WOODS, Lyra Kasey
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WOODS, Lyra Kasey

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WOODS, Lyra Kasey  Empty WOODS, Lyra Kasey

Post by Kasey Woods Sat Mar 26, 2016 7:58 am

WOODS, Lyra Kasey  E699a67bb3001ebe5dcaf306788d47da

Lyra Kasey Woods


NICKNAMES/ALIAS:  Lyra prefers people to call her by her middle name and introduces herself to others as Kasey as a result few actually know her first name.

AGE: 16



Cypress Wood: Cypress wands are associated with nobility. Ollivander stated that he was always honoured to match a cypress wand for he was meeting a witch/wizard who would ahve a heoric death. Cypress wands find their soul mates among the brave, the bold, and the self-scarificing: those who are unafraid to confront the shadows in their own and others natures.

Phoniex Feather: They show initative sometimes acting on their own accord. Capable of the greatest range of magic. Wands with this core are hard to tame and personalise, and their allegiance is usually hard won.

12 1/2 inches, unbending flexibility

PLAY BY: Alex Chung


When you walk into a room the easiest way to pick Kasey Woods out from the crowd would be her hair. Dark brown in colour with lighter caramel streaks through it, curled and somewhat poofy in appearance her hair reaches shoulder length with a messy roughly cut fringe that covers her right eye most of the time. Her eyes are dark grey in colour and often framed by darker makeup of natural tones.

She has a rather lean, almost lanky figure. Kasey doesn't look particular strong or muscular (but don't let that fool you, she is lean without a lot of extra body fat and has a few curves here and there but nothing particularly eye catching.Kasey has fairly light skin which is some contrast to her darker hair. She tends to wear light, natural coloured make up (with some dark colours around the eyes) and typically dresses in muggle styled clothing. Her outfits usually consist of a lighter coloured t-shirt and ripped up jeans with other sneakers or boots depending on both the wheather and what she plans to do for the day.



+ Independent
+ Curious
+ Persuasive

- Mischievous
- Argumentative
- Stubborn


Exploring: Kasey loves to explore and discover new things. She dreams of being the first to find something and becoming known for it. New things fascinate her and excite her, the prospect of adventure and a little danger instantly captivate her attention making her both curious and nosey.

Music: Kasey harbors a great love for all types of music. Her time spent traveling the world with her family incognito as muggles made her develop a strange taste for muggle songs (something many of her wizarding friends consider really wierd). She feels as though music expresses everything she can't and secretly wishes she had the confidence to learn how to sing or dance.

Proving People Wrong: So call her a little bit of a know it or argumentative or maybe even competitive. Kasey absolutely loves to prove people wrong- especially when the judgement made is about her or something she loves.


Being told what to do: Okay so Kasey may have some authority issues. She's a trouble maker and she speaks her mind, and there is nothing anyone can really do about it. If you dare to try and issue authority over her, unless she respects you (which there are very few who she will), you are bound to get an earful or find toad eggs in you shoes one morning, whichever tickles her fancy.

Bullies: Someone's picking on a first year for whatever reason, a few moments later their hexed and Kasey has a week's worth of detention. Kasey hates bullies and will stand up for people even if she doesn't know them.

Being denied information: Kasey is one of those people who needs to know what is going on. If she doesn't it will drive her insane. There are times where she will stop at nothing to get information resorting to deception and blackmail. In her view knowledge allows her to have control of a situation and when she has control she can direct things to go the way she needs them to go.


To travel the world and discover new places, items and creatures.


Marcus Woods - Marcus Woods is an enthusiastic and dedicated astronomer who is passionate about his work. Marcus dislikes the fact that Kasey won't let people call her by her first name but accepts her daughters independence and simply advises her that she must accept responsibility for her actions. Marcus and Kasey have a fairly good relationship in the fact that they don't argue very often but it is one which is fairly distant. Marcus spends too much time star gazing and Kasey values her independence too much for them to have much to do with each other.

