Luna Rivera [Left]
Welcome to Potter’s Army

Welcome to Potter's Army

We have been a Harry Potter Roleplaying site since 2007. If you're an old member we hope you come check out the discord link provided below. And if you're looking for a new roleplaying site, well, we're a little inactive. But every once and a while nostalgia sets in and a few of our alumni members will revisit the old stomping grounds and post together. Remember to stay safe out there. And please feel free to drop a line whenever!

Luna Rivera [Left] Li9olo10

What’s Happening?
Since every few months or so a few of our old members get the inspiration to revisit their old stomping grounds we have decided to keep PA open as a place to revisit old threads and start new ones devoid of any serious overarching plot or setting. Take this time to start any of those really weird threads you never got to make with old friends and make them now! Just remember to come say hello in the chatbox below or in the discord. Links have been provided in the "Comings and Goings" forum as well as the welcome widget above.

Luna Rivera [Left]

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Luna Rivera [Left] Empty Luna Rivera [Left]

Post by Guest Wed Feb 18, 2009 12:43 am

Out Of Character:
Name: Jessie
Nicknames: Jessie
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 18
How you found Potter's Army: RPG-D
Any other characters on Potter's Army: None
Anything else: Nope

In Character
Luna Rivera [Left] Luna4
Name: Luna Rivera
Nicknames: N/A
Gender: Female
Wizard or Muggle: Wizard
Year AND Age: 15/5th Year
Preferred houses: Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw
Birthday: 8-15-04
Canon or Original: Original
Play-by: Paula DeAnda
Blood Status: Half-blood

Height: 5'2"
Hair: Dark Brown
Eye colour: Brown
Skin: tan
Other distinguishing features: N/A

Personality: Luna has always been outgoing, however she prefers to be in the background, watching others. Because of that she sometimes comes off as a stalker. But the way people go about things have always interested her. She always thought that she would make a good psychologist or something. She's definitely the kind of person who wouldn't find herself in the everyday troubles of teen life. She had an answer/advice for all sorts of things, when it comes to life. Still she couldn't tell anyone why she's never on time for anything, or why she says things that people probably don't want to know about. She's can be very persuasive, especially when it comes to her own family.
Talking people into doing things
Making friends
Being on time
Snobby people
Languages, why can't the world only have one?
Her brother
Motto: No time better than now
Family Information: Luna's parents, Jasmine and Carlos, travel often. When asked she rarely knows where they are. However they write often. And sometimes, if they can, they will call. They travel the muggle way. It's more fun that way. She has an older brother, Jose, who currently lives in Spain. However, he often moves from time to time. She has never gotten along with him. He's about ten years her senior. He believes that shes spoiled and always gets her way. Her grandparents, live in London, they also traveled for a time, however they decided to settle down.

Background: For as long as she could remember she always traveled with her parents. Like her grandparents before them, they always traveled. That is until her grandmother wanted to settle down in London. That was long after Luna was born. After traveling for years with her parents, at the age of nine, she wanted to settle down too. However her parents weren't quite up for it. So they allowed her to stay with her grandparents. However since she started Hogwarts, she began to miss the traveling, and sometimes wishes that she hadn't given that up. However she knows the school it a good way to help her control her magic.

The first time she had used magic, she was almost six, she had turned the family dog purple. Of course she thought it was all in good fun. After that she changed everything purple. It seemed the only color she knew. As she got older she began to become interested in Divination. However it seemed her mother didn't quite care for the subject. Thankfully, her grandmother encouraged her to learn what she wanted. It was the only class, Luna ever really wished to learn. Unfortunately for her, or fortunately for herself, she could never really get a good lead on her own future.

Short Roleplay: Luna knew she was late. Well, she was always late wasn't she? Either way, she had promised her grandmother that she would be on time. But it was so easy to get distracted by other things. Actually, she had spent most of her time in the library, reading something that seemed like it could help in the near future. It was too bad that she had completely forgotten what it was all about. She had needed more time to think it over, however of course, she had to hurry up. Where had she wanted Luna to pick up the food from? Oh, right. Walking into a restaurant, Luna asked the person on the counter if someone by the name of Rivera had ordered anything. She paid for the food and hurried on her way home.

"I'm sorry," she said running into the house, her grandfather gave her that "look". The look she knew well, because it was often a look she often gave to others. It was the look that showed complete annoyance. "I'm really sorry papa," she said leaning over his seat to kiss him on his cheek. "I got distracted. I love you," it was something she said often when she knew she was going to get in trouble. It was a good thing her grandfather wasn't one to lecture or talk about responsibility. Her grandmother on the other hand. She turned to smile at her grandmother who stood at the door, to the kitchen. Her arms crossed, and she didn't look to happy. "Smile ma, I'm here." She said trying to lighten things up. And she didn't want to be told about how she should have been on time. That this was the third time this month. Blah, blah, blah, blah. She had heard it a thousand times. She tried, really Luna was always trying. Didn't mean that she was going to be on time.

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Luna Rivera [Left] Empty Re: Luna Rivera [Left]

Post by Darren Wed Feb 18, 2009 6:34 am

Great application! Accepted and sorted into Hufflepuff

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Luna Rivera [Left] Empty Re: Luna Rivera [Left]

Post by Mariana Diggory Wed Feb 18, 2009 9:18 pm

O_o that is one LOOOONG GOOOOOOD applicatation Luna!

Welcome to PottersArmy!And to Huffelpuff.

You need introudction>?Blehhh short one:
My name would be Mariana Diggory and I am at 7th year of Hogwarts.I'll be your prefect along with Zoe Weasley while you are in school so hope to see you often.Oh and I am also a quiditch captain so come apply for a post in team! Very Happy
Mariana Diggory

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Luna Rivera [Left] Empty Re: Luna Rivera [Left]

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