RHODES, Ariella Jin Ae
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RHODES, Ariella Jin Ae

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RHODES, Ariella Jin Ae Empty RHODES, Ariella Jin Ae

Post by Ariella Rhodes Fri Sep 19, 2014 5:55 am

RHODES, Ariella Jin Ae SooYoung-SNSD-Style-2012-Girls-Generation-Trends



FULL NAME: Ariella Jin Ae Rhodes

NICKNAMES: Ariel, Ella

AGE: 22 years old (August 5th 2005)

ALLEGIANCE: Order of the Phoenix

HOGWARTS HOUSE: Former Hufflepuff


WAND: Aspen, Unicorn hair, 11 3/4", Unyielding

PLAY BY: Sooyoung Choi


HAIR COLOUR: Dark Brown (dyed, natural hair color: Black)




Ariella stands around five foot and seven inches. She is quite tall for a girl of Asian decent. Ariella's hair has been dyed to a dark brown, she didn't really like her naturally black hair. The girl usually keeps her hair down when she's not on her morning jog. Ariella likes to wear both pants, dresses and skirts, but she mainly wears her skirts whenever she can. She also doesn't like to wear make up, so she wears a minimum amount of make up.


Hard working
Doesn't trust easily
Does everything by the book

Fresh air
Handsome men
Pureblood elitsts

To be the best healer that she can be to the current students of Hogwarts.
Marry and have a family of her own one day
Help bring peace to the wizarding world

Bites her lip when nervous
Ties her hair up when she needs to concentrate
Hides her face with her hands when she's embarrassed
Tucks her hair behind her ear when someone she's interested in is nearby

Ariella's greatest fear is loosing her family or loosing the affection her step father has for her.

Ariella's mother's second wedding to a lovely man that she met in the UK while she was grocery shopping. She had a feeling of hope when she witnessed their marriage as a young flower girl.

Ariella's worst memory was when she was five years old. A kid didn't really like her and pushed her into the deep end of a pool, she nearly drowned, until her teacher pulled her out of the water.

She's not really shy, she only acts that way so people don't push her to talk too much.
She wants to get to know her biological father, and she's been in contact with him but her mother doesn't know about this.
Not only does she know how to defend herself with magic, she is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

To find a man that is like her step father, loving, caring, and affectionate.
To have a family of her own someday
To live in a world full of peace

Ariella is a generally a friendly person. She is "shy" and "tries" her best to not be "shy". The girl may be stubborn but she will cooperate if she has no other choice. She is also a hard working person so she will always do her best to be the best. Ariella always had these thoughts telling her that she could have done better, so she works her butt off to make sure that she did do everything to the best of her ability.

Ariella can be stubborn at times. She never had things done her way before so she will keep insisting on her way unless someone proves that her way isn't the best. Usually her mother proves it to her along with her step father, and her older step brother. It seems only her family and most likely close friends can break her out of her one way thinking or stubbornness. Hopefully that stubbornness of her's will dissipate later on in life.

But sometimes her stubbornness can do her some good. She stands up for what she believes in and will never back down just because someone says this or that.

Ariella also isn't a very trusting person. It takes time for Ariella to trust someone and that person has to earn her trust in order for them to truly be friends with her. Trust is a big thing to Ariella. There have been times where she trusted someone too soon and she was betrayed. Because of what she experienced she decided to put her guard up.

Ariella tries to appear shy because she doesn't want to reveal much about her past in Korea. It wasn't that hard but it was hard on her mother so she doesn't want to dwell on it to protect her mother's happiness. She just wanted to move forward and in order to do that she decided to push her past away, even though it comes up from time to time.


Kendrick Bing︱52︱Possible Biological Father︱America︱Muggle
Lucas David Rhodes︱55︱Step Father︱Half-Blood

Hei Ryung Rhodes-Sim︱51︱Biological Mother︱Muggle

Alex Mason Rhodes︱24︱Step Brother︱Half-Blood


BLOOD STATUS:  Muggle Born


SOCIAL STATUS: Upper-Middle Class

PET/S: Grey Siberan cat named Jae



Ariella's early years were not bad, but like most typical poor Korean girl life story. Her mother has raised her on her own. Ariella always wondered where her dad was and wanted to know who he was. All the girl knew about her father was the fact that he was a drunk and just never took the responsibility of being a father to her. The girl remembered seeing the fathers come pick up their children while she waited for her mum to come pick her up. She felt a little jealous that all of them had a dad, but she didn't.

One day her mum came to pick her up she was carrying two big luggage bags to the school with her. The teachers were waiting outside for her and they knew what was going on. She asked her mum where they were going, and she said that she found a school for her to go abroad and that she was going to go with her. Of course Ariella protested. She already made friends here and she didn't want to go to a foreign school. Her mother said that it's a great school and that she will make friends quickly.

