Ambriel Grace MacAleese
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Ambriel Grace MacAleese

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Ambriel Grace MacAleese  Empty Ambriel Grace MacAleese

Post by Ambriel Grace MacAleese Sun Feb 14, 2016 11:08 pm

Ambriel Grace MacAleese  S_26800rg_fsdd_rachelle_lefevre__1

Ambriel Grace MacAleese



AGE: December 19, 2007; 21


HOGWARTS HOUSE: Beauxbatons Graduate

WAND: Durability: Sturdy
Wood: Blue Spruce br>Core: Dragon Heartstring
Measurement: 12.5

PLAY BY: Rachelle Lefevre


GENERAL APPEARANCE: : A blue so pale and vivid, her optics so profound that each iris has a dark blue rim around the edge that gradually even the mix of pale blue and white rays as the color seem into the blackness of her pupils. One could call them very pure and bright with a sharpness of the color blue. Ironically, the color that fragments in the intense hues can play a mind trick. With the light or the coloration of the clothing chosen, the optics could appear cloudy and a muted shade of gray. Much like the original color that is a high-contrast of blue, this version of the eye is the same medium-gray as the rest of the iris. This color of the eye has a balance of white rays and dark-blue rays that turn the overall color of the gray appearance.
Almond in shape, the terms such as “Dancing”, “Darting” or “sparkling” are common descriptions that she would describe the appearance of her eyes.   The message sent with the heaven hues depends on the emotions that are rapidly flashing through a mind that is constantly thinking. Often not, her eyes appear to be “dancing or sparkling”, where her emotions are mild and positive; holding amusement, playfulness, harmless mischief, or flirtatiousness

A mash of colors that set a flame to locks that naturally curls and dances flirtatiously with the slightest movement. Natural highlights given to each lock by the sun send the colorful strains an extra pop of life. The explicit colorful contrasts of red copper, brown ginger, and blond honey give life to luscious volume hair that holds a slight untidiness to it because of the tight curls that were naturally crafted in her genes. The desire to tame her curls is not among her thoughts for her flirty curls add to her overall unique physical characteristic and personality that she allows to shine through. The length of her gorgeous curls fall like a waterfall down the female torso, ending in a curl around her breasts. Long slender fingers often find themselves tangled in the locks by either teasing a curl around her pointer finger or just running her manicured nails through the front of her curls, pushing them back from her eyes.

Porcelain complex, almost alabaster in coloration shines with a smooth texture that appears to be flawless at first glance, but with a closer look, the true characteristic of Irish blood shines along the bridge of her nose and along her cheeks. Soft dusts of freckles poke up along her skin that shines with beautiful youth. Secretly, Ambriel finds herself self-conscious of her freckles and hates them with every aspect of her being. It is this reason that Bri finds such fascination in makeup, wanting to cover the dust of freckles along her features.

For someone so ashamed of her freckles, the choice in clothing does reveal the fine dust of coloration along her shoulders and arms. The idea of having a distinct style is not a forte to Ambriel. Her style revolves around different pieces from other styles. Drawing inspirations from textures of fabrics as well as how they fit on her body, her closet consists of styles such as sexy, classy, country chic, elegant, and comfortable. Ideally, her favorite fabrics are silk, lace, and cotton.

Much like her fabric choices, Ambriel often does not play with colors because she is a creature of what makes her look good instead of what is currently in style. While fabrics accent her curves, colors accent the two assets that she loves about herself; her eyes and her hair. Loving the color blue, a lot of her wardrobe consists with the color blue with green being her second favorite. Now, her coloration does not focus around just those two colors. Other colors, such as red, white, black, purple, silvers and golds, can be seen in small groups.
Jewelry is a girl’s best friend, there is no lie about that, but Bri refuses to overdo it. Common pieces in her collection are earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. Though these pieces are within her jewelry, the rarity of her wearing them comes down to the occasion. Normal day items of jewelry she would wear are a necklace and earrings.



Atychiphobia (Fear of Failure)
Has a temper
Though she is good at Defense Against the Dark Arts, she has the fear of actually hurting someone or even killing them
The fear of the consequences of her actions coming around and hurting people that she loves.

~Horseback riding
~Figure Skating
~Defense Against the Dark Arts
~Smiling or laughing
~ Being around family, friends and her pets

~ shopping
~People who do not have a sense of humor
~People who get offended over everything (Lives by the moto “Pick and choose your battles”)
~Feeling trapped or feeling pressured to do something
~People who are constantly drunk and make an ass of themselves when they are intoxicated.
~Lazy people or people who are not ambitious
~People who cannot hold intelligent conversations  
~Her freckles  
~People that are clingy
~Lack of manors

To live as normally as a life as she could while overcoming her demons that will slowly resurface from her past. She desires to be normal, desires to be perceived as normal and will do anything to have that come true. She strives to be the best she can be and will stop at nothing to accomplish the desire of being great.


