FOX, Holland Kiara
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FOX, Holland Kiara Li9olo10

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FOX, Holland Kiara

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FOX, Holland Kiara Empty FOX, Holland Kiara

Post by Frank Longbottom Mon Apr 21, 2014 10:57 pm



FULL NAME: Holland Kiara Fox

NAMES:  Dr. Fox, Holl

AGE: 25
Birthday: August 13th

ALLEGIANCE: Order of the Phoenix

  • Fox Family
  • Foster Family
  • The Bryant-Darlings

    Wizarding World:
  • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  • Ravenclaw House
  • The Quidditch Federation
  • Wimbourne Wasps
  • Ravenclaw House Quidditch Team
  • Gryffindor House Quidditch Team
  • St. Mungo's Hospital

    Muggle World:
  • Kingsway-Oxford Medical Hospital
  • Department of Diagnostic Medicine
  • Primary Diagnostics Team

HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw Graduate


WAND: Beech wood, Unicorn Hair, 10 1/4 , stubborn

Note on Beech Wood: “The true match for a beech wand will be, if young, wise beyond his or her years, and if full-grown, rich in understanding and experience. Beech wands perform very weakly for the narrow-minded and intolerant. Such wizards and witches, having obtained a beech wand without having been suitably matched (yet coveting this most desirable, richly hued and highly prized wand wood), have often presented themselves at the homes of learned wandmakers such as myself, demanding to know the reason for their handsome wand’s lack of power. When properly matched, the beech wand is capable of a subtlety and artistry rarely seen in any other wood, hence its lustrous reputation.”

PLAY BY: Odette Annable (Yustman)

OCCUPATION: Head of Department of Diagnostic Medicine at Kingsway-Oxford Medical
Description: The team’s job is to figure out the cases that no-one else understands. Essentially, they’re called in when a patient is most likely going to die.





BODY BUILD: Athletic

GENERAL APPEARANCE: FOX, Holland Kiara Tumblr_m1b2yhnmG01rnv522o1_500

Those who don’t know her assume she is going to be shy or at least quiet. She always comes off as serious. Admittedly, this is accurate, but she is truly friendlier than she first seems.

Face/Body: Due to years of exercising to work off stress, Holland is still physically active and thus fit. It takes a lot to affect her health, so she’s very attentive to her physical condition, making sure to keep wary of the possibility of illness. She’s got a very innocent face, large brown eyes, and a cleft chin that she inherited from her father. Her nose is fairly skinny and not sharp. She takes good care of her skin, meaning she has a good complexion. Holland has full lips, shaped eyebrows, and an oval-shaped face.

Hair: Holland’s hair is dark, with light highlights here and there from the sun, which goes down to her mid-back. Her hair is almost always simple, and even when it’s meant to be curled, parts of it tend to be missed. Her appearance is hardly the most important thing to her. Sometimes, she prefers to look nice and does something with it, but more often than not it’s in a ponytail or half-back.

Clothing: When she is at work, she of course is supposed to wear the white coats or scrubs, but – much like the Director of the hospital – she can get away with wearing anything that looks professional. Out of mere habit, she dresses well no matter the occasion, or if she’s staying at home all day. Holland believes that a smart outfit implies an intelligent person, and lying around in pajamas makes her feel lazy and like she cannot accomplish things. Even early in the morning, Holland is more likely to be found dressed in something classy yet comfortable. Her shoes are often dressier than necessary, but she only wears casual clothing when she wants to exercise.



