Macmillan, Edgar
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Macmillan, Edgar

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Macmillan, Edgar Empty Macmillan, Edgar

Post by Edgar Macmillan Tue Jun 03, 2014 2:05 pm

Macmillan, Edgar Large

Edgar David Macmillan


FULL NAME: Edgar David Macmillan


AGE: 19




WAND: Cherry, Dragon Heartstring, 11”1/2”, unyielding  

PLAY BY: Colton Hayes



Light blue/grey



Edgar is fair skinned and has several scars on his body. One on the back of his right leg from cutting his leg open on farm equipment when he was ten. He has another on his left shoulder from a unknown curse in his sixth year after getting in a fight. He has a scar at the top of his right shoulder where his shoulder and neck met from the Bludger injury in his first professional game. He is rather muscular and doesn’t really have much fat on him due to Quidditch and doing farm work when he was younger. He has his mother’s hair and his eyes come from somewhere on his father’s side.



[L] Children
[L] Sports
[L] Changelings
[L] Change
[L] Adventure
[D] Adultery
[D] Selfishness
[D] Cowards
[D] Traitors
[D] Deception  

To eventually become a Quidditch manager

Reads other family member’s mail searching for hexes or threats
He reads the ending of books first

BOGGART: (Greatest Fear)
His little sister Amelia, dead.

PATRONUS: (Fondest Memory)
Grizzly Bear.  He’s fondest memory is of the whole family playing Quidditch together when he was in his early years of Hogwarts.

DEMENTOR: (Worst Memory)
Finding out his mother was dead.

VERITASERUM: (Greatest Secret)
He’s gay

MIRROR OF ERISED: (Greatest Desire)
To be able to open about being gay and not have it all over the news

PERSONALITY: Edgar is very edgy and always on the go. He is suspicious of people and doesn’t hand out his secrets to anyone. He is first and foremost loyal to his family and would die to protect them. When others see impossibility he sees a challenge to take on. He loves adventure and has always been draw to the risk of sports. He always has an open-mind and tries to understand other views even when he doesn’t want to. He tries to understand and support his family, trying to be better than his father. He often lacks self-confidence outside of sports and struggles with public events. He often says things he doesn’t mean to say in interviews. Secrets slow eat him up inside, which he has many since he graduated.


FATHER: Ernie Macmillan

MOTHER: Susan Bones, deceased

SIBLING/S: Claire, Amelia, and Drew

OTHER: Eleanor (six month old daughter)

BLOOD STATUS:  Half-blood


SOCIAL STATUS: Upper-Middle Class

A Crup eight month old puppy named Chase, the tail is removed. Great Dane, three years old, named Dozer.

Many different types of Quidditch supplies


Early Years:
Edgar grew up in a rather happy home. His parents taught him everything he bases his believes on. He was an early walker and late talker. His first true magic display was when he was two years old and his parents were fighting over the budget and he blasted his father across the room. He was the first to fly out of all of his siblings, at age five, after stealing the broom and taking off. He often gave his mother near heart attacks with his recklessness and near-death encounters. He was much closer with his mother, who always understood him and never judged him. His father expected a lot from him and even from a young age didn’t quite live up to.

Hogwarts Years:
It was quite a shock for the Macmillans when Edgar made Gryffindor but they were still happy. He got pretty good grades doing best in Potions and Charms. He played as Gryffindor chaser. In his later years he often got in trouble for drinking and partying until they threatened to kick him off the team. He really struggled with his parents’ divorce and become rather estrange from his father. Generally, he stayed out of trouble. He wasn’t nearly a vocal as the rest of the siblings. During his time at a party, he experimented with his sexuality but considered himself bisexual. He managed to graduate and got an offer from Pride of Portree as a chaser.

Edgar took the offer from the Pride of Portree, his father’s favourite team. His game was cut short with a Bludger to the head but managed to have a decent season. He’s life revolves a lot around Quidditch and trying to keep up a public name, which he is horrible at. He really stayed out of the dating scene for the most part, he always told the press he was too busy. He liked living up in Dunvegan located in Skye so he is close to practice. During his second season Edgar got involved with Moutohora Macaws Seeker, Keira Green. Eight months ago, Keira dumps a newborn baby on his front porch with a birth certificate and a note saying she wanted nothing to do with the baby girl and if it ever got out to the press she was the mother she’d ruin his career. After that experience Edgar realized he never felt any sort of attraction to Keira or any woman but has to several men over the years and figured out he had to be gay. Edgar pulls his probably best stunt for the press covering up his child saying she came from a muggle woman that didn’t want the baby after finding out he was a wizard.



RP EXPERIENCE:  I can’t remember, check my other apps

HOW YOU FOUND US: I think from my first role playing site

MAIN CHARACTER: Amelia Macmillan

PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: For a male character and for Amelia plots.


Edgar Macmillan
Edgar Macmillan

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Macmillan, Edgar Empty Re: Macmillan, Edgar

Post by Khaat Lupin Thu Jun 05, 2014 9:54 am

he looks fine, jas.

accepted and sorted to grads.
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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Gryffindor Graduate

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