Harding, Balthazar
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Harding, Balthazar

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Harding, Balthazar Empty Harding, Balthazar

Post by Balthazar Harding Sat Feb 22, 2014 9:10 pm

Harding, Balthazar Tumblr_lz5aecaK841ro91bjo1_500



FULL NAME: Balthazar Finlay Harding

NICKNAMES:  Bal, Tzar, The Tzar

AGE: 40

BIRTHDAY: January 17th 1987


  • The Order

  • Harding Family
  • Sinclair Family
  • Wiles Family
  • Trade Partners in France and the States

  • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  • Slytherin House
  • The Slytherin Quidditch Team

  • The Nation of England
  • The Quidditch Federation
  • The English National Quidditch Team
  • Harding & Sinclair


  • Charms - Exceeds Expectations
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts - Acceptable
  • History of Magic - Exceeds Expectations
  • Transfiguration - Acceptable
  • Arithmancy - Outstanding
  • Muggle Studies - Exceeds Expectations


  • Charms - Exceeds Expectations
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts - Exceeds Expectations
  • Herbology - Acceptable
  • History of Magic - Exceeds Expectations
  • Potions - Exceeds Expectations
  • Transfiguration - Exceeds Expectations
  • Study of Ancient Runes - Exceeds Expectations
  • Arithmancy - Outstanding
  • Muggle Studies - Exceeds Expectations

WAND: Sycamore, Dragon Heartstring, Eleven inches, and springy

- Many properties are as yet unknown.
- Helps the user with Arithmancy
- Helps the user with Ancient Runes.

Dragon Heartstring:
- Often makes a powerful wand with a lot of magical “heft”.
- Not the core you want for subtlety
- Dragon Heartstrings are by far the most common wand core amongst Slytherin's
- Tends to overwhelm the archetypal Hufflepuff

PLAY BY: Robert Downey Jr.




COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: On the shorter end of average.

BODY BUILD: A bit stocky.

Balthazar is shorter than he'd like to be, but has learned to make jokes about it for the sake of covering up this insecurity. He takes care of his appearance, always ensuring that he is well-groomed and looking decent, if not his best. He's muscular, but not extraordinarily so, a decent amount of his muscle mass residing in his arms. Due to this, he can hold a heavy box for an hour, but get a leg cramp after only a few minutes of running.

He loves his moustache, but occasionally gets bored and shaves it, only to grow it back out again right away. Balthazar tends to dress rather ostentatiously, owning an entire wardrobe just filled with suits, but will throw on a tee-shirt when lounging around at home or a good friend's. He has an almost circular scar, a few inches in diameter, on his right bicep.


- Ambitious
- Arrogant
- Bossy (especially with business)
- Bright
- Careless
- Charming
- Childish
- Closet-Nerd
- Confidant
- Dedicated
- Disrespectful
- Easygoing
- Fortunate
- Fun-loving
- Humorous
- Impatient
- Industrious
- Intuitive
- Lazy
- Materialistic
- Mischievous
- Rebellious
- Sharp
- Sneaky
- Successful
- Tactile
- Wild

+ Arithmancy (shh, don't tell)
+ Muggle Science (really, don't tell)
+ Alcohol
+ Drugs
+ Gambling
+ Woman
+ Business success
+ Power
+ Quidditch
+ Kids

- Family Parties
- Most family members
- People who think they're smarter than him
- People who are smarter than him
- Dull people
- Ignorant people
- Omelets
- And all other forms of egg
- Death
- Toads

- To see Harding and Sinclair continue to succeed.
- To live a happy life.

And then of course there's...:

- Smokes cigarettes
- Has a very emotive face
- Bites his lip when attracted to someone
- Is unable to control his eyebrows when surprised

For Example:

PATRONUS: The first time he was introduced to baby Sebastian. His cousin was forced into his arms and Balthazar, knowing nothing about babies, was staring to panic. But before he could hand the baby back to his mother, Sebastian looked up at him, and smiled.

