MALFOY, Isadora Gemini Eloise
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MALFOY, Isadora Gemini Eloise

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MALFOY, Isadora Gemini Eloise Empty MALFOY, Isadora Gemini Eloise

Post by Isadora Malfoy-Nott Mon Jun 02, 2014 9:03 am



FULL NAME:  Isadora Gemini Eloise Malfoy

Isadora: [iz-a-DOR-ah] It is of Latin and Greek origin. Isadora means ‘gift of Isis’ – Isis being the principle goddess of Ancient Egypt. It is the feminine version of Isidore, a popular name within the ancient civilisation.

Gemini: [ge-MI-ni] It is a name of Greek origin. The meaning of Gemini is ‘twin’ and links to the astrological sign of Gemini which is attributed to Isadora. The Malfoys, make no mistake, are not without a sense of irony.

Eloise: [el-OO-eez] It is of Old German origin. The meaning of Eloise is ‘famous warrior.’ It is also the French variant of ‘Louise]

Malfoy: [MAL-foy] It is derived from the French ‘mal foi,’ meaning ‘bad faith’ or ‘unfaithful.’

AGE&BIRTHDAY&SIGNS: Fifteen | June 18th 2011

Western Astrology
Element: Air
Quality: Mutable
Ruling House: Third
Ruling Planet: Murcury

Chinese Astrology
Fixed Season: Summer
Fixed Direction: South
Fixed Element: Fire
Associated Sun Sign: Taurus

Vedic Astrology
Element: Fire
Ruler: Mars
Gender: Masculine
Gemstone: Red Coral

Mayan Astrology
Mayan Name: Cib
Direction: South
Qualities: Authoritative and Wise

Ruling Planet: Mars
Colour: Red
Gemstone: Bloodstone
Qualities: Compassionate, Idealistic


BLOOD TYPE: Pureblood

Primary Familial
The Malfoy Family,
The Greengrass Family,

Secondary Familial
The Black Family,
The Blishwick Family,
The Bulstrode Family,
The Burke Family,
The Crabbe Family,
The Crouch Family,
The Flint Family,
The Gamp Family,
The Goyle Family,
The Macmillan Family,
The Lestrange Family,
The Longbottom Family,
The Lupin Family,
The Potter Family,
The Prewett Family,
The Rookwood Family,
The Rosier Family,
The Tonks Family,
The Weasley Family,
The Yaxley Family,

Personal Loyalties
Draco Malfoy,
Astoria  Malfoy,
Scorpius Malfoy,
Francesca Malfoy,

Educational Allegiances
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,
Ravenclaw House,
Ravenclaw House Quidditch Team,
The Wizard’s Chess Club,
The Hogwarts Orchestra,
The Hogwarts Choir,
The Potions Club,
The Duelling Club.


Core Classes
Astronomy: Exceed Expecations
Charms: Exceeds Expectations
Defence Against the Dark Arts: Exceeds Expectations
Herbology: Outstanding
History of Magic: Exceeds Expectations
Potions: Outstanding
Transfiguration: Exceeds Expectations

Ancient Runes, the Study of: Outstanding
Arithmancy: Exceeds Expectations

WAND&TRAITS: Alder ingrained with Yew, Dragon Heart-String and Doxy Wings, Ten Inches, Unyielding.


All of the Malfoy children have the shared common trait of their father’s striking good looks and, by extension, that of their grandfather’s, also. However, the introduction of other physical traits from the Greengrass family have brought out in them a high-cheeked, thin-lipped façade along with a lusty countenance to make up, somewhat, for years of ill health within the paternal Malfoy line. However, the traits contributed to them by Narcissa and the Black side of the family are in abundance in Isadora. She is in many ways the spitting image of her brother, therefore, too, her father, and has several of her mother’s peculiarities but when stood next to her grandmother Narcissa, the comparisons could not be called upon enough. From her grandmother, Isadora has taken that lazy aristocratic air that Sirius Black was noted to have possessed. Along with that she’s taken the deep, swirling grey eyes that her brother, too, has to his name and the thick shiny hair that, like her great-aunt Bellatrix’s was once dark before it eventually bleached back into the highly strung Malfoy blonde. Unfortunately, or perhaps aptly, the evidence of shared genetics does not pause there as like her great-aunts and her grandmother, Isadora has the wide-heavy lidded eye shape that is peppered with an overabundance of thick lashes. There is a great femininity about Isadora. Her long, seemingly endless legs are one of her preferred features and it is in sharp contrast to her reduced torso and slight bust. Her lips rest in a soft pout and her cheeks bear a natural scarlet shade. Her nose is long and thin, delicate at its end, and her smooth forehead is indicative of few worries blighting her in her life thus far. Indeed, she is quite the Malfoy but also, critically, very much a daughter of the House of Black.

