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MCCALLUM, Livia Augusta

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Post by Livia McCallum Thu Apr 21, 2016 4:40 pm

MCCALLUM, Livia Augusta Tumblr_o2rmsy3Lz21r8wb5ko3_r2_500



AGE: Nineteen.



WAND: Ash, Dragon Heartstring, 9¾ inches, Pliable.

PLAY BY: Daisy Ridley.



This cute as a button little Hufflepuff looks as scrumptious as she is. She is thoroughly adorable, with big dimples in her cheeks and a bright smile. She has big, brown, expressive eyes framed with long eyelashes and thin eyebrows that are always wriggling about on her smooth forehead. She isn’t a particularly striking beauty. She’s just cute, as has been mentioned. She’s a proportioned young woman of middling height. Simple. There’s not a lot else to her, really.

There is something significant about her appearance, however. Liv always wears her hair up. It’s very, very, very rarely down and there is something of a correlation between her mood and what her hair is doing. For example, when Keiran was missing, presumed dead, she didn’t bother to put her hair up. It is most often in braids but she does have quite the bouncy ponytail!

Also, this girl LOVES yellow. You’d imagine it, given she’s a Hufflepuff, but she is always wearing yellow something. If there is not yellow somewhere, it’s not Liv. That’s how you’ll know she’s an imposter. She is the yellow-est little badger going. Other than that, she does occasionally sport other colours – being a big fan of pastel colours.

Aside from that, that’s about it. While Liv does have her ears pierced, she doesn’t have any ideas about getting anything else and she’s not especially turned on by tattoos – although Baldric does plan on taking her with him when he gets something new done so perhaps when she’s there she may change her mind.  


001. Loyal,
002. Good-humoured,
003. Hard-working,

004. Scattered-brained,
005. Anxious,
006. Rarely on time.  

001. Cuddles,
002. Rainy days inside,
003. Movies,

004. Jam,
005. Socks with holes in them,
006. Nastiness and arguments.

GOAL: Master Transfiguration & become and Animagus.


FATHER: Duncan McCallum | Fifty-Two | Historian and Lecturer

MOTHER: Milonia McCallum née Furguson | Fifty-One | Archaeologist  


Gaius Julius McCallum | Twenty-Two | Muggleborn | Former-Gringotts Clerk

Octavia Claudia McCallum* | Nineteen | Muggleborn | University Student


Eoghan McCallum* | Eighty-One | Muggle | Former-Lecturer
Gwendolyn McCallum née Kinnaird | Eighty | Muggle | Former-Secretary

Gawain Furguson | Eighty-Four | Muggle | Former-Farmer
Anne Furguson née MacDougal | Eighty-Three | Muggle | -

* Deceased

SPECIES/BLOODTYPE: Human | Muggleborn.

SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class.



Livia is the youngest of the three children born to Donald and Milonia McCallum. She was the second twin born in late September at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. There are twelve minutes between her and her elder sister, Octavia.

The family lived for many years in the city of Livia’s birth. Her father lectured at the university and her mother took time out from going abroad on digs to look at the local archaeological history around the city and publish a few (now rather famous) books.

While their parents worked, the children spent a lot of time with Donald’s parents who lived on the outskirts of the city. They grew very close to them as a result and, to this day, Livia frequently exchanges letters with her grandmother.

When Gaius, their eldest son, turned nine, it was decided that the children were all old enough to accompany their parents abroad on digs. Their grandparents argued that the girls, at six, were still too young and there was a falling out between them.

The children, thus, grew up all over Europe and beyond. By the time they returned to Edinburgh, three years later, they had been to more countries than most could hope to visit in a lifetime.

What brought them home, you ask? Well, Donald and Milonia might have been Muggles but their children certainly were not. Although, at that time, it was only clear that something odd had happened to Gaius.

When they arrived back, Donald and Milonia consulted the former’s parents and they, strangely enough, had some wisdom for them. Unlike most Muggle families with connections to the magical world, the McCallums had not entirely forgotten their origins. They explained a little of what they suspected.