DEMENTOR: Balthazar was six, and on vacation in Germany with his parents. They had rented out a not-so-little cottage on the edge of a forest. There was a shallow stream not 50 feet from their door, and little Balthazar spent as much time as possible splashing away in it. One day, his mother was reading a magazine in the sun while Bal was paddling around, when Bal heard an enchanting laughter. He followed it into the forest, and when he began to get scared, the voice reassured him. The boy was happy as a clam until the owner of the voice, who turned out to be an Erkling, tried to eat him. His mother and father found him just as the creature was taking its first bite. Balthazar still has the scar on his bicep to prove it.

BOGGART: Erklings. Yes, The Erkling Incident happened over thirty years ago, and yes he should have gotten over it by now. However, he'd like to see you get munched on by an Erkling and not be at least a little bit traumatized. Until then, kindly shut the hell up.
Look at that thing, it's terrifying:

VERITASERUM: He wants kids. Yes, he's well aware that he'd be a terrible father, and there's no way he'll be settling down with a woman anytime soon, but he wants kids. At least one. He'd adopt, but no one in their right mind would give a guy like him a baby. Perhaps one day.

MIRROR OF ERISED: See veritaserum above.

In a nutshell, he's...

Not always the nicest of guys:

A total ladies man:

And far too arrogant for his own good:

But he'll care for you forever, if you let him:


FATHER: Finlay Harding (pureblood, deceased)

MOTHER: Elizabeth Harding (nee Wiles, Halfblood)


- Sebastian Sinclair (Cousin, business partner)
- William Sinclair (Uncle, deceased)
- Clarissa Sinclair (Aunt, Sebastian's mother)
- Willoughby Sinclair (Grandfather, deceased)

BLOOD STATUS:  Half-blood (3/4 if you want to be technical)



There's this stray cat he feeds occasionally... he may have gotten it to respond to Fluffernutter.

- His flat two blocks from Harding and Sinclair Headquarters
- His house in the Isle of Wight
- Jointly owns all H&S offices



Balthazar’s Grandfather, Willoughby Sinclair, had two sons, Finlay and William. During his adult years, Willougby started a business with his best friend, Guy Harding. The business was called, curiously enough, Harding & Sinclair. Guy had no children, so upon retiring, he claimed his godson Finlay as his heir. Thus, Finlay changed his last name, and though he and William were brothers, the business remained “Harding & Sinclair.”

Early Years:

Balthazar "Bal" Finlay Harding, was born to Elizabeth and Finlay Harding on a cold January morning. The young heir was well loved and cared for. His mother tended to spoil the young boy, while his father prevented things from getting too out of control. However, his parents were very busy people. Once he reached the age where he was trusted to spend time alone, he found himself doing just that. Like other boys his age he enjoyed playing outside, but not nearly to the extent that others did.

The boy was given tutors to teach him reading, writing, and the basics of some other subjects. Balthazar was a good pupil, when his tutors could get him to sit still in his chair and actually pay attention. One subject that he always paid attention in, however, was mathematics. His mother had insisted that he be taught the basics, at least, and the child had quickly fallen in love with the subject. When he asked for more math books, they were give to him. When he asked from more hours of tutoring, they were provided with a smile and an approving nod.

Hogwarts Years:

Balthazar was sorted into Slytherin without too much indecision on behalf of the Sorting Hat. The piece of enchanted magical clothing had considered Ravenclaw for only a few seconds before dismissing the idea, informing the boy that he just wouldn't fit as he didn't have a very good work ethic, interest, or passion in anything without numbers. He was, on the other hand, very ambitious. The wizard agreed.

The Hogwarts student was happy in Slytherin. He wasn't the most popular boy in the school, but he was popular enough not to get picked on outside of the odd snarky jab that every Slytherin was subject to. After all, there were only so many ambitious, cunning, and sly people you could put in one common room without expecting a few rude words to get tossed around.

During his first year, the Slytherin complained to his Head of House and Headmaster no less than twelve times about the age at which students were allowed to take Arithmancy. Upon coming home for the holidays, Balthazar was expect to attend both family and business functions. There was little that the boy hated more. He'd been attending them since childhood, but now that he was a Hogwarts student, the wizard had to eat and converse with the adults. Balthazar would be polite and behave, but spend the entire next day sulking, just to make sure his parents were completely aware of how displeased he was.

