O'SULLIVAN, Christian Erik
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O'SULLIVAN, Christian Erik

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O'SULLIVAN, Christian Erik Empty O'SULLIVAN, Christian Erik

Post by Christian O'Sullivan Wed Aug 13, 2014 3:38 pm

O'SULLIVAN, Christian Erik 1559412_nathan

Christian Erik O'Sullivan


FULL NAME:  Christian Erik O'Sullivan


AGE: 24 25


HOGWARTS HOUSE:. Ravenclaw graduate  


WAND: Ash, unicorn hair, 12', flexible

PLAY BY: Nathaniel Buzolic






Christian is a tall man of athletic build, has broad shoulders and narrow hips. He is very similar to his brother, has the same cheekbones and facial lines. He has messy brown hair, which never crosses the line of the eyes, has hazel eyes that become darker when he feels strong emotions, such as anger, fear, love.
When he was a child he loved to be in the forefront, he enjoyed the views and attention. Even then he knew how to behave in certain situations. He was small, weak, sickly, so he used to be taken care of. All of that changed after his mother's death. He was shy and  withdrawn, spoke only when he was forced. He even avoided conversation with Sebastien. At that time he became an independent, learn to take care of himself.
Now, he is much different. By nature he is calm and rational. Because of his build he's often in first plan but he prefers to stay aside. Excellent acting, which he inherited from his mother, helps him adapt to any situation. He prefer neutral colors, such as black an grey but often wears pastel colors with less details. He enjoys wearing uniforms and formal suits, because in them it's easy to adapt.
He's always polite to strangers, he has a look of a person you can trust. He has a lots of friends all around the world, and to them he's always fair and rational. He smiles a lot, but only with his family and closest friends. He has special relationship with Sebastien and Hayley and only with them he is totally free.


1. Honest
2. Calm
3. Intelligent
4. Courageous
5. Realistic
6. Discreet
7. Committed
8. Ambitious
9. Confident
10. Independent
11. Cunning
12. Organized
13. Curious

1. Argumentative
2. Arrogant
3. Unpredictable
4. Stubborn
5. Selfish (In some situations)
6. Secretive
7. Changeable
8. Domineering
9. Impulsive
10. Vengeful
11. Impatient (sometimes)
12. Belligerent
13. Cynical

1. Night
2. Art (painting)
3. The blustery weather before a storm
4. Windy days
5. Music
6. Rain
7. Vanilla
8. Reading
9. Swimming
10. Jogging in the forest
11. Coffee
12. Snow
13. Dark places
14. Quidditch
15. Flying
16. Spring

1. Cats
2. Road trips
3. Chocolate
4. Being misunderstood
5. Holidays
6. Sun and
7. Very hot days
8. Very cold days
9. Stupid and ungrateful people
10. Frogs
11. Cats
12. Insects
13. Making potions
14. Tea
15. Summer
16. Cooking

1. To find the werewolf who is responsable for his mothers death
2. To find his missing brother
3. Starting a familly with someone who understands him
HABITS & QUIRKS: Every morning before work, he walks his dog; every night, before bed time, he plays his mother's compositions.

BOGGART: losing people he love (it all started with his mother; he's afraid to let  people in)

PATRONUS: graduation

DEMENTOR: When he was 11, he and his older brother found their mom's death boby

VERITASERUM: He has a lots of secrets but the biggest is the one that he hides from his brother and is related to their mother. (and it's the only thing he hides from Sebastien)

MIRROR OF ERISED: To turn back time and fix all the bad things he did (including all decisions he made)


Christian is an independent, complex figure. His character has gone through major changes, since he was a little boy and for that are responsible things that happened in his childhood (the death of his mother, moving to his aunt, Hogwarts).
As a child he was spoiled,  was always the center of attention. He enjoyed it all, but even then he knew the the limits.
After Elizabeth's death he was a shy, withdrawn, obscene, rude and often problematic. That was the time he started at Hogwarts. He was shy, withdrawn, obscene and rude to the other children, but before the end of the year he returned to the old. After he felt fear of losing loved onse, he build walls to protect himself. As a child he learnd to control his emotions. Acting plays a major role in his life because he relies completely on it. He is rational, thoughtful, very fast thinker and has a photographic memory. In most situations is calm, but can be very impulsive, rude and even aggressive. He is bad in personal matters (giving advices, helping others to solve problems and things like that). Likes to be busy because work distracts him from the problems.
He is independent and likes being alone, although he doesn't have a lot of free time. He feels a responsibility to take care of his brother. Next to Bastien, there is Haley. These are the only two people who have a special places in his life. He never allowed himself to love, although there were exceptions. Every time he crossed the line he would disappeared. Only once did he truly love,  and that love still haunts him.


