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Aminia Lestrange

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Aminia Lestrange Empty Aminia Lestrange

Post by Aminia Lestrange Fri Feb 20, 2009 5:24 pm

In Character
Aminia Lestrange Amanda_bynes_photo_474Aminia Lestrange Amanda-bynes-picture-10Aminia Lestrange Amanda_bynes
Name: Aminia DaVon Lestrange
Nicknames: Ami
Wizard or Muggle: Wizard
Year AND Age: 18 and 7th
Preferred houses: Slytherin
Birthday: December 23, 2001
Canon or Original: Original
Play-by: Amanda Bynes
Blood Status: Pureblood

Height: 5'7
Hair: blond
Eye colour: blue
Skin: tan
Other distinguishing features: none

Personality: Ami is very out going, shy, but can have an attitude. She's very selfless, she puts others before her self. She enjoys making new friends.
Skills: Charms, writing, and hiding emotion
Weaknesses: her friends, family, and her emotions
Likes: the rain, making people laugh, smiling
Dislikes: spiders, crowded places, and certain insects
Motto: Dream like you'll live forever and live like you'll die tomorrow.
Family Information: Only child, she was adopted, but later found out she was related to Bellatrix
Background: Ami grew up thinking she was a muggle born, but the summer before her
seventh year she found out she was adopted. Her parents had told her
she was related to Bellatrix some how, some way. But she soon found out after a lot of questions that Bellatrix was her mom. Her parents were killed by Death Eaters. So when she
entered her 7th year she became a death eater her self. But she was
never loyal to the group. Ami had entered Hogwarts her fifth year, she had been a transfer from Beaubaxtons Academy.

Ami had been sitting by the lake when an owl had flew over head and dropped a letter in her lap. She had no one to write to so she had no clue who it was from. Slowly opining it she began to feel nervous. She finally opened it and read, 'Aminia, I know we had dropped a load in your lap but we wouldn't have told you if we didn't think you could handdle it. We love you!
It had been the last letter her parents had ever written her. Ami wiped her eyes, she had felt the tears build up but didn't want to start crying. It was her fault her parents were dead.

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Aminia Lestrange
Aminia Lestrange

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Post by Jemma Tiquelle Fri Feb 20, 2009 11:39 pm

Accepted, of course =))
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