PEAKES, Jeremy Kyle Matthew
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PEAKES, Jeremy Kyle Matthew

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PEAKES, Jeremy Kyle Matthew Empty PEAKES, Jeremy Kyle Matthew

Post by Dylan M. Davies Mon Jun 23, 2014 3:58 am

PEAKES, Jeremy Kyle Matthew Tumblr_logu5mlKK81qmd0fpo1_500



FULL NAME: Jeremy Kyle Matthew Peakes

NICKNAMES:  Jer, Ky, Matt

AGE + BIRTHDAY: Thirteen; September 7th
He'll be going into his fourth year next fall.

- The Peakes Family
- The Poliakoff Family
- The Golden Family

- Kaiden Poliakoff
- Ciara Poliakoff
- Cassandra Peakes
- Charlisse Peakes(Bridgewood)
- Anastasia Nott

- Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
- Gryffindor House
- Ravenclaw House
- Hufflepuff House
- Gryffindor Quidditch Team
- Ravenclaw Quidditch Team


- Defense Against the Dark Arts
- Charms
- Potions
- Transfiguration
- Divination
- Herbology
- Astronomy
- Arithmancy

WAND: Rosewood, Phoenix feather core, 11 3/4 inches, flexible

PLAY BY: Leo Howard



EYE COLOUR: Chocolate brown


BODY BUILD: Slender, muscular

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Jeremy has a messy mop of brunette hair that is usually at medium length. It is usually short on the sides and most of the time has short bangs laying just above his eyebrows. His hair puffs out at the sides and back when it gets too long and though he likes to keep it at a medium length, sometimes his hair gets longer and reaches the middle of his neck.

In terms of clothes, the Gryffindor boy likes wearing plain tee shirts of various colors along with jeans and sneakers, sometimes converse as well. He isn't the most formal person that had existed but he does know how to clean up fairly well. When he has to dress up, he likes to have a casual look but he still makes it look as formal as he possibly can. He wears long sleeve dress shirts with dress pants and though he never really wears the jacket, he keeps it with him as well, in case it's needed.

Jeremy has a sort of slender, almost muscular build(as muscular as a thirteen year old can get) because he likes to play sports and he took karate classes for many years before he went to Hogwarts and became more involved with Quidditch rather than more muggle sports and activities.


001. Friendly
002. Brave
003. Chivalrous
004. Outgoing
005. Adventurous
006. Stubborn
007. Hotheaded
008. Selfless
009. Nervous
010. Intelligent
011. Caring
012. Loyal
013. Protective
014. Amusing
015. Gentle
016. Talented
017. Artistic
018. Energetic
019. Defensive
020. Argumentative
021. Determined
022. Hardworking
023. Appreciative
024. Unorganized
025. Traditional

001. Iced Tea
002. Cats
003. Quidditch
004. Socializing
005. Making friends
006. Protecting those he cares about
007. Exploring
008. Running
009. Open spaces
010. Music

001. Coffee
002. Dogs
003. Technology
004. Mirrors
005. Halloween
006. Horror movies
007. Jeff the Killer - Will be explained
008. Small spaces
009. Dancing
010. Theater

001. Graduate
002. Protect Charlisse
003. Be a prefect
004. Own a shop in Diagon Alley

001. Taps wand on leg
002. Shakes leg
003. Scratches head
005. Wakes up early but goes to bed late
006. Goes for a jog every morning
007. Left handed

BOGGART: Jeff the Killer
Yes, he's made up. Jeff is a made up killer that was brutally disfigured when he was about sixteen(I believe). He went psycho shortly after the "accident" that caused his face to be disfigured and began to kill the people who caused it. He had jet black, burned hair that used to be a luscious brown. His eyelids were burned off and he craved a smile into his face.  He is Jeremy's boggart because when he was nine years old, he stumbled upon Jeff's story on the internet(hence his dislike for technology) and was scared completely out of his wits by it. To this day, nothing has scared him as much as Jeff.

PATRONUS: Meeting Charlisse
He's not quite sure why this is his best memory but it is and he doesn't exactly care why it is. But if he had to guess it's probably because it was the day he met the girl that's like his best friend and who he'd do anything to protect.

DEMENTOR: Being chased by a rooster at a farm he visited once. He was very young so he was frightened by the animal.

VERITASERUM: He isn't a Peakes but a Poliakoff instead. His father don't know he heard him and his mother talking about it one night.

