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Welcome to Potter's Army

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Since every few months or so a few of our old members get the inspiration to revisit their old stomping grounds we have decided to keep PA open as a place to revisit old threads and start new ones devoid of any serious overarching plot or setting. Take this time to start any of those really weird threads you never got to make with old friends and make them now! Just remember to come say hello in the chatbox below or in the discord. Links have been provided in the "Comings and Goings" forum as well as the welcome widget above.

Savannah Galloway

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Savannah Galloway Empty Savannah Galloway

Post by Sophia Granger Tue Apr 28, 2009 6:28 pm

Out Of Character:
Nicknames:Soph, Sophi
How you found Potter's Army: Um... can't remember I thinking searching for hp tp sites!
Any other characters on Potter's Army:Yes, Rose Weasley
Anything else: I used to be Sophia Granger but I killed off my character wanted a fresh start on things...

In Character
Savannah Galloway Demi-lovato-20080716-437508
Name:Savannah A. Galloway
Nicknames: Savy, Vannah
Wizard or Muggle: Witch
Race: Human/Vampire/ half veela (if I can)
Year AND Age: 16/6th
Preferred houses:Gryffindor or Ravenclaw (but seeing how I was Sophia don't I still say in Gryffindor?)
Birthday: Sept. 18th 2004
Canon or Original: Original
Play-by: Demi Lovato
Blood Status: Half blood

Height: 5'5
Hair: brown either curly or straight at times
Eye colour: chocolate brown
Skin: soft but pale
Other distinguishing features: As a scar on her elbow

Personality:Savannah is really shy shy when you first met her, but once you get to know her she's a chatter box that will never shut up! Savannah is very stubborn and very emotional times but she tries keeping it to herself. Savannah is very brave and loyal to her friends and family and will do anything to keep them safe from any harm or danger. Savannah is very down to earth girl who speaks her mind which leads to trouble at times. Savannah is really smart but she doesn't like showing off how smart she is, like others she clams she just like them.
Skills: Herbology, DADA, Quidditch (playing chaser)
Weaknesses: boys, her emotions, Potions,
Likes: Reading, playing quidditch, finding out about new things
Dislikes: thunderstorms, annoying people, people who judge other people
Motto: "Where there's life, there's always love!"
Family Information: Savannah Ann Galloway is the daughter adopted of James and Allie Galloway. Savannah is the Middle child out of the Galloway siblings there's Aiden Galloway (19) Coleman and Cadie Galloway (15 and twins).
Background: Savannah doesn't know much about her path other then she woke up in a coffin and didn't know why she was there. After she woke up Professor Shacklebolt found her knowing she was really Sophia Annabelle Granger but not daring to tell her who she really was for the things that happened in her life. After her and Professor Shacklebolt went to the ministry the ministry knew who she was but gave her a new name for they didn't want to tell her for the burden and trouble she went through her life. The wealthy Galloway family adopted her for they always wanted a second daughter but they never told her for she always though they were her real parents. Everything about Savannah is the same as Sophia's information for she's really Sophia Granger but lose her memory. Everyone knows that Sophia Granger died for they were at her funeral but she came back as a vampire for Andrian Potter bit her.
[b]Short Roleplay: Savannah walked through the corridor of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardly. As she walked down the corridor heading to Charms he heard whispering. "Oh my god, she looks just like Sophia Granger who died!"one of the girls whipser to another girl. Savannah rolled her eyes. Surely she didn't look like Sophia Granger that much? Shaking her head she continued walking down the corridor to Charms.

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Sophia Granger
Sophia Granger
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Seventh Year Gryffindor

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Post by Darren Tue Apr 28, 2009 7:01 pm

Accepted and since you want, I'll keep you in Gryffindor.

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