MURDOCH, Elizabeth Farah
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MURDOCH, Elizabeth Farah

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MURDOCH, Elizabeth Farah Empty MURDOCH, Elizabeth Farah

Post by Victoire Weasley Wed Aug 20, 2014 3:29 pm

MURDOCH, Elizabeth Farah Tumblr_inline_mkwvou5r6i1qz4rgp

MURDOCH, Elizabeth Farah


FULL NAME:  Elizabeth Farah Murdoch

Elizabeth* [ee-LIZ-a-beth] is a name of Hebrew origin that means “God is my oath.” It is also known to have different variants of the meaning but runs along the same theme. The spelling used is the one that came into popularity after 1558, when Elizabeth Tudor ascended the throne of England after the death of her half-sister Mary I.

Farah [FARE-ah] is a name of Middle English, Arabic and Hebrew origin. It means “lovely, pleasant” and comes from the English word “fair” and the Arabic lends itself to the meaning of “joy” and “happiness.”

Murdoch [MERR-doch] is a Celtic, Gaelic and Scottish name which has shared meanings of “seaman,” “mariner” and “protector of the sea.”

* It is very rare for her to be called Elizabeth. Indeed, only people that haven’t been corrected are allowed usually – especially when it comes to those she respects, for example the Hogwarts librarian who she allowed to call her Elizabeth. For everyone else, however, she has always been and will always be “Beth.”

AGE&BIRTHDAY&SIGNS:  Twenty-Five | b. February 20th 2002

Western Astrology
Ruling House: Twelfth
Ruling Planets: Jupiter, Neptune,
Ruling Quality: Mutable,
Ruling Element: Water.

Chinese Astrology
Fixed Season: Summer,
Fixed Direction: South,
Fixed Element: Fire,
Associated Sun Sign: Gemini.

Mayan Astrology
Aztec Name: Ehecatl,
Mayan Name: Ik,
Direction: North,
Qualities: Clever and Multifaceted.

Ruling Planet: Neptune,
Colour: Green,
Gemstone: Moonstone,
Quality: Philosophical, Spiritual.  

SPECIES: Unregistered Werewolf, formally Human.

BLOOD TYPE: Muggle-Born

The Murdoch Family,  

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,
Ravenclaw House,
Ravenclaw Quidditch Team,
The Hogwarts Orchestra,
The Hogwarts Choir,

The Edinburgh University of Magic,
The Defence Against the Dark Arts Department,

The British Ministry of Magic,
The Department of Magical Law and Enforcement,
The Auror Office.

The Quidditch Federation,
The Quidditch World Cup,
The British and Irish Quidditch League,
Pride of Portree Quidditch Team.

The Football Association,
The Fifa World Cup,
Fort William Football Club,
Celtic Football Club,
Chelsea Football Club.

The Daily Prophet,
The Quibbler,
Witch Weekly,
The Daily Telegraph,
The Wizarding Wireless.


Core Classes
Astronomy: Acceptable,  
Charms: Outstanding,
Defence Against the Dark Arts: Outsanding,
Herbology: Exceeds Expectations,
History of Magic: Acceptable,
Potions: Outsanding,
Transfiguration: Outstanding,

Arithmancy: Troll,
Care of Magical Creatures: Outstanding.

OCCUPATION: Magical Law and Enforcement Officer & Undercover dancer at Satan’s Nightclub

WAND: Blackthorn wood with a Dragon Heartstring Core, 11 inches, Sturdy.  


PLAY BY: Kiera Knightley.

During her teenage years, Beth was a short, plump young woman who eagerly and easily melded into the background of proceedings in Hogwarts. Being as she was a Ravenclaw, it was even easier to disappear into the library. She’d mould between the bookshelves with her rotund features and mousy brown hair. The dusting of freckles across the bridge of her nose and cheeks also added to her general plainness. It was rare for her to be noticed with anyone, in truth, though despite the ease with which she was passed over she did command a little bit of notice and respect when in her sixth year she shot up to her adult height of five foot eleven. Taller than the other girls in her year she was, unfortunately, unable to avoid notice at that point in time but she moulded into a new group. Removed from the library from the attention she made friends with many of the seventh years who made her stand out a lot less due to their tall, willowy statures.

