Isabella Lovegood [Left]
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Welcome to Potter's Army

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Isabella Lovegood [Left]

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Isabella Lovegood [Left] Empty Isabella Lovegood [Left]

Post by Guest Fri Jan 23, 2009 11:17 pm

Out Of Character:
How you found Potter's Army:On
Any other characters on Potter's Army:None
Anything else:Nope xD

In Character
Isabella Lovegood [Left] 649924T
Name:Isabella Marie Lovegood
Year AND Age:15 yrs. old,5th Year
Preferred houses (state 2):Ravenclaw(GO LUNA LOVEGOOD!!!) or Grffyndor.
Birthday:May 11th
Blood Status:Pure Blood

Height:5'5" and a half
Hair:Dirty Blonde
Eye colour:Forest green
Other distinguishing features:Nothing

Isabella is a very kind and friendly girl; once you get to know her. To strangers she just seems like a quiet and shy girl. She's very thoughtful and loves her family and friends. Sometimes she can be a bit weird though, which is just fine with her.
Can play the piano and violin
Her claustrophobia
Clumsy sometimes
Daydreams a lot
Writing and drawing her feelings down
Winter & Fall
Those close to her
Friendly people
Rude people
Tight spaces
Those in bad shape or a bad mood
"Imagine as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die tomorrow."
Family Information:
Luna had a "cousin" by the name of Leonardo Lovegood.He married Elizabeth Pearson, a fellow wizard who was his best friend at Hogwarts, and they had Isabella Lovegood on May 11th. Good enough? xD
Isabella was always a quiet child. In elementary school, she had 2 friends who barely played with her. One night she came home from school and her mom told her she had something to tell her. Oh great,Isabella thought another boring thing for my boring life. Then thats when her mom told her she got a letter in the mail.

Isabella was excited!She never got mail unless it was the holidays!She ran to the kitchen grabbed the envelope and read the front. "Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry...?Mom is this a joke?"But her mom said it was no joke and when her dad got home they started to explain things to her. Isabella could not believe how her luck just turned upside down! She was to go off when school started back and it was gonna be smooth sailing from there.
Short Roleplay:
Isabella and her mom and dad had just came through a wall, Platform 9 and three quarters. She couldn't still believe this and walked to the train."I'll miss you too mom and dad."She said tearing up and hugging them both. She then got on the train and luckily found an empty compartment,closed the door,put her things up. She then sat next to the window.

She waved to her parents and they smiled and waved back.She wiped her eyes, even though she would miss them, they promised her that she would have a great time. The train set off and Isabella took out a copy of The Quibbler her family's favorite newspaper and put in on her lap."This could be fun...."She said to herself laughing and then started to read.

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Isabella Lovegood [Left] Empty Re: Isabella Lovegood [Left]

Post by Jemma Tiquelle Fri Jan 23, 2009 11:19 pm

Great application!!
Accepted and sorted into Ravenclaw.
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Isabella Lovegood [Left] Empty Re: Isabella Lovegood [Left]

Post by Mariana Diggory Fri Jan 23, 2009 11:20 pm

I like your story very much.BTW there are Character Plots make one too it's fun!
Mariana Diggory

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Isabella Lovegood [Left] Empty Re: Isabella Lovegood [Left]

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