There was never a moment where Isadora Malfoy was able to relax and think for herself what she was meant to wear. Despite the fact that she was raised by nannies like the other Malfoy children, Astoria’s one input piece was to pick out what the girls were supposed to wear. Thus, from an early age Isadora was taught the merits of solid, block colours that were essentially pastels or anything in any shade of pink or grey. There wasn’t ever much variation in Isadora’s wardrobe and to a certain extent, with the new introduction of blue and browns and an occasional splash of burgundy, not much has changed. Through her clothes, Isadora was able to distinguish the time of game that she was supposed to play and, crucially, the role that she was supposed to take on, also. She was supposed to play the part of the party piece, the little trophy whose natural beauty was supposed to be left to shine but certainly not outshine that of her mother’s. Thus, while Astoria was allowed diamond-studded everything, Isadora was kept presentable but not outstanding and that proved to be Astoria’s undoing in society because people much preferred the younger, more sociable version of the Malfoy matriarch than the one herself. It seemed as though letting the natural beauty and the personality shine worked rather than diamond-studded dresses and feathers. No, the narrow palate and specifically modest cuts of her clothes worked, it seemed, and while the modesty has, to a degree, gone out the window, the simplicity is what Isadora maintains. She is nearly always in skirts or, if not, dresses and refuses to be seen in jeans on the purported ‘principle’ of the thing. She is highly fond of coats, squanders hundreds of galleons on bags and is a sucker for a good hat. Her shoes are her favourite things in the world and, growing up around wealth, she often projects her own through her jewellery which is the only notably extravagant thing she wears as, adhering to what she understands as norm, she keeps herself plain and while her dress sense is clever, elaborate and pretty, it’s not noticeably expensive.

In all truthfulness, there is nothing particularly odd or unique about Isadora’s appearance. She has a lot of freckles blemishing her skin but they are often covered up and thus provide little issue. She has, however, gathered more than her fair share of scars in the past which, like the blemishes, often get cleaned up out of visibility. However, the most distinguishing feature which she takes great pains to hide is a burn at the top of her arm, across her shoulder. It was left over as a result of her sister’s penchant for flames and Isadora got in the way. It’s not something she’s quite been able to forgive her sister for and the burn, while mostly healed, has left a blotchy scar and is, in Isadora’s opinion, contrastingly hideous. The small paper cut lines she can put up with but she doesn’t believe she is deserving of such a large, obtrusive scar. Finally, she also has several piercings. Her earlobes have been pierced twice, she’s had several at the top through the cartilage on both ears and she most recently got her belly button done though her family has yet to find out and she’s rather eager to keep it that way thank you very much. So don’t go telling, alright?

PLAY BY: Teresa Palmer


001. Adaptable,
002. Ambitious,
003. Appears overly confident,
004. Appears superficial,
005. Argumentative,
006. Assertive,
007. Authoritative,
008. Blunt,
009. Charming,
010. Clear,
011. Competitive,
012. Confident,
013. Confrontational,
014. Conservative,
015. Controlled,
016. Conversationalist,
017. Critical,
018. Decisive,
019. Diplomatic,
020. Direct,
021. Dominant,
022. Egotistical,
023. Eloquent,
024. Erratic,
025. Flirty,
026. Functional,
027. Hot-headed,
028. Impatient,
029. Independent,
030. Insensitive,
031. Intolerant,
032. Irrational,
033. Logical,
034. Loyal,
035. Mercurial,
036. Narcissistic,
037. Observant,
038. Organised,
039. Passionate,
040. Pessimistic,
041. Planner,
042. Self-conscious,
043. Sensitive,
044. Shrewd,
045. Straightforward,
046. Task-orientated,
047. Versatile,
048. Vindictive,
049. Vivacious,
050. Witty.

001. Duelling,
002. France,
003. Fruit,
004. Long walks,
005. Musicals,
006. Parties,
007. Potions,
008. Quidditch,
009. Reading,
010. Shopping,
011. Socialising,
012. Storms,
013. Sweets,
014. Swimming,
015. Travelling.

016. Aurors,
017. Azkaban,
018. Confrontation,
019. Disloyalty,  
020. Failure,
021. Floo Fireplaces,
022. Gryffindors,
023. Her parents,
024. Loneliness,
025. Loss of control,
026. Mess,
027. Muggles,
028. No planning,
029. Portkeys,
030. The Unknown.


From a young age, just like her father in that respect, Isadora showed a particular aptitude for potion-making. This was indulged by her grandfather, Lucius, who had admired the trait in his son, also. In order to foster this trait, Lucius provided Isadora with a tutor and saw to it that she would not want for ingredients or tools – at Draco’s expense, of course. The said tutor was a very influential figure but all noted how useful in correcting some of her peculiarities Severus Snape would have been. Nevertheless, she proved to be an excellent young potioneer with a great sense surrounding the potions and the ingredients that went into them. It is very rare for her to make a mistake when brewing and, indeed, it has been a very long time since she has lost a cauldron to an exploding elixir – much to both Draco and Lucius’ Gringott’s vaults’ relief.

This is a natural progression from Potions as she would need to be able to understand the ingredients she used in order to properly make the potions and, indeed, Isadora possesses a neat skill in Herbology – achieving an ‘Outstanding’ in her O.W.Ls. She was one of the students allowed to keep her own little patch out in one of the fertile plots beside the greenhouses and as a result if she’s not to be found in the library then the Herbology greenhouses – or just outside – is the next best place to check if you’re in search of Isadora and, indeed, there you’re bound to find her, taking note of her produce and making adjustments to the plot to make sure she can have the freshest potions ingredients for she has long lost her taste from the dried ingredients you can purchase from the apothecary.