FATHER: Cian Ross MacAleese (Living); Age 54

MOTHER: Davan Faith MacCobe (Deceased); Deceased at the Age of 26

SIBLING/S: Brother: Cayson Kain MacAleese (Living); Age 32
Brother: Brysen Lyall MacAleese (Living); Age 30
Identical Twin Brothers: Jaylon Lir and Jacobe Liam (Both Living); Age 28

OTHER:Stepmother: Eimile Searan MacAleese (Living); Age 50




A pristine family in the eyes of the public holds more sinister demons that have been kept quiet for some time. Politically formatted, the MacAleese family is one of the oldest and most powerful family’s within the Republic of Ireland (also known as Southern Ireland). Known not only for their investments of endorsing political candidates, they also are known for taking high positions in office themselves, the MacAleese brood was known for their strong bloodlines that produced strictly boys. For several generations, seven to be exact; but who is counting, the inability to produce a strong female heir to enhance their political fame caused controversy within the family ties.

In contrast to the MacAleese, the MacCobe held power and fame in a different way. Like the MacAleese, the pureblooded line held a dominating impact throughout the history of Southern Ireland. Known for their old customs and beliefs, the MacCobe’s contributed to political enforcement as well as held a strong stance in the public eye. The old customs that was enriched in the roots of the MacCobe’s surrounded firmly around blood status and the belief that pureblood is the ultimate blood than any other combination of blood that is and was found in the wizarding community. In secret, it was the MacCobe’s that contributed to a large portion to Voldemort’s cause. With close ties with the MacNair’s, the formation of their family focused on the strong bond the family had with one another and the belief that doing wrong to the family in any format would result in death as the punishment.

Old beliefs die hard, and in the instance of both the MacAleese’s and the MacCobe’s, a contracted marriage between the MacAleese’s youngest male heir and the MacCobe’s second youngest female heir was bounded before either was born. Cian and Eimile never loved each other and to this day, the marriage is two faced; in public, it is sweet and loving but, in private, it is only of convenience for both of their families’ high status.

Out of the marriage, though, one thing the two fully combined as one on were the birth of their four sons. Each boy contributed to combining the family and holding them together with such a force that the two, who were unhappy with their situation, could not even disagree with how precious each son was. In the eyes of the public, Cian MacAleese and his family was picture perfect. He had an adoring wife and four strong, handsome sons to continue his line of greatness and who would inherit his fortune. But this foundation would be broken.

Ambriel was a product of infidelity and was born out of wedlock. On the stroke of midnight, a light snow had begun to fall as the cry of a new born baby disturbed the eerie silence. But, it was not Eimile this baby clung to, it was Eimile’s youngest sister, Davan. It wasn’t a secret about Cian’s affair with Davan for it came to light when Davan found out she was expecting. The only thing that kept Davan from being killed was the child that grew inside her womb. It was the MacCobe’s unspoken rule; it was the very thing that the children within the family knew not to do. She had sealed her fate the first time she found herself in Cian’s bed. After she would give birth, her life would be taken from her and her existence be erased as if she was a blood traitor. Minutes after her birth, Ambriel’s mother was killed by the killing curse by her own father with the rest of the MacCobe family watching.

Ambriel only lived because of the MacAleese blood that flowed through her veins. She was half MacCobe, but she was also half MacAleese and the first girl to be born into the name in several generations. She was protected in the eyes of both the MacCobe’s as well as the MacAleese. No harm would come to her, even with how she became to be.

To the eyes of the public and to both families, this sweet little girl was a joyous blessing that was long overdue. But, in the eyes of the public, Ambriel was Eimile’s. Both families had agreed that the public would not find out the scandalous details on how Ambriel became to be. They would believe she was an unplanned miracle to Cian and Eimile and any infidelity would be forever forgotten. In the matters of her mother, her death was made to look like she had been attacked by Death Eaters and she was tragically taken.

Growing up, Bri had hit her growth markers quicker than normal and showed potential of magical abilities when she was an infant. She was incredibly docile, quick-witted, and intelligent. Blossoming into a beautiful little girl with beautiful blue eyes and red hair, her relationship with the woman who was lead to believe was her mother was strained and hostile. Eimile never forgave the child that had changed her world, broke the bonds of the family, and blame the child for her sister’s crime. But, when it came to her brothers and father, she was the center of their world, having them wrapped around her tiny finger. In honesty, the whole family but her mother accepted the child with open arms and found her dimples, curls, and infectious laugh the very thing that caused their hard hearts to soften.

At the age of eight, Ambriel found out the very thing that sent her world in chaotic mode. Though, to the young mind, it finally made sense in why her mother would treat her in such a nasty way, it did not change the feeling of guilt she carried, knowing it was her presence that caused her mother to be killed. Never did she blame her father for finding love in another woman because, let’s face it, Eimile was self-centered, jealous, and filled with hatred. It was also during this time that she found out about the strong ties the MacCobe family had with Voldemort.  

Unlike her life within the Irish community, years throughout school was mild. Considered popular and beautiful, Bri found herself wishing more solitude instead of being the center of attention. The passions she unearthed during her years at Beauxbatons would later create her future career goals. Consistently, her passions centered around her grades and being a perfectionist in achieving high scores within her classes, especially the classes she enjoyed the most; Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, and Herbology.

