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LOCKE, Christopher

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LOCKE, Christopher Empty LOCKE, Christopher

Post by Christopher Locke Tue Sep 16, 2014 4:25 pm

LOCKE, Christopher Corey-fogelmanis_zps1a7d8767



FULL NAME: Christopher Michael Locke


AGE: Eleven

Locke Family

HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff

CLASSES: Herbology, DADA, Transfiguration/Charms, and Potions.

WAND: 10 inches, Elder wood with a Phoenix Feather core, Rigid

PLAY BY: Corey Fogelmanis






Chris stands at 5 feet, 1 inches tall. But, he still has time to grow more. His hair is brown and slightly messy. It is almost always pushed over his forehead. His eyes are light blue. A few freckles litter his cheeks.

Chris does wear the Hogwarts uniform while at school, and he doesn't attempt to change it, aside from the occasionally messy tie. However, when he does get the chance, he does like to change into various clothing items of different colors. He doesn't dress up too much, unless it is for a special occasion.



    [01] Friendly
    [02] Kind
    [03] Intelligent
    [04] Curious
    [05] Loyal
    [06] Helpful
    [07] Perfectionist
    [08] Sugarcoats situations
    [09] Stubborn
    [10] Adventurous
    [11] Wise
    [12] Quick Thinker
    [13] Geeky
    [14] Protective
    [15] Active
    [16] Sloppy
    [17] Brave


    [01] Reading
    [02] Learning
    [03] His friends and family
    [04] Girls
    [05] Thunderstorms
    [06] Trying new things
    [07] Being outside
    [08] Helping others
    [09] Magic
    [10] Wizard's Chess
    [11] Music


    [01] Bullies
    [02] Snobs
    [03] Being cooped up inside
    [04] Fighting
    [05] Rudeness
    [06] Boredom
    [07] Being wrong
    [08] Getting bad grades
    [09] Getting lost
    [10] Snakes


    [01] Do well in school and get good grades
    [02] Learn as much as he can
    [03] Find a girlfriend
    [04] Get married and have kids

He taps is fingers on his desk or taps his foot on the ground when he is bored, or waiting for something. He fidgets when he is nervous.

BOGGART: Chris's greatest fear would be failing, and not being able to meet his own high expectations.

PATRONUS: His fondest memory was flying for the first time with his father.

DEMENTOR: Chris's worst memory was when he was so jealous of his sisters, that he caused books to fly out of the bookcase.

VERITASERUM: Chris is actually jealous of the attention that his two sisters got, after they were born.

MIRROR OF ERISED: Chris desires to be married and successful.

Chris is generally studious with his classes, preferring to do the work correctly if he is able to. His mind likes to quickly move from topic to topic, without staying on one thought for too long. Due to this lack of long term concentration, his wand work is sometimes not up to par. With that being said, he could cast spells, but it tends to take him longer to fully master the spells than what the Professors would like. So, when it comes around time to complete any work, he works hard to complete it. But, he is a perfectionist, trying to complete his work to what he thinks is perfection.

Failure is a word that Chris doesn't like to use much. He prefers to be optimistic, and not let his thoughts cloud his mind. He is brave, and has a decent amount of self-confidence. When he knows he could do something well, he isn't afraid to show it. However, when he doesn't study, or just doesn't know something, he is less enthusiastic about it.

Chris tends to be friendly and extroverted. He enjoys watching the Qudditch matches, but he doesn't see himself playing for his house's team, rather sticking to unofficial matches between friends. He likes to be outdoors, and can be consistently found outside when it is nice out. When he can, he likes to explore and tends to be rather curious.


FATHER: Robert Locke, 34, ministry worker

MOTHER: Shannon (Hurd) Locke, 33, ministry worker

Erica Locke, 9, twin
Nicole Locke, 9, twin

OTHER: Just a few cousins, nieces, and nephews

BLOOD STATUS: Half-blood


SOCIAL STATUS: Slightly upper middle class

His owl, Tom.



Chris was born to Robert and Shannon Locke on January 15, 2016. Both of his parents were halfblood, effectively making him a halfblood. His father and mother both worked in the ministry. While he was a baby, he was loud, constantly crying out. His parents had no idea what to do with him sometimes. As he grew up, he quieted down, and not be as loud.