After Hogwarts, the last of the metamorphosis was afforded to Beth. When she began to regularly go to the gym, the weight she had held for years began to fall off of her and she took on a skinniness that would have naturally been afforded to her had it not been for an indulgence in other areas. She gained pronounced cheekbones, slightly sunken cheeks and a narrowness that, despite her slightness, seemed to be fitting. Her eyes seemed to pop against her snowy white skin and as her lips came on to take their natural soft pout, Beth finally grew into herself. It was time for it, importantly. She had been the ugly duckling for so long it was about time she got some sort of appearance luck. Though she wasn’t any more looked upon, however, what the change brought was confidence which changed more than losing weight and becoming ‘pretty’ ever could.

Beth’s style of dress is sensible and not ostentatious. She prefers practical things and as such her wardrobe lacks a lot of dresses and her jewellery box the necessary items the name would suggest. She keeps jumpers and blouses and t-shirts and jeans for her normal wear and while she will occasionally incorporate something a bit more expensive, she likes to keep a low maintenance state of dress. As with her hair, she cuts it herself. Only occasionally will she go to a professional hairdresser. The long, dark tresses are often either chopped short or left to grow out and in the eventuality of the latter she’ll find she has to go more often to the hairdresser. She prefers to avoid it, however, and when she styles her hair she puts it up simply or leaves it down and occasionally straightens it. She keeps it simple and plain – sticking, normally, to a dark palette.

In terms of distinguishing features, Beth is simple, again. Her earlobes were pierced when she was in infancy and has since added several to her upper arches, helix and tragus piercings, etc. Body art wise, she’s a bare canvas. She does have a few scars but they are more or less completely insignificant. She does, however, wear quite a lot of jewellery especially on her fingers and around her wrist. She detests necklaces, though, but enjoys wearing a variety of different earrings. That is her only real frivolity.

The one thing that does make her different from the average witch and wizard, unless of course they are also werewolves, then it is the area in which she was bitten by her changer. She was bitten across the left side of her chest and so there you will find an angry scar which is not prone to staying closed and knitted together for very long. It usually manages to heal up to scabbing by the time she gets to the full moon again and once more it is back to the beginning, open seeping and angry. Several potions and dittanies have been used on it but thus far there has been little change and the threat of infection has become a near constant weight on Beth’s mind. Like with all things, though, she’s adapted to it and she will deal with it on her own, even if she has to cast glamour charms and wear bandages around it for the rest of her life.


001. Adaptable,
002. Attentive,
003. Bad tempered,
004. Broody,
005. Charming,
006. Dominant,
007. Dramatic,
008. Easy going,
009. Empathetic,
010. Escapist,
011. Feisty,
012. Forgiving,
013. Friendly,
014. Generous,
015. Good humoured,
016. Good mannered,
017. Good memory,  
018. Homebird,
019. Idealistic,
020. Imaginative,
021. Independent,
022. Introspective,
023. Intuitive,
024. Loyal,
025. Mercurial,
026. Multitasker,
027. Musical,
028. Non-judgemental
029. Optimistic,
030. Oversensitive,
031. People person,
032. Persistent,
033. Playful,
034. Reckless,
035. Reticent,
036. Sarcastic,
037. Secretive,
038. Self-Sacrificing,
039. Sentimental,
040. Spiritual,
041. Spontaneous,
042. Sport,
043. Strong willed,
044. Success driven,
045. Territorial,  
046. Thoughtful,
047. Tolerant,
048. Trusting,
049. Unpredictable,
050. Zealous.

001. Adventure,
002. Dreaming,
003. Duelling,
004. Home cooked meals,
005. Learning,
006. Making friends,
007. Music,
008. Rain,
009. Romance,
010. Sailing,
011. Seaside,
012. Sweets,
013. Swimming,
014. Winning,
015. Working,

016. Authority figures,
017. Criticism,
018. Dating,
019. Firewhisky,
020. Know-it-alls,
021. Landlocked areas,
022. London,
023. Paperwork,
024. Pedantry,
025. Pessimism,
026. Pressure,
027. Rudeness,
028. Running,
029. Stress,
030. Untrustworthy people.

001. Become an Auror, ✓
002. Remain an Auror for the duration of her career
003. Become a patron of a charity,
004. Become Captain of the Law Enforcement officers,
005. Figure out how to undo or manage better her Lycanthropy,
006. Ride in a hot air balloon,
007. Get a Pride of Portree season ticket,
008. Visit all of the pubs in London,
009. Avoid being killed by Death Eaters, ✓ (so far so good)
010. Get married and have a family.