FATHER: Thomas O'Sullivan (alive)

MOTHER: Elizabeth O'Sullivan (dead)

SIBLING/S: Sebastien O'Sullivan (missing), Phoebe O'Sullivan (dead)

OTHER: Hayley Sierra, Jenna Sierra

BLOOD STATUS:  half-blood

SPECIES: human


owl Tobby, dog Boo



Early Years:
He was born in Manchester, England, as a third child of Thomas and Elizabeth O'Sullivan. First child - Phoebe - died when she was 3, Christian never know about her. The most important person in his childhood - and still is - was his older brother Sebastien. Chris still remembers young Bastien, sleeping next to him, playing guitar to him, feeding him. His best and happiest memories are from this period. Even as a child he was polite and friendly. When he was four years old he showed talent for piano. Soon, he started playing with his mother.
Bastien was always his idol and the only person he trasted. Except with Sebastien, he had special relationship with his mother so he was very depressed when she was killed by werewolf. He discovered the body along with his brother. He swore that he will find and then kill werewolf who killed their mother. That goal held him all these years. Sebastien was alway his biggest support so he was the one who looked after him. Unlike his mother, Thomas was -still is- muggle. Just before Bastian turned 11 Elizabeth told him (Thomas) about magic. He was angry, never looked at them in the same way. When Bastien went to school Chris was all alone. Elizabeth was desperately trying to fix her relationship with Thomas, she even tried to change his memory. Chris started playing with 2 years younger cousin Hayley, who is like sister to him. After Elizabeth was killed, Thomas started drinking so Christian moved out to his aunt Jenna (Hayley's mother) with Sebastien. (Jenna and Hayley lived in Manchester too, but far away from Thomas)

Hogwarts Years:
The worst period of his life was the first year on Hogwarts. He was broken and depressed, unfriendly, shy, rude, he hated everything and everyone. It was even worst because he wasn't in Slytherin like his brother. Every single day he wanted to go home. Months have passed before he realized that he can revenge his mother only if he become something, only if he become excellent wizard. So he started changing. He learned how to control his fear and his fury, he became normal again. He became friendly, organized, determined, excellent student. He participated in school activities. There were moments in which was really hard to stay still. like when one girl in fifth grade told him she's in love with him. He was a new person, but he still wasn't able to let people in, he was scared that everyone around him will die (and still is). So he went to his older brother and ask him for help. Together, they made a potion for erasing memories for her to forget she's in love with him. He never liked making potions, but always had good grades. When he passed his last exams, he was a little sad that it's all over but was also happy, because he succeeded in something.

When he finished Hogwarts, he began to write for newspapers. At the same time he joined The Order. He never wanted to be a part of it (the order) until he found his mother's notebook when he was sixteen. At first, his only mission was to find out about his mother but soon he started loving his job. He used his place in the newspapers to help the order by giving them informations. He enjoys advetures and willingly accapeing all missions. When he turned 20, he went with a few people in French to Adrien Evanesce. He stayed for two years. There he met Adrien's daughter, with whom he had a little more. After his brother visited him with new information about werewolf (the one that killed their mother), things got complicated. Sebastien went to Norway following the traces and Chris stayed in France. The same night he was attacked. When Adrien found out who the attackers were, he asked Chris to leave the mission because of Nym's savety. By the next morning Cris was in Austria, where he stayed for a year. Then he returns to Manchester. When Sebastien stopped responding to letters, he wanted to go to Norway, but Haley said it was all right and that they are coming soon.



RP EXPERIENCE: 4-5 years

HOW YOU FOUND US: friend (Nymeria Evanesco) told me


PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To have a character


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O'SULLIVAN, Christian Erik Empty Re: O'SULLIVAN, Christian Erik

Post by Elijah Krum Wed Aug 13, 2014 8:38 pm

This is a really, really good opening application for your first character. Well thought out with interesting back story and potential for things to get even messier for him, inevitably, but I hope he gets a little bit of happiness!

Great! Accepted and sorted into grads!
Elijah Krum
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O'SULLIVAN, Christian Erik Empty Re: O'SULLIVAN, Christian Erik

Post by Christian O'Sullivan Wed Aug 13, 2014 9:07 pm

Thank you Smile

You know how they say, after every storm comes a rainbow. I do belive he'll get his happy ending Smile
Christian O'Sullivan

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