SIERRA, Hayley
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SIERRA, Hayley Li9olo10

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SIERRA, Hayley

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SIERRA, Hayley Empty SIERRA, Hayley

Post by Hayley Sierra Sat Aug 30, 2014 2:17 pm

SIERRA, Hayley Tumblr_static_4kzs7s5kybcwwsok0s8w00o04

Hayley Beatrice Hope Sierra


FULL NAME: Hayley Beatrice Hope Sierra

HAYLEY- the meaning of the name Hayley is “Hay field”. May possibly be from the Norse word “haela”, meaning “hero".

BEATRICE - Latin name. In Latin the meaning of the name Beatrice is: Ameaning bringer of joy.

HOPE - the meaning of the name Hope is: One of the three Christian virtues (Faith, Hope and Charity).


AGE: 21
Birthday: December 14th
Zodiac sign:  Sagittarius
*Sign Characteristics: Philosophical, Motion, Experimentation, Optimism

Here we have the philosopher among the zodiac signs and meanings. Like the Scorpio, they have great ability for focus, and can be very intense. However, they must channel their energy or they will waste time and wear themselves out going in too many directions at once. They are not very patient and expect quick results. However, when encountered with failure they make extreme comeback's often against incredible odds. They make loyal friends and lovers, but they do not handle commitment well as they refuse to be tied down while chasing philosophical pursuits.


HOGWARTS HOUSE: ex Gryffindor


WAND: sycamore, dragon heartstring, 10¾ inches,  pliable

PLAY BY: Lily Collins


HAIR COLOUR: dark brown (at the moment)


COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: 5 ft 5 in or 165 cm


GENERAL APPEARANCE:  Hayley is not that tall girl, she's about 165cm. She is very slim and because of that people usually get the impression that she's even shorter. On the first look she is pretty much invisible, but she's not like that at all. She enjoys running, swimming, dancing, quidditch. She also do yoga. Thanks to that, she is slim but has athletic build.
Her distinctive features are thick, dark eyebrows. She hated them when she was younger but now she likes it. She also has thick hair, right now it's long, wavy and dark brown but she changes it a lot. She likes to experiment with hairstyles.

Hayley has a round, symmetrical face with light brown eyes but she usually wears green lenses. Her nose and ears are proportional with rest of her face. Cheek bones are noticeable only when she smiles, and so does small dimples. She has full lips, lower lip is properly bigger then upper. She loves makeup, especially mascara. She prefers lipstick over lipgloss.

When it comes to clothes, she has a specific taste. She is an artist and likes to express her feelings and her personality through the clothes. She likes to combines and experiment with different parts and colors, although she prefers wearing black clothes. Formal suits and uniforms are not her thing but she wears it when she has to.
She is full of confidence and doesn't really care what people are saying about her appearance. She is not ashamed of anything and likes to try new things.
She always wears her mother's ring on the left hand and the necklace she got from Sebastien and Chris when she graduated. She has two tattoos, wings on right wrist and her zodiac sign on the neck, right above the spine.



Sagittarius Traits


Calm and rational
Quick minded

Overprotective (sometimes)
Brutally Honest


Helping others
Flying (Quidditch)
Road trips
Magical Creatures and animals

Others helping her
Listening to others
Cloaks and formal suits
Cold Weather/Snow
Awkward silence
Herbology and History of Magic

2. Traveling the world

3.Meeting her father and half-sister
4.Finding a job

1. Biting his lip when she's nervous
2. Every morning she drinks coffee and writes diary.

BOGGART: Oblivion

PATRONUS: Graduation (b/c she was free to do whatever she wanted)

DEMENTOR: Being alone in the dark (as a child her mother was working a lot so she would stay alone in the house. She was scared of the dark so she would turned on every light in the house.)