001. Pacing, often without realising it,
002. Fidgets when sitting around or waiting,
003. Beth usually drinks one bottle of wine a week,
004. Bites the fleshy bits of her fingers,
005. When stressed, Beth smokes,
006. Rubs her brow a lot when thinking,
007. Goes swimming every morning,
008. Forgets her umbrella,
009. Drinks coffee like it’s her life source,
010. Uses a lot of Scottish slang.

BOGGART: The Full Moon.  

PATRONUS: Going excavating with her father in Egypt.

DEMENTOR: Being removed from the Auror office.  

VERITASERUM: Beth hasn’t told anyone, not even her partner, that she’s a werewolf.

MIRROR OF ERISED: To be human properly once more and be successful.


ENFJs generally have the following traits:

- Genuinely and warmly interested in people,
- Value people's feelings,
- Value structure and organization,
- Value harmony, and good at creating it,
- Exceptionally good people skills,
- Dislike impersonal logic and analysis,
- Strong organizational capabilities,
- Loyal and honest,
- Creative and imaginative,
- Enjoy variety and new challenges,
- Get personal satisfaction from helping others,
- Extremely sensitive to criticism and discord,
- Need approval from others to feel good about themselves,

ENFJ Strengths:

- Good verbal communication skills,
- Very perceptive about people's thoughts and motives,
- Motivational, inspirational; bring out the best in others,
- Warmly affectionate and affirming,
- Fun to be with - lively sense of humor, dramatic, energetic, optimistic,
- Good money skills,
- Able to "move on" after a love relationship has failed (although they blame themselves),
- Loyal and committed - they want lifelong relationships,
- Strive for "win-win" situations,
- Driven to meet other's needs,

ENFJ Weaknesses:

- Tendency to be smothering and over-protective,
- Tendency to be controlling and/or manipulative,
- Don't pay enough attention to their own needs,
- Tend to be critical of opinions and attitudes which don't match their own,
- Sometimes unaware of social appropriateness or protocol,
- Extremely sensitive to conflict, with a tendency to sweep things under the rug as an avoidance tactic,
- Tendency to blame themselves when things go wrong, and not give themselves credit when things go right,
- Their sharply defined value systems make them unbending in some areas,
- They may be so attuned to what is socially accepted or expected that they're unable to assess whether something is "right" or "wrong" outside of what their social circle expects.

Elizabeth Farah Murdoch is a force to be reckoned with. There are some very intertwined traits within her that could have landed her in any of the Hogwarts houses when she was younger. She has all of the Ravenclaw intrigue and prizes intelligence and knowledge in any form above many other things and that was what brought her into the house in the first place. When she began to get her drive and identified that she wanted to be an Auror, many Gryffindor and Slytherin traits came out that makes her both a danger to herself and to other people. Those traits, however, also turned her into the Auror she was, regardless of what happened thereafter and though arguably they were also her downfall, it got her there in the first place.

One of the main traits that sees the changeability in her become more defined his her adaptability. She can orientate herself in any situation, good or bad, and can move to the songs other people play for her with surprising skill and agility. This roving back and forth between ideologies and complexes also suits her zodiac tendencies. Being as she’s a Pisces, she has that almost duplicitous duality to her that the Department of Law and Enforcement prize and it has been in part what has made her a very good field officer. It does make her difficult to predict – even for those closest to her – and in a moment she can change from contented and happy to brooding and belligerent but while that can be seen in some lights as good, it does make her secretive and difficult to work with.

The wit, charm and raucous sense of humour which categorises Beth is a front. The duplicitousness can be seen in that if anyone dares to look. Whilst she could be accused of being a flirt – in fact, she was and it nearly cost her everything – and something of a mindless socialite, it doesn’t really slip far beneath the surface of her character to say so. She stifles her feelings, unable to trust them. She buries it beneath the friendliness and the kind, waiting ear and the friendships she comes by easily in others. That’s not to say she doesn’t bear those traits – no, to front that would make her a wretch – but she uses them in a dramatic way to conceal what else she may or may not be thinking. Call it her default setting, if you will. You’re not going to find Beth admitting too much about herself. No, she’d rather here about anyone, everyone, else.