Kat Woods - Kat Woods, much like her husband is an enthusiastic star gazer and astronomer. Before becoming an astronomer she worked coaching wizards/witches in dueling and wasn't a half bad at dueling herself. With all her children Kat encourages them to explore things in life and experience all the world has to offer but much unlike her husband who encourage independence Kat encourages her children to support and look after each other. As a young girl Kasey was very close with Kat and often begged her mum to teach her things about dueling.


Cassiopeia (Cassie) Maree Woods -  Cassiopeia, like all the other Woods children, is named after a star constellation. Kasey is very close of Cassie and very protective of her. There is 3 years between Cassie and her older siblings and despite being the youngest has double the attitude of both. While Kasey might be argumentative and a bit of a mischief maker Cassie is sarcastic and sassy with a slightly flirtatious side beginning to show (much to Kasey and Leo's horror).

Leo Edward Woods - Leo Woods is the only child not to shorten or use his middle name. Leo is Kasey's twin brother and although the two spent much of their childhood together they don't really have much to do with each other at school. Certainly the twins will have each others back and Leo will quite openly beat up anyone who hurts either of his sisters but unless they are up to something particularly mischievous Leo and Kasey enjoy their time apart.


Daniel Rhyns - Daniel Rhyns is two years older then Kasey and Leo and the son of a very close family friend. Daniel and Kasey spent much time as kids exploring the places their families visited. Now days Daniel is an explorer currently traveling the world and visiting destinations and writing about them for a small named magazine. After she graduates Kasey intends to travel with Daniel and hopefully make a name for herself by finding something new of her own.  





Kasey spent her early childhood years traveling the world with Leo, Cassie and her parents as they studied the night sky from various locations in the world. Occasionally they would travel with Daniel Rhys and his family who were traveling journalists.

Because of the extensive amount of travel her family did Kasey learned early on how to assimilate in muggle society. She grew up with a general knowledge about both worlds and though certain things in the muggle world (like music) attracted her attention the magical world of wizardry had her begging her parents to settle down so she could attend a wizarding school (rather then be homed schooled).

Due to the fact that her parents were so often preoccupied with their work Kasey and her siblings learned to be independent from an early age. They would entertain themselves and occasionally cook their own meals or meals for the family. Kasey and Leo would often play childish pranks on the other people they meant and Kasey in particular enjoyed messing around with other children and sometimes muggles, not to be mean or malicious but more because it was a source of entertainment.  

When at last her parents funds began to dwindle they bought a small house out in the country and settled down. Unfortunately due to the large fortune spent on traveling the world and recent decline in the success of Marcus and Kat's published works the family found itself slipping into the lower economic class.

Kasey and Leo were sent to Ilvermorny to complete their wizarding education.


Kasey quickly learned that she was somewhat an oddity among her peers. Growing up traveling around the world, star gazing and listening to muggle music she discovered was not normal for all wizarding children. While some were genuinely curious about her travels and stories others, Kasey discovered, were simply less then honest. Like all children Kasey naturally dramatized some stories without entirely meaning too meanwhile she learned to hide her weird loves and likes for fear that other children wouldn't want to be her friend.

In her first two years Kasey had a hard time establishing who was a true friend and who was simply trying to get to know her for the completely false and rumored fortune her family supposedly held. By the end of it Kasey discovered the best measure of her friends character was to face her own reservations about being who she truly was (muggle music lover and all) and put an end to these rumors once and for all.

Throughout her next years of schooling Kasey established herself as someone who had a general intelligence and rather abstract but harsh view of the world around her. She became viewed as rather open and honest, no longer hiding her strange quirks, and this was something gained her a few friends but also made others view her as tactless and argumentative. On the other hand her thirst for excitement and adventure led to many week long detentions for sneaking out of school or exploring forbidden area's. Likewise Kasey's mischievous habits never quiet died and she often found herself and her friends leading pranks on other students, foreign visitors or teachers.




RP EXPERIENCE: Only what I have gained on this site



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WOODS, Lyra Kasey  Empty Re: WOODS, Lyra Kasey

Post by Kasey Woods Sat Mar 26, 2016 2:16 pm

Hi Selwyn, really sorry about that! Thank you so much for pointing it out to me! Better to know now rather then later after I'd finished, I'll change it right away Smile
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