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HOLT, Lucien James

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HOLT, Lucien James Empty HOLT, Lucien James

Post by Lucien Holt Fri May 05, 2017 2:40 am

HOLT, Lucien James Tumblr_nzoeeyAWkh1us5veao3_500
They were the last people you'd expect to be involved in anything strange or mysterious, because they just didn't hold with such nonsense

   Character's Legal Name: Lucien James Holt
It was changed when he was sixteen. He refuses to share his birth name. Once given the opportunity to pick a new one, he made sure nobody knew the original.

   Age: 17

   Schooling: Durmstrang through second year.

   Blood Type:  Halfblood

   Species: Human, Seer. He's never experienced any prophesies, but has more of those gut-feeling, premonition type experiences.

   Face claim: Bob Morley

Personal Information

Nickname/s: Luce, to very few

Date of Birth: December 2nd

Gender: Male

Sexuality:  Heterosexual

Current Address: One of Robert's safehouses. He isn't completely certain of the address; he just apparates there and back since he's lived there for some time.

Social Status: Lower class. In fact, it's more like he doesn't exist at all.

Economic Status: Poor. He has a very simple job that is minimal effort, due to his background. He stocks shelves part-time at a shop in Diagon Alley.

Cultural Information

Ethnicity: His mother is half Filipino, half British, and his father is Dutch.

Nationality: British/Dutch

Languages: English, Dutch, Frisian (though not fluently)

Favourite food: Anything with shrimp in it.

Least favourite food: Steak. Mainly because he's never had it the right way.

Is there anything they can't or don't eat? Pine nuts; his throat/mouth swells.

...Aunt Petunia often said that Dudley looked like a baby angel - Harry often said that Dudley looked like a pig in a wig

Lucien's complexion is mostly freckles, if we're being honest. It's like someone dusted his nose and cheeks with them, but went a bit overboard. His dark hair tends to be a little too long as he simply does not care how he looks. It's got some curl to it but mostly it's just a case of perpetual bed-head. He rarely lets himself keep facial hair, though. Just for personal preference, more than anything else.

One might say he's a bit odd-looking, but not necessarily in an unattractive way. Just that he looks a bit haunted, or like he didn't grow up the way he should have. Was he fed well enough? Sometimes. Is his skin unmarred? No, certainly not. He has a dimple in his chin, and the rumor is that he might have some in his cheeks as well if he ever smiled. His nose is a little big, but that's almost charming. And his brown eyes are often distant to go along with his grim, wearied expression. More than anything, he looks like a young man who has been wronged. And he's an incredibly tough nut to crack.


......If only the hat had mentioned a house for people who felt a bit queasy, that would have been the one for him

Had he attended Hogwarts, Lucien would've been a Hufflepuff. He had little reason to foster bravery in his youth, wasn't particularly cunning or ambitious then and isn't now, and never really had the time to invest in his studies. He's extremely introverted, in part because he's lived the last four years of his life in service to other people who expected him to do their bidding but be silent otherwise. His one almost-friend scared him half to death (see history) and those he wanted to befriend have been out of his life for five years. Because of his living arrangements, he rarely sees many other people outside of his job, which is at night and purposefully chosen to avoid having to talk to people.

Truthfully, he would be fine if required to talk to others. He just doesn't like to, because they always want something for themselves, and despite their apparent best interests for him, they always fail. So he lives for himself, not for them. To learn what he wants to know and find the purpose for everything he's gone through. Despite himself, he believes there has to be one. Surely he was too kind, too innocent and stupidly loyal to his parents to deserve what happened.


..................Hey! My eyes aren't 'glistening with the ghosts of my past'!

   Early Years: Lucien's parents were.. ineffective, really. They had their vices, and he knew it far earlier than he should have. They spent money like water, but their business had yet to go under. Drugs, drink and other inappropriate pastimes stole their attention from their son, though they did love him in their own way. And he knew they did, so that was enough at the time. He didn't know any better. To be fair, he still doesn't. But because of his parents' backgrounds with magic, they were not surprised in the least when he started showing signs of having abilities of his own. His father worked for a large company, making more than enough to live comfortably. And his mother came from a family of seers, but Lucien never really believed that her powers - those, anyway - were real.

At any rate, he was mostly left to his own devices or pawned off on relatives when his parents wanted to get up to things. Which, frankly, happened quite often. They really should've seen it all coming.

   Durmstrang Years: He only attended Durmstrang for two years. He loved it, dreamed of being a seeker, predictably, and discovered an affinity for CoMC and Divination, though he only learned the beginnings of both. And he made a number of good friends, though he didn't get to have them for very long. At the end of his second year, his parents fell from grace. Horribly so. To the point where they couldn't take care of themselves, much less their son. But they made a terrible, terrible decision.

