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PRICHARD, Gilbert Li9olo10

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PRICHARD, Gilbert Empty PRICHARD, Gilbert

Post by Naomi Mulciber Sat Feb 13, 2016 3:44 am

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NICKNAMES/ALIAS:  Gil. Sounds less formal. And less old.

AGE: Twenty-one as of 2029. b. November 17, 2008

ALLEGIANCE: Considering joining the DEs. He probably owes a lot of them money, though. Could be quite bad for him, realistically.
Slytherin House/Quidditch Team
Cardiff City FC
Welsh National Quidditch Team
Wimbourne Wasps
The Daily Prophet


WAND: Laurel wood, unicorn hair. Surprisingly swishy. 10 ¾ inches.

“It is said that a laurel wand cannot perform a dishonourable act, although in the quest for glory (a not uncommon goal for those best suited to these wands), I have known laurel wands perform powerful and sometimes lethal magic. Laurel wands are sometimes called fickle, but this is unfair. The laurel wand seems unable to tolerate laziness in a possessor, and it is in such conditions that it is most easily and willingly won away. Otherwise, it will cleave happily to its first match forever, and indeed has the unusual and engaging attribute of issuing a spontaneous lightning strike if another witch or wizard attempts to steal it.”

“Unicorn hair generally produces the most consistent magic, and is least subject to fluctuations and blockages. Wands with unicorn cores are generally the most difficult to turn to the Dark Arts. They are the most faithful of all wands, and usually remain strongly attached to their first owner, irrespective of whether he or she was an accomplished witch or wizard. Minor disadvantages of unicorn hair are that they do not make the most powerful wands (although the wand wood may compensate) and that they are prone to melancholy if seriously mishandled, meaning that the hair may 'die' and need replacing.”

PLAY BY: Richard Madden


GENERAL APPEARANCE: Perhaps the most distinctive feature Gilbert has is his curly hair, which he barely bothers trying to tame. If he does anything, it’s adding gel of some sort in hopes that it will at least stay put, even if it’s rather wild anyway. Some might argue, however, that the piercing blue of his eyes might be the more interesting feature as far as Gil is concerned. When he wants to be left alone, he’s quite good at warning people off with just a glance, but he can look just as friendly and open if he wants to be. Aloof might be a good word to use most of the time.

He isn’t necessarily very tall, compared to his friends, but that doesn’t bother him terribly. Not anymore, anyway. He’s pretty much over his old compensation routines. Now he’s more comfortable with his career and the likelihood that he’ll be able to move up in the world, and it isn’t really something that he notices much anymore unless someone brings it up.

As for his state of dress, it typically comes down to whether or not he’s at work. If he is, of course, he dresses appropriately but casually enough not to feel stiff sitting at his desk or doing interviews if he has to take on a story for the Prophet himself. At home, he’ll be as casual as he likes, even if that means wearing pajama pants all day and ignoring any potential reasons to wear a shirt. When with friends, he’ll dress nice enough, but still really comfortable. Trousers, a button-up or jumper of some sort, that sort of thing.


+ Articulate
+ Passionate
+ Secure
+ Dedicated
+ Protective (Moral)
+ Hard-working/Ambitious
+ Mellow
+ Adaptable
+ Surprising
+ Loyal

- Intimidating
- Selfish
- Perfectionist
- Weak-willed
- Manipulative
- Forthright (when asked)
- Stern
- Abrasive
- Escapist
- Impulsive

+ Interacting with people older than himself. He’s found that they often have grand stories and advice, and he has himself a number of mentors whom he has looked up to over the years. Gil is quite certain that this is one of the reasons he’s where he is after only four years of being in the real, adult world.
+ Muggle technology and the new incorporation of such into the Wizarding World
+ Staying indoors. He is more of a homebody, but is open to going to pubs and whatnot when the situation calls for it.
+ He’ll go out to Quidditch and football matches, though, which his sister Maude helps him out with.
+ Reading before bed, and playing music whilst cooking. He isn’t a great cook, but the few things he has learned to make he tries his best at and they usually turn out pretty well. His friends haven’t complained yet.
+ Conspiracy Theories. No, seriously. He finds them fascinating even if he thinks they’re pretty much all mad and illogical. Perhaps this comes from having too many gossip-loving classmates in his year. Gil isn’t sure. But they’re incredibly fun to consider and debate. And he does like a good debate.

