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ISAACSON, Darren Li9olo10

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ISAACSON, Darren Empty ISAACSON, Darren

Post by Simon Marek Mon Feb 29, 2016 3:21 am

ISAACSON, Darren Aaron-Tveit-Wallpaper



FULL NAME: Darren Michael Isaacson

NICKNAMES:  Dar(e), Isaacson

AGE: 21
Birthday: September 14th


Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Ravenclaw House
Ravenclaw House Quidditch Team
Oxford University
Fellow Psych Majors

The Ministry of Magic
The Daily Prophet



WAND: Ebony wood, Dragon heartstring, 10 inches, Swishy

Note on Ebony: “This jet-black wand wood has an impressive appearance and reputation, being highly suited to all manner of combative magic, and to Transfiguration. Ebony is happiest in the hand of those with the courage to be themselves. Frequently non-conformist, highly individual or comfortable with the status of outsider, ebony wand owners have been found both among the ranks of the Order of the Phoenix and among the Death Eaters. In my experience the ebony wand’s perfect match is one who will hold fast to his or her beliefs, no matter what the external pressure, and will not be swayed lightly from their purpose.”

PLAY BY: Aaron Tveit

OCCUPATION: Psych Major at University
Works as a Photographer for the Prophet and Freelance





BODY BUILD: Middling

Darren’s hair is somewhere between middle and dark brown, and is often combed back, out of his face. If left for too long, it can get a bit curly around his ears and is known to fall into his eyes. His eyebrows are often drawn together, creating a line between them to go with the dimples that form on the rare occasion that he smiles. You’ll rarely (if ever) catch Darren with facial hair, as he thinks it makes him look ridiculous. Blue eyes often level a piercing gaze at those around him as he does his best to read everyone and anyone. His manner of dress is typically as tidy as his living space, often involving collared jackets and dark colors. He hates summer for not being able to dress that way, instead opting for tees with all manner of writing and print, a bit opposite to his usually tidiness and generally conservative dress.



01. Eccentric
02. Unapologetic
03. Bold/Blunt
04. Brilliant
05. Confident
06. Daring
07. Disrespectful
08. Energetic
09. Independent
10. Oblivious to emotions
11. Impatient
12. Loyal (to specific individuals)
13. Neat-freak
14. Proud
15. Restless
16. Secretive (unless he’s discovered something impressive and wants to brag)
17. Serious
18. Sarcastic
19. Fairly Tolerant
20. Strong-willed
21. Persistent
22. Homebody
23. Grumpy when bothered
24. Charismatic (when he needs to be)
25. Articulate
26. Clever/Clear-headed
27. Practical
28. Witty
29. Busy
30. Experimental


+ Obsessing over things, ideas, people that confuse him
+ Reading
+ Wizarding world transportation
+ Photography
+ Oddities/things that don’t make sense/puzzles
+ Social Experiments/Breaking the norm
+ Technology
+ Crazy people – they’re more interesting
+ Peppermint tea (yeah, he knows it sounds girly. But it’s tasty, so.)
+ Being right/proving others wrong
+ Music
+ Getting reactions from people
+ Drinking (Scotch, specifically)
+ Games of wit and skill (Clue, Chess, Spades, Poker, etc)
+ Tea (two sugars, thanks.)

- Slow walkers
- Being touched
- Having to dress up
- Plays
- Emotions
- Being mothered or taken care of
- Ignorance
- Feigning niceties or pretending to laugh at someone’s jokes
- Idleness
- Public speaking
- Television (unless it’s some medical or detective drama)
- Parties/Weddings/Large gatherings in general
- Arbitrary relationships
- Being ignored
- Poetry
- Tourists (unless they’re strange enough to get his attention)

001. Become a professor of Psychology
002. Have his experiments documented and remembered/studied
003. Avoid the dates his mum wants to set him up on
004. Or dates in general (he’s fine being single)

001. Can forget to do things when focused on an experiment or determined to figure something out (includes studying, etc).
002. Left-handed
003. Takes pictures of people until “he can see their inner selves.”


Most of Darren’s time is spent with his friend (the only one he dares admit to caring about enough to call a ‘friend’), Ariel Greyback. Darren considers Ariel his wall to rant at and his person to bounce ideas off of. The rest of the time is spent on school work, people watching, and causing all manner of social unrest as publicly as possible. Photography is Darren’s way of seeing the parts of people that they won’t show to the rest of the world. It’s also a way of taking in what his mind couldn’t observe right off.

His favorite way of understanding his world is observation and irritating others into reacting, thus giving him information he wouldn’t otherwise have known. It often makes people dislike him, but Darren considers that the means to an end. Where he knows little about people and their nature, he knows a lot about many topics and subjects and uses them as needed (in conversation, experiments, bothering people, etc).

Although Darren will go on and on about how he hates emotions and dealing with them (and the people who have strong ones), he isn’t entirely cold-hearted. His parents were good ones, and cared a lot about what happened to their sons. They still do, in truth. He cares about his family more than anyone, but doesn’t see himself adding to that family by meeting a wife.

He often speaks more eloquently than he needs to, and with more precision and speed than those around him. He induces humor at the worst possible times (or tries to), and is awful with social cues. He doesn’t always understand the sheer kindness some people have within them, and is often surprised by the actions of others. He has issues with personal space, but only insomuch as he wants to initiate contact, and hates when others try to hug him or touch him.

The moment Darren knows he’s found an answer, succeeded in his endeavors, or has an idea, he gets massively excited. It’s one of the few times he shows what he’s really feeling or thinking, and it often distracts him completely, regardless of what he’s doing. He’s not excitable on any usual day, but certain things get him riled up or looking forward to something. Whether it’s discovering a secret belonging to his friends or solving a puzzle he’s been pondering over for weeks, Darren feels an intense need to solve any riddle.

