GRAHAM, Nora Elizabeth
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GRAHAM, Nora Elizabeth

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GRAHAM, Nora Elizabeth  Empty GRAHAM, Nora Elizabeth

Post by Nora Graham Tue Aug 19, 2014 4:16 am

GRAHAM, Nora Elizabeth  Tumblr_inline_mp2qlbB5hy1qz4rgp



FULL NAME: Nora Elizabeth Graham

NICKNAMES: Anything you want.

AGE: 15 | August 20th | Entering her sixth year

The British Ministry of Magic
The French Ministry of Magic
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Gryffindor House
Gryffindor House Quidditch Team
Irish International Quidditch Team

Graham Family
Draper Family
Her Hogwarts Clique (Ducky Baker, Trisha Ivanov, Caspian Ivanov, Fiona Grimm, Christian Zabini, Alisha Merchant)


”Ducky Baker” the scrawny boy who Nora had shared a boat crossing with left his spot among the first years to join the sorting hat in the school’s spotlight. He was pronounced to be a “GRYFFINDOR!” and Nora watched him travel to the table of clapping and cheering students under the lion banners. The rest of the B’s were called to the makeshift stage and before she knew it the professor was calling out for “Nora Connolly”. As the ratty hat was slipped over her ears it began to mutter.

Nora wasn’t really listening. Her eyes were scanning the crowd of students for any of the faces that she had come to recognize from the brief train ride. There was that nice red-haired girl. And that boy who had snuck in a lizard. And there was Ducky Baker smiling broadly from his table. The hat seemed to have noticed her inattention and spoke a bit louder in her ear as he justified his decision. ”You’ve got a lot of loyalty, girl. More than I’ve seen in many years. I think you’d do well in Huff-“

“No.” Nora whispered, suddenly at full alertness. “Gryffindor.”

The hat was silent for what felt like years as Nora stared out nervously at the crowd. She could almost feel him thinking things over. “I suppose there’s courage in there. But will it be enough?” Nora nodded but the hat didn’t seem to notice. “Hufflepuff would support you.. encourage you. You’d be with your brother.” As she looked out at the crowd more and more faces from the train began to stand out and almost all of them were wearing red. The Sorting Hat finally let out an almost-sigh as he resigned to her determination and shouted out (with much less enthusiasm than some of the others) “GRYFFINDOR” for the whole hall to hear.

CLASSES: Entering her N.E.W.T. year next fall.

O.W.L. Results:
Astronomy – Acceptable
Charms – Acceptable
Defense Against the Dark Arts – Exceeds Expectations
Herbology – Exceeds Expectations
History of Magic – Poor
Potions – Acceptable
Transfiguration - Outstanding

Ancient Runes – Troll
Care of Magical Creatures – Dreadful
Muggle Studies – Outstanding
Divination – Acceptable

WAND: Mango, Graphorn Skin & Fire Crab Ash, Swishy
“Wielders of Mango wands are most often those who highly value family. It also gives an excellent boost to Healing spells, though it will sputter completely at Care of Magical Creatures.”

“Graphorn Skin is notorious for its ability to deflect all but the most powerful of offensive spells. As such, Graphorn wands are skilled in both defensive magic and dueling spells.”

“Fire Crab Ash wands are the absolute best when it comes to fire-based spells, such as Incendio, as well as the Flame-Freezing Charm. They work very well when paired with Phoenix Feathers, but they make awful potion stirrers.”

PLAY BY: Ellen Page


HAIR COLOUR: Brown. Nora’s hair never goes beyond half way down her back and gets frustrated when she goes long periods without getting it cut. She has been known to rock bangs but is also comfortable without. Nora’s hair is often held up in a ponytail and is rarely adorned with any sort of decoration.

EYE COLOUR: Light Brown


BODY BUILD: Healthy. By no means a model (chubbiness in the right places) but not overweight either. Nora could put more work into exercising and making herself stronger but rarely has the patience or incentive.

001. Jumpers
002. Flannel
003. Stressed Jeans
004. Vintage Tees
005. High Waisted Shorts/Skirts/Jeans
006. Converse
007. Baggy Sweatshirts
008. Crop Tops
009. Round Sunglasses
010. Hogwarts Uniform (Gryffindor)


001. Adaptable
002. Spontaneous
003. Youthful
004. Tough
005. Gullible
006. Imaginative
007. Reactionary
008. Loyal
009. Trusting
010. Sarcastic
011. Affectionate
012. Companionly
013. Nearsighted
014. Fidgety
015. Sentimental
016. Venturesome
017. Unambitious
018. Cheerful
019. Experimental
020. Unceremonious

STRONG AREA OF MAGIC: Transfiguration, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Hexes, Jinxes, Dueling
NEUTRAL AREA OF MAGIC: Herbology, Charms, Potions, Divination
WEAK AREA OF MAGIC: Care of Magical Creatures, ‘Intellectual’ Studies (Ancient Runes, History of Magic, etc.)

