Baltheczar, Rhonin Althalos
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Baltheczar, Rhonin Althalos

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Baltheczar, Rhonin Althalos Empty Baltheczar, Rhonin Althalos

Post by Rhonin Baltheczar Fri May 23, 2014 4:22 am

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FULL NAME: Rhonin Althalos Baltheczar

NICKNAMES:  Rho, Roo, Ronny

AGE: Twenty-four



WAND: Willow with dragon core, thirteen inches, rigid

PLAY BY: Ian Somerhalder


HAIR COLOUR: dark brown - almost black

EYE COLOUR: blue-gray


BODY BUILD: athletic

GENERAL APPEARANCE:  Rhonin is a taller man, though not extremely so. He has dark brown hair, closer to black, and bright, icy blue-gray eyes.  His face is very fine featured and his jaw strong. His build is athletic, but not with too much muscle.


Hard working
Rule following

+ horses, wood carving, charms, family-life, women.
- sloths, muggle sports, big crowds, criminals.

Get the broomstick business off the ground.
Design the fastest broomstick in the wizarding world.
Settle down - eventually.

Spacing out when not listening.
Tilting his head to the left when concentrating on woodworking.
Tapping his foot to the beat of whatever song.

BOGGART: Ending up without any family. Friends are one thing - shared blood is another.

PATRONUS: Flying the first broomstick he completed.

DEMENTOR: Grandfather dying on Christmas Eve.

VERITASERUM: His greatest secret is that he is not as strong as he appears to be and he is afraid of that.

MIRROR OF ERISED: To be recognized and praised.

PERSONALITY: Rhonin falls into the strong by silent stereotype as they go. He is often quiet and looks unapproachable to those that are cowardly. Others are often charmed by his type though, especially the elderly. He often would fall into being a teacher's pet without trying as he was just naturally selfless and helpful. Rhonin has always been very loyal to his friends and companions. He hates even the thought of a betrayer and even more hates the thought of a rule-breaker as he has always followed by the book in his life. His instincts always point him in the good direction and he can be persuaded to break rules if it is for the right cause (and will not be persuaded by bribes). Rhonin is very logically driven - forcing the facts to the light before taking any uncertain steps in any situation. He also finds it hard to show affection toward others unless completely comfortable with them (not much of a hugger), and also has trouble picking up on the emotional atmospheres around him as he keeps to himself. He can learn to read a person's emotions, but never feel them for himself.


FATHER: Althalos Baltheczar (pureblood)

MOTHER: Renia Baltheczar (muggle)

SIBLING/S: Aikaterina Baltheczar - 26
Remus Baltheczar - 17
Martinos Baltheczar - 15
Lyanna Baltheczar - 14
Jarren Baltheczar - 11

OTHER: Mercatio Baltheczar - grandfather (pureblood)

BLOOD STATUS:  half-blood

SPECIES: da wizard


Large Main Coon named Skit


Early Years: Rhonin, being an introvert dependent on mostly his family for social time, spent most of his childhood at his sister Katie's side. They were the eldest of all the siblings that came after them. They were the ages of 7 and 9 when their next sibling was brought into the world and so were not as close to him or the other after. They spent time running around their very large house, playing with the animals on the grounds, and practicing adventures they would one day like to share together. Their mother often joked that Ronny and Katie were twins by nature.

It was also during this time period that Rhonin became very close with his grandfather. They shared the same sort of personality and enjoyed doing quiet things by themselves when given the chance. Noticing this about the boy, Rhonin's grandfather shared with him a family heirloom of knowledge - broom carving. Long ago when their grandfather still had hair and was well into the broom making business before hand-made brooms fell out of style, the Baltheczar name was etched into the brooms of many stars around the wizarding world. Baltheczars before their grandfather had been making brooms all the way back to the four Baltheczar brothers who started their family business. And with the knowledge of his whole family's past business now engrained in his memory. Baltheczar took to broom carving with his grandfather, not using any magic to make them fly though since Rhonin was so young, but he enjoyed the long hours carving shapes and edges to make a broomstick.

Hogwarts Years: Rhonin started Hogwarts two years after his sister, Aikaterina. He was sorted into Gryffindor while she was a Ravenclaw herself. During school he made few friends and many acquaintances - not allowing many to get close but letting just enough in to not feel alone when class and house differences separated him from his sister. Rhonin was well-liked and he did exceptionally well in Charms especially. During summers he spent long hours with his grandfather to get the art of broomstick caring down until his grandfather died during his fifth year. Rhonin graduated from Hogwarts with good grades and a love of Charming.

Adulthood: Rhonin became a job jumper. He was a barista, a clerk, a cashier, a filing person, a mailman, a nanny ( he doesn't talk about that one), along with many other small time gigs while carving in his free time. After getting questioned day in and day out on why he carved broomsticks so much by his sister, Rhonin finally broke and told her about all the history in their family. It was a secret he hadn't told her because he wanted to keep it between himself and their grandfather - his own secret memory. Aikaterina had given him a curious look - being a lady moving up in the business world herself - and began researching, unbeknownst to Rhonin. It was months later Aikaterina asked him to show her finished brooms, asked him to read about certain charms uses in the broomstick industry, and asked him to experiment with other charms as well. After weeks of this, Katie burst into Rhonin's small wood shop to give him news. She was babbling too excitedly for Rhonin to get most of the words spewing information at him, but he got the gist of it. Broom company - big hit - best brooms in all of Europe - head designer - CEO - Baltheczar Broom Corporation. Rhonin almost fell to the floor. It was almost as if Katie had no understanding of what a huge failure this business could be and she had already begun starting it with Rhonin unknowingly roped in. But he was hopeful, as any young adult gets about a huge chance. So he went with it.

While their company is still small, it's getting big. Fast. So much so that Rhonin is up to his knees in drawings and designs for brooms.



RP EXPERIENCE: many, many moons

HOW YOU FOUND US: j-j-j-jackles

MAIN CHARACTER: ellery dixon

PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To have fun bein' a man


Rhonin Baltheczar
Rhonin Baltheczar
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Gryffindor Graduate

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Baltheczar, Rhonin Althalos Empty Re: Baltheczar, Rhonin Althalos

Post by Elijah Krum Sat May 24, 2014 1:44 pm

I like him a lot! Great!

Accepted and sorted into grads! <3

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Elijah Krum
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Sixth Year Slytherin

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