If it wasn’t already clear by the former paragraph, Beth hides from her problems. If it’s not behind the front of equilibrium then it’s in something else. Being bitten by a werewolf, becoming one of them was the worst thing that has ever happened to her. Even though if she were to come across a Dementor, she’d remember being demoted out of the Auror office it is the poisoned blood that runs through her veins that she hates beyond all other things because it stands to destroy everything and that is her overriding fear. So, in order to forget about it she now finds herself being something of a local in several pubs around London and has been spreading out her wings and trying different ones most nights. She’s not quite an alcoholic yet. Thankfully, she doesn’t have an addictive personality. No, that she can avoid for a little while yet but she is getting a dependency on things that help her forget so whether she likes it or not, eventually the inevitable may come to pass and it would be exactly what she’d try to avoid.

If ever you came across a workaholic, this would be the one. It’s not mentioned in the trait section but given how concerned about it she is. However, there is a double layer to this. She’s a Muggleborn. She and her brother Charlie are the only ones in their family, too. Their other two siblings are Muggles, not magical at all, and Beth feels she needs to do well – not to rub it in but to prove that she deserves it. It was a difficult thing to have to deal with for her and Charlie. Rebecca and Jacob weren’t very receptive to reason, especially during their teenage years when they were being grilled about the two elder siblings who were away all year at boarding school and they were just at the local public one. Her work is all she has, also. Unlike Charlie she didn’t get married early and she doesn’t really have a pet or anything. Aside from friends, it’s all she has and she measures her success in life on what she’s doing at work. Given she does that, she hasn’t really done very well.

Ultimately, Beth is a good person. She has an innate cleverness that sees her make jumps other people wouldn’t, has a fantastic memory for work but nothing else and she is such a changeable creature if it’s not pleasant to be with her then it’s an absolute, irrevocable nightmare. However, she cares for people, especially those she loves, with such passion that when you have Beth for a friend you’ve got her for life and even if the friendship drifts away she’ll still care and will happily do things without being asked. As with all people though there is a darker fragility there and an insecurity that could potentially see her do some unforgivable things in order to keep her life the way it is.

Beth is

  • Athletic,
  • Clumsy,
  • Artistic,
  • A sham.

Beth is not

  • A home wrecker,
  • A bad detective,
  • Meant to be a liar,
  • Talking to siblings.

Beth has

  • Been to a lot of different countries,
  • Learnt a little bit of several languages,
  • A penchant for afternoon tea,
  • A spice rack devoted to eastern spices.

Beth has not

  • Gone travelling since she was a teenager,
  • Got a temper for paperwork or bureaucracy,
  • Had a proper relationship since being demoted,
  • Seen her parents in over a year.

Beth can

  • Blend into any crowd,
  • Talk to her father better than her mother,
  • Jump to conclusions quickly,
  • Multi-task to extreme lengths.

Beth cannot

  • Express her feelings well,
  • Hold her alcohol,
  • Deal with conflict,
  • Play Quidditch to save her life.

Beth does

  • Yoga every week,
  • Love her siblings even if they’ve strained relationships,  
  • Remember to buy Christmas presents,
  • Want children.

Beth does not

  • Use her kitchen much if ever at all,
  • Bring men home,
  • Always meet up with her friends,
  • Like staying at home on her own.

Beth will

  • Be the one to go out for coffee or lunch,
  • Write notes to herself to help her remember to buy food, etc.,
  • Give to charity often,
  • Help a complete stranger if they ask for it.

Beth will not

  • Always give in her paperwork on time,
  • Own a House Elf,
  • Put up with intolerance or rudeness,
  • Back down in an argument.

Beth prefers

  • Living by the water,
  • The north,
  • A full house to an empty one,
  • Shopping online.

Beth avoids

  • Inland,
  • Busy public areas,
  • Hangovers – often fails,
  • Trouble.


FATHER: William Joseph Murdoch | b. 1978 | Archaeologist | Muggle

MOTHER: Eleanor Heather Murdoch | b. 1978 | Historian | Muggle

Charles William Murdoch | b. 2002 | Being Specialist | Wizard
m. Gwendolyn Myra Jones | b. 2004 | Ministry Secretary | Witch
- Polly Eleanor Murdoch | b. 2026 | Witch

Rebecca Jean Murdoch | b. 2003 | Children’s Author | Muggle

Jacob Philip Murdoch | b. 2004 | Retail Businessman | Muggle


James Lockhart | b. 1948 | Carpenter | Muggle
m. June Jameson | b. 1949 | Stay-at-home Mother | Muggle

Richard Murdoch | b. 1949 | Retail Businessman | Muggle
m. Harriet Greenwich | b. 1951 | Historian | Muggle


HOME TOWN: Portree, Skye Island, the Inner Hebrides, Scotland, UK.

