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ROOSEVELT, Viola Li9olo10

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Since every few months or so a few of our old members get the inspiration to revisit their old stomping grounds we have decided to keep PA open as a place to revisit old threads and start new ones devoid of any serious overarching plot or setting. Take this time to start any of those really weird threads you never got to make with old friends and make them now! Just remember to come say hello in the chatbox below or in the discord. Links have been provided in the "Comings and Goings" forum as well as the welcome widget above.


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Post by Rosanna Parker Sat May 31, 2014 12:15 am

ROOSEVELT, Viola 96aTwRo6AW5cuPVRGjN50bxjGei



FULL NAME: Viola Emma Roosevelt

AGE: 26

Date Of Birth: 28th July 2000

ALLEGIANCE: Order Of The Phoenix

EDUCATION: Beauxbatons Academy Of Magic

Astronomy: Exceeds Expectations
Charms: Exceeds Expectations
Muggle Studies: Outstanding
Transfiguration: Outstanding

OCCUPATION: Recording Artist

WAND: Hazel, Phoenix Feather, Twelve and 1/2 inches, Unbending.

PLAY BY: Caterina Scorsone


HAIR COLOUR: Black/Dark Brown




GENERAL APPEARANCE: Viola has pale skin that contrasts with her dark brown, almost black hair. She has blue eyes that are a stand out feature as, like her pale coloration, they stand out against their dark hair. In spite of this attractive features Viola isn't a fan of her nose, it is slightly crooked and very much desires a nose job, however doesn't want to go through with it as she doesn't want to set an example to younger fans to not accept your beauty. People aren't perfect and so she wants to keep her crooked nose on this basis that her imperfection makes her more human. Viola tends to wear clothes that aren't stand out, preferring a tight t-shirt underneath a blazer-style jacket and tight jeans. However when assuming the role of her on stage persona she wears black tight two-piece dresses with a red belt, red bracelet and bright red lip stick (sometimes a leather jacket over the top). Red is her signature colour and whenever out and about it is something her record label say she needs to wear.



+ Singing
+ Playing instruments
+ Writing music
+ Travelling
+ Meeting new people
+ Her dedicated supporters
+ Working under pressure
+ Historical architecture
+ Gazing at the stars
+ Raspberries
+ Being famous

- Being famous
- Inequality
- Lack of rights
- Marriage Law 203
- Bullies  
- Her manager (slightly)
- Prawns
- Being bossed about
- Traitors

To break into the British music industry like how she did in France.
To help see an end to the marriage law and bring romantic rights back to the citizens of Britain.
To one day have children and provide for them how her Mother couldn't due to their economical position.

- Open gestures,
- Never crosses her arms,
- Runs a hand through her hair when she performs,
- Wears red lipstick when she performs and red accessories,
- Does vocal warm ups and exercises everyday,
- Doesn't eat dairy or citrus fruits to protect her voice,
- Allergic to prawns,

BOGGART: (Greatest Fear) That she will lose everything she's worked for. That she will end up alone. As a result her boggart takes the form of herself, however it isn't a mirror imagine. The Viola she sees before her is aged, her teeth are yellow and some missing, her clothes tatty and dirty and she is alone, completely isolated.

PATRONUS: (Fondest Memory) The day that she signed her recording contract.

DEMENTOR: (Worst Memory) The day her Grandpa died. He had been her rock, supported her through her bullying and being considered the outsider. To be by his bedside, at such a young age, and let him go on into the light was traumatic and it took Viola a long time to deal with his death, something that wasn't easy starting a new school and moving to France permanently at the same time.  

VERITASERUM: (Greatest Secret)
She is a member of the Order Of The Phoenix  
She is a muggle born (Label want to keep this a secret to not deter pure blood supremacists from her fanbase)

AMORTENTIA: The sea, pipe tobacco (her Grandpa smoked it), raspberries.

PERSONALITY: She is outgoing, friendly and the perfect person to be in the spotlight. Viola is engaging with her audience, is easy to relate to and has a cool, chilled out approach to things. In spite of that she loves pressure and working under pressure, it gives her a rush! Viola also is determined, hardworking and people don't realise how much work she does to maintain she is at the forefront of the music industry. Viola doesn't get on too well with her manager, she needs him for he is the only person who can have a leash on her and is strict but at the same time he annoys her to the extreme restricting what she can and cant do and how it may tarnish her reputation. There is a rebellious side to Viola that lies beneath her on stage persona and it is that that has led her to joining the order of the phoenix unknowns to her manager.


FATHER: Richard Bennett - Muggle - British - Viola doesn't know him.

MOTHER: Cynthia Roosevelt - Muggle - British - Raised Viola single handed.

SIBLING/S: None - Only child.

OTHER: Grandpa - Deceased.  &  Grandma  -  Age 84




PET/S: White Persian Cat - William/Willie

Apparition License, Red microphone, Guitar, Piano, Violin.


