ZANTE, Yumiko Jay Alice
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ZANTE, Yumiko Jay Alice

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ZANTE, Yumiko Jay Alice Empty ZANTE, Yumiko Jay Alice

Post by Danny Riordan Mon Feb 17, 2014 2:42 am

ZANTE, Yumiko Jay Alice Tumblr_m1iaipZBbx1rrwhd8o3_500



FULL NAME: Yumiko Jay Alice Zante


AGE: Twenty


*Leans more toward the Death Eater’s side recently.



WAND: 11 3/4 inch black wood Phoenix feather core, rigid

PLAY BY: Bella Thorne



EYE COLOUR: Chocolate brown


BODY BUILD: skinny

ZANTE, Yumiko Jay Alice Tumblr_lvw9mqETm91r3h4ef
ZANTE, Yumiko Jay Alice Tumblr_m13d1bI9xY1qjuvtn

Clothes are usually somewhat colorful, but lately she mostly only wears darker clothes.


001. Ambitious
002. Loner - mostly
003. Aggressive
004. Loyal
005. Cunning
006. Secretive
007. Creative
008. Organized
009. Artistic
010. Assertive
011. Careful
012. Cautious
013. Distrusting
014. Vengeful
015. Traditional
016. Intelligent
017. Brave
018. Stubborn
019. Hard-headed
020. Naive
021. Reliable
022. Hard-working
023. Detached
024. Manipulative
025. Impulsive
026. Responsible
027. Rational
028. Overthinker
029. Paranoid
030. Insightful

001. Animals
002. Tea
003. Anime + the Japanese culture
004. Darkness
005. Being alone
006. Reading
007. Music
008. Art - painting in particular
009. Writing
010. Composing

001. Coffee
002. Bright Lights
003. Cooking
004. The Ministry
005. The Order
006. Death Eaters
007. Most Gryffindors
008. People who exalt themselves
009. Blood
010. Idiots

001. Graduate
002. Become a powerful witch
003. Never marry
004. Live a happy life - as happy as her life can get

001. Looks around
002. Fidgets around
003. Plays with her fingers
004. Can't maintain eye contact
005. Plays with her hair


PATRONUS: Finally leaving James' house

DEMENTOR: Both her parents' deaths

VERITASERUM: She's pretty much gay.

MIRROR OF ERISED: To have her parents back - yes she even misses her dad.

ZANTE, Yumiko Jay Alice Bella-thorne-sad
ZANTE, Yumiko Jay Alice -As-dead-as-it-gets-book-trailer-bella-thorne-32972866-500-275

Sadness. That's almost all there is in her now. Sadness.


FATHER: Mark Emmanuel Zante - Halfblood | Decreased

MOTHER: Julia Elizabeth Zante [nee Lace] - Muggleborn | Deceased


OTHER: James Tanaka - “Adoptive Father”

BLOOD STATUS:  Halfblood - Raised as a Pureblood

SPECIES: Werewolf





Early Years: Yumi’s life wasn’t the easiest one you can think of. She had always had a rough childhood, mostly a lonely one since she was an only child. You’d think that being an only child would be a good thing, she could be spoiled and have anything she wanted. Well, that was true, if you were rich or had enough money to be in the middle class. But Yumi’s family wasn’t even in the lower middle class, when she was a little girl her family was poor. Like dirt poor. They barely had enough money to eat sometimes.

It was because her father had been disowned since he chose to drop out of school and her mother’s family wasn’t rich either. Without the help from her father’s family, their economic status dropped significantly and that’s when the problems started. Her father couldn’t seem to hold a job for long and because of that he turned to alcoholism. He stopped working for a while, leaving her mother to work two jobs while taking care of Yumi. Along with his drinking, Mark began to become abusive. He made Yumi make him food and care for him, and if she didn’t do it correctly, he would hit her or do something worse to the little girl.

Yumi, of course, did not say anything since that was her father and she had to obey him anyways. But after her ninth birthday, something rather tragic happened. Her mother seemed to have had enough of her father’s abusive ways and she ended up killing him. The bloodshed was traumatic for the nine year old and Yumi has never really gotten over it. Her mother ran to the girl, covered in blood, telling her everything would be okay. Yumi for some reason didn’t believe it and she would soon find out she was right for not believing it.