- Cigarette smoke. Despite all of his addictive tendencies, he just can’t stand the smell of it.
- Idleness. He sees no point in wasting time, even though he does really enjoy sleeping. So if he isn’t tired enough to get some rest, he’s got to be doing something productive or, at the least, interesting.
- His mother. See history.
- Naiveté. People who are too trusting or who are immature and ignorant just drive him mad. He thinks he knows far more of the world than others, and far more than he actually has experienced.
- Living in London. He misses Cardiff and the less crowded country of Wales. It doesn’t matter how many times he goes home, he’s always thrilled to see Cardiff Castle. Even if it has that blasted FC stadium built up behind it. At least it’s his favorite team, eh?
- Useless holidays – yes, he’s referring to Valentine’s Day when he says this. “Cash grab, amirite?”

GOAL:  Gil will never be satisfied, career wise. He isn’t sure what he wants until he’s already gotten something else. So as soon as he hits a new height, he’ll be looking for the next thing to aim for. It keeps his mind busy, perhaps. Or maybe he craves the thrill of promotion and of getting the new, best thing. Gil hasn’t actually decided which is true, yet.

Type: ISTJ
Gilbert has a lot of patience when he knows he is in the wrong, or feels that he might be. When he is sure of himself or feels like he is in a position of power, he has an incredibly short fuse. He hates being rebuked when he feels he doesn’t deserve it, he strikes out against whomever has gone against him. He hasn’t realized it consciously, but this likely has something to do with the fact that his mother wasn’t faithful to his father. If he feels loyal in some way to whomever has done him wrong, he’ll go for biting comments rather than shouting or meager insults.

Outside of that, he’s quite uninterested in the actions of others that will directly, negatively affect others. He isn’t the king of strict morals or interested in dropping his ideas on the heads of others. But he will step in when someone does something they shouldn’t if it will cause harm to someone else, particularly someone undeserving.

He can be incredibly weak-willed when it comes to potentially addictive substances. A part of him finds the idea fascinating, and he doesn’t really want to think about it but it likely has much to do with his tendencies as a writer. Gambling, drinking, etc. calls to him and it takes a great deal of effort to reject it.

If Gil has been quiet about how he feels about a person or an event or anything like that, as soon as his opinion is asked he believes he’s free to give his real opinion, and doesn’t bother with trying to tiptoe around feelings or mince words.

Tradition is something he clings to, whether that’s his personal traditions or family ones. See the notes below regarding Iveagh for an example. Anyone who tries to break these unspoken rules will likely receive disapproving glares or a chiding of some sort. His family means a great deal to him, even if his mother isn’t around and his father is more or less absentminded about everything since she left.

When it comes to how he interacts with others, the word aloof has already been suggested above. If he finds someone interesting, he’ll pay more attention, but he doesn’t trust very easily. It’s said that some children of divorce find it hard to feel deep affection towards others for fear that they will come out with nothing on the other side except heartbreak. This applies to Gilbert very well, as he is both afraid that he’ll be cheated on as well as left by the person he thinks loves him in return if he ever finds someone. Most of his friendships are surface-level, as it takes a show of intention for him to believe that someone will truly be there for him. Even then, however, he tends to over-think the actions of others, determining if they’re going to be around long-term or just until it no longer suits them.


FATHER: Aeron Prichard
Half-blood. Welsh. b. 1976

MOTHER: Kayla Bordieu
Half-blood. British. b. 1980
Not involved in her children’s lives. She left on Christmas Eve in 2022, and she and Aeron divorced soon after.

Maude Jeanine Prichard
Twenty-Three. b. December 2, 2005
Punny, sporty. Might be considered “one of the guys” except she also has a thing for dressing up in what Gil would consider highly inappropriate outfits and going to clubs with her friend Jane. She gets more attention from guys than she really cares to admit, partly because her brother is rotten with ladies and they both know it. He asks her anyway, though, so it’s really alright. She works as a Quidditch reporter/announcer, though she doesn’t write for the Prophet as she and Gilbert have decided that it would look like nepotism.