MIRROR OF ERISED: To always see Charlisse happy

PERSONALITY: Jeremy is an outgoing but down to earth boy. He loves meeting new people and being around all the ones he already knows. He's probably one of the friendliest people that anyone will ever meet. He is also very protective of those he loves and he will never stop trying to defend them. Jeremy will give his life for his family and friends, even if some of them wouldn't do the same for him.

Even with the bad relationship he has with his 'father', Jeremy still loves him and he doesn't let the rejection from Jimmy get to him too much. Of course it makes him sad, and it makes him wonder why his mother would have hidden it from both of them for as long as she tried to, even though she had to tell his father sooner than she did him. He still loved his mother even though she was the cause of him not having a good relationship with his father, but at least he knew who his real father was.


Extravert(89%)  Sensing(12%)  Feeling(50%)  Perceiving(33%)

You have strong preference of Extraversion over Introversion (89%)
You have slight preference of Sensing over Intuition (12%)
You have moderate preference of Feeling over Thinking (50%)
You have moderate preference of Perceiving over Judging (33%)

"Where's the party?" ESFPs love people, excitement, telling stories and having fun. The spontaneous, impulsive nature of this type is almost always entertaining. And ESFPs love to entertain -- on stage, at work, and/or at home. Social gatherings are an energy boost to these "people" people.

SPs sometimes think and talk in more of a spider-web approach. Several of my ESFP friends jump from thought to thought in mid-sentence, touching here or there in a manner that's almost incoherent to the listener, but will eventually cover the waterfront by skipping on impulse from one piece of information to another. It's really quite fascinating.

New! ESFPs are attracted to new ideas, new fashions, new gadgets, new everything. Perhaps it's the newness of life that attracts ESFPs to elementary education, especially to preschool and kindergarten.

ESFPs love to talk to people about people. Some of the most colorful storytellers are ESFPs. Their down-to-earth, often homespun wit reflects a mischievous benevolence.

Almost every ESFP loves to talk. Some can be identified by the twenty minute conversation required to ask or answer a simple factual question.


BIOLOGICAL FATHER: Milan Poliakoff | Married | Neutral

FATHER: Jimmy Peakes | Order Member | Ministry worker

MOTHER: Melissa Peakes [ nee Golden] | Neutral | Stay-at-home Wife

SIBLING/S: Cassandra Peakes | Eleven | First Year | Ravenclaw | Half-sister
Kaiden Poliakoff | Slytherin Graduate | Seventeen | Ministry worker | Half-brother
Ciara Poliakoff | Fifteen | Hufflepuff | Sixth Year | Half-sister

OTHER: Charlisse Peakes(Bridgewood)| Squib | Adoptive Sister | Protective of her | Would be Ravenclaw

BLOOD STATUS:  Halfblood

SPECIES: Human - As far as he knows


Whiskey | Short hair | Kitten | Playful | White with black patches over her ears and one eye.



Early Years: Jeremy's beginning wasn't exactly the same way as it is for everyone else. Well, he couldn't really say that because a lot of kids are born from things like what he was born from. Melissa Peakes had had trouble with her husband Jimmy around the time she became pregnant with Jeremy. So you can assume that with all their fighting, Jeremy isn't Jimmy's son right? Well that's a correct guess. After a big, long fight with him, Melissa had gotten fed up with her husband and with tears in her eyes she ran out of the house. She knew Jimmy wouldn't care, he was too angry with her to care where she went, and that was his biggest mistake.

Melissa quickly found herself at a bar, crying her eyes out and holding a drink in her hand. They would kiss and make up soon, Melissa knew, but she couldn't help but feel that this was a fight they wouldn't recover from. Without realizing, a man took a seat next to her and had been watching her cry. She felt someone watching her soon after and glanced around, her eyes falling on the man, Milan Poliakoff. He didn't look that much better than she did and she wondered why. She didn't think it appropriate to ask why he seemed upset, but she did ask why he'd been staring at her. He responded that she was too beautiful to cry and it had caught him off guard. Melissa blinked and just stared at him, feeling something in her stomach with every compliment he gave her, which were many. The two spent a long time at the bar, drinking and letting their feelings out to one another. Melissa discovered that Milan's wife had left him a few short days ago with their two children and without a word.

