BLOOM, Francesca Louise
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BLOOM, Francesca Louise

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BLOOM, Francesca Louise Empty BLOOM, Francesca Louise

Post by Rosanna Parker Sun Aug 03, 2014 2:52 pm

BLOOM, Francesca Louise Katy-perry



FULL NAME: Francesca Louise Bloom

NICKNAMES: Fran (By Friends), Fanny (By Rivals),

AGE: 15 - Will be Going Into Her Sixth Year in September
BIRTHDAY: 30th August 2011

ALLEGIANCE: Potters Army


Charms, Divinations, Herbology, Transfiguration

Muggle Art, Hogwarts Choir, Apparition  

Astronomy: Acceptable  
Charms: Exceeds Expectations
Defence Against the Dark Arts: Acceptable  
Divinations: Exceeds Expectations  
Herbology: Outstanding
History Of Magic: Poor
Muggle Studies: Outstanding
Potions: Acceptable
Transfiguration: Exceeds Expectations  

WAND: Maple, Unicorn Core, 10.5 inches, Slightly springy

PLAY BY: Katy Perry


HAIR COLOUR: Black/ Dark Brown.


COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: Average height for her age.

BODY BUILD: Average weight for her age.

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Francesca has exceptionally dark hair that covers her forehead, somewhat fair skin and blue eyes. It sounds as though her striking features would make her a stand out person although really she just fits in with the crowd. Francesca has a round face that fits in well with her bubbly personality, most of the time there is a smile on her face and she doesn't seem to worry about much. Her large, round eyes add to the happy-go-lucky appearance.
During school days Fran will wear the Hogwarts school robes, and wont bother to take them off at the end of the day, taking her cloak off at the most but leaving her jumper, shirt and tie on. Naturally her top button is always undone and her shirt isn't tucked into her skirt because she hates to feel too constricted. Fran opts to wear a skirt with knee length socks when in school attire and at the weekends tends to go for a light dress with maybe some sort of floral accessory in her hair and colourful accessories around her wrists and fingers.
Her average build means that she isn't overly strong, by no means is she weak but when it comes to strenuous physical activity Fran will easily get tired and avoids heavy lifting. Thankfully she always has her wand tucked into her school robes during the week. At the weekends if she wears a dress and maybe a denim jacket then, unfortunately, Fran's wand gets left in the dormitory as her attire isn't practical for holding a wand.


001. Friendly
002. Chatty
003. Gossips
004. Hardworking
005. Carefree
006. Forgiving
007. Loyal
008. Honest
009. Dependable
010. Helpful
011. Easily Spooked
012. Average Intelligence
013. Optimistic  
014. Lives In The Moment
015. Morning Person

001. Socialising
002. The Common Room
003. Summer
004. Snow
005. Warm Fireplaces In The Winter
006. Witch Weekly Magazine
007. Listening To WWN
008. Herbology
009. Exploring
010. Sunrise
011. Hogwarts Choir
012. Friendship
013. Relaxing By The Lake
014. Cats
015. Reading Horoscopes
016. Hogsmede Trips
017. Floreon Fortescue's Ice Cream
018. Art
019. House Elves
020. Anything Sweet
021. Potters Army

001. Supremacists
002. Complicated Theories
003. Revision
004. Being Scared
005. The Shrieking Shack
006. Hospitals
007. Dwelling On The Future
008. Being Lied Too
009. Revenge
010. Bees, Wasps & Flies  
011. The Dark Arts
012. The Sight Of Her Own Blood
013. Rain
014. Heights
015. Flying
016. Tea & Coffee
017. Being Alone
018. Dangerous Creatures
019. Hay Fever
020. Knockturn Alley

001. Fran has one goal and that is to have a simple, easy life surrounded by her friends and family.

001. Saves her homework until the night before.
002. Sneaks into the prefects bathroom once a week.
003. Quite a jumpy person.
004. Fran has bad hay fever during the Spring

Fran has not yet learnt, nor mastered, how to conjure a patronus although the memories that she would use to conjure one would be any where she has been exceptionally happy. For instance it could be when Fran discovered that she was a witch, confirming that she wasn't weird and unnatural (being muggleborn). Other happy memories are when Fran received her grey tabby cat, Blossom, from Diagon Alley; the sight of Hogwarts when she was sailing across the lake in her first year, her older brothers wedding or a snowball fight that went on for three days two winters ago at Hogwarts.

Frans worst memory isn't when she was attacked by the whomping willow, although it is certainly up there, but the time her Grandpa passed away. Although Fran was only five at the time she had grew so close to him over the years and was devastated when she learnt that she'd never get to see him again. Her Grandpa was a joker and always wanted people to be happy, it is because of this that Francesca is easy going and doesn't worry too much about life because it's too short to worry.

She is quite an open book and doesn't really have any secrets of her as of yet. There are secrets that she keeps for other people but, perhaps the most kept secrets of her own are when she likes a guy, which is hardly a secret because no doubt her friends will figure it out anyway.

