NIGHT, Emily Selene
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NIGHT, Emily Selene

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NIGHT, Emily Selene Empty NIGHT, Emily Selene

Post by Emily Night Fri Aug 15, 2014 8:59 am

NIGHT, Emily Selene Tumblr_lwu6daFXuO1r23tzz



FULL NAME: Emily Selene Night

NICKNAMES:  Em, Ly, Emi, Sel, Sellu

AGE: 14

ALLEGIANCE: Neutral still.


CLASSES:  Charms & Transfiguration. 

WAND: Holly tree, Phoenix feather, 11 inches + unflexible.

PLAY BY: Ashley Tisdale





BODY BUILD: Thin/Skinny

GENERAL APPEARANCE: She was born with blonde hair like her father but her hair is curly like her mothers brown hair. She has her mother eyes witch is then brown color. She looks a lot like her parents actually, more likely as her mother, that people tends to say to her. Emily sometimes likes to straight her hair or even make them look more curly. Depends on her moods and where she is going.

Her height is quite average for her age girls. Since she feels most of times short she tends wear most of times a high heels. She doesn't really wear any other shoes but when they are needed most of times. She wears sneakers when she needs to go running or so. Okay you can see her wearing flats too there and there sometimes but mostly still high heels, longer than 5cm most of times.

She is quite skinny and thin girl. People say that she may even look too thin and she might be even underweight but she isn't. She is actually weights so much as she needs to be and she eats good, she isn't one the diet like most girls in her age. She just doesn't go that easily chubby or anything like most girls.

She wears most of times dresses but she doesn't say no to jeans and other pants too. She can wear skirts too when there isn't any dress what to wear. She likes(read loves) a lot a girl pink so you can see her wearing pink clothes most of times with black, white and any other colors what looks good with pink.


01. Mean and rude most of times
02. Quite dumb
03. Stubborn
04. Friendly if you are her friend
05. Spoiled
06. Control freak
07. Not very patient
08. Not very honest
09. Says out what wants, never thinks first
10. Doesn't let people close to her

001. Color pink
002. To go shopping when has free time
003. Go to parties
004. Small dogs
005. Control other people
006. Sunny days
007. Matching clothes together
008. Singing
009. Playing guitar sometimes when is bored
010. Cute boys

011. Big Dogs
012. Studying
013. Reading
014. Rats
015. Cats
016. Waiting for others
017. Rainy days
018. Helping others
019. Drawing
020. Being loyal to someone.

To graduate Hogarts
To make a friends and even enemies.
To find a boyfriend, then fiance and then husband and then in future kids.

She quite often asks "Why" and "What" questions.
She bites her lips or plays with her hands when she is nervous.
She tends to let others to do her homework.

BOGGART: She is terrible afraid of spiders

PATRONUS: Had her first pet which was small dog when she was six, who she named Nessy.

DEMENTOR: Her first dog died a year ago.

VERITASERUM: There is so many.

MIRROR OF ERISED: Not gonna say it out loud.

Emily is quite mean and rude girl at first when you meet her. If you get know her and you become her friend then she doesn't seem so mean and rude at all more like friendly and nice girl. But getting close to her isn't that easy since she doesn't really trust people that much, since most people wants to be her friends because of her money and popularity. Girl can't stand it when people doesn't do what she says or they say no to her. She just have always get what she wanted and everything have gone her way most of times. She can be also very stubborn one, so she never gives up easily on what she wants now. She will fight for it even if it's very silly thing for others. She is also very spoiled brat for sure, since her parents always gave her what she wanted and when she wanted. They just spoiled her away like that. She isn't really the smartest kid for sure, rather dumb one. She has never liked to study, she lets other people to do her homework. She isn't very patient one so she doesn't like to wait after others and so on. So don't make her wait for you.


FATHER: Erik Night [37 years old, owns his own business company Night]

MOTHER: Serena Night [34 years old, works as secretary in business company Night. right now at home with kid (nee Monton)]

SIBLING/S: Melissa Night [2 years old, home with mother]

OTHER: There is so many of them.

BLOOD STATUS:  Halfblood [Father and mother both are halfbloods]



Owl named Rosey



Early Years: Emily was born on 12 July to Serena Monton and Erik Night. Her parents weren't yet married when the Em was born. They married two years after that but they still did but to girls father name since they were engaged back then already.
Since ever Emily was young she always got what she wanted and when she wanted it. She just needed to ask once and her parents gave it to her already. She was very spoiled one. She always done everything on her own way, parents never really said what to do to her since they really never had that much time for her. Girl was raised by nannies most of times, who she did hate very much, she wanted spend time with her mother or father or both more.
She has never really been that friendly or sweet with people, mostly mean and rude. Even if there was a times when she was friendlier and sweeter than she is now. She had her first pet Nessy, a small dog, when she was six as her birthday present. She became her best friend then. They did hang out most of times alone and she knew very many secrets about the girl but she died when she was twelve and she saw it too, it was car accident.
At muggle school where she had attend she was very popular around people and also the meanest one there. People liked to be her friends than enemies, so most of them were fake. Most of them were friends because of her money, fame and so on, Em knew it but never said it out loud. She was the basically ruler in her school, everything went her way most of times.

Hogwarts Years: When she was 11 she got letter from Hogwarts saying that she is accepted into that school. She knew about being witch already since was young. She asked from her mother when a few strange things began to happen around her, mother explained then to her that she is actually a witch. Girl just lived with than knowledge and never told about it to anyone. To her most of friends she told that she will go now some boarding school to study and very many people were happy about it but didn't show it to her. And when september came she did went to Hogwarts as first year student.
Her first year was the most difficult one, since she had to get used with new place. She didn't know pretty much anyone her and she wasn't popular here at all. But she tried to be. Being popular meant here that you need to be friend with other popular kids but it wasn't easy task for her since she wasn't really friendly girl. But at the end of school year she managed to do it. She became popular around here. Her grades were quite good thanks to few people who did her homeworks for her since herself didn't get half of it what they studied here.
The second year was already much better. She had quite many friends here. Also that year was born her sister Melissa, who she didn't like at first, she wanted to be only child in her family but now she has sister but now after two years she is gotten used with it. Still all her homework was done by her friends who were smart ones.
The third year went good too. In the classes she never did spoke much but her homeworks were good ones but professors so far haven't figured out that these weren't done by her or they have but don't tell to her. When ever they do something at class she writes things down from her friend who sits next to her but changes words there a little bit.
Now it will be her fourth year soon, let's see how it goes.

Adulthood: It's not here yet, since she is just 14.


ALSO KNOWN AS: Kissu or Krissu

RP EXPERIENCE: Few years now

HOW YOU FOUND US: I have characters here already. Basically friend told me.

MAIN CHARACTER: Jessica Wendorf

PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I want to bring her back.


Emily Night

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NIGHT, Emily Selene Empty Re: NIGHT, Emily Selene

Post by Khaat Lupin Sat Aug 16, 2014 3:49 am

she looks fine, kissu.

i presume you are deliberately making her younger. I will change this, but if its not right, do let me know.

accepted and sorted to slytherin

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NIGHT, Emily Selene Empty Re: NIGHT, Emily Selene

Post by Aria Haywood Sat Aug 16, 2014 11:44 am

Yeah. I made her younger than she was before.
Aria Haywood

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NIGHT, Emily Selene Empty Re: NIGHT, Emily Selene

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