LONGBOTTOM, Frank David Percival
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LONGBOTTOM, Frank David Percival

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LONGBOTTOM, Frank David Percival  Empty LONGBOTTOM, Frank David Percival

Post by Orla Hughes Mon Feb 03, 2014 3:58 pm

LONGBOTTOM, Frank David Percival  Tumblr_n0asl7YCS41qkmebxo3_r1_250 LONGBOTTOM, Frank David Percival  Tumblr_n0asl7YCS41qkmebxo4_r1_250



FULL NAME: Frank David Percival Longbottom II

AGE&BIRTHDAY&SIGNS: Twenty-Two | December 21st 2004

Western Astrology
Element: Earth
Quality: Cardinal
Ruling House: Tenth
Ruling Planet: Saturn

Chinese Astrology
Fixed Season: Autumn
Fixed Direction: West
Fixed Element: Metal
Associated Sun Sign: Leo

Mayan Astrology
Aztec Name: Tecpatl / Flint Knife
Mayan Name: Etz’nab
Direction: North
Qualities: Self-sufficient and Romantic.

Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Colours: Purple, Lilac, Mauve
Gemstones: Amethyst
Qualities: Creative, Light-hearted.


BLOOD TYPE: Half-Blood.

ALLEGIENCES: Order of the Phoenix
The Longbottom family,
The Abbott family,

The British Ministry of Magic,
The Department of Magical Law and Enforcement,
The Auror Office,

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,
Gryffindor House,
Gryffindor Quidditch Team,
Hufflepuff Quidditch Team,
The Hogwarts Orchestra,

The Quidditch Federation,
The Firebolt Racing Broom Company,
England’s International Quidditch Team,
The Wimborne Wasps,
Puddlemere United,
The Puddlemere United Youth Team,

The Football Association,
The England National Football Team,
Arsenal Football Club,
Wimborne Town Football Club,

The Daily Prophet,
The Quibbler,
Witch Weekly,

St. Joseph’s Primary School – Aged Three – Eleven
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Aged Eleven – Eighteen
Puddlemere United Youth Academy – Aged Thirteen – Nineteen


Core Classes:
- Astronomy – Outstanding
- Charms – Exceeds Expectations
- Defence Against the Dark Arts – Outstanding
- Herbology – Outstanding
- History of Magic – Acceptable
- Potions – Exceeds Expectations
- Transfiguration – Exceeds Expectations

- Care of Magical Creatures – Exceeds Expectations
- Study of Ancient Runes – Exceeds Expectations

Core Classes:
- Charms – Exceeds Expectations
- Defence Against the Dark Arts – Outstanding
- Herbology – Outstanding
- Potions – Exceeds Expectations
- Transfiguration – Outstanding

- Care of Magical Creatures – Oustanding
- Study of Ancient Runes – Acceptable

Non-Curricular Pursuits:
- Gryffindor Quidditch Team
- The Hogwarts Orchestra
- The Hogwarts Choir

OCCUPATION: Chaser for the Wimborne Wasps.

WAND: Apple and Hemlock with a Rowan inlay, Bowtruckle Bark and Dragon Heartstring core, 10 inches, Rigid.


Frank Longbottom strongly resembles his father and, thus, the namesake of his sister, his grandmother Alice Longbottom II. His expressions and more intimate facial features bear the femininity of his grandmother and thus has a rather elfish look about him, from the sharpness of his cheekbones and the point of his nose to the impish grin that takes up his lips more often than not. Yet there is also very much a masculine edge to his appearance that thankfully allows him to be distinguished from his sister.

The oval shaped face of Frank Longbottom is inherited from his father. The angularities of his cheekbones, however, seem entirely his own and hollow out his cheeks as a result, giving him an ever so slightly gaunt look about him. His jaw is fine and square, knitting together in a mostly straight line on his delicate chin. Frank’s eyes are small and high up on his face, the colouring a dark and expressive ebony that belonged to his mother. His nose is prominent and straight, bearing small nostrils and a slight tip to the end. His mouth is smaller than the norm would prescribe but upturned near constantly in a smile, conversely widening it to comical widths.

