SINCLAIR, Sebastian
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SINCLAIR, Sebastian

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SINCLAIR, Sebastian Empty SINCLAIR, Sebastian

Post by Katherine Avery Wed Feb 12, 2014 3:50 am

SINCLAIR, Sebastian Tumblr_mxfoeujeTB1rbxriso2_250



FULL NAME: Sebastian Nostradamus Sinclair

NICKNAMES:  Bash, Seb, Sinclair

AGE: 23
Birthday: June 12th

Death Eaters

The Ashford/Pierson Family
Harding Family
Hayes Family
Steve Oates & Family
His Family
Trade Partners in France and The States

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Slytherin House
Slytherin Quidditch Team

The Daily Prophet
The Quidditch Federation
Harding & Sinclair


Bash's grades during Hogwarts and University were poor, though not dreadful.

WAND: Ash, Dragon Heartstring, 10 ½ inches, Stiff

OCCUPATION: Joint Shareholder (with cousin) of family business: Harding & Sinclair
The company funds projects in Architecture among other things. Large projects needing substantial backing.

PLAY BY: Torrance Coombs





BODY BUILD: Middling/Athletic


Once Over: From a glance, one can tell that Sebastian is fairly young, in his twenties, has spent some time involved in sports (Quidditch, in his case), though perhaps not recently. He’s fairly tall, though for a grown man it likely isn’t too strange. He’s got short brown hair and shockingly blue eyes. He tends to dress nicely, as opposed to casually, and lacks tattoos or piercings.

Hair and Face: Bash’s hair is short enough that it doesn’t fall in his eyes, but if he didn’t do anything with it, it would probably be a mess. Thus, he tends to reach for some light styling product to keep it from being either too just-out-of-bed or too very stiff. His eyebrows are thick, though not strikingly so, and tend to arch in question or contempt. They’re massively expressive if one takes the time to try and read him. His eyes are technically blue, though they sometimes appear green depending on the lighting or what he’s wearing. Often, his eyes seem cold and almost calculating in his attempts to hide his emotions or reactions to things. Most people have trouble figuring out what he’s really thinking or feeling, even if they watch him for a while. Sebastian has a thing nose, which is only slightly turned downwards at the end. It rests above lips which are almost always turned up in either a smirk or a faint smile – suggesting he knows something that someone else doesn’t. His mouth is full, surrounded by the scruff he often allows to grow. He doesn’t always think that the clean-shaven look is the best one for him, so he tends to leave it for a time and switch back and forth between looks.

Body and Clothes: From years of Quidditch during school, as well as relatively frequent attempts to stay in shape, Sebastian has a sort of athletic build, though he isn’t built to the point where he’s got boxy shoulders or the like. Bash is massively comfortable in his own skin, the gait of his walk suggesting as much. While he prefers to dress professionally, if the man ever chooses to wear casual clothing, it involves t-shirts that show off his muscled arms and pleasantly (though not overly) toned torso. Shorts are something he avoids if at all possible – except perhaps on vacation, if the temperature calls for it. The colors of his wardrobe tend to be subtle, rather than extravagant, though he doesn’t always worry about whether or not the colors are perfectly matched. More often than not, an onlooker can tell if he’s in one of his “low” stages just by looking at him: Bash will undoubtedly have a more casual style of dress, mussed hair, and likely be seen with a glass of something strong in hand.


001. Unapologetic
002. Restless
003. Coarse
004. Bossy
005. Decisive
006. Loyal
007. Intelligent
008. Secretive
009. Witty
010. Determined
011. Tactful
012. Demanding
013. Resourceful
014. Creative
015. Stubborn
016. Observant
017. Confident
018. Independent
019. Athletic
020. Manipulative
021. Intuitive
022. Dedicated
023. Curious
024. Problem-Solver
025. Capable
026. Brooding
027. Not Religious
028. Persistent
029. Homebody
030. Pessimistic
031. Quarrelsome
032. Informed
033. Charming
034. Reserved
035. Impulsive

+ Power
+ Wit
+ Alcohol
+ Messing with people experimentally
+ Warm weather
+ Women
+ Traveling
+ Drugs
+ Sarcasm
+ When Bal gets him out of trouble
+ Wasting time
+ Tea
+ Secretly likes dancing
+ Quidditch
+ Thrill-seeking

- Being denied what he wants
- Pureblood/Family parties
- While Bash is okay with a lot of things, gambling isn’t something he does
- People who act smarter than they are
- Meetings
- Needy people/Clingy women
- “Imbeciles”
- Dealing with his family issues
- Singing – not other people’s, mind. Just his own.
- Lack of discretion
- Friends who argue all the bloody time
- Erratic behavior
- Trying to live up to expectations
- Cooking

01. Take over his father’s part of the business.
02. Figure out what his place in the world is.
03. Find some goal to strive for, someone to try for, or something to truly live for.