A year later, the rest was explained by a delegate from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry who announced that not only was Gaius a wizard but Livia and Octavia were witches, too.

After that, Livia’s life changed. Her parents, the scholars that they were, wanted to learn everything they could about the new world that their children were entering into and wanted to make sure the children did, too. With the professor from the school, they spent a lot of time visiting wizarding towns and shopping centers, including Diagon Alley.

Thus, when Livia joined Hogwarts, she wasn’t as much of a stranger to that world as she should have been.  


Gaius had been sorted into Slytherin. He was immensely popular with all of the houses, however, and informed the girls about the pros and cons of each one before they’d arrived. Octavia had decided immediately that she wanted to be a Ravenclaw. She had been reading up everything about the house that she could get her hands on. In the real event, she was actually sorted into Gryffindor – much to her endless displeasure as she informed her sister hotly in the first week of term. Later, she settled and was happier than ever in Gryffindor.

Livia didn’t follow either of her siblings. She took a new house for herself – Hufflepuff. She had heard all about that house. Gaius had been particularly disparaging of them. She hated the idea that she was somehow not as good as her siblings and especially resented the idea that, for it, they would look down upon her. As it was, she found that everything Gaius had told her about Hufflepuff wasn’t true. She decided very quickly that it was the best house – especially because of how close to the kitchens it was.

Livia wasn’t as outgoing as her siblings. Octavia quickly established a strong friend group amongst the people in her house. It took Livia quite a lot longer. She’s a witch that doesn’t mind her own company and although she does love having friends, she’s not terribly good at meeting people for the first time. She’ll be very quiet and it takes a long time for her to warm up to new people – to the point where they often think she’s standoffish and purposely being unkind.

So, for the majority of her first year, Livia was on her own. She didn’t mind. She spent a lot of time with her brother as he always made sure to check on her. In the end, though, she found friends in a group of second year Hufflepuffs who had been needing an extra gobstones player. It turned out that they were also friends with a few people in her year, too, and so thereafter, Livia wasn’t alone.

For her third year electives, Livia selected Care of Magical Creatures, Divination, and Ancient Runes. The last two, she was terrible at. Care of Magical Creatures, she wasn’t bad in. After her O.W.Ls, Livia dropped those two as well as Potions – a subject she had never, ever gotten along with. Instead she focused on her other subjects, particularly Transfiguration which she had always been interested in – and quite good at, too.

During her sixth year, the witch began to look into becoming an Animagus. At that time, though, it was nothing beyond the theory – and the legal practicalities – of such an endeavour. The year before, her brother had graduated from Hogwarts. That summer, the family helped to move him into his flat in Inverness. It was a peaceful, wonderful summer. The last she would spend with her sister.

The sinking of the Hogwarts Express and the werewolf attack that autumn profoundly changed the McCallum family. Octavia’s death was the manifestation of any and all of the fears that the McCallums had had for their children. Livia was granted time with her family while the funeral took place and grief counselling was provided for all of the victims by the Ministry. When the time came for Livia to go back to Hogwarts, though, her parents were reluctant to let her go. Understandably.

Their intention to keep her with them resulted in the intervention of Headmaster Rookwood who insisted that Livia should be able to finish her education. This resulted in a rupture in the relations between the parents and remaining children. Gaius supported Livia. When their parents finally backed off, all of the damage had been done. Livia wanted nothing to do with them and returned to Hogwarts.

During her last year, Theodore Rookwood had temporary guardianship over the young witch. Though she was technically of age in the magical world, it was an extra precaution that she consented to without a word of dissent. She appreciated all of the help he had given her when extricating herself from her parents and the fact that he wasn’t immediately going to walk away from her meant a lot to the young witch.

Without her brother, who had gone off on his travels, she could have been entirely alone in the world. He saw to it that that was the last thing she was. He pulled her into his family, which meant she could never be alone again.  


Gaius returned for her graduation. Despite only one member of her biological family turning up on her graduation day, she wasn’t in want of anything. She had everything she needed in the people who had accepted her so willingly into their lives. That was underlined by the babies who were holding a far too enormous bunch of flowers, arranged by Elliot Finnigan himself, that was entirely for her. It was a good thing that only Finley had begun to mind being showered with kisses and tears because that was what he, the Hayes twins, and Esme Rookwood got for their sweetness.