Another trait that Isadora has learnt from her parents, and indeed her grandparents too, is her ability to duel. Like her father, she joined the duelling club early in her second year and has since taken on more than her fair share of duels with students often quite a bit older than her. What Isadora sometimes lacks in skill, which they have more of due to their years, she makes up for in tenacity and determination and the sheer insatiability that seems to take over her when she’s duelling. Like Bellatrix before her she never seems to tire, seems to draw energy from the magic that is around her and her greatest skill is in wearing down her opposition. While they use a great array of spells and complex wandwork, her spells are exploitative and boisterous. Her success usually comes out of taking advantage of mistakes caused by fatigue and it is what makes her quite the formidable opponent: she demands the best or, ultimately, you suffer for it.

Non-Verbal Magic and Wandless Magic
Every young witch or wizard has a small fraction of ability in non-verbal and wandless magic because it is what they used as babies when they had neither the vocabulary nor the wand to articulate spells. As she is still only young, Isadora’s ability is restricted and does not extend across a large range. On her potions table, for example, she could probably indicate for something to get into her hand but often it is inaccurate and, as with all wandless magic, it is a little bit out of control and thus she’ll end up breaking vials and goodness only knows what else. In terms of non-verbal magic, she has a little bit more success with the majority of it ending well – albeit she sometimes has trouble keeping a clear mind in order to get it right. Isadora thinks two steps ahead every time she casts a spell and thus that can often become confused, making it difficult for her to use magic non-verbally at times but in the last few years she has noticeably improved – there’s much less confusion but it still requires work.

The Dark Arts
While not formally trained, the seemingly natural penchant for the seductive power of the Dark Arts is what undermined Isadora’s O.W.L score in Defence Against the Dark Arts. Her knowledge of both subjects is extensive but it is her thorough and persisting interest in the Dark Arts which unmans her teachers somewhat. Particularly, hexes and jinxes of an understandably darker nature seem to be her preoccupation and her definite skill. It is what makes her all the more a terrifying duellist as the true extent of her ability in the Dark Arts is unknown – presumably less than many, including Isadora herself, like to make up – and it is unpredictable what kind of spells she’ll use.

001. Graduate with ‘Outstandings’ in all of her N.E.W.T subjects,
002. Avoid disappointing her parents and grandparents,
003. Go into Potioneering as a career,
004. Marry well or at the very least someone she likes,
005. Travel the world,
006. Join the Death Eater faction,
007. Restore the Malfoy name to its former glory,
008. Buy back Malfoy Manor from those dirty vampires,
009. Work for the Ministry of Magic,
010. Never have to look at her mother again,


Nervous Habits
001. Twiddles her hair,
002. Licks her lips,
003. Smoothes out her clothes,
004. Plays with her necklaces,
005. Takes her wand in and out of her pocket,
006. Double, triple and quadruple checks things,
007. Unable to sit down or sit still,
008. Scuffs her feet on the floor,
009. Drums her fingers on whatever she’s holding or on her hip,
010. Runs her tongue over her teeth.

Sleeping Habits
001. Early riser,
002. Insomnia-prone,
003. Rarely remembers a dream,
004. Often goes without sleep,
005. One leg in, one leg out of the bed,
006. Sleeps on her back,
007. Wakes up on her front,
008. Has a hot drink before going to bed,
009. Often reads before she goes to sleep,
010. No pyjama bottoms – always nighties.

001. Needs to plan ahead,
002. Makes lists constantly,
003. Never lets people walk behind her,
004. Always early for something,
005. Her nails always have to be clean and painted,
006. Always carries a novel around with her,
007. Never wears ostentatious clothing,
008. Carries a handful of potions for emergencies,
009. Rarely wears socks,
010. Has a notepad she writes things in to remember tasks,
011. Scrunches her nose up when displeased,
012. Squints a lot due to the fact that often forgets to put her glasses on,
013. Crosses and uncrosses her ankles a lot,
014. Braids pieces of her hair when she’s bored,
015. Sighs often when losing patience,
016. Rolls her lips together,
017. Smiles at anyone who catches her eye so long as they’re of the right class,
018. Glares uncontrollably at her mother,
019. Has a habit of speaking out of turn, especially to her grandfather’s business friends but is always painfully pleasant,
020. Performs the same routine of objectives every morning – rise, wash, fix hair, make-up, dress, etc.

Unbeknownst to the Malfoy children, they all share a very similar fear and that is that they are desperate not to be alone. Isadora, like her sister, fears everyone she loves turning on her and like her brother she is afraid that she’ll wake up one day without a person in the world to care for her. It is something that often keeps her awake at night. She might have her differences with her family but they are all she has ever had and the idea that they might leave, that she could be utterly, totally and irrevocably alone is one that leaves her blood as ice in her veins.