Balthazar was very intelligent student, but the bane of his Head of House's existence. The student didn't see the point of learning things he was never going to use, or didn't find interesting. The Slytherin would skip classes whenever he could get away with it, and rarely did assignments if they took too much effort. Because he was smart, Balthazar still tested fairly well, mainly because he paid attention when actually in class. After all, the lessons may have been a waste of his time, but they'd be an even bigger waste if he daydreamed and learned nothing at all.

The teenager was rather disappointed upon reaching his third year and finally taking Arithmancy. It was way too easy.


Upon graduating, Balthazar went to do what he always knew he would, work at Harding & Sinclair. He held an unimportant desk job "to get a feel for the company", in accordance to his father.

By this time, his little cousin Sebastian was crawling. Balthazar had no siblings, but a part of him considered the little boy to be his brother. Due to the extreme closeness of their fathers, brothers and partners themselves, Balthazar spent quite a bit of time babysitting. At first, he found it terribly annoying. The man wanted to spend his time out with the witches, not taking care of a baby. It turned out, to the man's surprise, that women liked a guy who was good with kids. No longer protesting about Sebastian-sitting, it didn't take long for Balthazar to become very fond of his little relative.

But as Bash grew older, Balthazar got busier. The businessman got promoted so many times in the first few years, that the other employees would whisper behind his back about the blatant favoritism. Perhaps it was, but there wasn't a soul who could say that he was bad at his job. At night he would take classes, working on his business degree. His father had demanded that he get it before climbing too high in the company, but Balthazar had wanted to start working straight away. This was their compromise, and it worked well enough.

As the years went by, Balthazar taught a teenaged Bash all the important things in life. He showed Bash how best to impress a witch, and how much alcohol one needed to consume to make family gatherings tolerable. Balthazar taught him how to swear in different languages, and which Hogwarts Professors would get the least angry if he skipped class.

He tried to stay out of the war. Balthazar had started Hogwarts two years after Harry Potter had left, but didn't pout over that like some. The Slytherin hadn't known much about the war, other than that he wanted to stay the hell out of it. This belief carried into his adulthood. Balthazar had no problem being friends with dark and light wizards, Death Eaters and those in the Order. It couldn't last forever.

A few months before his fortieth birthday, Balthazar received a letter from the Death Eaters, asking him to join. The man had been asked by his friends in the Order to become one of them more than once, but the wizard had always turned them down. He wanted nothing to do with the war, and that was that. One of his Order friends was with him when he opened the letter, and read it over his shoulder. His friend set about convincing Balthazar that the Death Eaters would likely take offence to his rejection, and that he should join the Order. Tired of the constant moaning, the wizard did so.

Around that same time, Bash's father died. His uncle's half of the company passed onto Bash himself, and Balthazar couldn't help but fear that Bash wasn't quite ready for it. Balthazar wasn't always the most responsible of men, but at least he'd worked up his way the company's ladder, been given time to adjust. Balthazar's own father, unable to handle the thought of running the company without his brother, chose to retire two days later. Balthazar and Bash now run the company together, Balthazar having hired more employees to do the work that Bash should and is not.  



RP EXPERIENCE: Considering my seven other characters? Enough.

HOW YOU FOUND US: Google? My other apps will know.

MAIN CHARACTER: Katrina-Carlotta Du Hunt

PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: My first Order Member!


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Harding, Balthazar Empty Re: Harding, Balthazar

Post by Anabelle Mulciber Fri Mar 07, 2014 12:06 pm

Hey Kitty,

How is this app coming along? You're almost at the end of your two week period before I have to move this. If you need more time PM me or anyone, but I'd really not want to have to move the app.

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Harding, Balthazar Empty Re: Harding, Balthazar

Post by Elijah Krum Sat Mar 15, 2014 6:11 pm

Accepted! <3

Harding, Balthazar Tumblr_inline_nzgc6iROpd1rifr4k_500
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