001. Gryffindor House
002. Pumpkin pie
003. Sailing
004. Gummy Bears
005. The Ocean
006. Fireworks
007. Cards
008. Zoos
009. Family Game Night
010. Sleeping In
011. Brunch
012. The Giant Squid
013. Room of Requirement
014. Singing in the Shower
015. French

001. The Future
002. Essays
003. Running
004. Undercooked Meat
005. Unpredictability
006. Acne
007. Being Stuck Indoors
008. Loneliness
009. The Trophy Room
010. Patriarchy
011. Conformity (ironically)
012. February
013. Responsibility
014. Old English
015. Losing Money

GOALS: Nora’s lack of goals is one of her most damaging and defining characteristics. She has not developed a sense of life beyond Hogwarts and has no plans or dreams when it comes to her future. Nora is comfortable with living in the moment but may also experience periods of aimlessness when her group of friends is without a current mission or task to keep them occupied. She has nothing to drive her beyond seeking the approval of her family and friends.

001. Fidgets with whatever is around her – bottle caps, pencils, straws.
002. Takes dares for small amounts of money.
003. Is prone to betting on cards, Quidditch matches, and how long relationships will last.
004. Highly susceptible to peer pressure -
005. Will follow a group of friends just about anywhere if she feels loyal to them, regardless of what situations they get her into.
006. Enjoys muggle technology and television programs.
007. Has almost no sense of money management.
008. Becomes extremely grumpy when tired.
009. Would rather read nonfiction than fiction.
010. Uses sarcasm to avoid talking about uncomfortable things.

BOGGART: Being isolated and unwanted. More than anything Nora craves the approval of her family and friends. In terms of her family she is driven by the desire to make them proud of her. Friends give Nora a sense of purpose and direction that she has yet to be able to figure out how to give herself. Being completely alone would force Nora into defining her own path without any guidance or support, an idea that terrifies her.

PATRONUS: Nora has not been able to produce a patronus yet. Some of her best memories include:
001. Captaining her first boat (even if it was for two minutes before Oliver took back the wheel).
002. Her first train ride into Hogwarts.
003. Touching the Giant Squid / Mastering the ‘Bubble-Head’ charm

DEMENTOR: Some of her worse memories include:
001. Rejections from almost-lovers
002. Her failures in Flying class
003. Receiving the T on her O.W.L. report (and her parents reaction after)

VERITASERUM: Nothing Earth-shattering. Traditional teenage girl things (including an unnervingly deep affection for her best friend).

MIRROR OF ERISED: Nora has absolutely no idea. Like most others, she desires to be happy and fulfilled in her life but she is clueless on how to reach this point.


    Nora is
  • a team player
  • a follower, rather than a leader
  • deeply loyal
  • a night owl
  • more intelligent than she appears

    Nora is not
  • a perfectionist
  • a good flyer
  • vain
  • a forward-thinker
  • good at planning

    Nora has
  • a gambling addiction habit
  • a competitive streak
  • gotten in a duel
  • felt like a failure (upon receiving her school grades)
  • a strong moral compass

    Nora has not
  • had a serious relationship
  • produced a patronus
  • traveled very extensively
  • figured out her future
  • been in love

    Nora can
  • be excessively sarcastic
  • speak French almost fluently
  • be aggressive
  • be hard on herself (especially concerning her parents expectations)
  • be sentimental

    Nora cannot
  • express her feelings in writing
  • manage money
  • sit down and focus on homework
  • make decisions easily on her own
  • hide her feelings well

    Nora does
  • love her family
  • keep up with muggle news/culture
  • tinker with technology
  • drink only with friends
  • respect her brother

    Nora does not
  • like most animals
  • have time management skills
  • discriminate between houses
  • go against a crowd
  • stick to one specific style

    Nora will
  • do her best to pass all N.E.W.T.s
  • make friends with almost anyone
  • wear a mixture of wizard and muggle clothing
  • eat whatever she wants, whenever she wants
  • go swimming at least once a winter

    Nora will not
  • pass all of her N.E.W.T.s
  • betray her friends
  • wake up until the last possible moment
  • run in the morning
  • stop visiting Henry

    Nora prefers
  • to be home for Christmas
  • being outdoors
  • to take life day to day
  • to be around unique/interesting/strange people
  • being part of a group

    Nora avoids
  • studying
  • being alone/lonely
  • magical creatures
  • being hungover
  • muggle planes

Nora is a mirror, perfectly reflecting the personalities of those around her. Without realizing it, she chameleons her attitude as she moves from group to group in order to best fit in and be accepted. Around her family she tries to be the perfect daughter – responsible, passionate, and successful – while around her friends she tends to mirror their adventurous and wild sides. Even to Nora it is somewhat unclear what her “true” nature is. She is not really aware of her drastic personality changes and never intentionally manipulates. Nora simply desires the admiration and affection of those she admires and loves.