01. Gives condescending nicknames to most women (helps avoid any affection)
02. Drinks or uses when he’s had a rough day or wonders what his father would think.
03. Or just when he’s bored.
04. Flaunts his money to get what he wants or to keep himself from getting into any real trouble
05. Often suggests business ventures that he knows the board won’t like. Particularly enjoys suggesting clubs or even speakeasies to the older board members who are more uptight and would be affronted by the idea. Bash intends to convince them to give him a space one day, even if it’s for something else.

DEMENTOR: When Sebastian turned twenty, he told his father that he was uninterested in returning to University for another year; he just wanted to start working for the family company and learn the ropes. William agreed, allowing his son to start the next week. Instead of returning to classes, Bash would spend his free time in and around London. One day, he ran into a Muggle woman named Miranda Humphries while walking the streets and although their relationship was one of bickering and dislike at first, by the time he was twenty-two, he had fallen for her completely. Unfortunately, she didn’t fit the mold of someone his father would approve of, and when he warned her about it, explained what he was, she bolted. He hasn’t seen her since, but thinks of her often.

VERITASERUM: Bash has never said it aloud, but he is convinced that his father never thought he was good enough, maybe never even loved him. (He would be wrong about that, especially considering that most everything was left to him even before his mum. But he doesn’t really believe it)

MIRROR OF ERISED: Sebastian mostly just wants to be taken seriously. While he wouldn’t complain if he found someone like Miranda who could turn him back around, make his time worth while and the imagined rejection of his father less painful. The only issue there is that he doesn’t let people in – not really. He pretends to, sometimes, with women. But he never means anything, even when he’s in a relationship. It would take someone convincing him that he could give up his pretenses and his hard outer shell for him to consider admitting feelings or considering moving forward with her.


The problem with Bash is that he is one way around most people, then completely different around people he cares about or loves. With his family, he just wants to be accepted, and around a girl he cares deeply about he’s devoted and serious. But in the eyes of the public he is a man who has lost his way and may not be able to find it again. Handsome and decently charming, Sebastian can easily get a woman if he wants to, but usually those women aren’t the ones he would actually want to keep around. In order to keep up the appearance of having power and being one of the men in charge of Harding & Sinclair, he is often out in the public’s eye, at parties or bars and with different women all the time.

Bash prides himself on the worst things – his abilities to get women (or other things he wants), his wealth, his business and his power. He believes he has the ability to get himself out of any troubles with his money or his smile, charm and wit. Typically, it just manages to get him into even more trouble instead.

Currently, his reaction to many things is just to go drink or get lost in drugs and women. After his last disaster with an attempt at a relationship, Bash refuses to let himself feel the same way again. (See Dementor) He prefers to keep quiet than talk in social situations, or just drinks instead of paying attention. He quickly tired of the parties that his family required him to attend. Now that he’s an adult, he has started finding ways to escape those parties and instead essentially does what he wants rather than what his mother wants or his father would have wanted.

If Sebastian manages to find a girl who can turn him around, it would actually take a heck of a lot of effort to change his ways. Whether the effort was on her part or his, it probably wouldn’t matter. Dropping his habits suddenly wouldn’t even be possible, if we’re being honest here. He’s been in his little web of awful since he was a teen, after the first time Balthazar Harding gave him his first drink. When William assumed Bash fell off the deep end on his own, it just got even more awful. Even if he actually loved someone else after Miranda, it would take painful amounts of convincing to admit any of those feelings. The idea of anyone seeing him vulnerable is a miserable one. Frankly, anyone who finds him on a day when he’s down on his luck is likely to be on the receiving end of cursing and threats.

Thankfully, though, when he cares about someone there is little he wouldn’t do – including harming himself or spending whatever he has to in order to keep them safe or happy. Most of the time he’s a complete tosser, but at times he can do the right thing.

Sebastian’s Beliefs/Sayings:
1. Life isn’t fair, and often holds a good deal of suffering; only the very young or the very foolish believe otherwise.
2. Hate is a four letter word, but love? That’s a four letter lie.
3. Getting lost isn’t always a bad thing.
4. A man only really needs one friend.