She felt bad, and he felt bad about what was happening to her. The two quickly became very drunk and began flirting with one another unknowingly. One thing led to another and the next morning, Melissa found herself in a bed with Milan. She panicked, gathering her things and left the room quickly, leaving only a note for Milan asking that he forgive her for everything. That night alone changed Melissa and Jimmy's lives. The woman returned home and a still upset Jimmy waited for her. Though it wasn't an angry upset, he had realized that he shouldn't have let her leave and spend the night who knows where. She stood at the doorway as a sympathetic Jimmy walked toward her and hugged her tightly. She blinked and quickly began to cry again. Not knowing what else to do besides hug him back. The two spent the rest of the day making up in the bedroom.

Melissa thought that the best thing to have happened to her was making up with Jimmy because a few weeks later they found out that she was pregnant with their first child. Jimmy assumed it was his since her pregnancy began around the same time they made up. Only Melissa knew the exact date it had begun, since she had asked and tests had been done on her. She knew it wasn't Jimmy's, but she wasn't going to tell him that yet. Or ever, if she could help it. Nine months later, when Jeremy was born, Jimmy noticed something odd about the boy. He didn't look like him, nor did he look like his mother. He decided to let it pass, maybe he would start to gain features of either soon enough, but something inside him still worried that he could possibly not be his.

Later on, he had stronger suspicions because the little boy didn't look like him much at all, but more like his mother though a lot of his traits no one could gather where he could have gotten them from. Jimmy brought this up to Melissa and when the woman hesitated in answering him - she had an answer she had just been caught by surprise since she thought he would never ask about it - Jimmy thought that what he had been afraid of was true. Jeremy wasn't his son and Melissa didn't think she could hide it from him anymore so she told him what had happened. Jimmy, of course, was destroyed after what she told him and became colder toward Jeremy.

By the time this was discovered, the Peakes didn't have one child but they had two. Cassandra Peakes had been born and Jimmy took refuge in the younger girl who was actually his child. Jeremy never understood why his father seemed to just stop liking him from one day to another. But he was distracted from that when he met Charlisse Bridgewood in school, she quickly became something like his closest friend and after finding out what her parents did to her because she was a squib, he became protective of her, even though she was older, since she seemed to be afraid of most wizarding families. Jeremy didn't know what he could do to protect her but he figured that maybe getting his family to take her in, to adopt her even, would help since she didn't really have anywhere to go besides an orphanage that he didn't want her going back to anymore.

He didn't think talking to his father about it would help, since the man didn't seem to care for the boy anymore, and he decided that his mother would be able to help him  better. It took a little bit of convincing, but he was able to get his mother to consider adopting her and she promised she would bring it up to his father, but in the mean time Charlisse would be allowed to live with them until everything was resolved. A few weeks later, papers were being filled and a couple of months after, Charlisse was officially a Peakes child, just like Jeremy and Cassandra.

Feeling satisfied with himself, Jeremy completely forgot about the issue he had with his father until he was about eight years old when he couldn't sleep one night and he went downstairs to hear his parents arguing about something. Jeremy heard his name being said and he became curious about it. So he moved close to the door of the room, being careful that Melissa and Jimmy didn't hear him there. What he heard was anything but pleasant. It started out with complaining about Charlisse being a member of their family, and Melissa defending what Jeremy had thought he was doing for the girl. Then.. Jimmy threw it in Melissa's face that he wasn't his child. Jeremy became confused but continued to listen. He found out he wasn't his father's child.. that he was someone else's kid, but he hadn't been able to hear his biological father's name, even though he was sure it had been mentioned and he ran back up the stairs and into his room.

For the next couple of years, until he was ten, Jeremy acted as though he hadn't heard that conversation. He'd only told Charlisse about what he heard. Cassandra, he thought, was too young to know about it. He didn't want to burden his sister with knowing that her older brother was not even her full brother, but a half one. Just before his eleventh birthday, Jeremy finally wanted to know more about his biological father and went to his mother for answers. At first she didn't want to budge, acting as though he were crazy for even thinking that his father wasn't his father. But he told her about what he'd heard two years ago and she found that she couldn't keep anything from him anymore. She told him only one thing, the thing he wanted to know the most. His biological father's name is Milan Poliakoff.