   After Durmstrang: With their reputations and livelihoods at stake, they gave up their previous pursuits. Gambling took a break, though the drug-taking and drinking was harder to quit. But then they heard about something they didn't want to believe was true. Not at first. Rich Muggle families who found out about the Wizarding World would literally buy children who had enough training to be of use to them. Although they did - admittedly - look for alternatives, it didn't take as long as it should have for them to make their poor decision.

Lucien's wand was snapped, and he was given someone else's. One that would work without the trace calling anybody from the government but would not be stable enough in Lucien's hand to cause any real damage. His parents made a deal. They would be paid for every year of his "service" and he would continue to study in his spare time. That time became more and more limited, and the only class that really stuck with him over the years was Divination. Perhaps because he had been so weirdly good at it. But he had little reason to study that when the Gaddison family expected more and more from him each year. They claimed he was a cousin staying with them, though he never attended school like their teenage daughter did. By the time she went to university, he was turning sixteen.

It really could have been worse. They could have expected.. well, more than he could give. He had little real skills, few social skills. But he did what he could, even though he hated it and hated them.

It was summer when someone realized he needed help. He was sent on an errand, off to a shopping center reminiscent of Diagon Alley. And although he looks a bit older than he is, one shop owner's daughter stared at him as he passed by, wand in hand. It was unnerving, but he ignored it. The next weekend, he returned and she acted as though nothing had been odd the last time. Like she was just curious and perhaps even interested. But that was not the case.

He came by on his next visit, naive enough to think that perhaps he could have a friend, if nothing else, despite his circumstances. But she wasn't alone this time. She had reached out to people from the British ministry, and within minutes he was in one of Robert Lupin's safe houses on the continent. Or, he assumed it was on the continent. Either way, she was there, sitting across from him and looking apologetic but mostly she looked proud. It took him days to accept that he was free. It took weeks of her visiting for him to speak to her again. Indra had no idea the trouble she had probably caused.

A year later, he's still accepting that he's grateful, but is also on the lookout for news about his parents. Sure, he doesn't owe them. If anything, they owe him. But they're still his blood, and the people he lived with for the majority of his life. He just wants to know what's happened to them. And what his family members were told about him after he disappeared. And if the Gaddisons have done anything to them because of his disappearance. He's grateful for all that he's learned since he got a new wand and the trace left him. But Lucien is bad at one thing more than any others: trusting people.

Magical Information

Wand:  Cedar wood, Dragon Heartstring, Surprisingly Springy, 10 1/5 inches

Patronus: He doesn't know. He's never been able to cast one.

Amormentia: The ocean, leather and mangos.
He grew up in the Netherlands, constantly within an hour's drive from the coast, or the bridges that crossed over the big rivers. But he's convinced that the ocean must smell the same everywhere.
When he was rescued, at sixteen, he was brought to one of Robert's safehouses and sat down in a leather chair. At first, he hadn't understood the gravity of the situation, but as the truth set in, he sunk deeper into that chair. For months, he sat in that chair and tried to rediscover who he was.
His parents used to buy mangos every summer, and he always looked forward to the season when they were the most flavorful. But after what his parents did to him, he wants to hate the fruit. He just can't, though.

Favourite kind of magic: He likes Divination, predictably, though only partly because he's good at it. He also feels an extreme need to be prepared for the future.

Least favourite kind of magic: Defense Against the Dark Arts is his weakest subject, if we're speaking class-wise. He isn't confident enough in himself to be successful at it. When he goes to cast any protective spells, he clams up.

Classes taken: Not technically applicable. He attended the first two years at Durmstrang, but was then sent away, as stated in the history section.

Out of Character
I'm Harry's half-sister, Dumbledore's daughter, Voldemort's niece, Sirius' cousin, Snape's daughter and Lupin's great grandmother...

   What should we call you: Addie!

   RP Experience: Like, I mean.. none, basically.

   How you found us: Y'know. The internets.

   Main Character (we'll PM you on this account): Apollo Zabini

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HOLT, Lucien James Empty Re: HOLT, Lucien James

Post by Lucien Holt Fri May 05, 2017 2:40 am

Finished and ready for Khaat to check for continuity!
Lucien Holt

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HOLT, Lucien James Empty Re: HOLT, Lucien James

Post by Robert Lupin Fri May 05, 2017 4:10 pm

yup. continuity is fine, addie. he looks great!

accepted and sorted to Others

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