Upon sweeping down a long neck, passing the peppering of facial hair that slips down into it, at the hollow of his throat, his shoulders join up and spread out wide, assuming the fame of his figure. He has a broad yet at the same time very narrow aspect to him, making him especially flighty when it comes to playing Quidditch – while he seems like a large, imposing figure, he very easily disappears due to the deceptiveness of his form.

Frank’s torso is long, dancing down to a narrow waist and only slightly wider hips that allow for even longer legs to slide out, giving him his towering height which has proved helpful when it comes to catching the Quaffle over the years. His arms are in proportion and across his frame he is covered in lean muscles that seem dismal at a glance but are incredibly powerful on the quiet, a testament to the amount of sport he has done over the years.

Frank is not the snappiest of dressers but when his PR manager deems it necessary, he’s scrubbed and preened to suitability and he does, indeed, look fairly majestic in a three-piece suit. However, that’s not what he would usually be found in and he loathes putting up with the stuffiness of the starched collars and the constricting ties but for the benefit of some of the press conferences he does put up with it.

The young Longbottom is a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy when he has to go out. He has a favourite belt buckle and a favourite pair of dark jeans and a wide range of t-shirts which he tends to buy based on the colours: purple being a favourite of his. He is also a fan of jumpers and trainers and especially enjoys coats – coats being the only thing he truly enjoys splashing out on.

However, when he doesn’t have to go out then he is a sweatpants man who wears a pair of them and nothing else as a general rule and, when he can get away with it, he’ll forego the trousers and potter around in his boxers. That’s a rarity, though, because he always finds himself with someone sat in his house – not that he minds but he does wonder if his friends have homes of their own.

In terms of accessories, Frank keeps it sparse bar some lucky charms. A silver Snitch on a piece of cord sits at the base of his throat and a few rings are on his fingers (one on his right thumb, a signet on his little finger) and he has his ears pierced but tends to only put in one silver dragon claw loop rather than a pair – another good luck charm.

Over the years, Frank has gotten involved far too many times with the Bludgers and he’s never really come out of these entanglements totally unscathed. He also had the tendency to be a bit slapdash and reckless with some of the more dangerous animals in his Care of Magical Creatures classes, too.

As such, one of Frank’s most distinguishing features is a scar, courtesy of a raging Hippogriff he tried to console. It slides down the right side of his face from his temple and dips down beneath his cheekbone, hovering just over the line of facial hair that crawls up his face. It healed up well enough at the time but no amount of salve was able to totally rid him of the scar – thus he wears it as some sort of trophy: a testament to his Hippogriff survival.

Other than that main feature, Frank has a few other scars here and there that are mostly the results of Bludgers and he seems to have a permanently dislocated shoulder as a result of the harpies having a particular liking for him. Frank’s teammates are constantly having to pop the shoulder back in and as a result that, along with many other joints and bones, have an odd tendency to click.

Otherwise, Frank’s generally not got many distinguishing lumps and bumps.

PLAY BY: Santiago Carera


001. Ambitious,
002. Arrogant,
003. Chivalric,
004. Clever,
005. Competitive,
006. Courageous,
007. Creative,
008. Daring,
009. Dedicated,
010. Family Orientated,
011. Flirtatious,
012. Frivolous,
013. Generous,
014. Good humoured,
015. Hard working,
016. Kind,
017. Laidback,
018. Loyal,
019. Mischievous,
020. Organised,
021. Over-Protective,
022. Rebellious,
023. Resourceful,
024. Romantic,
025. Sentimental,
026. Sporty,
027. Straightforward,
028. Stubborn,
029. Tactical,
030. Wanderlust.

001. Cricket,
002. Drawing,
003. Film,
004. Football,
005. Golf,
006. Holidays,
007. Joke,
008. Lay-ins,
009. Music,
010. Partying,
011. Plays,
012. Quidditch,
013. Rugby,
014. Summer,
015. Swimming.

