of showing it to her 'dad'. When he said that he didn't recognize the photo she showed it to her mom. This confrontation did not end well, only to leave Auden without answer, and without the photo. But Auden would soon forget about this until some months later. After dinner, Auden's mother called her into her personal study room. There, on the floor was the box with tattered photos. Her mother thus explained that her father was not the man that she called dad, but rather a man that she met at a party and thus having a one-night stand with her. She explained that the man that she called 'dad' agreed to help raise Auden, and be the father figure in her life. She the continue to explain that the man in the photo that seemed to be familiar was her biological grandfather. She continued, explaining that he served in the Nazi Army, and was later charged with war crimes.
An unexpected visitor arrived on Auden's ten and a half birthday. The man claimed to be her father and bore very important news. With much hesitation, Auden was allowed to meet this man in private (though in her mother and 'fathers' house). He explained that both him and Auden are special, and Auden, being Auden, agreed thinking that he meant academically special. It was until he mentioned witchcraft and wizardry, did Auden begin freaking out. It took her father to perform various spells until she believed him. He was then able to convince her to live with him and laern more about the wizarding world.
Short Roleplay:The soft harmony of the various instruments echoed with ease across the decorated room. Auden almost felt dejected due to the forlorn mood of the music. This is a party she thought. Arent parties meant to be upbeat?
She followed along side her mother, which she noticed, was dressed in her best attire. She then decided to look down at her own attire, which, she must admit, was quite the elaborate one. Even for a ten year old, she recognized the dress as being expensive.
She noticed her mother stopped walking and began to converse with various other professors. Each stood around in what looked like an attempt at a circle, holding up a wine glass (whether it was full or empty). They began talking about something or other, Auden wasn't much too impressed to give a second thought. Instead, though, she looked around the room, began staring at each individual that was in her range. She noticed the ratio between females and males (males having the larger), as well as how most of the males grouped up around the food table, while the females around the small orchestra.
She looked back at her mother and then at the food table and back at her mother. Her mother, she assumed, would not notice her leaving her side for a moment, and with that thought, she quietly took off towards the food table.
Once there (after the frivolous journey past overweight men or tipsy females), she grabbed a plate. She was just hardly tall enough to see what was displayed on the table. She then grabbed a handful of brownies as well as a slim slice of cake. She had not wanted to stray away from her mothers side for too long, so she decided to head back, plate in hand. What she failed to acknowledge though, while walking, was an extremely tipsy (almost drunk) female making her way towards Auden (though Auden was much too preoccupied with the food on her plate). This caused Auden to trip forward onto said female, her plate of chocolate goods smashing into the females dress.
A loud shriek escaped the tipsy females thin lips, and all eyes were suddenly displayed on both her and Auden. Auden shifted a bit, feeling uncomfortable that this time, all eyes were on her. Auden took a quick glance around, until her eyes landed on a familiar pair of green eyes.
Her mother was not amused. Her brow lowered, her jaw clenched. Once a smile was now a scowl. Auden was frightful, her first mistake in public, and her mother was there to scorn her.

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Post by Guest Sat Jul 18, 2009 1:54 pm

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Welcome to Potters Army.

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