Once the pair of them were in London her mother didn't know how to communicate with the people there. And Ariella was too young to learn have learned English at school. She only knew Korean at the time. The school provided housing for both her and her mother, but on one condition. Her mother had to work as a lunch lady in the cafeteria. After a couple of months of living in a strange new world Ariella slowly grew accustomed to the culture and the different utensils that she had to use at the school.  

After two years of being in a foreign school she picked up English quite quickly, even though her mother made her talk only in Korean whenever it was just the two of them. Her mother was out shopping for groceries when she bumped into a handsome gentlemen. Ariella's mother fell for the gentlemen for he was patient enough to listen to her broken English, and she was glad that the man also had a son that was close enough to her daughter's age. The two of them were married shortly after and they became one big happy family. It took a while for Ariella to warm up to her new father and brother but she did. And one thing that they did as a family was going to this dojo to learn Tae Kwon Do as a family. Ariella earned her black belt faster than anyone else in her new family.

She lead a normal life until her world was turned upside down again by a Hogwarts Letter. Her mother already knew a good amount of English so she was shocked that her daughter received such a letter. Her mother had no recollection of anyone in her family being a wizard or witch, but then again her father could have been a wizard. And to Ariella's surprise her step father is a wizard, and so is her brother, but he never attended Hogwarts. The father home schooled the boy himself and he was willing to home school Ariella. Her step father was honest and brave enough to tell her mum that he is a wizard, and she accepted it because all of his other qualities definitely override the fact that he is a wizard.

But Ariella decided not to take up her step father's offer of being home schooled. She liked being able to make friends and learn with other people. She liked studying with other people, that's what spurred her on. Her father understood and decided to allow his little stubborn step daughter to go to Hogwarts.

The eleven year old Ariella was nervous and excited to be at a new school. She didn't expect the hat to talk even though she had already witnessed disappearing pictures from the chocolate frogs, and the chocolate frogs leaping from the boxes. She gasped when the hat talked and shouted out the house that she was going to be in. She ran as fast as she could to her table and sat down next to another first year student. Her first year wasn't so bad, because she came off shy for some reason. She decided to keep it that way so she won't have to talk about her past.

Her second year she stayed shy but not as shy as she was during her first year. She didn't really initiate conversations with anyone she didn't know, but she will talk if others talk to her first. She also tried out for Quidditch but she was never really good with the broom so she didn't make the team. She was saddened of course and knew that she could have done better if she practiced more. But she soon got over it and just decided to fly for fun whenever she can, and she still had her jogging routine to keep up with.

During Ariella's third year she started having crushes on some of the older students, of course they were just silly school girl crushes. She never plucked up the courage to tell the person of interest her feelings. Sometimes she regretted it but other times she was okay with never telling the person. That boy might have just seen her as a little child compared to their peers. She tried talking to someone she didn't know first but that didn't work so she continued to portray her shy persona for the world to see.

Ariella's fourth year, she already knew that she wanted to be a healer. She didn't really care wear, just as long as she can help people with their pain, for she had people help her with her's. That's the reason that she told most of her friends anyway. All of them accepted that explanation not questioning her any further. She wanted to try out for Quidditch again but she decided to just be a fan for her house and fan girl over cute Quidditch players with her friends. This year was also the year she was finally able to find out who her possible biological father could be. She didn't visit him but she sent pictures to him through email in a public library back home. She had to find out if he really was her father, and they are still keeping in touch.

Ariella's fifth year was a bit tough because of O.W.Ls and her first time confessing to a long time crush. She couldn't believe that she did it and was rejected. Her heart was broken and she cried her eyes out after what happened. That was her first broken heart and she wished her mother was there to comfort her. It took her a while to get over the boy who crushed her. Ariella ran more than she usually did just to clear the boy out of her mind, so she slimmed down a a lot during her fifth year.

It was finally her sixth year and she was finally over the boy that gave her her first scar on her heart. She knew she was going to see him around the castle and she would smile and say hi just to be nice but he would ignore her. Ariella shrugged it off and continued on with the rest of the year with her friends. She did her best with her classes and prepared herself as much as she could for her N.E.W.Ts exam that was coming in her seventh and last year at Hogwarts.

Seventh year came along and she studied her butt off. Her social life was cut short and she made sure that her friends also studied alongside with her. She worked long hours and had many sleepless nights trying to understand the materials that she needed to know for her N.E.W.Ts exams. She kept her mother's cheers in her head to keep herself motivated to do well and to become a healer. Also during her seventh year she intended on joining the Order of the Phoenix once she was out of Hogwarts. She did tell her parents and her step father is proud that she's standing up for something she believes in. Her mother was a little hesitant about it because of the dangers but after a little nudge she agreed.