016. Alcohol,
017. Arguments,
018. Betrayal,
019. Cats,
020. Cheating,
021. Dark Arts,
022. Death Eaters,
023. Early mornings,
024. Failure,
025. Foul play,
026. Guilt,
027. Isolation,
028. Laziness,
029. Pureblood supremacists,
030. The cold.

001. Win the Quidditch League,
002. Buy a nice house somewhere,
003. Play in the Champions Quidditch League,
004. Sign a football contract,
005. Travel the world,
006. Try every flavour of tea,
007. Manage a Quidditch club,
008. Get another dog,
009. Get one-hundred England caps,
010. Patron over a hundred charities.

001. Wears odd socks,
002. Cracks his knuckles,
003. Looks at his watch a lot,
004. Plays with his moustache,
005. Bites his thumb nail,
006. Coughs a lot when nervous,
007. Shuffles his feet,
008. Fidgets constantly,
009. Whistles often,
010. Rubs his forehead a lot.

Frank’s Boggart has changed over the years. When he first encountered it, it began by showing him the dead bodies of his family. When he gained firm friends at Hogwarts and reencountered the Boggart in his third year, after first discovering one in his great-grandmother’s attic, said friends joined the corpses of his family. However, after he fell from his broomstick during the under-21 final, the Boggart changed completely unbeknownst to the young man who has not seen one since. He fears heights, whether he realises it or not, and more’s to the point, he fears falling from them. Whether or not the Boggart’s form still incorporates the deaths of his loved ones is yet unknown and, as ever, it is subject to change.

Paradoxically, Frank’s favourite, most treasured memory is being able to cast his first corporeal Patronus. When he first cast a non-corporeal Patronus he used the memory of his mother teaching him as a boy how to make funny little cocktails and other little ditties for those who paid patronage to the Leaky Cauldron. Particularly what he loved was the smell of the rum on the pages of the old, leather-bound journal she used as reference for her recipes and since they left the pub, Frank has kept the book with him as a good luck charm or something of the like. However, when he finally cast his corporeal Patronus it took the form of a flock of Kingfishers. There is one, particularly, that leads the pack and he is one to presume that the rest of the flock are his family and he is the slightly scraggly looking leader that, when lands, stands the tallest and the proudest despite the odd, dishevelled tufts of hair on his head.

Frank had been selected to play as the lead chaser in the under-21 final of the Quidditch League. By the first quarter, Puddlemere United were one-hundred points behind and the Chudley Cannons were beginning to get on the Snitch’s tail much to the frustration and confusion of the United Seeker. At a loss, Frank and his Chasers had to start pulling back some of the points to loosen the margin that the Cannons were inevitably going to win by if their form continued throughout the rest of the game. It was a night match. His parents and his extended family (meaning the Potters, Weasleys and Scamanders) were all in the crowd. It was impossible for Frank to allow himself to disappoint but when he woke up, great shame clouded his recovery from what came back in pieces as the most horrific Bludger injury that the under-21 squad had ever seen. The Bludger had gone up over the Cannons’ goal rings and it was batted back by one of the Beaters and it came firing across the pitch, connecting at full pelt with Frank’s head. He was launched, unconscious, off of the back of his broomstick and landed, without further injury on the pitch ground with the help of the referee. When he came to it was over a month later and it has been only recently that Frank has managed to get back to his form prior to the injury. Regardless of his so-called bravery and the fact that he survived to get back on the broomstick, Frank hasn’t so quickly forgotten what happened.

The young Longbottom’s parents would argue that he hasn’t lived long enough to garner anything worth knowing about, especially anything procured under extreme duress. However, being the rather cavalier chap that he is, he has procured one particular aspect that the lady-in-question’s parents would love to know the full details of. As an errant teenager at the end of his Hogwarts career, Frank made the acquaintance of a girl who he, needless to say, fell head over heels for. Being a feisty one, she wasn’t just going to take his advances and, thus, Frank spent many a night throwing pebbles at her window before finally being granted admittance. Then he spent his nights climbing the ivy and spending his time in her room: until of course he got chased out by her particularly put-out father. Needless to say, Frankie wasn’t invited back.