01. Trusting (of fellow doctors and friends, not of patients or their loved ones)
02. Loving
03. Persistent
04. Allocentric
05. Intuitive
06. Thoughtful (to the point of over-thinking)
07. Workaholic
08. Serious
09. Athletic
10. Brilliant
11. Active
12. Capable
13. Conciliatory
14. Confident
15. Brave
16. Forthright
17. Vulnerable
18. Loyal
19. Observant
20. Organized
21. Overly Tidy
22. Romantic
23. Busy
24. Formal
25. Moralistic
26. Questioning
27. Cautious
28. Independent
29. Escapist
30. Hidebound
31. Obsessive
32. Pedantic
33. Secretive
34. Single-minded
35. Disciplined
36. Polite (to most people)
37. Bossy (to her Team)


01. Listening to the stories of others
02. Using their histories to understand them, get to know them, take care of them.
03. Working
04. Keeping up her exercising when off work
05. Researching, especially for a confusing patient, even if it’s not technically one of her own
06. Solving a patient’s case
07. Chocolate
08. Television
09. Cider and White Wine
10. Reading in a park
11. Dancing
12. Spending time in her office, to think
13. Big cities
14. The Internet
15. Music

01. Poorly-timed Sarcasm (she does like joking around, but never about a patient)
02. People who don’t take their job seriously
03. Idleness
04. Wasting time
05. Being bothered while thinking
06. Patients who think they know more than they do, or more than she does
07. Being wrong/proven wrong
08. Poetry
09. Singing
10. Liars
11. Talking about herself
12. Traveling
13. Smokers/alcoholics/addicts
14. Cats
15. Noisy places (it’s too hard to think)

01. People calling her “Ms” or “Miss” instead of “Dr.”
02. Parents/Loved ones of patients yelling at her when they’re confused. She knows it makes sense to be scared, but she’s only trying to help.
03. When hospital donors think they have a right to say what goes on in her department or have the right to make new rules.

01. Become Head of Diagnostics
02. Find someone as good for her as Marshall was
03. Look into research on cancers – specifically Thyroid. (uses her research time for this purpose)

01. Doesn’t understand many muggle things and pastimes (aside from what she needs to know to work at the Hospital and put up the front of being a Muggle), but is incessantly curious about them. She never lets it distract her from work, though.
02. Slight knee trouble from always curling up when she sleeps, sits at desks, etc. Grew from her time at Marshall’s bedside and years of studying at college when she tucked her legs under her and sat at the small desk provided by the University.
03. Will forgive anyone if they offer Reese’s.
04. When concerned or nervous about a case, stays up all night to research and think, which includes things like making lists of symptoms, pacing, mumbling possibilities.
05. Draws when feeling idle.
06. Holland pushes her team hard to ensure that they learn and become better at their jobs.
07. Wears glasses for reading things such as details in a test or looking for abnormalities in scans.

BOGGART: Losing someone like she lost Marshall. Also applies to having to watch someone lose someone as important to them as Marshall. Unfortunately, the latter happens more often than it should.

DEMENTOR: When they received word about Marshall’s illness, then sitting by him and watching him die.

VERITASERUM: She hides her past from everyone at work. She also hides the fact that she’s a witch from everyone but the Director of the hospital, since they’re Muggles.

MIRROR OF ERISED: Although impossible, she wishes she could have Marshall back. As much as she wishes she could, even if she were able to go back in time, she still doesn’t know how to fix it.


Holland finds herself inexplicably attracted to people who need help or fixing, which is fitting for her profession. Anyone with issues, personally or otherwise, pulls her in, making her want to take care of them or fix them. She’s incredibly loving, clings to those who can allow her to play the part of protector or healer. She feels things with her whole soul, and sometimes get choked up when she has to tell someone that they won’t make it. She works best under pressure, which is fitting for her career of choice. As much as she hates having to say they don’t know what the problem is or having to admit that someone is going to die, Holland loves the feeling she gets when they save someone or sees the expression of someone whose loved one is getting better.

Holland falls quickly, and she falls hard, but generally only for those people she believes she can help somehow through her time with them. Up ‘til now, this has been entirely true, though the chance of her finding someone who can take care of her is one she secretly hopes is possible. If she’s lucky, she might find someone who can do the same thing for her that she does for them. After her husband died, though, she hasn’t let herself become attached to anyone like she used to. Throughout her time at Hogwarts, she was much more the girl that had many crushes and many attempts at relationships. More recently, she’s not even considered dating anyone.