A year after the incident, another tragedy occurred. Just a few days after her tenth birthday, Yumi was the witness of yet another crime that resulted in bloodshed. But this time the victim was her mother. A man who she would soon learn was named James Tanaka, barged into their new home - them having run away from their old home after Mark’s murder - and he killed her mother. Yumi later learned that he had been a very close friend of her father’s and he’d become consumed with rage since he was killed. Yumi thought James was going to kill her as well, so she wouldn’t grow up to accuse him of the death, but he seemed to take pity on her, knowing she was young and she shouldn’t be an orphan. The man took her in, and raised her as his own daughter. She learned Pureblood customs and she was raised as a Pureblood from that day on.

Hogwarts Years: Her life with James wasn’t any better than it had been with her parents. Sure, she had more things, money and a better home but he was the same as her father. And she didn’t have a mother as James refused to marry. But he was as abusive, if not worse than her father ever was. The year she lived with him was almost like living in Hell. So when she received her Hogwarts letter, naturally, she was overjoyed to be able to leave him. He didn’t seem to want to let her go, and tried convincing her to not go to school. To stay with him and serve him. Who needed an education, right?

The girl vigorously refused and packed her bags as quickly as she could. James, obviously enraged by her decision allowed her to go, but she arrived at the station with a large bruise on the side of her face.  As a result, Yumi seemed to be antisocial when she arrived at the castle. Few people spoke to her when she arrived, one of those few being a girl who would soon be sorted into Ravenclaw. Rose Weasley. Now that name held a special place in her heart, but she refused to admit it, just yet. The girl tried to find out what had happened to her face and Yumi had been reluctant to respond.

Why don’t you want to tell me? Or talk to me at all? I’m not that bad! I promise. I just want to help you!

She remembered the words clearly as if she had heard them yesterday, but her response was one she would now wish she hadn’t said. She had snapped at the girl and told her that she didn’t know or like her and that she should mind her own business. Just then, Rose’s name was called and she went up to the Sorting Hat with tears in her eyes. Yumi immediately felt bad about what had happened but she never admitted it to the now Ravenclaw girl. After Rose and a few more people, Yumi was called up to the Hat and after a long time of deciding where she would fit in, the hat sorted her into Slytherin.

She had no idea whether she should be pleased or pissed.

Two years later, into her third year, Yumi met a younger girl who grew to become like a younger sister to her. Kasumi Takahashi. The girl was sorted into Hufflepuff and Yumi immediately saw an issue. Hufflepuffs were too nice and sweet, which usually got them picked on. By Slytherins. She didn’t want to end up being the one who had to pick on her but she also didn’t want to be the outcast that liked Hufflepuffs. Not that she could become anymore of an outcast.

After her fifth year, the summer before her sixth year, Yumi was sent to the hospital. She had gotten into a fight with James, as was now customary to defend herself from him, and she had ended up with a broken wrist and a few scratches and bruises. She remained in the hospital for a few days, refusing to see anyone except Kasumi because she knew the younger girl would be worried sick about her if she didn’t want to see her. She never told anyone besides Kasumi about what happened that day though, she was afraid someone would talk to James and he would do something to her afterwards.

Adulthood: After her seventh year at Hogwarts, Yumi finally moved out of James’ house. She had had enough of the man and she was finally able to fight back with magic. All the years before coming of age, she had never tried to use her magic because she was afraid she would get in trouble and he knew that. But after turning seventeen, and being able to use her magic legally outside of Hogwarts, Yumi pointed her wand at him and told him she was leaving and that he couldn’t stop her. And that he shouldn’t try unless he wanted to be killed.

She would never really kill him but she did end up having to spun him before she left. A few nights after she left, and was moved into a small apartment she had began to rent, the seventeen year old girl was attacked. She was attacked by a Werewolf and though she never found out who turned her into one, something inside her felt like that person was now dead. Or at least, far away from her. Since then, the girl had gotten a job as a waitress and hopes to soon get a better job, maybe own her own shop of something.






PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: She needed to come back. And she’s gonna be used for personal plotting


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ZANTE, Yumiko Jay Alice Empty Re: ZANTE, Yumiko Jay Alice

Post by Khaat Lupin Thu Feb 20, 2014 2:27 am

Now that's a name from the past! Interesting choice of folks to bring back!

Accepted and sorted to grads!
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Post by Danny Riordan Thu Feb 20, 2014 2:46 am

Very Happy
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