The fondest memory Isadora has is from when she was very little and her grandfather, Lucius, expressed a genuine interest in her. From that point on she had a better existence, one where she was meeting an array of people and did not live in the shadow of her mother. Arguably, any time spent with her grandfather creates a fond memory but, notably, it is never and has never been enough to cast a Patronus charm. Granted, she has never attempted to the spell but she is more certain than not that she would be unable to cast it.

There have been a few unpleasant memories but one that Isadora can recall most vividly was when her mother struck her for not being patient and amiable to the seamstress they had called to the house. In reality, Isadora had done very little, had been patient, but her fault was speaking out of turn. Astoria had taken her frustration with the seamstress out on Isadora and, true to her Malfoy nature, Isadora has not forgotten that slight, either, and now refuses to go anywhere with her mother as a result.

Isadora’s greatest secret is that she envies the people she scorns for living poorer lives with a great number of siblings and none of the splendour she boasts. She envies them because they live without expectation, without suspicion and, she suspects, with a natural kind of love for their parents and from them, also. Her desire for that runs her close to the idea that perhaps she’d have preferred to have been a Muggle if it had meant that the dysfunctional in them all wasn’t there and that they were actually happy.

Simply, Isadora wants to be loved. She wants her father to love her, her mother to love and respect her and she wants her family to be whole again. She also just wants someone to like her for herself, not for what they assume she is because of the way she acts or the way she is perceived. For many, though, it seems like that is too difficult a task as it is rare for Isadora to be given so much as an ounce of respect in that department.

AMORTENTIA: Vanilla, summer rain, freshly brewed coffee and cologne.

LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English, French and bits of German.

INSTRUMENTS PLAYED: Piano, guitar and flute.

Pastry – Millie-feuille,
Cake – Battenberg Square,
Dessert – Chocolate and vanilla cheesecake,
Ice Cream – Coffee,
Pie – Courgette quiche,
Pudding – Bread and butter pudding,
Pasta – Conchiglie,
Rice – White jasmine,
Noodles – Egg noodles,
Meat – Lamb,
Fish – Salmon,
Fruit – Peaches,
Vegetable – Peppers,
Hot Drink – Hot Chocolate,
Cold Drink – Iced tea,
Season – Summer,
Tree – Yew,
Flowers – Pink lilies,
Temperature – 23C,
Place – Cannes, France,
Artist – Monet,
Musician/Band – The Weird Sisters,  
Country – France,
City – Venice, Italy,
Person – Lucius Malfoy,
Colour – Pale blue,
Magazine – Witch Weekly,
Book – Any biography by Rita Skeeter,
Newspaper – The Daily Prophet.


Draco and Astoria Malfoy
The way Isadora treats her parents and, indeed, the way they treat her has always been toxic and the erosion of their relationship with their middle daughter began long before she was born, even. The pair took two polar oppositions: Draco being inattentive and Astoria purposely toting Isadora everywhere she went in order to draw publicity from the likes of Witch Weekly and the Daily Prophet. The latter was not so much of a problem as even as a small child Isadora found it difficult to be tolerant of her mother but what really hurt the young Malfoy was the disinterest that her father showed her, made even more difficult by the fact that she absolutely adored him. Draco’s distance seemed to run parallel with Astoria’s need to be around Isadora. Needless to say, the girl was glad when her younger sister was born as it gave Astoria someone else to work upon. However, it was Draco whose attention and love that Isadora desired above all and he just didn’t give it. When she received her Hogwarts letter, she badgered him for days about going with her to Diagon Alley but when he finally snapped at her, declaring that he didn’t want to go, she washed her hands of him, her own fiery Black temper coming out. In that same year, her relationship with her mother was finished off finally with Isadora refusing to come home for the Easter society balls, preferring instead to go with her grandparents to France. Needless to say, family dinners are impossible.

Scorpius Malfoy
There was always going to be an interesting relationship between the two eldest Malfoy children. With nearly five years between them, it was difficult for them to relate to each other but nevertheless Isadora was smitten with her elder brother and her desire to catch up with him was responsible for her early walking and talking – though of course, she would insist it was because she was a child prodigy, not that she wanted Scorpius to talk to her. But regardless, they found a happy medium, especially in relation to their younger sister, and thus their relationship became something of a silent one, their ability to understand each other innate and impossible to ignore but it meant, also, that there was no need for anything ever to be said. In their quiet moments, the two siblings can just sit together and all of their problems can be resolved, at least privately, by the other just being there – but of course, there aren’t always quiet moments. Isadora is, indeed, the horror sister everyone would expect. While Scorpius was still in Hogwarts she made it as difficult as possible for him to get along, purposely traipsing around after him with the intention of winding him up – successfully, too. Now, however, with the ability to get around a little more freely she finds herself unceremoniously dropping in and out of Scorpius’ life, blowing through it like a tornado every time. And sibling rivalries? Buckets of it. But it’s all good fun. She loves him really.