If Holland is sure she’s right about a patient’s case, she’s massively persistent – to the point of being annoying to her team or the Director of the hospital. Intuition is more or less ignored, though it’s almost always right, because science could always prove her wrong. Holland refuses to make a call about someone without knowing for sure, unless the case is time-sensitive.

The only time Holland gets angry is when someone makes a mistake that could threaten someone. Similarly, if someone makes the wrong diagnosis without asking for a secondary opinion, she’ll just about fire them depending on the severity. She refuses to take chances with the lives of her patients, regardless of if something can actually be helped, or if they’ll likely die.

Holland can be fairly judgmental of other doctors, especially those involved in things like plastic surgery. She considers them to be part of the people involved in shaping the culture of women having to look a certain way to feel good about themselves. Aside from that, Holland is fairly certain that those doctors could do something more beneficial with their time, but rather choose something that puts forth their own ideals and makes them a great sum of money.

When around people and their charges, she speaks very differently from when around people she knows well or those who work for her. Where she’s usually very straightforward or even blunt with her team, she tries to be calming and persuasive around those with something to lose. That’s not to say that she doesn’t think her team care about the outcome of their cases. She knows they do. But she knows that if she wants the parents or enabler to trust her or to give her the information she needs (especially when they’re embarrassed or scared), she has to use what persuasive skills she has to ensure that they trust her enough to let them help her.


FATHER: Gregory James Fox
Occupation: Professor of European History at Oxford
Blood Status: Halfblood

MOTHER: Natasha Marie Fox (neé Foster)
Occupation: Chemist/Potioneer
Blood Status: Halfblood

Brother (younger): Brayden Liam Fox
Age: 20
Occupation: Quidditch player – Seeker for Wimbourne Wasps
Playby: Chace Crawford


Husband: Marshall Bronn
Playby: Jesse Spencer

Holland considers her Diagnostics team part of her family since she sees them all day every day, but she would never tell them that. They include:
Cancer specialist: Andy Witten
Neuroscience specialist: Sara Blake
Genetic disorder specialist: Mark Lloyd
Assistant Head of Diagnostics: Jonathan Singer

Director of the Hospital: Richard Carmichael

BLOOD STATUS:  Halfblood (technically ¾)



PET/S: None. She’s not home enough to keep anything alive, though she would rather like a dog.

OTHER POSSESSIONS: Flat, Cell/Pager, general adult/doctor possessions


Early Years:

Holland was born the first child of Gregory and Natasha Fox, a professor and a Chemist/Potioneer. Her parents were always working, so she grew up in daycares and extended school classes and dance classes. From the beginning, she was a very active and independent child. When Brayden was born, however, Holland was five. She immediately took on the role of protective older sibling and was highly wary of those who might harm him. Of course, she knew that leaving for school would be the hardest thing for her.

In the time between Brayden’s birth and her departure for school (six years, about) she filled her time with reading – partly to him, and partly on her own – as well as learning about anything she considered interesting. Surprisingly (in her parent’s opinion), this usually turned to medicine and law rather than history or potions.

As she grew up, she was able to watch Brayden avoid his primary school work, instead being drawn to athletics and things such as teams for young children in things like football (yes, the British version of the term). Concerned, though Holland was for him, she supported him through all of it since their parents were often very busy with work or grading papers or preparing for the next class lecture. She was his cheerleading team, essentially, and was proud to be there for him.

Hogwarts Years:

When she had to leave Brayden for school, Holland could only hope that his years in sports would prepare him to take care of himself. He wasn’t, even then, as intelligent as Holland, but it certainly didn’t mean he wasn’t able to handle things when he needed to. Upon arriving at Hogwarts, Holland was only minimally surprised to be sorted into Ravenclaw; she had half expected Hufflepuff if only for her particularly caring and loyal nature. Then again, she was always incredibly concerned with following her curious nature.

