WILLIAMS, Eleanor Veronica
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WILLIAMS, Eleanor Veronica

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WILLIAMS, Eleanor Veronica Empty WILLIAMS, Eleanor Veronica

Post by Livia McCallum Mon Dec 29, 2014 6:44 pm

WILLIAMS, Eleanor Veronica Tumblr_m7u6z1pJox1qeitqh
^ 'General Appearance'



FULL NAME: Eleanor Veronica Williams.


AGE&BIRTHDAY: Twenty-Seven | September 20th 2000.


BLOOD TYPE: Muggle-Born.

ALLEGIENCES: The Order of the Phoenix
The Williams Family,
The Spencer Family,
The Jones Family,
The Newman Family,
The Carraway Family,

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,
Hufflepuff House,
Hufflepuff House Quidditch Team,
The Hogwarts Choir,
The Hogwarts Library,

The Quidditch Association,
The Quidditch World Cup,
The British and Irish Quidditch League,
Caerphilly Catapults Quidditch Team,
The Welsh International Quidditch Team,

The English Football Association,
The Fifa World Cup,
The English Premier League,
La Liga,
Cardiff City Football Club,
Barcelona Football Club,

The Guardian,
The Daily Prophet,
The Quibbler,
The Wizarding Wireless Network,

Rhyl Village Church Choir,
The Diagon Alley Choir,
The Leaky Cauldron,


HOMETOWN: Rhyl, Denbighsire, North-East Wales.

CURRENT RESIDENCE: The Leaky Cauldron, London, England.

SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class.

OCCUPATION: Librarian.

WAND: Cherry wood and unicorn hair core, 9 inches, whippy.  



Ex-Husband: Garrett Jones | b. 1999 | Half-Blood | Dept. of Mysteries Worker,


Father: Richard Alexander Williams | b. 1970 | Muggle | Bartender,
Mother: Jennifer Kendra Spencer | b. 1970 | Muggle | Stockbroker,


Step-Father: Gareth Newman | b. 1969 | Muggle | Police Constable,
Step-Mother: Helen Carraway | b. 1970 | Muggle | Interior Designer,


Elder Sister: Gwendolyn Barbara Williams | b. 1995 | Muggle | Lawyer,
Elder Sister: Sadie Elizabeth Williams | b. 1998 | Muggle | Artist,

Younger Sister: Jacqueline Farah Newman | b. 2001 | Muggle | Reporter,
Younger Sister: Deborah Regina Williams | b. 2003 | Witch | Bartender,


Grandfather: Marcus Henry Williams | b. 1943 | Muggle | Bartender,  
Grandmother: Olivia Gwendolyn Williams | b. 1945 | Muggle | Florist,


Grandfather: George Isaac Spencer | b. 1943 | Muggle | Lawyer,
Grandmother: Maureen Jennifer Spencer | b. 1944 | Muggle | Laundress,


Uncle: Joseph Michael Williams | b. 1972 | Muggle | Restaurateur,
Aunt: Julia Emilia Smith | b. 1971 | Muggle | Restaurateur,
Cousin: Pippa Elizabeth Williams | b. 2002 | Muggle | Musician,
Cousin: Stephen Jacob Williams | b. 2004 | Muggle | Teacher,
Cousin: Edward Joseph Williams | b. 2006 | Muggle | Semi-Professional Footballer,

Aunt: Helen Maria Williams | b. 1973 | Muggle | Presenter,
Uncle: Nicholas Farthing | b. 1971 | Muggle | Archivist,
Cousin: Robert Nicholas Farthing | b. 2005 | Muggle | Bartender,
Cousin: Freddie Marcus Farthing | b. 2006 | Muggle | Teacher,


Aunt: Ginny Tatiana Spencer | b. 1974 | Muggle | Lawyer.



Arithmancy: O.W.L: A, N.E.W.T: EE.

Arithmancy was, by far, Ellie’s favourite class. She wasn’t strictly very good at it but she was a great believer in trying your hardest regardless. She particularly enjoyed the numerology section and that was what helped boost her grade up in the end. She might’ve enjoyed it but the portion in regards to predicting the future wasn’t her strong point which is reflected in Divination. Nevertheless, with a numerical brain, this was the subject for her. She still has all of her textbooks and equipment and you can often find her traversing the Arthimancy section in her library or in Flourish and Blott’s when out shopping. She was quite happy with her results in the end.

Ancient Runes, Study of: O.W.L: EE, N.E.W.T: O.