Ariella went to the Order of the Phoenix headquarters by herself and said that she would like to be a member and told them why she wanted to be a part of the Order. She is a muggle born herself and she wanted the wizarding world to be safe for future muggle born students.

After Hogwarts she volunteered at St. Mungo's and loved it. The experience confirmed for her that she will be a healer no matter what. She wasn't going to let anything stop her from reaching her dream. The staff of St. Mungo's made sure that she knew her stuff and that she was learning as much as she needed to be a good healer wherever she would be hired.

She voulnteered at St. Mungo's for a year before she started looking for jobs elsewhere as a healer. She saw that her school had an opening and decided to apply to see if she can be a healer at her alma mater. She was a nervous wreck when she went back to Hogwarts for her interview with the headmaster. She made sure that she took a deep breath before answering any questions because she didn't want her voice to sound shaky.

After the interview the girl assumed that she totally bombed her interview but her surprise she was accepted. She was nearly jumping up and down but she stayed calm and made her way down the stairs. Ariella made sure that the corridor was clear before she started her victory dance.




HOW YOU FOUND US: I found this site on Top RPG sites' top 100 list

MAIN CHARACTER: Ariella Rhodes

CHARACTER PURPOSE: She is to fill in the last healer spot at Hogwarts


from my character Sydnie Hart at Malum.

It has been a couple of days since the party ended and Daisy's death. The girl was wandering the halls aimlessly and found herself in the very classroom where Dylan and Daisy helped her with her dueling. She looked around the room and saw the dummy that Dylan had made for her to practice on. Tears threatened to brim her eyes but she swallowed as she pulled out her wand and readied herself to duel the dummy that was across the room from her.

"Confringo!" Sydnie said boldly as she watched the dummy move back from the explosion that she caused. After the smoke disappeared she saw that she made a hole in the dummy's chest. That was what she felt like. She felt like someone just ripped out a piece of her and threw it halfway around the world. She missed her lioness friend. First it was a girl from her house who was her year, and now Daisy. Maybe Hogwarts is becoming too dangerous for students. No, it can't be. Hogwarts is like her second home, she would not be happy if she had to go back home early because her parents wanted her to be safe. No. I just need to practice more spells. The Hufflepuff thought as she readied herself again.

"Reducto!" The force of the spell blew Sydnie's hair back. She lifted up her arm to protect her face from anything that would fly at her. She looked up and saw that the dummy was a pile of ash on the ground. She knew she couldn't bring the dummy back into formation but she tried anyway. "Reparo." She managed to choke out of her throat. Tears were brimming her eyes again as she tried to repair the damage that she has done. Sydnie wiped away the tears that managed to escape. She has been crying for two days now, she has to stop sometime.

I should go outside and get some fresh air, that should help. The girl thought as she put her wand away, she was about to leave but saw that the mess that was still there. "Scourgify," The girl said softly. She was about to get out of the classroom but the emotions took over and she sat down with the wall against her back, knees pressed to her chest. She lowered her head to her knees and let the tears stain her robes.

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RHODES, Ariella Jin Ae Empty Re: RHODES, Ariella Jin Ae

Post by Elijah Krum Sat Sep 20, 2014 5:47 pm

Hi May, welcome to Potter's Army! Your application is looking good so far but there are a few things that need to be tweaked before Ariella is ready.

1. Can you please add her surname to her username. If the board won't let you, notify me and I'll do it for you.

2. The app is great but the main problem is the abuse plot throughout the app. That really needs to go. We don't approve it on the board in order to prevent it triggering any of our members. So, I know it affects her character quite a bit, but it really needs to be taken out.
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Post by Ariella Rhodes Sat Sep 20, 2014 5:59 pm

Yeah I'm trying to think of a way to edit that out. Thanks.

Is the absent father one better? And is it alright if she was home schooled? I saw that you guys had a ban on graduates.
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Post by Elijah Krum Sat Sep 20, 2014 6:48 pm

That ban will come into effect after the apps already posted are sorted so you can keep her as a graduate if you want.

Absentee father works fine! Very Happy
Elijah Krum
Elijah Krum
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Post by Ariella Rhodes Tue Sep 23, 2014 2:14 am

I have finished with the application! Very Happy
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Post by Everly Bardugo Wed Sep 24, 2014 9:53 pm

The changes you made look good, May! I'm gonna go ahead and accept her app, so you can go over and do your Face and Job claims whenever you're ready Smile

RHODES, Ariella Jin Ae Gradua11
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