After she graduated, the guardianship of Theodore over her lifted and though she spent the summer with him and his wife – or, well, in their house while they were on holiday – she didn’t’ want to linger on their good will any longer. So, she set about finding herself a room – or a flat, but she didn’t want to aim to high – to call her own. Ironically, she didn’t have to look far. Just to another branch of the family tree. Peter had a spare room, didn’t he?  

As reluctant as Theodore was to see her go, they all reasoned that it was probably for the best. With a new baby on the way, the Rookwood house in Knockturn Alley was not going to be a very quiet place for long – not that it was to begin with, mind you. So, in a way, Livia headed back to Hogwarts. Well, Hogsmeade. Hogwarts came a little bit later when her charm and good looks (hah!) won over Keiran, convincing him to take her on as his Transfiguration apprentice.

Hogsmeade was pretty much perfect for Liv. As a moving in present, Peter and Finley got her a kitten – one of the ones that Lucius Malfoy the Cat had had with Victoire Weasley’s prize pet. She named the kitten Buttons and Buttons is very much like her father in that she is never very far – especially not when there’s a Hayes involved. She’s entirely in love with Peter, always winding through his legs, and she will be found hitching a ride in Liv’s satchel when she’s going up to the castle to meet with Keiran – although by far her favourite is Liam. Buttons is only little, after all, so a little Hayes is just perfect. He can almost say Buttons, too! Sort of. Not really. Maybe soon.

Living with Peter over the newly refurbished Hog’s Head was also an employment boon, too. He chucked her right in, head first. He showed her how to make a few cocktails, mind you, but one night he shoved her in the mix and she landed on her feet, much to his delight and to the amusement of Bendric who had happened to pass through that evening. It was an idyll, of a kind. She was getting her life in order. Then of course, it all went pear shaped, didn’t it?

“He’ll be back soon, right?”

“Yeah. Yeah. It’ll be fine, love.”

Only, it wasn’t fine. Keiran had gone on an errand – technically speaking. Days and weeks, she could cope with but months? She filled the time she would usually spend with him working on what they had been researching, desperate to impress him when he came home. Then the news came through that he wasn’t going to be coming back and, if at all possible, her life went more into a tailspin then than it did when her sister had been killed.

If anyone asked “where’s Liv?” in the days after that, there were two places. In the first twenty-four hours, she was found with her school friends, who had returned home from their various university’s briefly, in London partying. It was a joint effort from Theodore and Peter to haul her back up to Scotland. Peter had intended on sobering her up and getting her to be productive but it was Millie who stepped in, declaring that she needed a woman’s touch.

So, thereafter, Liv could be found at Hogwarts. She was sat in her pyjamas, hair around her shoulders, wrapped in a blanket, often either laid down or curled into Millie’s embrace amongst the children. She didn’t cry, not at first. It was only when she determined to make her way home to Peter that she did, when she turned and was confronted by the table that she and Keiran had made their workspace, their intellectual home. Then the tears didn’t seem to stop.

She abandoned the research after that. Once she went back to Peter’s, she didn’t dare visit the castle, either. It was only one night, when the pub had closed and Finley was long in bed, and the pair were sat at the bar drinking their way through a bottle of Ogden’s that Peter gently pointed out that he didn’t think Keiran would appreciate her leaving it. Dryly, she pointed out he would never know she did and Peter, despite himself, chuckled, asking her whether she was silly enough to really believe he wouldn’t know, dead or alive, if she abandoned their subject. The man certainly had a point. So, she returned to work. All kinds of work. The bar, too.

And then Christmas came, as it was want to do. And so did Keiran. Though he wasn’t meant to. And life got better as soon as he was back in it. The sadness that purveyed every corner lifted. Their lives, in many ways, restarted. Or, at least, they reached equilibrium again. And that’s how we find her today!




HOW YOU FOUND US: I live here


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