VERITASERUM: Doesn’t have one

MIRROR OF ERISED: To settle down somewhere she belongs


SIERRA, Hayley Tumblr_mb4rgyBfjZ1qkdght

She is a very open person, sometimes can be too blunt. She is an honest person and never try to cause troubles for any one. She likes to say something that you do not want to hear and yet she can say something so pleasing at the same time. Example she may say "I wish you could make more money, so you could afford better cloth, but anyway it is better this way. If you make more money you could be thinking of money too much and become greedy". She can say such thing and make you wonder if you should get up set or love her more.
She is also a free spirit and does not like to stay home. She likes to be protected, but not to give her orders. She has no respect to a weak man. She will listen if she respect you. She likes to be herself and like her guy to be himself. She always say what she is thinking out loud like a guy. If you do not understand her in this matter, you could easily break up with her. She sees problems in her love life as another funny story.
She is clumsy and it is in her nature. She is very friendly, so she can easily turn her enemy to be her friends. A jolly woman who loves sports. She is an ordinary woman who could dress like a tomboy. She has more guy friends and sometimes could act like one of a guy. She does not care about rumors, so she can get home very late and couldn't careless what her neighbor will gossip about her. She thinks either good or bad.
Her wit and innocent look are her charms. She is often hurts from love, but never afraid to look for a new one. She likes going straight and being straight forward. She will not go around to get what she wants, or beat around the bush just to say something. If you meet her and tell her straight what you think, she will admire you.

Hayley is wild young woman who is still researching herself. She has built her personality but she doesn't really fit anywhere.
She is total opposite from her mother, who is all about the rules. Hayley believes that she's like her father, even though she never met him.

She's a free spirit, an artist, girl with no rational fears and desires. Actually, her only fear is oblivion. She is scared that one day she may forget everything she had done. She doesn't have a fear of losing the loved ones, which doesn't mean that she can't love. She loves her family and her friends, it's easy for her to let people in and to love them. But she's not hurt when someone leave her or when someone she loves die. She's sad but not hurt. That is because she's independent and knows that death will come sooner or later.
She has a lot of desires, but the biggest one is to settle down somewhere she belongs. But before that, she has to find herself, and to do so she has to meet her father. Or so she thinks.

She is friendly and talkative, smart and brave, sometimes she's a thoughtless, selfish and stubborn. She is brutally honest so can sometimes seemed a little cold.
If you need help, she'll provide you without thinking twice, even if you said no. But she doesn't like when you're trying to help her with her things.
Because of hers courage and trying to help everyone, she often gets into trouble, but is very skilled in finding the way back. Doesn't like to take orders, which is one of the main reasons why she had not joined the order like her mother.

Loves to paint and through her pictures she expresses emotions. She is one of those that finds beauty in everything, but do not bother to talk about it. She's not shame women so she unashamedly stares at people, and is very good in reading them. Doesn't know how to lie, believes that the lie is the biggest weakness and that the truth is the strongest weapon. She likes challenges and always sets herself new boundaries.

When loves concern, she hasn't have the problem in acceptance, but she's not the tip of girl who talks about how she's in love etc. She likes her partner to be himself, as she is always herself. Her relationship last short, mainly b/c after a while it stops to be challenge. One of her goals is to get to know the person who will understand her and who'll be free as she is.


FATHER: Andrew Holt, 48

MOTHER: Jenna Sierra, 45

SIBLING/S: Willa Katharina Holt (half sister), 18

Sebastien O'Sullivan, 26 (cousin)
Christian O'Sullivan, 24 (cousin)
Barbara O'Sullivan, 10 (niece)

BLOOD STATUS:  Half-blood



Black cat Misty



Early Years:
Jenna Sierra had 23 years when she met Andrew Holt, who was three years older. She was on vacation in Australia. She never believed in the love of the first sight, but she started to when she saw him. They fell in love and were together for about a year. Then, Jenna discovered that she's pregnant. She never told him that she's a witch. She was scared of his reaction so she left him.

