DE LEON, Bartolo Francisco
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DE LEON, Bartolo Francisco

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DE LEON, Bartolo Francisco Empty DE LEON, Bartolo Francisco

Post by Evander Yaxley Mon Apr 14, 2014 1:29 am

DE LEON, Bartolo Francisco Tumblr_m46yqpq55v1r5uquoo9_500



FULL NAME: Bartolo Francisco De Leon

NICKNAMES:  Bart, Frank

AGE + BIRTHDAY: 27; June 28th



SEXUALITY: Heterosexual


WAND: Wood type, core, length + flexibility

PLAY BY: Enrique Iglesias



EYE COLOUR: Hazel brown


BODY BUILD: Athletic

GENERAL APPEARANCE: DE LEON, Bartolo Francisco Tumblr_ln6wq4srHc1qhohc1o1_500
Bartolo is the type of person who likes to be formal but at the same time informal. So while he likes to wear suits and things like that, he tends to only do it when it is necessary, like for a meeting or something like that.

DE LEON, Bartolo Francisco Tumblr_ln6us7f4SM1qhohc1o1_500
If he isn’t wearing a suit, he likes to wear a leather jacket with a hoodie underneath. This tends to give him that formal but informal kind of vibe that he loves to keep around when he wears any kind of clothes that aren’t a suit or anything too formal.


001. Kind
002. Caring
003. Honest
004. Selfless
005. Courageous
006. Social
007. Temperamental
008. Stubborn
009. Chivalrous
010. Leader
011. Intelligent
012. Artistic
013. Resourceful
014. Careful
015. Humorous
016. Persuasive
017. Adventurous
018. Educated
019. Affectionate
020. Determined
021. Sincere
022. Cooperative
023. Devoted
024. Trustworthy
025. Lively
026. Loyal
027. Pessimistic
028. Bossy
029. Impatient
030. Hard-working

001. CATS
002. Spicy foods
003. Soccer
004. Other sports
005. Cigarettes
006. Music
007. Art
008. Love
009. Pokemon
010. Graphic Design
011. Computers
012. Singing
013. Dancing
014. Guitar
015. Coffee

001. Gays
002. Tea
003. Selfies
004. Disney movies
005. Dogs
006. Mirror houses
007. Haunted houses
008. The States
009. E-mails
010. Sweets
011. Sweats
012. Bright lights
013. Crowded spaces
014. Wallets
015. Noisy people

001. Graduate
002. Fall in love
003. Marry
004. Have children
005. Buy a house

001. Believes in aliens
002. Hums to everything
003. Paces when nervous
004. Cracks knuckles
005. Shakes his leg when thinking

BOGGART: Dementors
Bartolo has always hated Dementors since he first heard about them when he started Hogwarts at the age of eleven. Something about the creatures fascinated him but at the same time they were like his worst fear. He hasn’t ever encountered one, but the very thought that he might have to come face to face with one terrifies him. He doesn’t think he’d be able to handle it.

PATRONUS: Finding out he was a wizard
Finding out he was a wizard was probably the best thing that had ever happened to Bartolo, since he’d always been really different compared to his family and friends. He’d always thought he was just a freak, like some people did, so when he found out that he was magical and different in a good way  he was ecstatic about it.

DEMENTOR: Being called a freak by his sister
Normally, Bartolo could deal with any name calling that came his way, but there was just one time that he hadn’t been able to handle it. And that was when his younger sister, who had always looked up to him and wanted to be like him had called him a freak. She had been the last one to find out that he was a wizard and because of that she hadn’t known how to deal with the news and she had been frightened by him.

VERITASERUM: Sometimes he wishes he was a muggle
He wants to be a muggle sometimes because he wants to fit in with his family. He wants his sister to stop being afraid of him, even though she seems to have gotten used to the thought of him being a magical being, she still gets scared when he’s around her and he doesn’t really like that. He just wants to be a normal person and have a close relationship with his sister like when they were little and she didn’t know that he was a wizard.

MIRROR OF ERISED: Live happily until he dies
Bartolo isn’t the most ambitious person around. He doesn’t want anything material, he doesn’t feel the need to gain power or become famous. His greatest desire is probably one of the simplest desires anyone could have. He just wants to be happy, he wants to live his life happily until the day he dies.

PERSONALITY: DE LEON, Bartolo Francisco Tumblr_m1nfvg1BuC1qb4o0xo1_400

Some people consider Bartolo a ‘wanderer’. He’s a person who doesn’t really want anything from life, aside from the goals that he believes are essential to one’s happiness. Just simple things like to fall in love, have a family. He’s the kind of person who wants to help others rather than help himself, though it someone doesn’t want his help he will insist until the person finally give in, so he’s a really stubborn person. He’s a very smart man who knows how to do things for himself and he doesn’t want to have to depend on anyone to help him through his life or to achieve his goals.


