McGrady, Connor
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McGrady, Connor

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McGrady, Connor Empty McGrady, Connor

Post by Connor McGrady Wed Mar 19, 2014 12:51 pm

McGrady, Connor Foto-Freddie-Highmore-16

Connor Baoth McGrady


FULL NAME: Connor Baoth McGrady


AGE: 11


HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw, Gryffindor.  

CLASSES: Charms, DADA, and Potions.

WAND: Dogwood, Dragon heartstring, Swishy

PLAY BY: Freddie Highmore




COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: On the shorter side of average.

BODY BUILD: Waif-like.

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Connor, ever since birth, has always had the strange genes from his family; being from Ireland, one would expect him to have reddish hair and pale skin.  But rather, he has brown hair (albeit dark) and pale blue eyes. His nose resembles that of what people call a button nose, his nostrils flaring out just a tad bit.  Connor's lips are set in a slight frown, echoing the curve of his chin.  His face in entirety rests a little deep set, his dark curly hair sprawling out around its edges. He had never been a tall child growing up (though he is currently prepubescent so that is apt to change), but his frame has always been frail - someone that falls behind due to his lack of being noticed.  Short with a thin frame never went hand-in-hand.  He typically wears things that allow him to feel free and move with agility, such as loose-fitting tee shirts and shorts, or certain types of yoga pants.  Rarely does he wear any shoes.


Positive -

  • Clever;
  • Witty;
  • Amiable;
  • Free-spirited;
  • Initiating;
  • Creative

Negative –

  • Analysis-prone;
  • Irresponsible;
  • Opinionated;
  • Careless;
  • Impractical;
  • Distracted


  • Cleverness
  • Attention
  • Exploration
  • Magic
  • Pranks
  • Reading


  • Monotony
  • Restraint
  • Cruelty
  • Ineptitude
  • Ignorance
  • Disability

GOALS:To get accepted into Hogwarts.  Connor wants to learn what it is, and how to live there.  He wants to explore the Wizarding World.  

HABITS & QUIRKS:Bites his lip; scans an area upon entering to check his surroundings; cocks an eyebrow occasionally.

BOGGART: Disability; he fears not being able to explore or perform well.

PATRONUS: Being matched with his wand, meeting it for the very first time.

DEMENTOR: Being abandoned.

VERITASERUM: Told a few Muggles his mother was a witch.

MIRROR OF ERISED: To be valedictorian of Hogwarts.

PERSONALITY: Connor has always been an odd mixture of personality types.  He places his utmost care and importance in the realms of knowledge, books, and cleverness; though he also loves to make sure everyone knows what he can do with those things.  Since he was little, his parents had always said that he was a loud child, but he was a smart one; often he would crowd around people and they would have intellectual conversations (as far as children were concerned, mostly about the subject matter they learned from in their books).  And he was always generally friendly to people, unless they called him dumb or jeered him with other derogatory names.  The worst of all was when he was ignored; he loathed being ignored.  He always had to have someone near him to talk to, or if he felt like it, boast his smarts.  But that’s not all he did, either; he was quite fond of using his brain power to poke fun at other people.  When he was a tad bit older, (and he has yet to grow out of this phase, if one could call it that) he got into the habit of playing small pranks on people he came into regular contact with.  Connor’s parents would say that he was on the mischievous side of playful, but all Connor wanted was to have fun with people.  


FATHER:Kenneth McGrady.

MOTHER:Laura McGrady.


OTHER: None.

BLOOD STATUS:  Half-blood.



Owl, named Tobias.



Early Years: Ever since Connor can remember, when he was placed in preliminary schools, the subjects they would always be required to learn came quite easy to him.  And of course, he would always find other people to talk to about their learnings.  He was quite the knowledgeable and social butterfly.  And he loved more than anything to go exploring; after preliminary school his father and mother took him to go on a camping trip in a forest near their home as a gift.  Always  having been a fan of exploration, he would often take certain kinds of leaves and sketch them in a notebook he always kept with him.  Once, he wasn’t necessarily watching where he was going while he was sketching a leaf, and he was walking across a bridge.  He got too close to the edge and fell off, and while it wasn’t enough to be fatal, he did break his leg.  Screaming and crying, his family was too far away to have gone to a hospital, so his mother used her healing magic to try and mend the bone.  It fixed the bone, though it didn’t necessarily take away the pain.  

But because of that incident, Connor’s love for magic began.  He became deathly afraid of not being able to produce any magic, for he longed so much to be able to perform it one day on his own.  After the camping trip in the comfort of their own home, Laura would often do little tricks and charms to entertain him.  She made him promise that no Muggles would ever be able to know that she was a Witch and was capable of doing these tricks; for magic was something that was forbidden to be performed in front of Muggles.  He promised, though a few days later in school when nobody was paying attention to him, he was fed up with being annoyed and exploded in detail about his mother, which only caused his peers to laugh at him.  Nobody would believe him, which to him was a bad thing; but in reality, it was very fortunate that all those Muggles wouldn’t believe him no matter what he did.  Two years have passed since that day and he had recently gone to Diagon Alley to get his wand and other materials, for he had been invited to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  

Hogwarts Years: He begins this year!

Adulthood: None.



RP EXPERIENCE: Several years off and on since 2008.

HOW YOU FOUND US: I was looking for sites to advertise on, and found a list of 25 active sites and this site was on one of them, so I decided to join!




Connor McGrady
Connor McGrady
Second Year Ravenclaw
Second Year Ravenclaw

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McGrady, Connor Empty Re: McGrady, Connor

Post by Khaat Lupin Wed Mar 19, 2014 7:18 pm


Welcome to PA! We love new members. Glad to have you aboard.

Connor looks good to me. A good solid Ravenclaw. I always appreciate someone who has the rp chops to create a first year. Its not always the most desireable, but the plotting opportunities are great!

Anyway, accepted and sorted to Ravenclaw!
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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Gryffindor Graduate

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