Hayley Beatrice "Tris" Hope Sierra was born on December 14th, in the Muggle hospital in Manchester. Her first name is Hayley, because her father told Jenna that he would name her daughter like that; Beatrice - like her grandmother (she doesn't like to be called Beatrice, but likes nickname Tris); and Hope - that's one that Jenna gave her. Her friends know her like Hayley Tris Sierra and only her family knows her full name.

When she turned five, her mother started working for the order again. She would leave in the night and turn back in the morning. She may thought that Hayley was sleeping, but she wasn't. She was too scared. Eventually, she got over her fears. She started exploring different things and soon she started loving being alone in the dark. She would sang the songs her grandma learned her, while sitting in the garden.
When she was seven, she got her first pet, it was small white rabbit with red eyes. She never really liked him but she never told it.
When she was 9, Sebastien and Christian moved in. She was so happy because she finally had a friends and someone to play with, but they were depressed most of the time, and so was her mother. Seb was the one who always played with her, so he was her favorite family member back then.
When she turned 11 she got an owl named Lusi. She wasn't that happy for leaving and going to school.

Hogwarts Years:

SIERRA, Hayley Tumblr_m8nwdz1ur91ruz9j7

Hayley wasn't one of those who looked forward to the first year. She knew that with school comes obligations, and she never liked them. In the train she found a few friend with whom she's still in contact (even though she left after graduation).
She knew that she'll be in Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, but it was really all the same. She'll probably come upon in the Slytherin too.

Very quickly she started to explore the school, and by the third year she knew most of it like her pocket.
Turned out it wasn't that bad at all. She actually enjoyed school and classes. She never loved History of Magic but in the free time she would willingly went to the library to read about school's history and big wizards. She hated herbology and loved transfiguration, charms, defence against the dark arts, flying, astronomy. She loved potions too, but was never good at it.

She was always focused on the classes, but there was no way to learn something that was not interesting to her. In the fourth year she started playing quidditch, in the sixth Gryffindor won the trophy. In the fourth and fifth year she was chasers, in the sixth and seventh keeper.
On the final exam she passed all subjects. Her only O were the history of the magic and the potions. She was counting days till graduation, because she knew that she will finally be free to do whatever she wants. Although she spent next years abroad, she managed to stay in touch with most of her friends.

After graduation, she went to Austria, Vienna, where her mother lives. She stayed there few months and then went to Norway where she bought apartment. She stayed there for a few months,
then went to Paris to see Christian. At the moment, Seb was in the city too so they had some family time before Seb went somewhere and she went back to Vienna. She was there two years but often traveled to the other countries of Europe.

When she turned 21, she went to Australia to find her father.
She found out that he's a doctor, and that he has a 18 years old daughter Willa. She saw his wife a few times, but never met her. She was just preparing to finally meet her father when she got the letter from some friend, saying that he saw her missing cousin in Norway.

She left Australia in order to find Sebastien. Knowing that Chris will probably came to search for his brother, she sent him a letter, saying that Sea and she are together. She found him few after full moon, with lots of help from her friends and connections. The moment she saw him in that old house basement she knew that he's werewolf.

She took him to her apartment where she took care of him. Two days he had fevers so she called her friend who is doctor. She manage to save him but Seb doesn't really know about her. He stayed there for a week, maybe two and then went to London. Hayley spent that time in Vienna but couldn't stay away from the whole Seb-Chris thing, she knew that they'll have some problems so she decided to help.


ALSO KNOWN AS: Marija/Maki/Maka/Ri..

RP EXPERIENCE: 4-5 years

HOW YOU FOUND US: Rina told me

MAIN CHARACTER: Christian O'Sullivan

PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I need someone who is not as damaged as Chris.


Hayley Sierra

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SIERRA, Hayley Empty Re: SIERRA, Hayley

Post by Elijah Krum Sun Aug 31, 2014 2:27 pm

SIERRA, Hayley Gradua11

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