It wasn’t easily forgotten within the Longbottom family what exact fate had befallen Frank and Alice. It was only through incident that the young Frank had ever come across his grandfather but he understood palpably just how difficult it must have been for his father, growing up without his parents. As such, the young Frank was determined that if he ever had children, he was never going to get embroiled in something which would deny his son or daughter a chance at having a proper family with parents and siblings. He refused to subject anyone to the same fate his father had to endure. Thus, as a result, Frank decided to sponsor an orphanage and many other little charities that would help find children homes. His greatest desire? To have and sustain a family.

This is the son of Neville Longbottom and Hannah Abbot. He is a ridiculously kind, generous and devoted human being who incidentally also manages to lose his socks and leave things lying around without realising where he’s put them. As much as he is an arse, an over-protective and stubborn little mongrel he is also a fun-loving trickster who has a little bit more Slytherin in him than anyone really realises. Frank is, ultimately and in short, a very, very good man but it is his jealous streak which often gets the better of him, like all Gryffindors, as well as his penchant for jumping to conclusions and heading headlong into any oncoming battle because, let’s face it, it seems like a good idea at the time which will ultimately get him into trouble --- eventually.


FATHER: Neville Longbottom | b. July 30th 1980 | Former Auror and Professor of Herbology | Order member.

MOTHER: Hannah Longbottom née Abbot | b. 1980 | Landlady of the Leaky Cauldron | Order member.

SISTER: Alice Longbottom | b. 2012 | Hufflepuff | Potter’s Army member.

Frank Longbottom I | b. 1960s | Former Auror | Former Order member.
Alice Longbottom | b. 1960s | Former Auror | Former Order member.

Mr T. Abbot | b. 1960s | Former Green-Grocer | Neutral.
Mrs E. Abbot | b. 1960s | Former Baker | Neutral.

Mr Longbottom | b. 1930s | Former Officer in the British Army | Neutral.
Augusta Longbottom | b. 1930s | Former Nurse | Order affiliate.

Mr Abbot | b. 1930s | Former Coal miner | Neutral.
Mrs Abbot | b. 1930s | Former Waitress | Neutral.

Extended Relations via Black line:
+ Blishwick family
+ Bulstrode family
+ Burke family
+ Crabbe family
+ Crouch family
+ Flint family
+ Gamp family
+ Malfoy family
+ Macmillan family
+ Lestrange family
+ Lupin family
+ Potter family
+ Prewett family
+ Rosier family
+ Tonks family
+ Weasley family
+ Yaxley family

NATIONALITY: British English.

HOME TOWN: Charing Cross, Westminster, Greater London.

CURRENT RESIDENCE: Wimborne Minster, East Dorset, England.

FINANCIAL STATUS: Solvent with two years’ worth of income in his vault.

SOCIAL STATUS: Upper-Middle Class with a hefty disposable income.



LONGBOTTOM, Frank David Percival  Tumblr_lu1bpsA2Bb1qbz1e5o1_500

You’re back now for the start of this 2026/2027 Quidditch season but-uh … it was looking pretty dire there for a while, wasn’t it? How’s the ol’ head?

[chuckles] Yeah, well, it’s still screwed on alright. I remember… when I woke up, my teammates were all sat there whining about all of the games they’d apparently lost while I was away. Total bollo- oops, sorry. Merlin. No, total rubbish. They’re such liars. They actually played better without me!

It was one hell of a knock you got though, wasn’t it?

Knock is an understatement. They kept me under for weeks. It was a really tricky time. I didn’t hear the end of it when I woke up, though. Shouted my ear off. She wanted to ban me from ever playing again but keeping me off a broom is like trying to make a fish swim out of water, you know? [chuckles] I was never going to stay away from long but it’s taken a long time to get back… just to get fit has been a nightmare.

Witch Weekly, a highly reliable source, said you’ve been spotted a lot playing football in the local parks in Wimborne. What’s going on there?