Francesca Malfoy
Isadora’s iddy-biddy baby sister was her pride and joy, mostly because she was very interested in her when she was a baby. Still a child herself, Isadora complained frequently to their nanny that Francesca was growing up too quickly and she didn’t like it and her sister should stop. As it is, when Isadora too got a little bit older, she found she quite liked the shorter age gap between herself and her sister. Just like with Scorpius, very few words have to be transferred between the two girls and Isadora certainly prefers it that way. While she isn’t entirely sure, Isadora hopes that she is some form of confidante for her little sister or, at the very least, someone that Francesca would turn to if she needed someone. The Malfoy children have learnt the hard way that they need to stick together and Isadora would contentedly move man and mountain if it meant that her little sister would be safe, happy and contented. She [Isadora] didn’t even mind that much when Francesca was sorted into Hufflepuff. A Ravenclaw herself, who was she to question her sister breaking tradition? In fact, she liked it better that way. It meant that they were a little bit different from their parents. Proved it, in fact, and that’s why she loves her sister. They’re different from them.

Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy
If you want to know who the biggest influence in Isadora’s life is then look no further than her grandparents whose earnest desire to do right by their grandchildren where they failed with their son resulted in them being more like parents to Isadora than Astoria and Draco themselves. Notably, Isadora has a closer relationship with her grandfather than grandmother but Narcissa and Isadora’s relationship is strong all the same. Narcissa always understood Isadora’s need to be given space and certainly indulged that but she also made sure that her granddaughter was tooled with the ability to deal with the world and was certainly more of a disciplinarian than her husband who was content to let Isadora run riot. The two women have a lot of respect for one another and if there is one person that Isadora is going to open up to then it is her grandmother. Narcissa just gets it. She doesn’t judge. She just understands. Lucius, on the flip side, was all about indulgence which was probably why Narcissa took a more level headed approach to mitigate the craziness that Lucius would happily create. He took Isadora everywhere with him, introducing her to many of his business partners over the years who she affectionately refers to as Uncle or Aunty. As a result of Lucius, Isadora has family everywhere and he made sure in the round-about way he did it that no matter where she went in the world she’d always have a home with someone whether it was in Columbia or Thailand – somewhere, everywhere, she’d find someone that she knew as a child who would look after her and treat her as one of their own. Lucius and Narcissa are ultimately responsible for Isadora and it is with them that she lives throughout the year when not at Hogwarts, now unable to deal with her parents. She is more grateful for them than they know or perhaps realise.


ENTJ: Extraverted Thinker with Introverted Intuition


- Genuinely interested in people's ideas and thoughts
- Enthusiastic and energetic
- Take their commitments very seriously
- Fair-minded and interested in doing the Right Thing
- Very good with money
- Extremely direct and straightforward
- Verbally fluent
- Enhance and encourage knowledge and self-growth in all aspects of life
- Able to leave relationships without looking back
- Able to turn conflict situations into positive lessons
- Able to take constructive criticism well
- Extremely high standards and expectations (both a strength and a weakness)
- Usually have strong affections and sentimental streaks
- Able to dole out discipline


- Their enthusiasm for verbal debates can make them appear argumentative
- Tendency to be challenging and confrontational
- Tend to get involved in "win-lose" conversations
- Tendency to have difficulty listening to others
- Tendency to be critical of opinions and attitudes which don't match their own
- Extremely high standards and expectations (both a strength and a weakness)
- Not naturally in tune with people's feelings and reactions
- May have difficulty expressing love and affection, sometimes seeming awkward or inappropriate
- Can be overpowering and intimidating to others
- Tendency to want to always be in charge, rather than sharing responsibilities
- Can be very harsh and intolerant about messiness or inefficiency
- Tendency to be controlling
- May be slow to give praise or to realize another's need for praise
- If unhappy or underdeveloped, they may be very impersonal, dictatorial, or abrasive
- Tendency to make hasty decisions
- Make explode with terrible tempers when under extreme stress


ENTJs are bright, energetic, sociable individuals who are keenly interested in other people's ideas, theories and perspectives. They love nothing better than to participate in quality conversation with other people who share similar views to their own, or who have something new to teach the ENTJ. They make stimulating, interesting, and dynamic friends and peers.

The ENTJ thoroughly enjoys lively, intellectual conversations - welcoming such interaction as a learning opportunity for all parties involved. They have a tendency to be direct and challenging when interacting with others, which tends to put people on the defensive. This is in fact exactly what they're after - the ENTJ wants to learn what you know, and understand as many of the nuances of your knowledge as the context of the conversation will allow. They go after this knowledge in a very direct, confrontational manner. With this approach, they will learn not only the facts of the knowledge, but also the background of the individual's stance on that piece of knowledge. How well does the individual understand the topic? How invested is the individual in their stance? This method of "unsettling" people has the effect of livening up conversations and stimulating learning, when the other conversationalists are able to easily withstand the interrogations of the ENTJ. People who are uncomfortable with being challenged, or who are less than confident in the topic being discussed, are likely to be subdued into not expressing themselves with the ENTJ. This is a bit of a shame, since many people have valuable things to offer, but are not always willing to stand on top of a mountain and strongly shout their views to the world.

