CHAMBERTON, Charlotte (Finished)
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CHAMBERTON, Charlotte (Finished)

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CHAMBERTON, Charlotte (Finished) Empty CHAMBERTON, Charlotte (Finished)

Post by Charlotte Chamberton Mon Apr 14, 2014 5:07 pm

CHAMBERTON, Charlotte (Finished) ETi9a

Charlotte Mayslee Chamberton


FULL NAME: Charlotte Mayslee Chamberton

NICKNAMES: Char, Chamberlands

AGE: 17


HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw or Slytherin

CLASSES: Charms, potion DaDA

WAND: Dragon Heartstring, Ash, 9 1/2 inches

PLAY BY: Lights Bokan




COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: around 5 foot, 7 inches

BODY BUILD: Stocky, yet well built

GENERAL APPEARANCE: With deep chocolate brown eyes and matching long brown curls, Charlotte has the average appearance of a young seventeen year old.  Tall in height, with her height reaching five foot, seven inches, she nearly towers over the rest of her family. Charlotte has slightly larger than average sized hands and feet, making her already stocky appearance seem almost clownish. Charlotte is known for the tattoos along her shoulder and arm, colorful shapes and figures along her skin.  She often wears tank tops, boots or "Toms" (Slip on shoes), and occasionally "Vans" tennis sneakers, along with long pants or shorts that show her slender legs off.


1. Shy (except when angered, then is known for having a big mouth.)
2. Often angered, (Short tempered)
3. intelligent (Often has her head in a book)
4. Creative (Often draws or creates stories in her mind)
5. secretive (Mainly about her family life as well as herself)

1. drawing or painting (Being creative)
2. reading (Always has some sort of book on her, even if it's a dictionary)
3. Taunting her younger friends (yet afraid of her older friends)

1. most girls (She befriends boys and men more easily)
2. studying (Even though she's usually reading)
3. Classes (although she doesn't like them, she refuses to skip)

1. Become an artist or an author
2. Graduate

1. leaving small scratches on herself when angered (Not purposely)
2. picking at her lower lip
3. when people are intentionally immature or stupid, often makes small remarks
4. often sarcastic

BOGGART: Spiders and other "Creepy Crawlies"

PATRONUS: Her mother giving her her first book, "Grims Fairytales"

DEMENTOR: Her father's passing

VERITASERUM: She witnessed her mother cast a death spell on her father, killing him purposely, and kept it a secret.

MIRROR OF ERISED: Bringing her father back, and her mother getting into trouble and imprisoned

PERSONALITY: Charlotte is a sweet girl, often going out of her way for her friends, although she often taunts them about their flaws.  She is deathly afraid of her mother and doesn't dare to go against her mother's will since the incident with her father. She is too intelligent for her own good, often making sarcastic comments to the less intelligent people. She is also very secretive, never allowing anybody close enough to her to know her secrets. Charlotte absolutely hates her classes and studying, even though she loves to read and write. She hopes to someday become a famous artist or writer in the wizarding world.


FATHER: Wesley Robert Chamberland (muggle)

MOTHER: Summer Linda Chamberland (Bunkerton)(Pureblood)



BLOOD STATUS:  Halfblood



PET/S: None

OTHER POSSESSIONS: A large "Grims Fairytales" book, given to her by her mother


Early Years: From the young age of four, Charlotte had begun to read, taught by her father.  Charlotte and her father had always been very close, from reading every night before bedtime to matching their outfits from the day she was born until his death when she was barely ten. Charlotte's mother never wanted her, or her husband around, as it was an arranged marriage. When her mother realized she could go off, she became apart of many affairs, often engaging in cheating on her husband. When he found out, he wanted a divorce, and planned to take Charlotte away from the now angered woman known as her mother. Knowing what she was doing, she killed her father right in front of Charlotte, making her watch the entire time. Charlotte's mother, like Charlotte and her father was very intelligent and told the police he did it himself. She then threatened Charlotte, who became deathly afraid.

Hogwarts Years: When she got her letter of acceptance to Hogwart, Charlotte didn't want to go, but of course, her mother made her.  Charlotte refused to talk to anyone, making herself seem snobby. Making no friends, she often played alone for the first years until she began to draw her heart out.  Often creating gruesome and "toxic" scenes, once people saw she no longer had to push people away, they stayed away on their own after that.

Adulthood: N/A



RP EXPERIENCE: probably six to seven years

HOW YOU FOUND US: old accounts

MAIN CHARACTER: Charlotte Cumberland (Restarting)

PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To get back into roleplay here


Charlotte Chamberton
Charlotte Chamberton
Seventh Year Slytherin
Seventh Year Slytherin

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CHAMBERTON, Charlotte (Finished) Empty Re: CHAMBERTON, Charlotte (Finished)

Post by Anabelle Mulciber Wed Apr 16, 2014 2:27 am

She has a lot of Ravenclaw traits but I think she'd fit better in Slytherin. So that's were I'll sort her! She also has a lot of room for development c:

Accepted and sorted to Slytherin!
Anabelle Mulciber
Anabelle Mulciber
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Sixth Year Gryffindor

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