Mieux, Ethan
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Mieux, Ethan

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Mieux, Ethan Empty Mieux, Ethan

Post by Ethan Mieux Wed Jun 15, 2016 10:02 am

Mieux, Ethan Tumblr_n9o5tjlyxK1sxqabvo6_250



NICKNAMES/ALIAS:  N/A but if you come up with something let me know.

AGE: 14

Slytherin House
Mieux family
Miller family


WAND: Cherry, Phoenix feather, 10 and 1/2 inches + unflexible

PLAY BY: Peyton Meyer


GENERAL APPEARANCE: Ethan was born with brown hair and also brown eyes. He did get his hair from his father and eye color from mother actually. He isn't really the tallest guy here, he is only 147cm so far and he still has time to grow up. His weight is bit over 50kg for sure. He doesn't have that much of big muscles for to show since he isn't really very much into sports. He just doesn't find it to be the main thing in life.

The boy most of times wears jeans, t-shirts in his free time. He just feels most comfortable in them. Of course in class times he will wear his school uniform even if just in classes. About footwear then there you can find him wearing sneakers and other familiar shoes. Well if it's really formal event you can even see him putting on suit but it happens barely. He just doesn't find suit that comfortable for sure.


02. Cunning
03. Ambitious
04. Smart
05. Active
06. Sneaky
07. Organized
08. Loyal
09. Brave

001. Dogs
002, Hanging out with friends
003. Parties
004. Crowded places
005. Coffee

0001. Cats
0002. Being alone
0003. Tea
0004, Quiet places
0005. Library

To Graduated Hogwarts and find job one day.


FATHER: Arthur Mieux, 34, alive, halfblood, works in ministry.

MOTHER:  Samara Mieux, 31,  dead, halfblood, owned little coffee shop in muggle world.

SIBLING/S: Kelsie Mieux, 12, sister, alive, halfblood, second year Ravenclaw.
Carlos Mieux, 16, brother, alive, halfblood, fourth year Slytherin.

OTHER: aunts, uncles and so on.

SPECIES/BLOODTYPE: Werewolf/Halfblood

SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class,


EARLY YEARS: Ethan was born as middle child in his family. He has two years older brother with who he gets along quite fine even if there is times when they fight too. All siblings too but they forgive each others quite easily. Two years after him was born his sister with who he gets along fine too actually him and his brother are quite protective of her but they doesn't like to show it out often.
Boy had quite good life and had quite happy childhood until he was 8 years old boy. Then her mother died, well she was killed. No one really knows why so far, at least Ethan and his siblings don't know. They learned to live with out their mother after that and managed their life good. Father became to become less and less time at home, mostly all the time at work. So kids were often alone at home together. At age 10 Ethan and his siblings were turned into the werewolf in forest. That night the kids and father had decided to have gone to camping. They did it once in awhile. Father had went to get some woods for the fire awhile the kids were alone there. They just waited there. Suddenly was there one black wolf, they weren’t sure what to do. Ethan’s sister did scream for father but the boys stayed quiet, not sure if father did hear Kelsie or not. Suddenly the wolf did attack the kids and since they all were quite young they couldn’t defent each others and they were pretty scared to do anything. The wolf did bit them all just once and then run away. The kids were pretty shocked about it. The changes was weird thing to them all suddenly. Being suddenly on four legs instead of two. They weren’t at first sure what to do. They at the managed to learn it all. The kids did spent the night as wolfes basically. They never saw the father that time really or father just avoided the wolfes. The kids never really knew. When morning came they were humans again. So they had to explain everything to their father. Who thought they were crazy at first but later on their story began to make sense to him some how.
Of course at first there wasn’t no wolfsbane what could help but since their father was wizard then he had some at home not sure why exactly. Anyways with that their camping trip ended. They all went home and the kids got the wolfsbane what they needed. So now it’s been 4 years since that night. Few days after they were turned, they were registered as werewolves under ministry since no one wanted to go against laws or so. Over times they got wolfsbane potions from the Ministry and still too. Just so father doesn’t have to keep making them himself. When the night time comes then at first they were locked up in basement basically since it was only way, they couldn’t hide really nowhere else. Over years they try to control their instincts since they can't always be locked up when night comes. They all need to still get education for sure.

HOGWARTS YEARS: When boy did get letter from Hogwarts on his eleventh birthday he really wasn't that of surprised for sure since he knew that letter will come. He had know about who he is since he was 5 or so. At his first day in Hogwarts he was sorted into Slytherin house like his brother. At first it wasn't that much of easy there since boy barely knew anyone here but he managed to make few of friends here. He learned quite much about the magic all around here and was quite okay in it. Of course he had his struggles for sure. He kept his grades up so good as he could. He wasn't really surprised when his sister was sorted into the Ravenclaw house instead of Slytherin. When he head learned about houses he was sure she will be there. Still the Mieux siblings have stayed close over the years. They always find time for each others and will be there at hard times.

ADULTHOOD: Not here yet!




HOW YOU FOUND US: Friend told.

MAIN CHARACTER: Erm.. Cecilie Montez?

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Mieux, Ethan Empty Re: Mieux, Ethan

Post by Ethan Mieux Fri Jun 17, 2016 11:02 pm

Okay I will make the changes in couple of days. Right now college and exams is more important. So yeah it will take time to figure it out.
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The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

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Mieux, Ethan Empty Re: Mieux, Ethan

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