The ENTJ is likely to seek the company of people who have similar views and interests to their own. They have no patience with people who have very different lifestyles and perspectives from their own. However, as individuals with a great deal of personal power, ENTJs are highly attracted to interacting with other individuals with a powerful presence. They admire such people, although they may not agree with them. ENTJs are likely to form their closer friendships with other iNtuitives - especially Extraverted iNtuitives, such as ENTJs, ENTPs, ENFJs, and ENFPs. The ENTJ will enjoy the other iNtuitives' stimulating company, who share their enthusiasm for ideas and learning.


FATHER: Draco Malfoy | b. June 5th 1980 | Slytherin Graduate | Former-Death Eater

MOTHER: Astoria Malfoy née Greengrass | b. c. 1982 | Slytherin Graduate | Former-Death Eater Sympathiser

Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy | b. November 13th 2006 | Slytherin Graduate | Death Eater
Francesca Narcissa Malfoy | b. c. 2013 | Hufflepuff Student | Neutral

Lucius Malfoy II | b. c. 1954 | Slytherin Graduate | Former-Death Eater
Narcissa Malfoy née Black | b. 1955 | Slytherin Graduate | Former-Death Eater

Agrius Greengrass | b. c. 1950s | Slytherin Graduate | Death Eater affiliate
Selene Greengrass née Andrews | b. c. 1950s | Ravenclaw Graduate | Death Eater affiliate

Alexander Greengrass | 24 | Potions | Second Cousin

NATIONALITY: English with French descent.

HOME TOWN: Pointe de Dragon, Ile Sainte-Marguerite, Cannes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France.

CURRENT RESIDENCE: Malfoy Villa, Ile Sainte-Marguerite, Cannes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France.

SOCIAL STATUS: Upper Class | Pureblood Elite.


- Duchess: a white Persian cat.
- Minerva: a Little Owl.

- Slate and chalk,
- Scrubbing cloth,
- ‘New Theory of Numerology’ by L. Karuzos,
- ‘Grammatica’ by M. Carneiro,
- ‘Numerology’ by L. Wakefield,
- A number chart,
- A set of bone number chips,  
Ancient Runes
- A set of bone runes,
- A runic translation sheet,
- ‘Advanced Rune Translation’ by Y. Blishen,
- ‘Magical Hieroglyphs and Logograms’ by [Unknown],
- ‘Spellman’s Syllabary by (presumably) Spellman,
- A set of books detailing the constellations,
- A leather-bound book of her sketches of the night sky,
- Several photographs of what she sees through the telescope,
- A silver telescope,
- A set of glasses to magnify,
- A star chart,
- ‘The Standard Book of Spells’ [Grades One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Six] by M. Goshawk,
- ‘Extreme Incantations’ by V. Stitch,
- ‘Achievements in Charming’ by [Unknown],
- ‘Quintessence: A Quest’ by [Unknown],
- Notes on various spells,
- ‘Household Charms’ by J. Kilburk,
- ‘Glamour Charms’ by Witch Weekly,
Defence Against the Dark Arts
- ‘Basic Hexes for the Busy and Vexed’ by [Unknown],
- ‘Charms of Defence and Deterrence’ by C. Spangle,
- ‘A Compendium of Common Curses and Their Counter-Actions’ by [Unknown],
- ‘Confronting the Faceless’ by [Unknown],
- ‘Curses and Counter-Curses’ by V. Viridian
- ‘Defensive Magical Theory’ by [Unknown],
- ‘The Dark Arts Outsmarted’ by [Unknown],
- ‘Jinxes for the Jinxed’ by [Unknown],
- ‘A Guide to Advanced Occlumency’ by [Unknown],
- ‘Practical Defensive Magic and Its Use Against the Dark Arts’ by [Unknown],
- ‘Magic Moste Evile’ by Godelot,
- ‘Secrets of the Darkest Art’ by Owle Bullock,
- Dragon-hide gloves,
- Earmuffs,
- Dragon dung compost,
- Clippers,
- Trowel,
- Pruner,
- Knife,
- Fork,
- Spade,
- Plant pots,
- Fertiliser,
- ‘Flesh Eating Trees of the World’ by [Unknown],
- ‘Ingredients Encyclopedia’ by [Unknown],
- ‘One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi’ by P. Spore,
History of Magic
- ‘A History of Magic’ by B. Bagshot,
- Various notes on the Goblin rebellion,
- Doodles of the Giant Wars,
- ‘The First Wizarding War’ by [Unknown],
- ‘The Second Wizarding War’ by [Unknown],
- ‘A History of Magic: Modern Edition’ by [Unknown],
- ‘Dark Wizards 1899-2000’ by [Unknown],
- ‘Magical Drafts and Potions’ by A. Jigger,
- ‘Advanced Potion-Making’ by L. Borage,
- ‘Asiatic Anti-Venoms’ by [Unknown],
- ‘Book of Potions’ by Z. Budge,
- ‘Moste Potente Potions’ by [Unknown],
- ‘Potions Opuscule’ by A. Jigger,
- A Standard Size 2 Silver Cauldron,
- A set of crystal phials,
- A silver knife,
- A mortar and pestle,
- Scales,
- A chest of fresh and dried ingredients,
- ‘A Beginners Guide to Transfiguration’ by E. Switch,
- ‘A Guide to Advanced Transfiguration’ by [Unknown],
- Various notes,
- Her trunk,
- Parchment,
- Quills,
- Inkwells,
- Envelopes,
- The Malfoy seal,
- Oats for Minerva,
- Cat treats for Duchess,
- A broomstick,
- Photographs from home.