Iveagh Marie Prichard
Sixteen. b. April 24, 2012.
Squib, though they don’t call her that.
Named for a garden/park in Dublin, Ireland. Gil is incredibly protective of her –more than he is of Maude, who has been known to do a person or two in when they went against her or Iveagh. She’s doing pretty well considering the circumstances she’s living under, but as no one uses magic in their house it all feels more normal. Gil and Maude have made a point about how magic isn’t necessary for them to get along and it has carried over into their daily activities and jobs.

OTHER: Do cats count? He found one outside his house and took her in despite already being iffy about his funds. He’s even named her at this point, so getting rid of her is a no-no, really. He is fully aware that naming her Peggy is silly, as it is a person’s name, but that’s alright.


SOCIAL STATUS: Lower Class, but Gilbert is quite determined that his family won’t *appear* that way, despite the truth of the matter. Maude is well off, giving money to their father to help take care of Iveagh. But Gil is so inclined to spend in money on other things – see personality – that he may be helping out their father because he isn’t working, but he himself ends up with next to nothing. Iveagh has found out and is working shifts to cover him every now and then, but he’s still in a bit of a hole.


EARLY YEARS: Everything seemed quite normal when Gilbert was young. He was the second child to Aeron and Kayla Prichard, and his elder sister was not much older than him, so they had many years together as children before she went off to Hogwarts. When Iveagh was born, things changed. Not immediately, of course, as both Gil and Maude thought that things would be just as they had been for the two of them. Gil was starting to show his ability and although Iveagh was something of a surprise to everyone, she seemed just like everyone else.

But she wasn’t. Just as Gilbert was heading off to Hogwarts, Iveagh was about halfway through her fifth year, and had failed to show any sign of magical ability. Knowing, as most parents in the Wizarding World would, that she ought to have done something by then, they fretted. While the two elder siblings were away, they tried to find out what was wrong, refusing to believe that she could be without magic while the rest of them had it. By the time Gilbert and Maude came home for Christmas, there was nothing for it. Nothing had changed.

HOGWARTS YEARS: Being oblivious about his sister was helpful as far as the first term of his time at Hogwarts went. He was sorted into Slytherin, which surprised everyone – especially his sister, the vivacious Hufflepuff that she was – but they all chalked it up to his early-expressed desires to do something big and exciting as his father had done by becoming the president of a potions-making company. It sounded grand, and their life was pretty nice as far as Gilbert was concerned. They didn’t want for much, and he felt that it probably showed when it came to how he interacted with his classmates, but he didn’t intend to hurt feelings because of it.

At Christmas, he and Maude took the train back home, only to find that their parents were fighting and Iveagh was looking thoroughly confused. She was nearly six now, and Kayla kept going on about how, if nothing happened by April, they had to accept the truth. She had always been the more level-headed and rational of the two parents, and now it was showing. Aeron didn’t want to believe it, but he also didn’t want to harm his daughter – particularly in any psychological way – by making out that she was somehow in the wrong for being different. Or that being different made her less or weak or anything with a negative connotation.

It was lucky, then, that neither of her siblings could use magic at home without repercussions now that they were attending school. Almost overnight, everything changed. Magic was banned from their household except in dire emergency, and everyone seemed to take well to it besides Kayla. She seemed pent up, somehow, and only lasted until Christmas of Gilbert’s fifth year. Maude was ready to graduate in May, thinking nothing but positive thoughts and hoping that she could return home and make everything better once her schooling was done. She could take Iveagh to school, she told Gilbert, on her way to work. There were wizards and witches in Cardiff, obviously, because their parents lived there. And she could always floo to work if nothing else would do.

But they came home again to find their living room in tatters. Iveagh wasn’t in, having gone off with her best friend from her Year Six courses to watch some film or other. Thank Merlin. It was Christmas Eve, and Kayla had her bags packed. Their home looked oddly empty with her things set to go, and Gilbert couldn’t help but wonder what they had missed and why Iveagh hadn’t written about it. The owls terrified her, unfortunately, so he supposed that might have been part of it, but if something this important had happened so suddenly, he wished she had told him.

