Making Your Posts More Interesting
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Making Your Posts More Interesting Li9olo10

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Making Your Posts More Interesting

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Making Your Posts More Interesting Empty Making Your Posts More Interesting

Post by Khaat Lupin Sat Jul 05, 2014 3:08 pm

I'm always trying to include some other, random, non-topic related piece of information. Something about the way my character looks, something she thinks about, something she did just few minutes before. Here are few things that I use to chose what to add.

The List.

    I usually make a long, numbered list of random character related things (you can see Audras here), pick 3 random numbers and include the items that correspond to the number.These can be truly random, minor and major things. Like messy hair, socks not matching, tripping, or mother being sick, feeling really, really sick or injuring yourself.
    There are 2 benefits of this. First, you have something to extend your post with, something that can make it funny and quirky, or a bit more real life like. Second, you really get to know your character while doing this. You try to write things that could actually happen to him/her, try to figure out his/her habits and, some other things. For example, I had a 45 years old lady one time, and while writing this list, I suddenly figured that she is crocheting, and reading by the candle, and a lot of little, odd quirks, that fit in, but that I didn't have the reason to think about before. And I used these things later on. A lot. Bad part? It is a bit time consuming to make. (but it's not that bad. I made mine in less than 70min. Once you get on a roll, it's fast. And you can always ad new items later on)

"Say a random word!"

    This will require another person. Not necessary real life, a instant messenger will do. So, you simply ask him to say a random word and make your character think about it, or use it, or whatever.
    There are good and bad sides of this. First - it's challenging and sometimes it's really hard to figure out how to embed the word/object/thing in the post. It can be fun because of this challenge. The bad side? People tend to be terribly boring. I have gotten "keyboard" like 5 times. They can say something that's in no way related to your character (which can turn out to be fun, but most of the time you simply have to ask again), or, they can say something so boring, plain and meh, that there is nothing much to write about.And, this can actually make history. One of my friends asked me this once and I said "a red bra". Now her red bra is known all over the board for being the flag of every party that her character attends to. (It's actually in the banner of the site)

Tumblr! We <3 it! Prntrest! Deviant Art!

    Basically, you need a site, that gets updated a lot, and contains pictures. So, you simply open it, go to the place where new pictures go (dashboard, notes or I don't even know what), open the first picture and then use it to write. How? Use a random detail (Hey, I just remembered how that girl stole my hat!), tell a story about the person in it, tell us that he remembers the moment the picture was taken, tell us that he simply found the picture somewhere, tell us that he sees a girl just like that walking by, tell us that the view outside his room is just like that. Anything really.
    Good bit? True randomness, but, you have much more choices. There are all the details, all the feelings, all the colors, everything, to chose from. Bad bit? Well.. there can be boring pictures, there can be plain pictures. But it's rare.Also, sometimes, a new character can be born like this. For example, Audra is a byproduct of a really boring post with a really boring character.

Items list

    Create list of items that your character owns. Don't be insane. Not like every little thing. Just, the main, key items. Figure out what her favorite jumper looks like, what are the things that he always carry around, if he owns a broom etc, etc, etc. It's always useful, as it gives you a clear picture of these things, it's not just a Merry Poppins bag that you can pull anything from. These are things that he owns and uses and that you can use in posts.
    Good bit - gives a realistic feel to the character and often helps defining it. Bad bit? A bit time consuming (better to write it over time not on one sitting) and not always helpful. Sometimes the list doesn't help much in specific post. It's much more of a overall character development thing.

Past references

    Go, reread old posts and your app. Pick a thing that he has done and make him remember that, in a good or a bad way. Make him think "oh, I should have done/said this or that". Make him say something related to that.
    Good bit? Makes your character much more realistic, gives the feeling of time flow and sense in posting with you - it really changes something for your character. Also, rereading things you have done in past give rise to long forgotten plots or plot opportunities that were never embraced.Bad bit? Well, you have to have a past to do that. Not for new characters.

Pictures of your play by

    Simply go trough the pictures of your play by. Imagine him in the situation, try to write more about the way he looks. Maybe, find an interesting outfit from these pictures. Find a picture that gives you a vibe, that is somehow related to the post. Maybe even, a picture where your and your posting partners play-bys are together?
    Good bit? Really inspiring and often gives a rise to new plots, or at least, quirks.Bad bit? Not all play-bys have good/many pictures. Wont work for all of them.

The Homeland
[list]Go to Wikipedia, go to Google Maps, go to a picture place and look up the place your character spent it's childhood in. Or lives in. Or, to put it simply - the place you character relates to. In most of the cases, we are not THAT familiar with these places and we can always find out new things. Even if he is from London and so are you. We can always find out an interesting bit of the history, or a cool place that your character loves. Or maybe, in google maps, we find a small park that your character loves. Or the actual place he lives and plot out what he sees out of his window. Or maybe, the great tumblrmind helps you by giving you a great picture of that town, that gives you ideas.
Got some ideas about The Homeland? Good. Go and write about it. Make him homesick, make him bored of that place, make him remember the fantastic bakery on the corner.

Good bit? Development, sense of reality and a LOT to put in your post. Also, knowledge n stuff. I'm pretty sure I wont get *too* lost in London, when I finally get there.
Bad bit? Time consuming and can turn up without giving much (this is rarely the case)

So, what do you do when you see that your post is too plain or too short or simply lacks something?

Thanks to Audra Imbert
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