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HIGURASHI-CHARCOVIX, Naomi Natalia Li9olo10

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Post by Aleksa Carlevaro Sun Apr 27, 2014 3:50 am




FULL NAME: Naomi Natalia Higurashi-Charcovix


AGE: Fifteen

ALLEGIANCE: Dark Followers

This is because her plots are really complicated and she would work better as a dropout. At this point the Sorting Hat wouldn’t know where to put her, because when she was originally sorted, she was a Gryffindor, then when she was brought back she was a Hufflepuff and now she would seem like a Slytherin so I think it’d be better if she just didn’t go to school. If she actually fits into one of her original houses, feel free to put her there.


WAND: 11 ½ inch elder wood, unicorn hair core, flexible

PLAY BY: Abbey Lee Kershaw


Almost white. So she’s kind of a bleach blonde now. Her hair color was originally brown. She didn’t really want to look like her sister, or anyone in her family anymore. She wanted to pretend she was a part of a different family. Like she was the only one left, and everyone else had died or something. Her hair is also a little on the short side now.

EYE COLOUR:Blue-gray
She changed her eye color. No one’s really sure why, but she knows her roll. It was basically because she thought that brown eyes didn’t go with blonde hair. Besides, blue eyes are better than brown ones. Her eyes change color now, depending on her mood. If she’s sad they turn a really deep blue. If she’s angry or annoyed, they turn gray.

She had a growth spurt. Now she’s taller than Hitame by a couple of inches, and it seems like she inherited her father’s height while Hitame had their mother’s height.

BODY BUILD: Slender, a little on the skinny side
She seemed to have lost a little weight since she was kidnapped. At first she had stopped eating to see if they would let her go. When it wasn’t working, she started eating again but without much enthusiasm and she just doesn’t eat too much anymore.

HIGURASHI-CHARCOVIX, Naomi Natalia 59zkl
HIGURASHI-CHARCOVIX, Naomi Natalia Tumblr_lordacrxoy1qlnaldo1_500


001. Brave
002. Loyal
003. Sly
004. Cunning
005. Ambitious
006. Brutally honest
007. Manipulative(applies to her sister mostly)
008. Reserved
009. Flirtatious
010. Determined
011. Resourceful
012. Confident
013. Vengeful
014. Merciless
015. Intelligent
016. Clever
017. Driven
018. Careful
019. Hardworking
020. Stubborn
021. Arrogant
022. Commanding

001. Death Eaters/Dark Followers
002. Boys
003. Girls
004. Gingers
005. Blondes
006. Martial Arts
007. Music
008. Drawing
009. Quidditch
010. Duelling
011. Flying
012. Winter
013. Ice
014. Wind
015. Fashion

001. Her parents
002. Her sister
003. School
004. Summer
005. The Order/Potter’s Army
006. Being underestimated
007. Dancing
008. Muggle sports
009. Mudbloods(A new dislike, brought on by being around the DE’s)
010. Being told what to do
011. Being ignored
012. Gossip
013. Being laughed at
014. The Marriage Law
015. Half-breeds

001. Get back at her sister for abandoning her
002. Find her parents
003. Not get thrown into Azkaban
004. Marry into a Pureblood family
005. Never fall in love with a half-breed

001. Bites nails
002. Paces around when nervous
003. Taps fingers on anything near her
004. Left handed
005. Stares off into space
006. Crosses heart when she promises something

BOGGART: Being weak
This refers to how she was before. She doesn’t want to the weakling that always hid behind her sister again. She’s finally making her own decisions and even though they might not be the right ones, they’re her own and she didn’t have to ask her sister about anything. She’s done being the loyal lap dog she used to be, and she refuses to return to the way she was before.

PATRONUS: Finding out her parents are still alive
Too bad her sister wasn’t the one who told her about it. She found out about them still being alive from accidentally overhearing her and Xem talking about it, and though she knew she should not be glad about it, she was. At least at first, when she found out, it was something amazing because her biological parents were still alive. But now  only because she could find them and hopefully kill them.

DEMENTOR: Being kidnapped
She doesn’t remember much about that day. All she knows is that it was the scariest day of her life. She thought she was going to be killed, or at least hurt so much that she would barely be alive. There is one thing she remembers that she refuses to admit she remembers. She remembers wanting Hitame to save her. She remembers calling out her sister’s name multiple times before giving up, knowing that she wasn’t going to be saved.

VERITASERUM: She misses Hitame
This is something she won’t admit. Not even to her best friend. As far as anyone knows, she hated her older sister and never wants to see her again. And if she ever does see her, she’s going to kill her.

She wants revenge on her parents for leaving her and Hitame alone for so long. She wants them to feel the pain she always did, but always hid to keep Hitame from worrying that she even remembered their biological parents. She also wants revenge on Hitame for not being able to help her. She wants her to feel helpless, and hopeless, the same as she felt the day she was kidnapped and never got rescued by her sister.

HIGURASHI-CHARCOVIX, Naomi Natalia Abbeyanimated
HIGURASHI-CHARCOVIX, Naomi Natalia Tumblr_m41p8iTRzI1rw7r8co1_500


FATHER:Eli Higurashi - Muggle | Adoptive Father | Deceased
Terra Charcovix - Pureblood | Biological Father | Alive | Dead in everyone’s eyes

MOTHER:Zuki Higurashi - Muggle | Adoptive Mother | Deceased
Aqua Charcovix - Pureblood | Biological Mother | Alive | Dead in everyone’s eyes

SIBLING/S: Walter “Xem” Charcovix - Sixteen | Older Brother | Oldest Charcovix sibling | Pureblood | Twin to Hitame
Hitame Higurashi - Sixteen | Older sister | Second oldest Charcovix sibling | Pureblood | Twin to Xem
Sora Charcovix - Fourteen | Younger brother | Youngest Charcovix sibling | Pureblood

OTHER: Raynus Chasterfield Char - Paternal Uncle | Terra’s older brother | Pureblood | Missing

BLOOD STATUS:  Pureblood - raised as a muggle


SOCIAL STATUS: Upper middle class

Kitten named Peeta

Light blue pendant given to her by Aqua and Terra, the sister pendant to Hitame’s.