Hogwarts Years: After his eleventh birthday, Jeremy received his Hogwarts letter and though he was overjoyed at the chance to go to the school, one thing overpowered the happiness he felt. What would Charlisse do while he was gone? He supposed that Cassandra could keep an eye on her, but she was only nine and more focused on her own little things than on anyone else. But Jeremy thought he would give it a try, he would ask his sister to stay around her as much as possible and keep her from feeling uncomfortable if their parents had any other wizarding families over for dinner or anything else.

Cassandra said that she would do it, after all Charlisse was now her older sister and she would get to bond with her while he was gone and a wave or relief washed over the boy at his sister's words. Now he could go off to Hogwarts with a little less worry, but he would still write to them as often as he could to make sure things were going well. The only problem he still had was with Jimmy. What if the man tried to harm Charlisse or do something to her because he wasn't there anymore? He wanted to believe that he wouldn't do anything since he could have harmed her while he was there too. Jeremy wasn't strong enough to stop his father from doing anything to anyone.

After the ride on the Hogwarts Express, and reaching the castle, Jeremy was like all the other first years that were arriving with him. Astounded by the castle and everything inside. On the train ride there, Jeremy had made a friend who was four years ahead of him. A friend, who was also his half-brother. Not knowing where to sit, Jeremy had wandered into the compartment where his brother had been, alone, as he had stated he liked being. Though at first, the boy had insisted that he wanted to be left alone, Jeremy had no idea where else to go, so the older boy had caved in and allowed him to sit with him. They sat in awkward silence for an hour or so, before Jeremy spoke up and introduced himself. The boy had looked bored and with a sigh introduced himself as well. He introduced himself as Kaiden Poliakoff.


The name his mother had told him his biological father had. Trying to make nothing of it, Jeremy lowered his face and almost refused to talk the rest of the time. Kaiden seemed grateful for it and it wasn't until the near end of the ride that Jeremy spoke again. He asked if he could be his friend, and Kaiden had responded that it could be possible, but it depended on the house he was sorted to since he was a Slytherin. The first year immediately knew what he meant. If he was sorted to Gryffindor, he wouldn't be able to get to know his brother more. The train stopped and Kaiden smirked at the younger boy before walking away.

As the sorting ceremony began, Jeremy found himself more nervous than ever. He didn't want to be a Gryffindor. Not if it meant that he wouldn't be able to get to know his brother. But the Sorting Hat didn't seem to care much about that because it didn't take a long time of looking into his mind for the hat to yell out,


Jeremy's stomach dropped as the word was said, and he looked toward the Slytherin table for Kaiden. The older boy almost glared at him before looking away and Jeremy cursed to himself silently. This was just great. It disappointed him that he wouldn't be able to get too close to his half-brother now. But after being welcomed into Gryffindor, Jeremy thought it would be okay, all the Gryffindors were nice to him and made him feel as though he had always been there and this wasn't his first year. He made a friend in the house, almost immediately, Anastasia Nott who was like his best friend in the castle.

A few months later, Jeremy met someone who would give him a chance to get close to his brother. And it was his sister, half-sister, on the Poliakoff side. Ciara Poliakoff, a Hufflepuff, which meant that he would be allowed to talk to her freely because she was not a Slytherin. Jeremy quickly learned what would happen to him if he tried to get close to a Slytherin, and he learned the hard way. But it was different with Ciara because she was a Hufflepuff, and Gryffindors apparently for along with most Hufflepuff if not all. The two became close, even though Ciara was a couple years older than him, and she helped him with his knowledge of the Poilaikoff family, often asking why he wanted to know. Jeremy didn't think they'd take kindly to knowing that their father had an illegitimate son, so he just told her that he had heard the family was a higher up family in the wizarding world, and he just wanted to know more about them.

She settled for that pretty quickly.

The rest of the year was spent writing letters to Cassandra and Charlisse and doing homework really. Second year and third year were almost the same, just a little more fooling around with friends he began to make.

Adulthood: --



RP EXPERIENCE: Um. This is irrelevant?

HOW YOU FOUND US: I was kidnapped.


PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Mostly to create plotting. He's gonna be used for Nessa's plot mostly :DD But he has other things to do too!


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PEAKES, Jeremy Kyle Matthew Empty Re: PEAKES, Jeremy Kyle Matthew

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I think.
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PEAKES, Jeremy Kyle Matthew Empty Re: PEAKES, Jeremy Kyle Matthew

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another good app, hitame!

accepted and sorted to Gryffindor!
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