Ancient Runes was just something that Ellie got and loved for it. She couldn’t explain why but it just came easy. She always has some runes with her and she adored, at the time, translating them. Like with Arithmancy, Ellie still has her books and equally she can be found in that section of whichever book establishment she’s in. She’s such a fan of some particular runes that she’s even written a few academic essays published in an AR journal about the kinds of protective runes which Azkaban inmates tattoo on their bodies. She’s also for a few years now been looking into burial runes and other such examples of ancient markings being used in rituals. It’s stayed with her, definitely.

Astronomy: O.W.L: EE, N.E.W.T: EE.

The fact that it was a late class was what always made Astronomy interesting. It was the only time when they were allowed out of bed once curfew had come and gone and coupled with the fact that they could sit for an hour or two and just look at the stars or plot the phases of the moon over the course of time utterly mesmerised Ellie and it always amazed her to think that she was part of something bigger. It also helped put into perspective many of the trivialities of her Hogwarts years because she knew that there was something more to it than the pettiness of teenagers. There was a point to the world that was beyond them and it was up there in the stars somewhere – it just wasn’t clear yet.

Charms: O.W.L: EE, N.E.W.T: O.

She used to joke that she was quite the charmer. She made good progress between her O.W.L and N.E.W.T exams. She is particularly good at household charms and always has one to mind, especially to get off funny stains from more or less any surface. From working in the library she’s also learned a plethora of ordering charms. When she was at school, though, she could handle the basics relatively well and she struggled more with the application than she did the theory as with all of her subjects. She sometimes just didn’t have the determination in her. This was reflected in her O.W.L but adjustments were made with the help of her professors and she ended up doing tremendously in her N.E.W.T

Defence Against the Dark Arts: O.W.L: A, N.E.W.T: EE.

The aforementioned lack of determination or, rather, conviction in her spell work was played out in this subject, also. This was where she differed from many of her friends because while Ellie wasn’t necessarily clumsy or poor in the subject as a whole, when it came to application she could sense the peril of the situation which would require such reactions and so it wasn’t until she actually had to duel that her skill could be seen because she could not produce spells willy-nilly for the sake of exhibition. It showed that her magic was linked very closely to her emotional responses and it made her strong as well as weak for it – her true skill wasn’t exactly discernible very quickly which was good in a duel but dreadful for an examiner. She did alright in the end, though.

Divination: O.W.L: D, N.E.W.T: T.

This subject doesn’t even bear thinking about. She hadn’t particularly liked it but had to pick it because by the time she’d gotten around to picking Care of Magical Creatures, the class was full. She was glad to find she wasn’t entirely alone in the subject as many of her friends had ended up there too but it was woolly and difficult to sit through. Ellie didn’t as passionately loathe it as some as it meant she got a lot of homework done for her other lessons and if not homework then she certainly caught up on sleep but it wasn’t something she particularly enjoyed. The five hours a week were, nevertheless, quite useful to her.

Herbology: O.W.L: EE, N.E.W.T: EE.

Herbology was something that she wasn’t exactly particularly skilled at but she loved all the same. This was as close to Care of Magical Creatures she was going to get and she loved getting dirty. She took part in the vegetable plot lessons and was always in the greenhouses when she couldn’t be found in the library. She was consistent in the lesson and certainly enjoyed what she did, producing a very good mark at the end of it. What Herbology has left her with, though, is the desire to have a little garden of her own whenever she buys a house again. She used to have one and loved pottering around in it but living at the Leaky Cauldron now doesn’t leave much time or space for that. She does have a bonsai, though.

History of Magic: O.W.L: EE, N.E.W.T: O.

This was the class that Ellie had the most anxiety about when she first came to Hogwarts. Terrified that she wasn’t going to fit in, the Muggleborn tried her hardest in this class above all others as she tried to catch up on everything she’d missed by growing up in the Muggle world. She got strange looks from her friends a lot of the time as she listened attentively to Binns and didn’t ignore him or fall asleep and her essays were always long and well thought out. She didn’t like the subject, per se, but she did do well in it. It wasn’t until her N.E.W.T year that it was muted to her that she didn’t need to use their history to fit in – that she’d learn it just like the rest of them. Granted, by then it was all done and dusted but the sentiment meant a lot – it made Ellie feel like she really did fit in.

Potions: O.W.L: A, N.E.W.T: EE.

This was a subject that Ellie abhorred, couldn’t pretend to really understand, but oddly did quite well in it. She blundered her way through potions for seven years, not entirely sure whether the next ingredient she was going to put in would blow up the entire castle or not. For some reason or another, she managed to succeed and though she could say quite confidently that she understood the theory behind many of the potions, the application was at best shoddy and at worst downright dangerous. Thankfully, with the help of her professor, she managed to skirt the equivalent of a B in Chemistry – somehow.