+ Persistence
+ Social Intelligence
+ Daring
+ Resilient
+ Humor
+ Loyalty

- Forgiveness
- Gratitude
- Difficult
- Punctuality
- Arrogant
- Short-sighted
- Over-Analyzes things
- Emotions

STRONG AREAS OF MAGIC: Defensive spells, potion-making, Transfiguration

WEAK AREAS OF MAGIC: Divination, healing spells, patronus-casting

- Pick-up Quidditch matches with folks from work or Steve, his best mate since Hogwarts (He's still not sure he actually does any other 'friends', though he has a few people he might call a friend if he thought about it properly.)
- Going drinking with the same
- Going to professional Quidditch matches
- Messing about his staff at Harding & Sinclair


FATHER: William Sinclair
Ex-Business man; Joint Shareholder of Harding & Sinclair

MOTHER: Clarissa Sinclair (nee Faust)
Stay at home mum


Uncle – Balthazar Harding’s father, Finlay
Cousin – Balthazar Harding
Grandfather (Willoughby Sinclair) & Grandmother deceased.

BLOOD STATUS:  ¾, technically. “Half-blood”


SOCIAL STATUS: Quite wealthy.

PET/S: None

Home outside London
Flat in central London
His part in the family business
Quidditch bits and bobs.


Before Bash:

Sebastian’s Grandfather, Willoughby Sinclair, had two sons, Finlay and William. During his adult years, Willougby started a business with his best friend, Guy Harding. Guy had no children, so when he retired, he claimed Finlay, his godson as his heir. Thus, Finlay changed his last name, and though he and William were brothers, the business was still called “Harding & Sinclair.”

Early Years:

Sebastian “Bash” Nostradamus Sinclair was born to Clarissa and William Sinclair, extremely wealthy members of London society. Bash was born in America, though, as his mum wanted to be with her family while William was stuck in meetings for work and she would often have to be at home alone during the day. Thus, he's technically a citizen of both countries. William was a joint shareholder of Harding & Sinclair even before Bash was born. Bash, the younger of the cousins, was his father’s least favorite, even though Balthazar wasn’t William’s son. William spent a good amount of time with Balthazar as the boy grew up, and by the time Bash was born, Balthazar was made out to be his model of a young man with the right life ahead of him.

Clarissa, though she stayed at home with Sebastian, often kept to her own devices or left Bash to his. Of course, this could only end badly. Over time, Bash became more and more independent, more and more likely to drop sarcastic lines. His parents became increasingly frustrated with him as he aged, clearly looking forward to his Hogwarts years. They seemed to hope that he would change his ways. That he might meet people there who could turn him ‘round.

His least favorite part of growing up, truly, was the requirement that he attended family get-togethers and parties. His parents forced him into all sorts of painful things like dance lessons and (the worst, clearly) involved etiquette and the like.  

Hogwarts Years:

Sebastian wasn’t at all surprised to be sorted into the Slytherin house when he arrived at the Hogwarts castle as a first year. No, indeed, Bash is fairly certain he subconsciously asked for it – he can’t remember actively doing so, but the sentiment was there. He firmly believes that some of his best times were spent in the dungeons of Hogwarts with his housemates, even if most of them were mental. Bash often felt that he was vastly smarter than most of the people in his year or in the years below him. This was likely because he didn’t “waste his time” on classes like his classmates did. Instead, he tended to worm his way out of things or convince others to do things for him.

Frankly, this didn’t win him too many friends. By the time Sebastian graduated, he wasn’t really in touch with many of the people he had spent time with in school. Then again, he is of the impression that he doesn’t really need friends to make it in either his job or his life. Emotions and relationships, he’s decided, are unimportant. Bash is certain he can get through life just fine without them. (Clearly, he’s been proven wrong time and again, but refuses to accept it).

SINCLAIR, Sebastian Tumblr_mvzlbvUOOI1sb8s03o1_r1_500

All of this, however, is turned on its head when he admits to having one real friend, Steve Oates. (PB: Toby Regbo) They met during their first year and as they were both Slytherins and lived together in the dorms, they inevitably were going to grow apart or together. Over time, Steve became the one person Bash could seem to talk to, even when he was at his lowest. After they graduated, they stayed close, though Bash is not the type who easily can admit to being close to someone. Thus, while Steve is his best mate, technically, Sebastian has never said it out loud.

SINCLAIR, Sebastian Tumblr_mv7md8Eo8h1s01gf9o1_500

Outside of avoiding classes, Sebastian spent his time in Hogsmeade or playing Quidditch for his house team as well as with whomever he considered to be his mates at the time. He rotated through these groups nearly as quickly as he changed his mind about girls or what his favorite things were. He was a Chaser during the time that one of his mates, Keiran, was captain. After that, he decided he didn’t want the responsibility so he avoided the chance to be the captain in the following two years of his time at school. Hayes is one of the only men he’s kept up with aside from Oates, though they rarely see each other. His time on the Quidditch team, however, seemed to be a plus for his social life, so it was something he kept up with over his time at school, even when other things fell to the wayside.