CURRENT RESIDENCE: Camden Borough, London, England, UK.



Early Years:

If ever someone was going to lead an interesting childhood then it would be the child of an archaeologist and a historian. Despite living in what was, really, the middle of nowhere, the activities of the parents of Elizabeth Murdoch always meant that there would be somewhere exciting to go on the cards for them. The need to travel here, there and everywhere meant that it was difficult for the Murdochs to settle but a house was always kept open for them in Portree, Scotland, for them to return to so it is there that Elizabeth considers to be her home.

Elizabeth was born in St. Mary’s Hospital in London on a wet February in 2001. She was to be the first of four children – two who would show signs of being magical. She was followed in the subsequent three years by her brother Charlie, her sister Becca and her youngest brother Jake. The Murdochs were a busy couple and doubted they would find the time to have children over a long space of time but a lull in their work had them choose a different avenue and so by 2004 they had the four children they’d always wanted and Elizabeth would never prove to be lonely while her parents were off gallivanting around the world after artefacts and whatnot.

If they could not go with their parents, the four children would stay in Portree with their grandparents – their father’s parents – and they would look after them. However, by the time Elizabeth was ten years old she was already highly well-travelled, having followed around after her parents everywhere from the Americas to Indonesia, often finding herself in Istanbul and Egypt and thus she became familiar with very different cultures and practises, finding bits she adored in each place. Often, though, they weren’t with their parents and Beth and her siblings were more or less raised by their grandparents who loved them ardently and didn’t always approve of the way William and Eleanor came and went with the north wind.

Despite not really enjoying it, Elizabeth started school in Portree and once she joined her junior school she was less and less able to go with her parents. She excelled in her studies and took up several sports – often representing her school in hockey and in swimming. She didn’t like it though. She preferred the pace of adventure with her parents in far off, mystical lands learning about all of the witches and wizards who came before her. There was no adventure to be found in rainy, miserable Portree. She loved her home but, all the same, it didn’t have the pyramids of Giza.

It wasn’t acknowledged at first that there was something a bit different about Beth. Any strange things that went on were written off by her grandparents. It was only when Eleanor and William returned after an extended period in Italy that they actually spent a good amount of time with their children and got to see that there was, indeed, something special about their eldest daughter and their eldest son, too. They weren’t able to explain it, though. For the life of them they couldn’t come up with a logical explanation. That came, though, when they got her Hogwarts letter – an owl having swooped in through the patio doors to sit on the table.

A delegate from the school came, explained and took them to Diagon Alley. The professor helped her change her pocket money into wizard’s money, open up a vault and buy herself some books, robes and, importantly, a wand. Before long, it became clear that there was going to be no school the following year – rather, their daughter would be off on her own adventure. They didn’t know whether they were supposed to be envious or concerned but one thing they knew was that they were dreadfully proud of her; and before long, too, Charlie would join her.

Hogwarts Years:

At first, Beth found Hogwarts difficult. She made friends quickly on the train with a number of other first years and was sorted into Ravenclaw quickly, hurrying off to join her table in a flurry of too long robes. However before long she began to grow homesick and wrote several miserable letters home, using her owl Edwin. When it came to Christmas break she couldn’t wait to go home and a few discussions were conducted between her grandparents and parents about whether or not they should send her back. They decided in the end that it was for the best and they packed their teary daughter back off onto the Hogwarts Express in January. It was for the best, too. After that, things began to look up exponentially.

Throughout her time at Hogwarts she was a diligent young Ravenclaw. She prized her knowledge but she was never as naturally talented as some of the others. She really had to work at what she knew and formed a real distaste of those who found everything easy. When her brother joined her, sliding neatly into Gryffindor, she felt a bit better even if they weren’t in the same house. Charlie was her best friend in all things and they could always be found together – even in the latter years when he was busy with Quidditch and chasing after some pretty Hufflepuffs he’d find time for his eldest sister. However, this relationship came at a price.