Transfiguration: O.W.L: EE, N.E.W.T: O.

Ellie will always rationalise that the secret to success is having a good tutor and wit that comes the maintenance that she had the best Transfiguration tutor. She didn’t lack any natural talent for the subject but as we’re sensing a theme here, application continued to be her issue. She was helped along the way, though, and she eagerly employed her burgeoning skills once she gained more confidence. It was the only exam she truly felt prepared for, funnily enough, and the only one you could actually say she ‘sailed’ through. She has a great tutor to thank for that.


001. Cooperative,
002. Dedicated,
003. Friendly,
004. Good-Humoured,
005. Hard-Working,
006. Kind,
007. Outgoing,
008. Passionate,
009. Protective,
010. Resourceful,
011. Self-Sacrificing,
012. Trustworthy,

001. Ambitious,
002. Athletic,
003. Competitive,
004. Curious,
005. Independent,
006. Orderly,
007. Patient,
008. Pragmatic,
009. Sarcastic,
010. Thrifty,
011. Tolerant,
012. Witty,

001. Argumentative,
002. Critical,
003. Cynical,
004. Dramatic,
005. Guarded,
006. Jealous,
007. Moody,
008. Picky,
009. Prideful,
010. Snappy,
011. Stubborn,
012. Tactless.

001. Autumn,
002. Bakeries,
003. Cooking,
004. Evenings out,
005. Football,
006. Gin and Tonic,
007. Her family,
008. Holidays,
009. Lay-ins,
010. Lightning,
011. Rainy evenings,
012. Reading,
013. Relaxation,
014. The city,
015. Working.

016. Arguments,
017. Being emotional,
018. Belligerence,
019. Dancing,
020. Everyone,
021. Failure,
022. Illness,
023. Immaturity,
024. Mess,
025. Pressure,
026. Romance,
027. Threats,
028. Traitors,
029. Weddings,
030. Winter.

001. Get married ✓
002. Buy a house ✓
003. Get a good job ✓
004. Move to the city ✓
005. Go to university ✓
006. Find a new house
007. Get her life back together
008. Be successful in her career
009. Do charity work
010. Be happy

001. Apologises a lot,
002. Balances on two chair legs,
003. Bites her thumb nail,
004. Calls people “love” whether she knows them or not,
005. Chews the ends of pens,
006. Daydreamer,
007. Doodles on everything,
008. Drums her fingers on surfaces,
009. Early riser,
010. Hums while working,
011. Loses her sticky notes,
012. Overthinks things,
013. Paces when worried,
014. Plays with her earrings,
015. Pulls at her hair,
016. Purses her lips a lot,
017. Has a resting bitch face,
018. Rubs her neck when nervous,
019. Taps her feet,
020. Writes sticky notes to herself.


Purposelessness is something which Ellie fears. She’s always had a grand, master plan. She fulfilled it somewhat prematurely, you might say, and the grand, master plan came to an end pretty prematurely, too. Divorced at twenty-seven, ironically not as a result of any law, wasn’t where she saw herself a decade beforehand. She’d intended to be happy and settled and comfortably married with a good job and plans to have children on her mind. In the wake of that failure, she feels like she doesn’t really have a purpose and you could say she’s living her worst fear. Interestingly though, it’s not nearly as bad as she’s always worried it would be. In fact, it’s actually alright.


Interestingly, her Patronus is not spurred by her wedding day. Ellie’s Patronus is instead conjured using the memory of first walking into Hogwarts’ Great Hall having met her first friend, full of hope and belief in the future. It took a long time for Ellie to conjure a corporeal Patronus but when she did she was so excited it sputtered out into nothingness. Since then she’s been a little bit more sober when calling for it and has noted it takes the form of a wolf – a pack animal. She has, since joining the Order, learned how to communicate using her Patronus and now often uses that to contact her friends instead of owls.


This one is easy. It was the night when Ellie discovered that her husband had fallen in love with someone else. What was so heart-breakingly perfect was the fact that to the end he was still such a nice guy. He’d tried not to fall in love and his new woman had tried not to fall in love with him, too, for the sake of their spouses. He’d not committed adultery but he couldn’t live a lie anymore, apparently. Ellie had just sat herself down on their sofa, trying to cool the anger within her. She’d punched him – punched the contrite earnestness straight off of his mouth. It didn’t help much but it did go some way to making her feel better. Nevertheless, it is still something she tries not to think about – something she can live without.