After the first two years of his life, Shannon gave birth to his twin sisters, Erica and Nicole. His parents were happy that their two daughts weren't as loud as their son when he was born. Nevertheless, he did notice that his parents were beginning to fuss around with his twin sisters more than him. So, he tried to gain attention every now and then.

At the age of four, after one particular case where he felt ignored, he caused all of the books on a bookshelf instantly fly off of their shelves. He quite literally caused it to rain books. After his parents helped him out of the pile of books, his parents continued to give him their attention as well, along with his two twin sisters. His parents told him all about Hogwarts, as well.

At the age of seven, Robert taught Chris how to fly, in addition to the rules of Qudditch. He was overjoyed by this experience of flying.

His parents were proud when he received his Hogwarts letter, and eventually left on the Hogsmeade Express for Hogwarts. He now looks forward to starting his education at the magical school.







MAIN CHARACTER: Christopher Locke

CHARACTER PURPOSE: First character


After being off for the holidays, it felt odd being back in classes for long days at a time. Well, that was how Chris felt about being in class. During the holiday, he could just lounge around and not worry about how he performed in his classes. But, now, with Hogwarts back in session, he had to care now, especially in Defense Against the Dark Arts! Professor Storm gave them all theoretic and practical work. The theoretics didn't bother him that much, and he usually excelled there. However, the practical magic was where he was his weakest. Which meant the class was essentially a toss up for him, meaning that his marks were all over the place.

Sitting there in Professor Storm's class was like a disaster waiting to happen. Chris sat there at first as Professor Storm asked for a volunteer to sit in the center of the room. His wand was in his hand, and he was fidgeting nervously with it. Certainly the Professor had to be joking right? Would he really have a student sit in the middle of the room? To do what, ridicule them? Professor Storm seemed like the type that would do that too.

Chris allowed his gaze to take in the rest of the class, trying to judge if anyone else was going to volunteer. With a sigh, he raised his hand, and stood up, thinking that it would be best to be first, so he wouldn't have to sit in agony for too long. He sat down on the center chair, and looked around at his classmates. Immediately, a blindfold was placed around his eyes, so he couldn't see. 'Oh great, a mocking ritual!' he thought to himself.

When Professor Storm announced the directions, Chris's mood lifted a bit. 'Yes, a spell I could cast with ease!' he thought. At least he was able to use lumos, a spell that he knew by heart now. It was certainly better than masking a sound. He was slightly happy to have volunteered. All that he had to hope for now was to hopefully catch one of his fellow classmates. Holding his wand steadily in his hand, he waited for a sound.

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Christopher Locke
Christopher Locke
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LOCKE, Christopher Empty Re: LOCKE, Christopher

Post by Everly Bardugo Tue Sep 16, 2014 7:45 pm

Hey, Chris! Glad you decided to make a first year! I apologize in advance -- I get wordy when I post on these without meaning to. Here are a couple things I noticed while looking through your app:

First, he seems like a Hufflepuff more than a Ravenclaw, because of the traits you've listed. But you also listed only a couple negative ones, so you'll have to be careful not to let him become too good, you know? That said, first years have a lot of growth they can do. I know you put in quite a bit about disliking failure and having high standards, but I honestly think that Hufflepuffs would get that way just as much.

So, I'm going to sort him into Hufflepuff, but if you're really attached to Ravenclaw, shoot me a PM and I'll give you any help you need to edit his traits to be more like one Smile

LOCKE, Christopher Huffle11

Here are the claims you'll need to do before you can get started at Hogwarts:
Face claim and Hogwarts Classes. I know you posted them here, but it honestly is easier for us to get it right if you put them up on that list. Putting it on the app is kind of more for people looking at him and learning where they can roleplay with him. Once you apply to be in a class, I'll update the Pods and send you a PM with your specific class groups. We try to break up classes into smaller groups so the roleplaying is closer to being one-on-one, but as the year goes on people add in (just like you are!). Plus side, though: You're coming in just as they're starting so you may well be the first person to post in a class, so absolutely no worries there! You'll also want to post in the Roleplay Request forum (not the Hogwarts one, but the regular one) so that people can plan threads with you Smile Feel free to PM myself or any of the Admins if you need help with anything!
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