Hogwarts got better. At home though, things got worse. Beth had never had a complicated relationship with anyone. It was understood that her parents would go gallivanting off here, there and everywhere and her grandparents would be the ones to look after them. That was their lives, it wasn’t abnormal to them. The introduction of Hogwarts did not move the siblings in their foursome they were used to. It split them down the middle. The eldest two went to Hogwarts while Rebeca and Jacob had to attend their local schools and face questions that inquired after why Beth and Charlie weren’t there too. Inevitable jealousies were nursed throughout the year and so by Beth’s fifth year, Charlie’s fourth, the pair returned home to find very different siblings. They weren’t friends anymore. Things had changed irreparably, even if things were the same as ever between them and the adults in their lives.

In her sixth year, after favourable O.W.L scores came out in the summer, Beth decided she wanted to be an Auror. After being consulted by one of the jobs helpers, she was placed in several groups with other students aiming to join the Ministry in such a specialist field. It was the motivator Beth needed and it helped her focus throughout those last two years to try and get the best grades possible. More than anything else she wanted to be an Auror and she wasn’t going to give that dream up for the world.

Graduating in the summer of 2019, Beth emerged from Hogwarts with a set of highly impressive N.E.W.T scores. Without waiting for anything else to drop in her lap she signed up with the Ministry and dived into Auror training at Edinburgh, determined to not just be your average Auror but the best one – one that they’d sing songs about and one whose adventures would end up in the history books.


Beth qualified as an Auror three years later just after her twenty-first birthday. She set to work straight away, getting underway with cases and solving them with a proficiency that suited her and saw her work her way up quite quickly through the ranks – enough to be given more specialist tasks. She approached them with the same zeal and enthusiasm, finding time for everything and everyone in those early years. She was always busy, always meeting up with friends and burning the candle at both ends. Things change very quickly when she was assigned to a particular protection detail.

Levi Spencer was a politician, a Wizengamot member from Northern Ireland. He was the perfect fit for a plethora of roles. With his immaculate Hogwarts time, enviable degree from a highly respected magical university and to ice the already impressive cake he had a beautiful wife and three young children that were the spitting image of him. As he desired to move up the political ladder, he decided to up his protection force and lobbied to get himself a handful of Aurors. The office was reluctant at first but after a break and entry at his home in Belfast, things changed and Beth was put in with him.

It is unclear exactly what transpired between them. Allegations of long nights spent together arose the following Christmas and when Levi was notably absent from one of the Ministerial balls he was meant to be attending with his wife and sons – having turned up, too, on the red carpet – someone knew something was up. Some digging was done and an interview was given by Isabella Spencer, his wife, and it became clear that Levi was suspected of having an affair, in particular with one of his own staff.

It could have been anyone, in truth, but for some reason they fixed upon Beth of all people. In the April, at the height of the scandal, Beth was dropped out of the Auror office. She was given a new partner – Holden Isaacs – and made a law and enforcement officer. She was given a hearing that summer and dismissed officially under a misconduct charge but for her good work they quietly kept her in the department. She was never spoken to again by married women, though. Men were told to keep their distance and what made the whole thing worse was that in the following autumn Levi divorced Isabella and took up with the real woman he’d had the affair with: another Auror, yes, but not Beth.

The damage had been done, of course, and she was kept where she was so the department could save face. It was easier on the media, too, if they believed it was Beth though a few independent publications did report that they suspected it was his new girlfriend who had been the other half of the affair. Beth wasn’t forgiven, though. She and Holden stayed exactly where they were, working case to case and as Beth receded into herself she became more and more erratic and less predictable. For her sake, Holden said nothing but kept his suspicions to himself, hoping she’d sort it out.

Things got worse for Beth. A raid on a werewolf camp in the early months of 2027 saw something change entirely. Beth was taken unawares, the full light of the moon seeing one of the werewolves change. She was bitten and while she managed to keep out of the moonlight and avoid her first transformation and managed to keep conscious, hexing the werewolf away from her, she knew that this was it. The department had taken a lot from her. If they took her last office because of something she couldn’t help, it would end her, she knew. Feigning nothing but a scratch they all parted ways but Beth went into Knockturn Alley, calling on the help of an old medicine woman who patched up the wound as much as possible, as much as a werewolf bite would and could be, and supplied her with her first lot of Wolfsbane. Beth’s been hiding it ever since. The only good thing about this year? She’s avoided being married off to a complete stranger.



RP EXPERIENCE: Errm. Seven? Six? Six years. Nearly. I dunno. *shrug*

HOW YOU FOUND US: I live here, you see.


PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Main plot. Midgames. Angst.


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I want her to meet a couple of my folks. ought to be interesting!

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