She had always had a skill for flying and showed this skill from a young age. In secret, she desired to play Quidditch for it was one activity her brothers and her enjoyed during their summers off. With her skill for flying, she had picked up the ideology of Chaser rather quickly. It is said by her brothers that she had a natural talent for chasing. In reality, Quidditch brought forth a different side of Ambriel; a dark competitor arose, making her passion shine while allowing her to look free and feel free for the first time in her life. At the age of 13, the dignity and the stubbornness of the girl awoke as she stood in line for trying out for the team the school offered and made the position of Chaser. Holding the position of chaser only added to her popularity.

Even with the title of Chaser, within the group that would go everywhere together, she was the strong silent type often seen with emotionless features. If you would ask Bri, she had a small circle of friends, even though the school would say they were friends with her. Her entire years in school were quiet, and that is how she liked it. School was her excuse to escape the eyes of the public. Up till she graduated, her passion for Quidditch only became more intense, so did her need for learning. Graduating one of the highest in her class, the honor she felt seem to not be enough to ease her feeling and her anxiety for she did not graduate the top of her class.

Considerably young still, Ambriel’s adult had just begun. The endless possibilities that she could experience in years to come only excites the young woman that holds strong goals of achieving her own identity in a world far away from her family’s grip on her.
After graduation, Ambriel took time to mentor with her Defense Against the Dark Arts professor at Beauxbatons. Within these few years she acquired quite the knowledge in the other subjects she enjoyed; Potions, Charms, and Herbology, and found she had the ability to tie all the subjects together and have them coincide with each other in a lot of instances. Also, within these years, she was taught Legilimency as well as Occlumency by her professor who knew how close the MacCobe’s were to Voldemort.

Just shy of her 21st birthday, an offer that she could not refuse came from the UK ministry. A position that was much desired had opened and she was the first candidate on their list to fill the position. The Ministry of Magic Witch Watchers is a special Ministry of Magic force that presumably is stationed at strategical places in search of fugitive criminals. Now, she finds herself in adjusting to the demands of another culture as well as being oceans apart from the family that she had been with for so long. The first part of her goal has come true, to establish herself as Ambriel MacAleese and not have to worry about her name contributing to her succession.



Roleplay sample:
The breath that had been exhaled created a cloud within the cold environment that begun to produce a white blanket of snow on the ground. Hands tucked firmly into the warmth of the pockets, eyes eerily glowing in the full moon that casted a ghostly glare on the world. The rock on the heels of the boots created some motion to warm the figure that found herself a phantom in the night shadows. "Come on, how long does it take to get here?" The lack of patience clearly shining through with the annoyance emotion on the transparent skin that had been drained of all color because of the nipping of the cold.

The minutes soundlessly ticked by, the irritation in the female growing as the rocking on her heels turned into pure pacing, wearing a path in the virgin snow that had collected on the ground from the soft snow fall from the heavens. "Cayson, I swear, if you do not show up in the next 5 minutes, I am going to shove my foot so far up your butt that you will be coughing my shoe laces." "Is that any way to speak about your brother who is nowhere to defend himself from such hostility. I am pretty hurt, Bri that you would plot harm to me when I am not even here to enjoy how cute my sister is when mad." A sarcastic smirk twisting the male's lip as the female snapped around, glaring at the eyes that matched hers. " Oh, like you haven't plotted harm on me when I have been late. Do not play the victim, Cayson. I know better. A once white face showed the hint of her temper, the redness causing the small dust of freckles to show through the light coat of makeup.

His smirk caused the eyes to roll, his innocent boyish charm shining through as the smirk turned into a full-fledged smile. "My little sister, I have no idea what you are talking about. I am always a victim when it comes to your plots to, how you say, 'stick your foot so far up my butt that I will be coughing out your shoelaces'. Father would be very displeased with your violence." A very unlady unlike snort erupts from the beautiful female as she moves towards her sibling, engulfing him in a gentle hug. "I never thought I would say I miss our bantering, but I do. How is dad anyway? You know I miss him and will return to Ireland soon to see him." Her arms fall back to her side as she looked up at the man towering her 5'8 self.

"He is good, misses you of course. It has only been a few months since you left but it has not been the same. We all miss you and want you to return soon so we can aggravate you. But we understand why you left. You need to find your own identity, Bri." Lightly, his arm wrapped around his sister's shoulders, dragging her along slowly along the path that had been forgotten since the first snow fall that the UK has experienced. "I miss you all too. It has been incredibly difficult not to have you all to turn to or have you all be able to come running when I need you most. Sure, floo and apparition is convenient but it still isn't the same. I miss my big brothers." A plumped lip slowly slides out, her liquid blue eyes looking up into his as she pouted childishly. In response, his laugh cut the silence like a knife, a long bellow causing her to giggle girlishly. Pulling her close, keeping her small frame warm from the bitter cold, he held onto his sister for dear life, enjoying the time he had with her before he had to return.

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