Throughout her years at Hogwarts, Holland became more and more outgoing, if only because she tended to quickly find herself interested in the guys around her – especially the elder Ravenclaws. While she didn’t exclusively date them, she often preferred those who could rival her intelligence. At the same time, the moment they started to challenge her in classes or they made a point to correct her all the time, she broke things off. More often than not, she did the leaving. The fact that she failed to find someone who needed her as much as, if not more than, she needed them probably led to that. She’s always wanted to take care of someone, and when they chose to spend their time beating her at everything, it annoyed her more than anything else.

As athletic as she was as a child, Holland never took up playing Quidditch – it seemed far too dangerous for her. That said, it terrified her to no end when Brayed proved incredibly proficient at Quidditch. As a Gryffindor, Brayden started as a Chaser and back-up Seeker, taking over the role when Audriana Swan graduated (she was two years ahead of him). Holland nearly found herself grateful that he no longer was directly in the majority of the action. She remained his biggest cheerleader, even though she was terrified throughout the game.

During the Gryffindor-Slytherin match of her seventh year, Brayden was knocked off his broom. The poor second year, in his first year of being on the House Team, was looked after by his overly cautious sister. It was then that Holland discovered the amazing feeling that helping him had brought. Her interest in medicine had helped her brother, immediately lodging in her. The decision to take up medicine in University was set in her mind almost immediately, and the rest of the year was spent on ensuring that she did brilliantly on her NEWTs.


In University, Holland knew she would be going into Medicine, though she was torn between whether or not she would keep on in the Wizarding World. When she turned twenty and was in the beginning of her final year, she met a guy named Marshall Bronn, who was studying Law at the same University she attended. Ready to graduate early, Holland immediately jumped at the chance to spend time with Marshall, wondering what a life with him would look like.

Just before their graduation, Marshall fell very ill, and was diagnosed with terminal thyroid cancer. Knowing this, he tried to convince her to cancel their engagement, but she would have none of it. Instead, she married him even as she knew full well what would happen. Six months after the wedding, Marshall was pronounced dead, as there was nothing they could do. It only spurred her to return to school for two more years to invest her time studying Muggle illnesses.

Upon completing Grad School at 22, she was hired at Kingsway-Oxford Medical Hospital. The Director of the hospital, a wizard himself, knew she was a witch, and gave her a trial period as a Diagnostics Team member. He had been looking for someone to take over when the Head of Diagnostics retired, and hoped that, provided Holland knew her stuff, she could have a wide scope and be around if someone needed magical assistance. After a little over a year, she was promoted to Head of the Department, and has been there ever since. She’s discovered how much she appreciates being able to use her knowledge as well as the high she gets off of the pressure of a particularly difficult case.

Because of her position as Head of the Department, she no longer has to see every patient, and less frequently has to see the parts of a patient’s illness that make her nervous or anxious. Because her team is often running the tests and spending time in the patient’s room, Holland can avoid the blood or negative symptoms unless she truly is the only one who can figure something out. Generally, her team can just bring her the results and together they can figure out what the problem is so that Holland can provide them with the proper course of action to take.

In the past year, she has discovered a love of Quidditch after her brother Brayden joined with Wimbourne Wasps as their seeker. Even as a Ravenclaw graduate, she’ll don the colors nearly every Saturday to watch a match, provided it’s in the London area. She doesn’t like apparating very far. Although she keeps up her practice with spells and the like, certain areas of magic are weaker for her.

Even with her high-ranking position at the hospital, Holland often feels that she is dismissed, not taken seriously, etc because of her gender and the fact that she’s pretty. Some in the hospital believe that she got the job based on her appearance rather than her skill, especially since the Director of the hospital is a man. Because of this, her work over the past couple years has been even more determined and obsessive.



RP EXPERIENCE: Can I take this off my apps? xD

HOW YOU FOUND US: Someone needs to stop me, eventually. Seriously.


PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: For Miss Mira to love, to use up the crazy muse I found that made me have the idea for, and finish, this app in a mere three hours.


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FOX, Holland Kiara Empty Re: FOX, Holland Kiara

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I like her a lot. when the time is right, she really does need to meet Robert and/or Khaat. They will definitely appreciate her meticulousness in medicine.

Accepted and sorted to grads!
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