He didn’t understand, of course, that the truth of the matter was that Iveagh had no clue because Aeron hadn’t had a clue. Kayla announced, before catching sight of their two oldest children, that she had found someone else, someone who she could live with and thus somewhere that she wouldn’t feel stifled or like her family wasn’t whole. Five years of bitterness had brought everything crashing down, and the first thing Maude said was, “Iveagh is going to blame herself.”

Their parents heard, of course, turning to see them there, but neither teenager was willing to listen to their mother’s explanation after that. And Maude had been right. Iveagh wasn’t the same anymore. She had been outgoing, had learned to love her lot in life and accept that it was okay. But she withdrew and Gilbert hated to see it. His escapist qualities showed up that spring, as he took to doing anything that would take his mind off of worrying. Those tendencies never really went away.

Up until his fifth year, his grades were good but more on the average side than the excellent. He enjoyed Quidditch matches and telling off a student or two when he had a problem with them and they finally addressed the matter. Once given the go-ahead, he was never anything but frank. It gave his classmates the impression that he was cold and unfriendly. Those who got to know him didn’t necessarily think that, though he could be slightly manipulative even when a young student, as he could use doses of biting remarks to get what he wanted. He didn’t fully register what he was doing at the time, but it became sort of instinctive over the years.

After his mother left, he watched Maude try even harder than before, as if she could prove Kayla wrong for ever deciding to give up on them. Gilbert found that he actually quite agreed with that logic, and decided that it was about time he found his calling. Maude, at the time, intended to look for work at the Ministry. But as the House Cup was drawing near, an announcer was needed and she felt she needed to get her spark and her humor back, so she volunteered and ended up loving it. Gilbert decided that first match of the new term that he wanted to find something that felt as satisfying to him as her new hobby was for her.

His final two years at Hogwarts led to him discovering how easy essay writing was for him, and how well he liked writing that stuck to the facts – his creativity is perhaps not up to par with fiction writers, turning him off of the idea. Most of his school friends are now lost, old acquaintances, but he’s fairly comfortable with that. He never really got to a point with any of them where it felt like he was meant to know them his whole life, but he definitely can look back and say that he grew from each one of the relationships he had – even if it wasn’t necessarily in a positive direction.

ADULTHOOD: After leaving Hogwarts, he went directly into an apprenticeship at the Daily Prophet, working as a reporter for the events regarding the Ministry, law, and public events. Although he took courses at a Muggle university in topics relating to Journalism and Media, he never achieved a full degree. He wasn’t interested in taking the extra courses required, when he already had a position he liked. He has his eye on the Head of the Department of International Wizarding Communications, but for now is trying to add up experience in his position as the Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Prophet.

Outside of his career, which takes up the majority of his time during daylight hours, Gilbert mainly spends time with friends and family. His friend group is known for game and drinks nights at different flats each week, but other than that he prefers to spend time on his own if he isn’t with his family. Doing interviews and dealing with apprentices and everyone asking his opinion on articles can be a bit much some days, no matter how much he enjoys his position of power and how well-suited to the task he feels he is. The industry is something he understands well and appreciates, but he does need his own space and time to just be quiet and relax. Every other week, he meets his sister Maude for a pub lunch on Saturday, and will cancel pretty much anything to attend. Unless she’s got match tickets for him, in which case he reschedules.

He has got hardly anything to his name, likely leading to his inevitably thrilled reaction any time he gets to go to events like matches or to cover things like galas or the like for the Prophet. He’s probably in over his head with many a poker player and blackjack dealer, but he’s just lucky that Iveagh has caught on and kept quiet about it. He knows it won’t last forever but he hasn’t found a reason to come out of his habits yet. Everything is working out well enough and he’s okay with how it is, for now.



RP EXPERIENCE: Um. Honestly? I don’t remember anymore. Probably about eight or nine years, including my near-three on here.

HOW YOU FOUND US: Psh. You know I couldn’t ever forget you lot. ;D

MAIN CHARACTER: Adrienne, although I have a feeling I’ll use Gil more often if he takes off, plotting wise!

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