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Odd One Out

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Post by Godric Malfoy on Wed Jul 10, 2019 5:11 am

Godric's impish smile came back full force, this couldn't be happening. How perfect the timing had to be to deliver the Greyback boy right into his hands. He didn't even know the poor boy, but the blood that ran through the boy's veins was more then enough for Godric to hate him. A few years ago, and they might have been able to be friends, but that was a very long time ago.

"Okay, so he's back from the Vet, so we can officially start the class." His icy blue eyes glanced over to the newcomer. Hell, Godric didn't even know if the boy was actually a werewolf or not. The name alone was proof enough from his point of view. The professor glared at the Malfoy boy. The Centaur cocked his head to the side and studied him. His cold stare into the half-man's eyes undaunted. Godric had read that the 'creatures' if you could call them that knew more about a man then the man knew of himself. He prayed to every Goddess in the world that that wasn't true. He didn't need his secrets to get out. Especially the one that made him so cold. The Centaur was the one who broke the stare first, and the young man took it as a personal victory.

Godric was sure that he was coming off as a pure git. A total bully to some, but he couldn't stand werewolves and the fact that they were allowed to mingle with normal people, people they could harm at the drop of a hat and with no provocation, made his blood boil over with fiery rage. If looks could kill, the glare he was shooting Ari would have frozen the entire class solid.

Even Godric knew he was taking it to far. He was allowing his anger and resentment bleed out into the world like a weakling. He finally schooled his features, allowing them to settle into a playful smile, with an almost innocent gleam in his eye. He reigned in his true feelings, and stood down from further interruptions into the class. He was after all, here to learn about beasts and creatures. What better way then to study one up close. See how they tick, find out what really causes the dieses, and find a way to neutralize it. Maybe even a way to reverse it. It would work for those who were bitten, but born wolves were different. This, this was going to be his special project. One that he couldn't even tell his uncle about until it was finished.
Godric Malfoy
Godric Malfoy
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Seventh Year Slytherin

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