It’s ironic that, although he is a Psychology major, Darren seems to know so little about those around him. The thing he has learned, though, is that no two people are exactly alike, so he doesn’t expect people to be the same on the whole. This, of course, leads him to suspect bad things of those around him and not be prepared for the kindnesses mentioned above. It isn’t that he doesn’t understand the general capacity for the human mind and the expanse of human emotion. It’s more that he’s sure that most people won’t register the entirety of it and thus won’t act on the possibilities they could discover.

He purposefully interacts with people that will drive him up a wall, if only because he feels an innate need to be able to shoot back scathing remarks and sarcasm at a moment’s notice. Ever someone who prefers to plan, he can sometimes get away with being spontaneous, but often his actions will lack motive and drive if he’s only given a few moments. It’s his biggest weakness, he’s decided, this lack of impulse and ready-to-fire sass.

It would be a complete lie to say that Darren doesn’t care about the people around him. No, indeed, because he would do whatever he could to help someone in trouble. It would be like beating the men or women who are harming others, and Darren would sooner run in and attack them himself than let the ‘bad guys’ win. He has a serious moral code, regardless of his tendency to have after everyone and their problems. His curiosity gets in the way of his judgment at times, but not when the situation calls for immediate action. Only when he is given time to think things through.


FATHER: Roderick Isaacson
Ex-Auror (now helps with training for future/current Aurors)

MOTHER: Thelma Isaacson (Neé Bridges)
PR/Advertising Photographer

Older brother: Flynn Killian Isaacson


BLOOD STATUS:  Half-blood



PET/S: none


Early Years:

Darren was born the second son to Roderick and Thelma Isaacson, two native British members of the Wizarding World community. Flynn, his older brother, became his rational side without meaning to. Even at a young age, the younger brother was getting into all sorts of trouble and needing his brother to set him straight and even sometimes clean up his messes. At the same time, Flynn didn’t seem to appreciate Darren getting away with things, and thus made a point to show Darren his wrongs and ensure that he learned something from each encounter.

That, of course, helped frame Darren’s need to know anything about everything. From medical books to the rationale of those around him, the dark-haired boy wanted to get any information he could. This obsession only grew as he started to pour over entire subjects for months, hardly registering the fact that he probably should get in some time playing with the children down the street. If growing up in the middle of London taught him anything, it was that there are always people around, and making friends isn’t something he had to do to ensure that he didn’t feel alone.

Solitude, however, was something Darren was always comfortable with, regardless of the fact that Flynn was always around and trying to be the good older brother that helped him out. Then again, when the elder brother went off to Hogwarts, Darren was left to his own devices, and his failure to interact with the world around him became more and more obvious. Although his parents tried to convince him to join little league clubs and the like, he never found it interesting enough. Nor did he like the other kids he would have been around.

Around the time he turned nine, Darren took up photography, after his mum showed him a few of her recent snapshots. It took time for him to really get the hang of it, but it was a skill that took focus, skill and vision. He could understand, through those pictures, the true emotion that the subject felt. The idea that he could discover things about those around him in that way struck him and made him take it up, intended as a hobby. Over time, it grew into a part-time profession that he would continue even while in school and University.

Hogwarts Years:

Not a single person was surprised when Darren was sorted into Ravenclaw; the boy had been obsessive in regards to learning for a good five or six years before following Flynn to school. He was lucky, in a way, that his brother wasn’t too much older than him; it ensured that when he had no one to complain to or to ask opinions of, there was someone he knew he could go to.

Just like as a child, teenage Darren avoided sports, only rarely going to watch matches. Sure, if Flynn asked him to, he would go. But he cared more about deciding his future and ensuring that he ended up where he wanted to be, rather than worrying after the opinions of his housemates. Flynn was one of the few people that could drag him out of his corner of the library and inflict some semblance of fun on the younger brother.

As the years went on, Darren started registering the fact that his dormmates and fellow students were spending more time in groups or with some sort of significant other. Of course, the Ravenclaw didn’t see a good enough reason for jumping on that bandwagon, deeming such connections useless or distracting. Being distracted was something he always hated and got angry with people for.

He left Hogwarts with very strange test scores, considering how much everyone thought he studied for class. In truth, he only studied enough to get the O or EE that he needed. Otherwise, he would focus on his own pursuits – photography, psychology, medicine, etc. Thus, when he came out of school with several As, his parents and brother were surprised, if not concerned. Then again, the As were in such subjects as Herbology, Divination, and COMC, which Darren deemed irrelevant to his interests.


Darren has been out of Hogwarts for a couple years now, heading directly into Oxford with the intention to major in Psychology, though he keeps up photography on the side. He recently met Erika Dixon,who he has taken a little too much of an interest in. He doesn't know what, exactly, he thinks of her - besides the fact that she is very interesting and perhaps a bit strange. Strange enough that she would make a stupendous object of study. Beyond that, of course, he hasn't imagined anything despite the fact that he likely should.

He plans to teach Psychology at a University after he finishes out his degrees, because he realized that as a professor, he could form the classes in a way he would find amusing and intriguing. His goal would never be to have students consider him their favorite (though Psychology majors might say so down the road), but rather to use the class as his own personal, semester-long experiments.




HOW YOU FOUND US: It magically appeared on my bookmarks bar. O.o


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ISAACSON, Darren Empty Re: ISAACSON, Darren

Post by Khaat Lupin Wed Mar 02, 2016 2:39 am

he's good, of course. Smile

accepted and sorted to grads!
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