Early Years:
Viola was conceived one week into the relationship between Cynthia (23) and Richard(22). It wasn't the perfect relationship, they didn't agree on anything and had rushed into the relationship. Unfortunately before Viola was born Richard decided to leave Cynthia and claimed that he didn't want anything to do with the child believing that he was too young.
During her childhood Viola was brought up in a poor household. Her Mother found it difficult to get a permanent job, jumping from one temporary position to the next unsure of where the rent money would come from next. The house was a small two bedroom council house and Viola's neighbours and children at school weren't the sort of the children you wanted your children to play with. Of course Cynthia wasn't stupid, she brought Viola up not to be like them, not to get involved in playing with matches, swearing and getting into trouble - something that her school'friends' mocked her over. Viola became the outsider in her class, the girl nobody really wanted to play with because she was the goodie two shoes. No matter how rebellious Viola attempted to be the worst thing she ever did was not wear her coat in the school playground, receiving a timeout. Moreover the other children found Viola weird, she could do things such as change her hair at will and even made her scarf come across the classroom to wrap around her neck when she was cold - something the teachers didn't believe. These were the early signs that Viola was no ordinary girl.
When she was eight years old Viola's Grandpa, who had recently moved to southern France to retire, fell ill and so Cynthia took her daughter across the channel and down to the seaside town of Narbonne to say her farewell. Viola loved her Grandpa very much, it was he who she would moan about the bullies to and take his advice to ignore them for one day she would come out of top. It was these words of advice that he told her on his death bed and they have been the words that have kept Viola going, fighting to achieve what she wanted and prove to anyone who put her down that she was better than they thought.
Her Grandpa's death shook her Grandma up, who soon became depressed and ill herself. Naturally Cynthia packed up their belongings and moved across from UK to France to care for her Mother, bringing Viola along with her. Growing up in France was different to being in England. It was a fresh start for Viola. Starting school she made the mistake of not being who she really was, she acted out and was troublesome hoping it would gain respect from her peers, however unlike her previous school being naughty wasn't considered 'cool' and Viola found herself taking several letters home to her angry Mother who would ground her and ground her.
Grounding Viola didn't serve well as a punishment. She never liked to go outside much because of the heat and being easily burnt. Instead her Grandma would teach her how to play the piano and soon her passion for music quickly grew.
On her eleventh birthday a witch from the French Ministry of Magic arrived at the house, telling her of her magical abilities and that she had a place to study at Beauxbatons. Her Mother, rather skeptical at first, didn't agree with receiving a free education - a private boarding education by the sounds of it. However with a few simply memory modification charms the French Ministry easily persuaded her Mother to allow her magical daughter to attend a magical school.

Beauxbatons Years:
This time her education was different. Viola decided to be herself and if people didn't like her then so what. It appeared this strategy worked best. Viola was cheerful, friendly, helpful but still had  a bit of a sassy nature about herself making her a likeable person. Beauxbatons was a time where Viola embraced her magical ability, finally finding her place in this world. She was no longer the weird girl in the playground, she was a funny girl who both teachers and students loved.

When Viola graduated from Beauxbatons there was only one thing that she wanted to do: music. She had no intentions of a career in magic, she simply wanted to be absorbed in the music world, yet the magical world was the place where she had found who she really was, it was a place of homage and a place of escape. Knowing that she couldn't leave it behind Viola decided to chase down her dreams in the magical world. With a part time job as a waitress in a local French wizarding village Viola found it hard to afford the rent that her Mother and Grandma were requesting now that she had a job. On top of that she was working so many shifts to afford her keep that Viola was struggling to find the time to chase down her dreams and become a recording artist. Unable to balance her work life, social life and being an aspiring-musician something had to give. Her social life. Viola stopped going to parties, she starting see much less of her friends and got more involved in writing songs and attending open-mic nights in wizarding pubs. Her music was different. She has a somewhat dark yet rhapsodic voice which soon attracted more and more fans - soon she had a fanbase that attending the open mic nights weekly simply to listen to her perform. After becoming quiet a reasonable size name in the nearby french wizarding time Viola, at the age of 20, packed her bags and moved to Paris where she soon started booking more and more gigs and earning small amounts of money for her performances. It wasn't enough but she somehow managed and two years later Viola was signed by a french recording company at the age of 22.
Even though she's been signed for four, almost five years, two of those were spent working on her new music, putting together an album and an image. After hitting the french music industry with a bang and landing herself a number one debute album, 4x platinum Viola has come to Britain to share her music. She isn't exactly a household name yet, of course people have heard of her but she hasn't yet reached that height and buzz that Viola holds in France.
Four months into working in Britain Viola has began to realise the country isn't all that it once was. Granted she lived in the muggle world but the magical world isn't pleasant. There have been werewolf attacks, her manager and label are contemplating demanding that she returns to France and there is a marriage law forcing citizens to marry each other without a prior relationship. Needless to say Viola sees the British ministry of magic as one big bully, a bully who needs standing up to. Of course her manager and label and keeping a tight leash on her, forcing her to not talk about anything political in case it were to harm her career. Viola understands this but isn't happy she wants to help the victims, provide support like her Grandpa once did for her but knows she can't do that publicly. Instead she has joined the Order of The Phoenix and hopes to make a difference that way.



RP EXPERIENCE: I've been here over a year now.

HOW YOU FOUND US: I think it was the page of RPG forums on potter wikia?

MAIN CHARACTER: Hallie Rookwood.

PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I loved the idea of Viola and feel that she is quiet a unique character in that there aren't any other musician characters on the site and it could be quiet refreshing.


Rosanna Parker
Rosanna Parker

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Post by Khaat Lupin Mon Jun 02, 2014 10:06 pm

hm...interesting potential for a character that might struggle with balance between a muggle career while living in a wizarding world.

accepted and sorted to grads
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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Post by Rosanna Parker Mon Jun 02, 2014 11:30 pm

Hey thanks Khaat!
She's a musician in the wizarding world, a bit like how Celestina Warbeck was in the books Smile
So I guess she is kinda like the wizarding world's Katy Perry. Thats what I was thinking anyway
Rosanna Parker
Rosanna Parker

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