Poor past fortune had turned into tradition and it dictated that, even in the most impractical times, the Malfoy family would and could never have any more than a single heir per generation. One of the Sacred Twenty-Eight, through only marrying one son to the most eligible Pureblood woman of the time their blood was kept pure and in only having one heir, the lands that they had gathered in Wiltshire from 1066 onwards and their fortune which stemmed originally from the vineyards there and the wool sold to the Low Countries were preserved and not split to accommodate two sons. With the birth of Cygnus Malfoy in the summer of 2011, this order and peace threatened to be upset for the first time in nearly nine-hundred years as the Malfoy family finally, since the Battle of Hastings, had an heir in Scorpius and a spare in Cygnus.

On June 18th, twins Cygnus and Isadora Malfoy were born to Draco and Astoria, the former heir to Lucius Malfoy and the later the daughter of Agrius Greengrass. Their birth was an event which buoyed the Pureblood world and their christening a month later was one that all of the great families endeavoured to attend. Their godparents were chosen by their parents, Draco selecting Theodore and Pansy Nott while Astoria chose her sister, Daphne, and her husband Blaise Zabini. The Daily Prophet and Witch Weekly did a six page spread each covering the birth and the christening and already it seemed as though Cygnus and Isadora, especially Cygnus, were Pureblood celebrities. It was something which Astoria basked so contentedly in and as a result made sure that wherever she was seen, the children, particularly her son, were to be with her.

The life of the celebrity was easy, especially when you were barely aware of the world. Picture after picture was printed. Ideas were thrown around like confetti, the overjoyed parents already planning out the lives of their youngest children, desperate to make sure that they had the best futures. For Cygnus they wanted an heiress, one whose fortune would suffice as the beginnings of his own wealth. For Isadora, they were desperate to find a Pureblood family who had not already been given the benefit of the Malfoy bloodline. They were hard pressed to find one too but the idea of the Nott family, Draco always having been in love with Pansy, was thrown around for her whilst some who desired to put in their few Knuts offered the Yaxleys or the Macnairs but Draco would not settle for something so lowly. Nevertheless for Cygnus only the best families were provided. Truly, their pre-war reputation had returned.

As far as the public were concerned, the situation for the Malfoys couldn’t get better. As summer broke its painful, oppressive humidity and drifted into the cooler then freezing climbs of autumn and winter, Draco and Astoria began to consider having further children as the love affair with the twins began to wane. The couple themselves were now adequately famous and the twins could be left to their own devices in the care of nannies and, eventually, tutors however before any such development could truly be seen and before the couple could even think about the twins entering public life for themselves, tragedy struck. In the October, Cygnus fell ill. By December, the infant was dead. As far as the fates were concerned, the status quo was maintained and whilst questions were asked as to how Cygnus came to expire, no answers were found for the devastated parents who closed ranks, retreating from public life altogether, determined to protect their eldest son and heir. Isadora remained with the same staff who had overseen Cygnus’ care and, ultimately, his death.

It took more than a handful of years until for Isadora her situation improved. Desperate to emulate her elder brother, Isadora took to all of the things that Scorpius did like a duck to water. In trying to catch up with him, her development was a lot quicker and was talking and walking far earlier than some of her contemporaries who she was forced, every Thursday, to sit with while her mother chatted aimlessly with the other Pureblood women. But nevertheless, she proved to be an inquisitive and clever child and that was indulged early by some of Scorpius’ tutors who impressed upon Draco and Astoria that they needed to give her tutors earlier, sooner rather than later. They weren’t moved by it, of course, especially Astoria who, like her mother before her, believed that girls were supposed to be seen, not heard.  

Neglect had categorised the early childhoods of the eldest Malfoy children. Scorpius had the benefit of years and was resultantly provided with tutors as well as his nannies so arguably he was adequately provided for. The infant Isadora, however, was still a babe in arms and though her nannies were attentive they did not fill in for the woeful lack of parental influence. After the birth of Francesca, just after Isadora turned two, there was a turning point, Lucius and Narcissa deciding to step in as Isadora’s formal teaching began just prior to her turning three. The idea of someone else teaching their granddaughter how to read and how to write was repulsive to the two Malfoys who had overseen Draco’s development with their own eyes, not through someone else’s. Business had prevented them from intervening early in Scorpius’ education but with Isadora they had more of an opportunity to ‘interfere,’ as Astoria would accuse them later. But this proved to be a vital intervention as thereafter, life improved exponentially.

Throughout her childhood, the deterioration of the relationship between herself and her parents occurred in tandem with the improving relationship with her grandparents. Lucius and Narcissa replaced Astoria and Draco and before long, the majority of her time was spent at her grandparents, all three of them and Isadora especially reluctant to return her to Malfoy Manor. More often than not, Isadora would travel with Lucius and Narcissa while they went away on business or on holidays and as such she became acquainted with a witch or wizard in nearly every country in the world. It was done in such a way that no matter where she went, there would always be someone there for her and as she came into her own, out from under the oppressive influence of her mother who was only interested in her own profile, Isadora turned into a highly charismatic, charming young girl.