Bash’s father would often send letters asking after classes and activities, hoping that Sebastian was “putting himself in a good light” for the company. This, of course, sometimes worked in William’s favor, but more often than not merely made him even less invested in his schoolwork.

During the summers, the person Sebastian saw the most was Balthazar, who introduced him to drinking, and managed to keep William from finding out about it. Hence William seemingly preferring his nephew over his son. (At least in Bash’s mind.)
*Note: This wasn’t technically true, though Bash is unable to find out about this, due to his father’s death and his distance from his mother. Granted, she probably wouldn’t figure out that he even felt that way, and certainly wouldn’t have thought to mention that it wasn’t true. She’s a bit oblivious to feelings, much like Sebastian always hides his feelings.

In the end, Sebastian’s grades were poor, but good enough that his father didn’t have to get onto him about them in front of the board of directors at the company.


Sebastian went to University until he was twenty, majoring in business as was expected of him. By the time he got to his senior year, he decided he was done with it and just wanted to work with his father, Uncle and cousin. Bash’s grades had never been too very good, even in Hogwarts, and he was tired of trying to live up to expectations while he’s spent his years involved with drugs and alcohol. His tolerance level is actually rather impressive due to years of experience, so Bash rarely manages to let himself get entirely drunk. That only happens when he’s desperate to forget something or wants to “get away.”

After telling his father that he didn’t want to return to University for his final year, Bash spent his time working at Harding & Sinclair and being around his cousin as well as traveling. His father often got onto him about his actions, worried that potential clients would choose other firms based on his son’s actions. Thus, the more William fought him, the more likely Bash was to react negatively.

While out one night at a bar with a couple guys from work, Sebastian ran into a Muggle woman named Miranda, and they immediately disliked each other. Unfortunately, she was a good friend of one of the men he worked with and for the next several weeks, he had to see her regularly. As time passed, they slowly started getting to know each other and Bash slowly started to understand her to the extent that he didn’t dislike her at all. In fact, he actually found that for the first time in his memory, he actually wanted to date someone. To claim that she was his and allow everyone to call him hers.

SINCLAIR, Sebastian Tumblr_mwrkc8qbQf1sn21e9o2_500

By the time Sebastian allowed himself to actually admit this, he had realized what his family would think. He comes from a legacy of rich, pureblooded (until his mum, who was a half-blood), wizarding world businessmen. Miranda clearly didn’t fit the mold that he knew his wife would be expected to fill. She refused to stay home, wanting a career of her own desperately, and was a Muggle to top everything off.

He knew that, regardless of the fact that Bash knew he had fallen for her, she probably wouldn’t accept what his life would mean for her. As far as Miranda knew, Bash and his friends were all just wealthy Muggles who worked together in a financing firm. He knew that not telling her the truth wasn’t an option, so when he finally sat her down and explained everything, she panicked and took off. After his recent choice to avoid drinking and using, the urge to do both returned. He hadn’t realized it, but her influence was what had changed his mind for a time. When she was gone, he turned back to his old lifestyle and can’t seem to find his way out of it.

SINCLAIR, Sebastian Tumblr_mws8aec45m1sn21e9o1_500

When Bash’s father died, half of the company was left in his control, while his cousin took over for Bash’s retiring Uncle. So they came into their positions at the same time and it’s been six months since their first day as the joint shareholders and thus bosses of the company. Based upon Sebastian’s time with his father, he’s certain that the man didn’t believe in him. He’s sure that his father didn’t think he was fit for the job, so Bash fell further into the web he had created for himself regarding alcohol and drugs, among other things. Over time, he’s only gotten worse and some of the board members have suggested that they are worried he could hurt the business if he doesn’t change his ways.

As for his allegiances, Sebastian is on the side of the Death Eaters. After meeting many of them during his years at Hogwarts, Bash became 'friends' with them, more or less, and the darker parts of him keep him aligned with their cause. He tends to help with money or act as what one might call a protective force among the other Death Eaters. His strongest area of magic is undoubtedly defensive magic, which is fitting due to his defensive nature. His weakest area is likely healing spells or anything to do with Divination, because of his lack of faith both in himself and others. He has an air of confidence about him, and while he's certain that he can handle interactions with other people, the lack of faith is in his abilities and his potential.



RP EXPERIENCE: 5 years? I no know.

HOW YOU FOUND US: I can’t quite remember.

MAIN CHARACTER: I need muse and inspiration to stay

PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Plotting with Kitty, Death Eater stuffs, his lovely face.


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SINCLAIR, Sebastian Empty Re: SINCLAIR, Sebastian

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