Ellie divorced her husband, not the other way around. She hasn’t told anyone but he was perfectly happy to continue living a lie. What he’d asked for that night was the chance to be adulterous with her blessing. He liked the suburbs and the house and the perfect wife but what he’d wanted was the passion of play and she didn’t want that disrespect, understandably. So she divorced him but it is the circumstances in which it happened that she’s been lying about all this time and that she would rather die than reveal for her own sense of self-preservation because it means she wasn’t enough and that idea still rankles with her.


Ellie’s greatest desire used to be a family with her husband but that has long since changed and has reverted back to what it was prior to their marriage. She wants a proper career and she wants purpose in the wake of the purposeless she feels plagued by. If she looked into it now she’d still see herself in the Leaky Cauldron buttering a scone in the middle of the night with too much jam as she was peckish having worked her way through a book but she’d have a decent, well-paying job and she’d have learned to love again. She’d have gained that purpose and regained what she felt she’d lost. The only thing is that she can’t really see it happening.



- Horrendously sarcastic,
- Quietly quite emotional,
- A formidable dueller in her own right,
- A bit of a cheat when it comes to card games,


- Serious all of the time, she does know how to have fun still,
- Prepared to grow up any more than she already has,
- Particularly maternal, possibly one of the reasons why Garret left her,
- Typically a liar,


- Happy,
- A promising reporter,
- Terrified of the Sorting Hat,
- Reluctant to get married,


- A regular drinker,
- Happy at Hogwarts all of the time,
- At all political, then she joined the Order of the Phoenix,
- So reliant on her friends when she was younger,


- Crippling inadequacy fears,
- An innate kindness about her,
- Always got time for her friends,
- Lost her will to really do something with her life,


- Ever had a one night stand,
- Ever been out of a relationship since she was fourteen, until now,
- Had a pet since she was at Hogwarts,
- Gotten into trouble with the law,


- Knit, she’s made her sisters jumpers every year for Christmas,
- Drive quite well and does own a beat up little Mini,
- Easily get het up or be offended by something someone says,
- Balance a spoon on her nose,


- Fly, she never did very well in her lessons though she loves Quidditch,
- Ever be seen without a book in her hand or on her person somewhere,
- Stand being the centre of attention, she especially hates surprises,
- Deal well with knowing she’s failed at something, particularly her marriage,


- Believe in love,
- Want to do something important and have a bearing on the world,
- Have a degree in Charms,
- Still think about her ex-husband sometimes,


- Want to fall in love again,
- Go to sleep before midnight,
- Want to mope around as much as she does,
- Enjoy being the only person in a room,


- Often forget to put make-up on,
- Always make a point of visiting her friends during the week,
- Rarely take lunch, preferring to have breakfast and dinner,  
- Always look for the good in people,


- Tolerate any kind of prejudice,
- Try anything other than her best,
- Go out of her way to be rude to someone,
- Shrink away if someone needs her help, even a stranger,


- Company, even that of strangers,
- Jam instead of marmalade,
- Days off during the summer than at winter for Christmas,
- The idea of an activities holiday than a beach one,


- Her ex-husband,
- Pureblood maniacs,
- Coconut shampoo, she’s allergic to it,
- Confrontation, if she can help it.



The marriage and the family that Eleanor was brought into on that unseasonably warm September day was, in many ways, already at its end. Her father wasn’t present at her birth, setting in stone many of the resentments that her mother had harboured towards him: his absenteeism, his inability to properly commit to fatherhood, and his only true contribution being monetary. For many months she had been seeing someone else, trying to fill the void that he refused to insert himself into. She didn’t give into adultery, of course, but she certainly considered it. As it was, it was her husband who sowed the seeds in her mind that something needed to be done because she knew she couldn’t live like they did. The birth of Eleanor, without him being there, was what finished her off. She wanted something else, something better.

In October, before Eleanor was even a month old, Jennifer Spencer, her mother, filed for a divorce. It wasn’t until the following month that she presented it to her husband but at the end of November she moved out, leaving the children behind. She packed up her things and moved to Liverpool, hoping that if she could prove he had dropped the ball with them, when it came to the finalisation she could have full custody. As it was, Richard did the opposite. Despite working for five years at the same company, he quit the day she moved out and got a job doing the clean-up and preparation shift in a bar not too far from where they lived. He made the children his responsibility, ironically doing what she’d wished for the entire time when it was too late.

It was not long at all before her mother got married to the man he’d been seeing. All of this went on when Eleanor was nothing more than an infant so much of her information comes from the events relayed to her by her elder siblings and by her grandparents. Nevertheless, not a year later, another baby joined the fray and it was clear that Jennifer was getting on with her life. The girls went back and forth from their Welsh village to Liverpool and it all became very natural. None of the anxiety that her elder sister’s bore infected Eleanor. It just was what it was and she really didn’t mind. Her step-parents were pleasant enough – her father marrying in the spring the year after her little sister’s birth – and though she didn’t particularly get on with her mother’s daughter, life went on devoid of drama.

