FUHRMANN, Kari Elise
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FUHRMANN, Kari Elise

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FUHRMANN, Kari Elise  Empty FUHRMANN, Kari Elise

Post by Alexander Edgecombe Mon Feb 15, 2016 2:00 am

FUHRMANN, Kari Elise  Tumblr_inline_o1rm5dgJGb1rifr4k_500



AGE: Twenty-Five  

SPECIES: Half-Veela


SOCIAL STATUS: Upper-Middle Class


ALLEGIANCES: The Death Eaters

HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin Graduate

OCCUPATION: Unspeakable | Smuggler

WAND: Willow wood, Unicorn Hair Core, 13 inches

PLAY BY: Yael Grobglas


Kari is a tall, thin blonde who is unremarkable from afar unless you cherish thick golden tendrils. Her face is the interesting part. It is expressive in so many ways. It can captivate and entrance well enough. She is undeniably a very beautiful woman. She dresses the part, too. She takes time with her appearance and always makes sure she has a wand holster strapped either to her forearm or to her thigh – the latter comes in handy if she’s wearing a formal dress, for example. She is rarely seen dressed down. It just doesn’t suit who she’s become, really.


001. Ambitious,
002. Alert,
003. Blunt,
004. Calculating,
005. Charismatic,
006. Critical,
007. Graceful,
008. Haughty,
009. Impatient,
010. Intolerant,
011. Intuitive,
012. Proud,
013. Protective,
014. Punctual,
015. Scornful,
016. Secretive,    
017. Self-conscious,
018. Stoic,
019. Vindictive,
020. Witty.

+ Winter days,
+ Reading,
+ Exploring,
+ Crackling fires,
+ Jam,
+ Dark objects,

- Flying,
- Insolence,
- Mistakes,
- Bad smugglers,
- Quidditch,

-- Avenge Brennan.


FATHER: Kristoffer Albinsson | Half-Blood | Painter | 50

MOTHER: Irina Albinsson | Veela | Fashion Reporter | 49

Gregoire Albinsson | Half-Blood/Veela | Auror | 27
Kira Albinsson | Half-Blood/Veela | Auror | 25

HUSBAND: Brennan Fuhrmann | Half-Blood | Potioneer/Smuggler | Deceased


Kari was born three minutes after eleven in January, 2003. She was the younger and smaller of the Albinsson twins and the latter descriptor was marked when they were growing up. The girls and their brother lived in Helsinki for a long time as their parents tried to get back on their feet after Irina’s employers went bust and Kristoffer fell on hard times as an artist. They lived with Irina’s parents for a long while, with Kristoffer working as an interior decorator to make ends meet. Eventually, the decision was made to go to Germany in search of employment.

For many years, the family lived and worked in Hamburg. That was where Kari can remember growing up. Though she was taught Finnish, her main language was, of course, German and she completed her the majority of her primary education there. When it was decided that Gregoire was going to attend Hogwarts, the family decided that they would move to Britain and the better financial situation they found themselves in certainly allowed for this. They settled in Liverpool, where both parents got work once more.

It was there that Kari finished her primary education. Throughout the summer before returning to school, she and her sister were taught English. Linguistically gifted, the girls picked the language up without trouble and while at school in Britain they also learned bits and pieces of French, although only Kira really pursued the language. Soon enough, they were off to Hogwarts, too. Ready to cause havoc.  

Gregoire had been sorted into Gryffindor. Kari was sorted into Slytherin and Kira was sorted into Ravenclaw. Three siblings: three different houses. They didn’t let the prejudices get in the way, either. Kari was hardly the most conventional of Slytherins. She found friends in all of the houses and she was, like her siblings, immensely popular amongst her peers.

As far as her studies went, Kari took it all very seriously. She knew from an early age that she wanted to go into the Ministry as an Unspeakable and spoke at length about it with her head of house. They decided her electives in third year with that in mind and her worked hard throughout her O.W.Ls. It meant that she could go onto her N.E.W.T years taking all of her core classes as a result. She was also made a Prefect in her fifth year.

In her fifth year, she met Brennan Fuhrmann. He was a sixth year prefect from Ravenclaw with an easy temper and a charm to him that Kari found utterly intoxicating. Her sister, also a prefect, found Kari’s crush amusing but decided against teasing her – for which Kari was glad. It was only at Christmas, with the announcement that there would be another Yule Ball, that Kari did anything about it.

After dancing all night, Brennan asked Kari to accompany him as his date into Hogsmeade the following weekend. They dated throughout that year and in February it was made official, with Brennan asking Kari to be his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. She said yes, by the way.

The pair were inseparable thereafter, often found studying in the library. This was arguably what ensured that her N.E.W.T grades were as good as they were.


When Kari graduated, she moved in with Brennan straight away. He had a small flat in York and was apprenticed to a respected Potions master there. Kari joined the Ministry of Magic almost immediately and the pair adopted a cat that same year. They settled into life, ignoring the protestations of their friends that it was all too soon. Those protestations got louder when, the following December, Brennan asked Kari to marry him.

The pair were married just after Kari’s twentieth birthday. He qualified as a potioneer the year after that and Kari became increasingly embroiled in Ministry affairs, blissfully unaware of what her husband was getting involved with. And what was he getting involved with, you ask? Potion smuggling. It went on for a number of years but it was also what did for him. Killed him. She doesn’t know who, either.

She found out, while at work, that he had been killed. The funeral was a quiet one and for many weeks afterwards, Kari was impossible to reach. She was twenty-three years old. A widow, too. And completely alone apart from Tigg, the cat.

Three months after his death, she received an owl telling her that ‘the shipment was ready in the usual place.’ It led to her rifling through the things she had left untouched. His desk was overturned in her effort to find something. In the end she found a scrap of paper, a number scrawled over it which pointed to a garage in London. She went there, found boxes full of illegal potions, and an address to take them to.

Like that, she fell into the illegal potion trade. She wasn’t a dim witch. She understood that this must have had something to do with Brennan’s death and she knew following his footsteps was the only way she could find out the truth. She’d be a liar if she’d said she didn’t enjoy it, though, and soon she began trading other things, gaining a reputation all of her own that caught the attention of the Death Eaters and for them she started running dark objects into Britain.

This is the way it has been for the last few years and, Merlin knows, she’s no closer to finding out what happened to Brennan.  



RP EXPERIENCE: Dozens of years

HOW YOU FOUND US: I live here

Alexander Edgecombe
Alexander Edgecombe
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Ravenclaw Graduate

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FUHRMANN, Kari Elise  Empty Re: FUHRMANN, Kari Elise

Post by Alexander Edgecombe Mon Feb 15, 2016 2:14 am

Alexander Edgecombe
Alexander Edgecombe
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Ravenclaw Graduate

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