Spike Micheal Edgelongs character
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Spike Micheal Edgelongs character

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Spike Micheal Edgelongs character Empty Spike Micheal Edgelongs character

Post by Spike Edgelong Wed Feb 25, 2009 9:01 pm

Out Of Character:
Name:Tigan Thornburg
Race: Vampire
How you found Potter's Army: already a member
Any other characters on Potter's Army:Samantha Burns
Anything else: no other character

In Character
Spike Micheal Edgelongs character Insert Picture URL heredon't have just yet
Name: Spike Micheal Edgelong
Nicknames: spike
Wizard or Muggle: hoping to start as vampire
Year AND Age: 3rd year 14
Preferred houses: Griffindor or Hufflepuff
Birthday: September 20th 2005
Canon or Original: original i think
Play-by: Jonny Depp
Blood Status: Half-blood

Height: 5'0
Eye colour: Brown
Skin: White
Other distinguishing features: OPTIONAL

Personality: Spike would love to be out in the sun for the rest of his life but it hurts him after a while. He loves to play with his friends. When in battle he would do anything for them. All he wants is to find that special girl.
Skills: running, fighting, and making friends.
Weaknesses: sunnlight, death, magic and hot girls.
Likes: girls, food, and playing outside.
Dislikes: spicy food, scary teachers, and being dumped.
Motto: I'm up for an adventure.
Family Information: mother named Julie Edglong, father named Andrew Edgelong, 1 sister named Emily Edglong.
Background: Born in the staes and raised in England. His parents wanted the best for him all his life so they stayed in the best houses and went to the best stores, but he didn't like it to much. All he ever wanted was to go to a great school and meet a great girl.
Short Roleplay: Spike walks into the Great Hall looks around, Takes a deep breathe and starts walking into the beginning of the rest of his life.

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Spike Micheal Edgelongs character Empty Re: Spike Micheal Edgelongs character

Post by Jemma Tiquelle Wed Feb 25, 2009 9:12 pm

If you change the year to 2005 it should fit. As it doesn't add up at the moment, as it's still February.
If you change that then I can accept you =))

Edit: Awesome! Accepted and sorted into Hufflepuff
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