Early Years: Naomi never really knew her parents. Just like Hitame didn’t. As far as she knew she had always been a muggle, who just happened to have magical powers, like her sister as well. That probably should have been their first hint that they weren’t just muggles. The chances of the two of them being witches was very slim, and she highly doubted that it was just luck that got them both magical powers and got them into Hogwarts. But that was what was assumed at first. That was what Naomi always assumed. That they had just gotten lucky and both had been allowed to experience being witches.

Of course that was at the age of eleven.

Before that, the Higurashi sisters were just normal children. Well..not so normal. They were always teased by others because odd things were always happening when they were around. Many people around them, who were either religious or believed in the paranormal, thought that they were some possessed children that needed to be cured somehow. But they never tried to do anything to them, since they were afraid of being “contaminated”. Naomi had never understood any of that, but it was obvious her sister had.

Up until the age of five, when their parents were killed, Hitame and Naomi both believed that their lives would get better one day. That they would be able to convince everyone that they were normal kids and they’d be able to live normally with their parents. That was cut short a few days after Naomi’s fifth birthday, though, when someone attacked their parents while they played in the woods behind the small house they had. They’d heard screaming, sobs and pleads to let them live.

Naomi had no idea what was going on, and she couldn’t see anything that was going on because Hitame was trying to cover her eyes. The only thing she saw was a flash of green light, and all she heard was a thud on the ground. Even though she was young, she knew what that meant. It meant one of her parents were gone. Before she could even make a sound, Hitame grabbed her arm and told her to run. And that was what they did. They ran and ran.. and ran as far away as they could. It wasn’t that long before her legs began to give out and she pleaded Hitame to stop.

When they finally did stop, she expected Hitame to explain what had happened, but that explanation never came. All she said was, “We can’t go back. Ever.” Naomi attempted to ask why they couldn’t , but she didn’t get a response. Not a good one at least. Hitame looked close to tears and Naomi decided against asking anything else. A few days after the incident, they were taken to an orphanage after being spotted by some people on the streets. They were too young to be alone on the streets, apparently, but the orphanage wasn’t any better than being on the streets.

The people there weren’t very nice to her or Hitame, and her sister constantly got into fights because she was always being picked on. One day it just became too much and they decided to leave the orphanage after  almost five years of being there. There was one kid who always helped them, and he had helped them with that too. He had helped them escape that same night and he had gone with them, though they were forced to part ways shortly after, in case one of them were caught, they wouldn’t be able to tell where the rest of them were. After a few days of being on the streets again, Hitame and Naomi managed to find shelter with an older couple who were happy to help them. They remained there until Hitame received her first Hogwarts letter. When she received her letter, Naomi became scared, terrified even. She didn’t want Hitame to leave her alone. But there was something about that letter that was odd, it said that Hitame was a witch? Was that supposed to be an insult or something? Naomi didn’t understand and neither did Hitame. But she promised that she wouldn’t leave.

But soon after getting it, they decided it wasn’t safe to stay with the couple anymore. The left the following morning, only leaving a note for the couple before they did so. They spent the rest of the year moving around a lot until, again, they came across people who were willing to take them in. This time, after Naomi’s eleventh birthday, Hitame received another letter to something called Hogwarts but this time so did Naomi. Now that they were both able to go to this.. school as the letters said, they decided to give it a shot.

Hogwarts Years: After arriving at the school, Hitame and Naomi didn’t really know what to do with themselves. Everything was so different, and it was weird to know that they were there because they were magical beings. No wonder why weird things always happened when they were around. It was because of them, because of their magic, they just didn’t know about it. Their first year was rough, especially for Hitame since she was being teased for being twelve years old and a first year. Even though it wasn’t her fault.

As the years progressed, they met two boys, Xem and Sora, who turned out to be their brothers. Which was really awkward considering Hitame and Xem liked each other for a while. What Naomi didn’t know was how they found out they were all related. Only Xem and Hitame seemed to know, but neither wanted to budge and tell her or Sora how that worked. There was something else that they knew, that Naomi did too now only because she overheard them talking about it, which was that their biological parents were alive. Terra and Aqua, as she heard their names were, were still alive and she didn’t know why but she was happy that they were. Naomi never mentioned that she knew to her older siblings, because she was afraid that they would be angry at her.

A few months into her fifth year, Naomi was taken away from her sister. She was kidnapped by a Death Eater named Alexis D’Eath, and it was all thanks to her sister’s crush Alex Star. He helped the woman in a way, and though she had liked him at some point too, now she kind of hated him. Not because he’d turned her into the person she was now, but because he had preferred her sister over her. After months of being with the Death Eaters, she had finally given up hope that Hitame would find and rescue her. Her faith and trust in her sister finally broke and she decided that Hitame didn’t care enough to search for her.

But a recent encounter with her sister told her that she had, in fact, been searching for her. But for some reason, Naomi doesn’t want to believe that she was actually looking. As far as she is concerned, Hitame hadn’t done anything and that was the first attempt she had made to look for her, probably because someone made her. She didn’t care enough.

And now she isn’t so sure she wants to return to Hogwarts again. Just because she would probably have to see her sister.

Adulthood: --




HOW YOU FOUND US: I fell through a hole


PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Plotting for Hit? It’s her sister after all


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Post by Khaat Lupin Fri May 02, 2014 11:00 pm

she's fine, hitame.

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