That is, it did, until a plate exploded one day. It was innocuous, really, but then it happened again and again, all innocuous incidents in themselves, but all knew there had to be a cause. And there was, wasn’t there? Eventually, eyes turned to Ellie, just in time to see her levitating something into her hands. There was something very different about the little girl and the anxiety about the blossoming signs of magic caught the Ministry’s attention, the trace on her suggesting a potential secrecy issues. They dispatched someone to take a look and they decided to intervene and explain prematurely – as in, prior to her schooling – what was happening to their daughter. Once it was clear, things settled down – albeit she was treated a little bit differently than the other girls. They didn’t outright reject her but they were definitely, definitely warier, though that went away with time.

Ellie went to the same primary school as her sisters and proved to be a very vivacious and friendly girl, never in want of friends or companionship. She was well received by her teachers and always got glowing reports – not necessary for any great skill but for her enthusiasm and her desire to really try. She was all set up for going to a very good secondary school like her elder sisters when they were reminded of Hogwarts. They’d all conveniently forgotten, Ellie going some way to repress her skill while the others just put it off as a fluke. However, in the summer before her first year, a man in scarlet robes and a pointed hat appeared with all of the necessary letters to ensure she knew exactly what she needed to do and reminded her something that was a very pertinent to the rest of her life: she was a witch.


It doesn’t happen often, but Ellie was one of the unlucky ones. She was one of those students who got stuck in a boat with a load of trouble makers, eager to see if the rumours were true. And where did she end up: getting turned into the freezing cold Black Lake. It wasn’t the best start to her year and, miles away from home, shivering, and cold, she couldn’t imagine anywhere worse to be. She was half tempted to ask if she could go home but once she entered the entrance hall, a passing prefect dried her clothes for her and it seemed to get a little bit better. A little bit. The real upturning point of the evening came during the sorting when the hat exclaimed that Hufflepuff was her place.

It could be argued that Ellie never really set into Hogwarts well. It was her friends that made it bearable for her. Without them, she was sure that she would have hurried home quietly without being noticed early in her first year. She was out of her element. She wasn’t sure she really belonged and the whispers of ‘Mudblood’ didn’t go unnoticed even though those who said it were reprimanded for it. She continued to be vivacious though and made friends in every house – even the one everyone promised was evil and not worth getting involved with. It was Ravenclaw house that had the biggest bearing upon her, though, because that’s the house Garrett was in.

Garrett Jones was one of the Quidditch players and truly was a nice person. They first met when he was helping out her half-sister, the only other witch in her immediate family. She’d dropped her books and he’d happened to walk down the corridor and had offered to help. It was then that Ellie had left her Charms class and mucked in, also. It was clichéd - their hands caught together and they looked up, sharing a smile – but it was perfect and from thereon in Ellie was sold on him.

From her fifth year onwards, it taking a little bit of time for them to get together, Ellie and Garrett were an item, their friend groups melding to a certain degree so that no one was left out. It was clear even then that Garrett and Ellie were a match worth envying. They could always be found together – or if not then in their usual haunts where one would join the other eventually. Both left with very good marks.  


Interestingly, it wasn’t until they were done with their masters at round about age twenty-four that they actually got married. It was inevitable really. They’d even gone to the same university. They got their jobs after, Ellie slipping in neatly to her reporting gig, while Garrett got his place in the Department of Mysteries and then they got married, buying a nice house outside of London with the help of their parents and everything was perfect. For two years, everything was as they’d always dreamed. Until, of course, things changed irrevocably.

Garett didn’t want her anymore – after two years of marriage, it was over. He’d fallen in love with someone else. He didn’t want to get divorced, wanting to keep up a charade for the sake of his parents instead, but Ellie couldn’t bear it. She filed and within a month it was done and by the end of the year he’d married the other woman. Ellie had packed up her things, put them into storage and then she realised, only then, that there was nowhere for her to go. She didn’t want to move in with her father, didn’t want to live with her sisters, so there was only one place left to go: the Leaky Cauldron.

And that’s where she’s been since. She’d given up her job to try and have a family with Garrett but she took up one in a library now, not willing to go back to journalism. So, from there it was the Leaky Cauldron where she fears she’ll be for the foreseeable future. But y'know what? She's okay. Everything is going to be okay. Probably.




HOW YOU FOUND US: I live here.


PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I thought it’d be cute. C: I dunno why I decided to make her now. I’ve forgotten, but here she is!

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Okie doke. I'll sort out pips and things for you.

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