FATHER: Arturo Nicolas De Leon | Fifty-Seven | Muggle | Spanish

MOTHER: Esther Natalia De Leon [nee Cruz] | Fifty-Five | Muggle | Spanish

SIBLING/S: Alisa Esther De Leon - Sixteen | Muggle | High school student | Spanish


BLOOD STATUS:  Muggleborn


SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy, Middle Class, Lower Class

German Shepherd named Arturo



Early Years: ”There’s something odd about that boy..”

“What do you mean?”

“There’s just something off about him. Something makes him really different from the rest of us..”

Those words were alway said throughout Bartolo’s childhood. Everyone always said that there was something odd or off about him. That he was different, and sometimes it seemed like that was meant as an insult, though his mother never let him believe that he was different in a bad way. She always told him that he was special, not different, and some people just didn’t seem to understand that there was a difference so they called everything the same thing. He believed his mother, knowing that he was just special compared to everyone else, that was the only thing that made him different that he was special.

Most of his life was normal though, aside from some comments that were made, his first six years of life were full of happiness. But then when he turned seven, small but strange things happened. When Bartolo was angered or upset by something, there seemed to be little accidents that happened. It was nothing bad, it was just like glasses falling and shattering or them seeming to explode out of nowhere and since there was no explanations for it, and Bartolo was the ‘different’ one in the family, it was all blamed on him. It was hard for muggles to explain the strange magical stuff that occurred around them.

People began to get scared of him because of things like this. They began to call him a freak and he was frequently upset because of people calling him a freak. His mother always tried to comfort him but his father was always supporting what other’s said. His own father began to call him a freak and those insults became worse when his Hogwarts letter arrived after his eleventh birthday.

Hogwarts Years: The realization that Bartolo was a wizard, a magical being, came as a huge surprise to the family of muggles. Even his mother had no explanation for it but she was able to tell her son that she had known there was something special about him the entire time. She was the only one that had never called him a freak or said he was strange or anything like that and Bartolo loves her for that.

The couple months that passed weren’t the best and when it was finally time for him to go to Hogwarts, there was a mixture of emotions that welled up inside him. He wanted to go, be far away from the people that only insulted him, but he also wanted to stay to be with the only person who had never insulted him, even after finding out what he was. But he had been convinced that he needed to go, so that someday he could use his magic for great things in the Wizarding World. It was only because of his mother that he had boarded the Hogwarts Express to begin the first of his seven years at Hogwarts.

During his first three years of school, in which he had been sorted into Gryffindor by the Sorting Hat when he had arrived at the school, things had been rough for him. There were people in the school who were already kind of experienced with magic, since they had grown up in magical families but he had never given up and had always tried his best even though he was at a slight disadvantage compared to those kids. He’d made friends, Lysandre and Alyssa, who were always with him and always had his back and he had theirs. Of course, there were those student, Purebloods, who made fun of him because he came from an all muggle family, and they called him a ‘mudblood’ which he later found out meant ‘dirty blood’. None of that stopped him though, as long as he had his friends with him, nothing they said really affected him because they were always there to defend him or make him feel better afterwards.

The rest of the years he spent at Hogwarts passed by rather quickly and before he knew it he was graduating. He’d gotten good scores on both his OWLs and NEWTs, and his last year at Hogwarts was one of the best he’d had because he had spent a lot of his time with his friends when he wasn’t studying and when he was, there was always something that distracted him and made the day more enjoyable.

Adulthood: After graduating, Bartolo and his best friends decided that they would move in together so they wouldn’t have to be separated. They all got jobs immediately after leaving Hogwarts and soon enough they had all earned enough money to pitch in to the purchase of a large apartment where the three of them would live. A few months after, Lysandre and Alyssa announced to Bartolo that they had decided to start a relationship and while he was happy for his friends, he wondered if they would still get along in things didn’t work out.

About eight months afterwards, they did break up, and even though it was awkward for a little while they all managed to live through it and move on with their lives, while they still remained together. Alyssa confessed to Bartolo almost a year afterwards, that she had a crush on him and that she’d had it for a while, but he never seemed to have noticed her so she had decided to go out with Lysandre when he had asked her. Bart hadn’t known how to react to that revelation and he’d turned her down when she asked if they could try it. He’d told her maybe some day, but he was too focused on his job to really be able to correspond to her.


ALSO KNOWN AS: Kimberly/Kimmy

RP EXPERIENCE: Thee years-ish



PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I dunno, a character who had like an almost completely different nationality than everyone else of my characters. He has the same nationality that I do :3 kinda.


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DE LEON, Bartolo Francisco Empty Re: DE LEON, Bartolo Francisco

Post by Elijah Krum Wed Apr 16, 2014 8:45 pm

Nice! Accepted and sorted into Grads! <3

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