If Francesca were to look into the mirror of erised she'd see herself with a husband and three children. All are happy, all are smiling, all living in the moment. That's all she wants, her fairy tale happy ending.

Fran is a carefree, easy going girl. She likes to simply relax and spend her time with her friends doing whatever they would rather do, granted she isn't a fan of wizarding chess or flying but she'll happily get involved in whatever they are doing and loves to go on adventures and explore different parts of the castle or areas of Hogsmede with them. You can depend on Fran. She is loyal, honest and is a good person to have around in a crisis. Granted she can't perform advanced magic to help you out of a sticky situation but she acts a buffer, neutralising the danger and keeping everybody calm because she is so optimistic. Her friends mean the world to her and she would do anything for them.


FATHER: Noah Bloom (53)

MOTHER: Olivia Bloom (49) nee Jones

SIBLING/S: Steven Bloom (21) - Recently married this summer to high school crush, Daphne (21).

Grandma Jones (84) - In a nursing home  |  Grandpa (deceased before Fran was born)
Grandma Bloom (82) - Lives alone | Grandpa (deceased when Fran was 5).
Three Aunties on Father's side (cousins from each)
One Uncle on Mother's side (no cousins)



SOCIAL STATUS: Middle-Working Class

Grey Tabby Cat - Blossom


Early Years:
Francesca had, what most would consider, a normal upbringing. She was a lot younger than her brother so was always teased and the victim of his pranks, but in spite of his annoying traits Fran still loved him and he loved her in return. Fran was brought up in a three bedroom semi-detached house in the suburbs, the same neighbourhood where her Father was raised. This meant that growing up Fran saw a lot of her Grandma and Grandpa Bloom. Unfortunately when Fran was five Grandpa Bloom passed away. This was a confusing time for Fran as she didn't understand why she'd never see him again, it was painful for her Grandma because for a few months Fran would always ask where Grandpa was whenever they went to visit. Over time she came to realise and accept that he had gone to heaven and wouldn't get to hear his stories.
It wasn't all an easy life in the suburbs with a large front lawn to play on for Fran was severely bullied at school. She was different from the other children, for some reason she just didn't seem to fit in. They thought that it was weird that she could do things that others couldn't such as moving a pencil closer to her from across the table without touching it. One time Fran even caused a wilted daisy to bloom once again. Of course the adults didn't believe this and Fran was moved to a different school where she tried her best to not cause strange things to happen, thankfully anything strange that did happen was out of view of the other children and Francesca made new friends and was finally happy.
At the end of July when Francesca had recently turned eleven she received her letter from Hogwarts, brought to her by one of the school governors, who explained to her family that she was a witch and this had to be kept secret as to not break the international statue of secrecy.

Hogwarts Years:
Francesca finally had the answers to the questions her parents had shut down, said were pure imagination. She was a witch, a witch who was going to go to school and learn how to control her magic with other witches and wizards. The impression Fran had in her head was that she was set to be a magician and didn't really like the idea at first, she never had been interested in muggle magic tricks but when she arrived at Hogwarts Fran was pleasantly surprised. The castle was huge, meaning there would always be somewhere to explore, there were hundreds of other children just like her (she'd come from a small class of 20 at primary school) and instantly made lots of new friends. There were a few students, Slytherins in particular, who didn't like her before they had gotten to know her because she was a 'mudblood'. Francesca remembers when she was first called this. The first year that had said it to her ended up on the floor in a choke hold whilst onlookers started shouting him down. Of course, coming from a muggle background, Fran didn't understand how prejudice he was being and even to this day doesn't care for the word mudblood. People can call it her and she wont be offended, she wasn't brought up around the word so it still means nothing to her, she's a 'mudblood' - big deal?
It was also in her first year that Francesca made gossip by being 'stupid enough' to go near the whomping willow and become victim to it's wrath. In spite of that herbology was, and remains, her favourite subject. It is a subject she is most naturally gifted in and, although is somewhat cautious when dealing with dangerous plants, thoroughly enjoys the subject.
The second, third, fourth and fifth year were pretty much the same for Fran. Besides joining Potters Army in the fifth year to improve her dueling for the practical side of her defense against the dark arts OWL she went about her day to day routine, saving homework until the last minute, spending too much time in the common room, waking up early and dining at her house table. Nothing bad has happened (yet) and Francesca hopes that her sixth year will just be as fun and easy going. However, owing to the stress of OWL exams Fran has a feeling NEWT year may be a little bit more difficult and is thankful that she is only continuing with four subjects (charms, transfiguration, divination & herbology) because otherwise the workload would probably cause her to require a large dose of calming draught from the hospital wing, a place she isn't too fond of going.



RP EXPERIENCE: 2-3 years in total with a large break.

HOW YOU FOUND US: I think it was on the list of RPG Forums of Harry Potter wikia?


PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I wanted a Hufflepuff and the character seemed to fall into place with little thought.


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BLOOM, Francesca Louise Empty Re: BLOOM, Francesca Louise

Post by Anabelle Mulciber Sun Aug 03, 2014 3:03 pm

Looks good!

BLOOM, Francesca Louise Huffle11
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