In the August before she went to Hogwarts, along with Scorpius’ letter, another owl was waiting for her on the window sill with hers. It was during that morning, a rare on when she was actually at home, when the relationship between herself and her father, her mother too, was finally finished off. Ecstatic, after reading the parchment Isadora raced to Draco’s office and pleaded with him to take her to Diagon Alley because despite the blooming resentment he was still her father and she wanted to be a part of his life. However, she was rebuffed and that was the last time she spoke to her father. She went to Diagon Alley with her brother and her grandmother, Lucius having been called away to Spain for business. Then, she went to Hogwarts, her life at home having changed completely.


As a Malfoy, it should have been a given thing as to which house she belonged. Slytherin was a natural assumption and it was one that everyone from the Professors to the students to those still waiting to be sorted assumed. However, when the Sorting Hat was place on her head of soft, blonde hair that her grandmother that morning had curled gently with her wand, it fell over her eyes and needless to say, Isadora was quite the hatstall. She had wanted Slytherin, herself, desperate to be close to her brother. The Sorting Hat had other ideas though and much to her combined horror and elation, ‘RAVENCLAW’ was called out across the crowd. In the silence that elapsed, the Hat was plucked from her head and Isadora slipped down off of the stall. Eventually, applause rang out across the hall but by that time it was too late and, securing her pointed hat back on top of her head, Isadora sat down, sadness etched on her features.

While the first few weeks were spent homesick, writing fervent letters to her grandparents, eventually Isadora got herself together. She made some friends with a few girls from her dorm and, in between hurrying around after her brother who was, by this time, in his sixth year and just a shade too cool and too important to be seen with his baby sister, Isadora spent time in the library with a little study group that she inadvertently managed to create composed of a handful of Gryffindors, some Slytherins and the rest were Hufflepuffs. It became clear quite quickly that Isadora had talent. Her best subject was, by far, Potions and certainly she enjoyed it best, down in the humid, smoky dungeons. Nevertheless she was enthusiastic about all of her other subjects too and being in Ravenclaw brought out her competitiveness and thus all-round she began to improve.

At Hogwarts, Isadora was in her element. When summer came, however, she was desperately disappointed. She’d made firm, fast friends by the end of her first year and she was reluctant to leave. She’d managed to leave during Christmas, though, and when she reached Kings Cross with her brother that July it was one of their nannies who came to greet them. There wasn’t another Malfoy in sight. Thankfully though, it wasn’t long before Isadora could leave Malfoy Manor which had grown entirely too oppressive for her to function in. The offer of going on holiday with her grandparents was one she didn’t even consider passing up and thus the summer really wasn’t too bad – especially considering as she was allowed to take one of her friends with her.

Second year operated on much of the same level with very little going on. Isadora understood, finally, what Scorpius had meant when he complained about the Sorting Ceremony – it was boring. She passed it playing noughts and crosses with one of her friends, the pair of them and those around them quite unable to keep straight faces and further down the table, two sixth years on the Quidditch team were playing Wizard’s Chess! It was during this year that her aptitude for Herbology really began to show as she handled mandrakes and several other difficult little creatures. During the summer again it was holiday time except this year Lucius changed where they went, the three of them lolloping through the Italian countryside this time instead of being sat on the yacht in the Ligurian Sea.

The subsequent school year was much more interesting as Isadora finally was able to choose some of her lessons. Her electives were the Study of Ancient Runes and Arithmancy and with that she finally joined both the Hogwarts Orchestra and the choir. She’d joined the Potions and Duelling clubs in her second year but this year she capitalised upon that, joining in with renewed vigour and after a summer of being tutored by her grandfather her magical ability was all the more honed and refined – making her both a joy and a pain to having in the classroom or in the duelling arena. Still eager to learn, however, Isadora happily joined in with all of the lessons. Her sister joined Hogwarts this year, too, while Scorpius graduated. Arithmancy rapidly became her second favourite subject and, just like every summer before that, she joined her grandparents on holiday once Hogwarts let out.

Fourth and fifth year heated up a little bit as the Ravenclaws grew more and more competitive. In the summer term, Isadora sat her O.W.Ls and in the subsequent summer got her results, electing to carry on with all of her subjects. She secured a position at Slug and Jigger’s apothecary for the summertime and now awaits her sixth year to come, sure that it is going to be the most interesting yet.




HOW YOU FOUND US: I live here.


PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: This will be the last one for a while (I hope) but after this summer I won’t have any students so Dora is filling a hole. Also, there’s plotting to be had!
Isadora Malfoy-Nott
Isadora Malfoy-Nott
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MALFOY, Isadora Gemini Eloise Empty Re: MALFOY, Isadora Gemini Eloise

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nice to see a Malfoy again. she's lovely.

accepted and sorted to ravenclaw.
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MALFOY, Isadora Gemini Eloise Empty Re: MALFOY, Isadora Gemini Eloise

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Thanks! <3
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