Any of Nora’s actions, no matter how small, are most likely driven by loyalty. She is the #2, the Robin, the eternal sidekick. She follows the wishes of those she most respects and when she truly respects someone she will follow them anywhere. Nora holds her immediate family in the highest regard with her friends (especially Ducky) following shortly behind. Age, seniority, and other traditional labels that command respect rarely affect Nora – she has the ability to judge a person based entirely on their personality and character.



FATHER: Rodger Graham | British | Cursebreaker in Ministry | Ex-Gryffindor

MOTHER: Lois Graham (nee Draper) | French | Muggle | Art Curator

SIBLING/S: Henry Graham | British | Half-Blood | Unemployed | Ex-Hufflepuff

OTHER: n/a




BORN: Manchester, United Kingdom

PET/S: None

001. Father’s old Gryffindor ties
002. Photo albums of family and friends
003. Muggle camera
004. Several sets of cards and dice
005. Blank notebooks and journals


Early Years: Nora Elizabeth was born on June 20th, 2012 to Rodger and Lois Graham. The couple had a son, Henry, who was five at the time and the new quartet made up the picturesque, perfect family. The Graham’s lived in a quiet neighborhood of Manchester where Nora grew up with amble access to the outdoors. In her earliest years, the little girl was contained to the yard but as she slowly matured her adventures extended into the surrounding areas where she was able to meet with other children and waste her days away playing pirates at the local playground.

Needless to say, Nora was never impressed with primary school, even when they spent their entire day coloring and learning about dinosaurs. She began to emerge as a social butterfly and from the beginning had some trouble sitting still when the teachers demanded she stay in her seat and listen. When Nora was nine this excess energy began to manifest in unusual ways. On game nights she was able to make her father’s cards fly out of his cards, when she jumped off the swing she could float gently to the ground, and once she burst the pipes in the bathroom after an argument with Henry.

Her condition was no secret or surprise. Rodger had always been very open with both of his children about the magical world and Nora had already witnessed Nathan go off to Hogwarts five years before. When her letter arrived she opened it with unparalleled zest and barely had it in her heart to be upset when she finally left her parents on the platform.

Hogwarts Years: Nora met her best friend within ten minutes of getting on the train. Ducky Baker was outgoing, funny, and, for reasons that are unknown to this day, chose to sit with her. The pair hit it off immediately. The perfect Sherlock and Watson duo.. Ducky did something outrageous and Nora admired his brilliance. Or perhaps they were Batman and Robin with less of crime fighting and more of the crime prank causing. It did not take the well-raised Graham girl long to earn herself a spot on the teacher watch list (though, arguably, she was there for aiding and abetting rather than doing wrong herself).

Nora’s patterns of dissatisfaction with classrooms were somewhat curved upon going into Hogwarts. Learning magic was nowhere near as mind-numbing as learning about fractions and she found that the best classes were always the ones that she was able to get her hands on her wand and try the spells herself. While Nora did not lack in enthusiasm she was not emerging as the greatest witch of their age. She was slightly below average in her magical abilities and it took her slightly longer to master the spells than her classmates. Over time, Nora realized she needed to put in more work and effort than everyone else to achieve the same results, a realization that made her try even less. The only branch of magic that Nora really embraced was jinxes as she prepared for the day anyone dare insult one of her friends.

Ducky was a likable boy. The duo had always had a large circle of acquaintances but for quite awhile no one else had come close to sharing the level of friendship they shared. And then that slowly changed. In the second year they adopted the Hufflepuffs Alisha Merchant and Christian Zabini as well as the Ravenclaw, Caspian Ivanov. The year after that Trisha Bates joined their crew and last but not least little Fiona Grimm was enfolded into their group. Nora was never lonely and she couldn’t have been happier about it. While she got along with everyone in their core group swimmingly she also had a wide variety of casual friends and had an especially tender spot in her heart for her oldest friend Ducky and her newest friend Finn.

O.W.L.s. were a disaster. She had barely touched her books to study and it showed in the scores. With one D is wasn’t bad enough to be truly impressive but it certainly wasn’t good either. Nora was average again. And in a very bad way. This event was enough to make Nora proclaim she would reform her studies and try harder in school but it is doubtful that those resolutions will hold once she returns to Hogwarts and is surrounded by her friends again.

Adulthood: N/A








Nora Graham
Nora Graham
Sixth Year Gryffindor
Sixth Year Gryffindor

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GRAHAM, Nora Elizabeth  Empty Re: GRAHAM, Nora Elizabeth

Post by Elijah Krum Tue Aug 19, 2014 2:12 pm

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Elijah Krum
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