Merlin, I’ve played football since I could walk. My gramps was a huge, huge Leicester supporter. I was always an Arsenal supporter. It was my first game. Gramps was dead against it but he took me all the same. The Gunners verses Chelsea and, well… the Gunners lost but that didn’t matter. All that mattered was that I saw the beautiful game and from then on I was playing like mad. That’d be my profession actually, I hope, if I wasn’t playing Quidditch. But it’s helped me get fit again. I’ve struggled, I’m not going to pretend otherwise. Swimming is fantastic and running is really important. Just, sport… using your body. Also getting the right diet… that’s really important, too.

You’re going to bring out a healthy living book, then?

Maybe in a few years! No, look, you’ve got to be fit to do the things that we do on the Quidditch pitch and, quite frankly, you’re an idiot if you think you can get away with being anything other than at the peak of fitness.

Were you always this regimented, even in Hogwarts?

I had a lot of opportunities at that school. That’s why it’s the best in the Wizarding World, y’know? Best teachers, best set of kids and it’s a great atmosphere. Knowing that I went to the same school as my mum and dad and all of their friends and knowing what they did … it was a big ask. Big shoes to fill, if you know what I mean. So I spent five years mucking around with my mates, eating far too many sweets and chasing girls like … I didn’t fight a dragon or anything. I didn’t really fill any shoes. I was wearing flip flops by comparison and at worst I stubbed my toe. Don’t get me wrong, it was the best. Got even better when I went to the ‘academy. Playing full time... it was a dream. I suppose that’s what happens when you spend your childhood running after James Potter, trying to keep up with him.

A loyal bloke then, is our Frankie. The girls must love you for it.

What, me? God, no. I … I was a windup merchant when I was a kid. Total pain in the bum. They hated me, actually, the lasses. Fair play, though. I wouldn’t have touched me with a barge pole when I was fifteen. They did right by me. Nah, my teammates are the gems. My school friends were blighters. They’re the ones that get the girls. I’m the designated driver, so to speak…

You must be the only Quidditch player ever that doesn’t drink!

Nah, I doubt it. I’ll have a glass of champagne here and there and throw it in a plant pot – the usual remedy for being stuck with that guck – but nah, I just don’t like it. It messes with my game and it took me a long time to get where I am today so I’m not going to throw that away just to stare at the base of a bottle of Firewhisky. It’s pointless. But it’s their bag. Funnily enough, my partner Isaac… great winger – total nut job when it comes to taking out the Beaters… huge bloke .. uh, it doesn’t affect him, actually. On the other side, though…Penny … if the gaffa wants us up at, I dunno, couple of thousand feet… the air just starting to thin but nothing major… she’ll fall off. Every time. Without fail. We have some good fun, actually. For me it comes from living in a pub.

Your parents had a huge impact on your life, didn’t they?

Have. Present. Still do. Always will, I think. My little sister too, she’s an angel and a devil at the same time and she’ll gut me for saying this but I love them all to pieces. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I didn’t have my family. It was actually quite a sad day when we moved out of the ‘Cauldron. I’d like to get it back eventually but it seems a bit ridiculous, a non-drinker owning a pub. I will, though! Mark my words! Weirder things have happened. But no, really… they’re the best. Them, Hermione and Ron… Gin and Harry… they were all special and important. Helped make me who I am today and I hope I can say I turned out alright.

Most definitely. So, any regrets? With anything, not just Quidditch.

Only for the sake of the Tornadoes. They needed to buy a new Beater. They’re in trouble this year. The Wasp are coming to get them!

Any love interests, before we leave it there?

I’m useless with girls, me. I go all bonkers and say the wrong thing and usually end up ass over tit for my trouble. If I had to date a Quaffle, I’d know exactly what to do with it. Well, minus chucking it around but … y’know. No, officially. No, unofficially. I’m just a bit of a nightmare really.

Well, good luck, Mr Longbottom. Enjoy the season.

Cheers, Ell. See you later.



RP EXPERIENCE: 5 years? I dunno.

HOW YOU FOUND US: I reside here.

MAIN CHARACTER: Elijah Krumbleweed.



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LONGBOTTOM, Frank David Percival  Empty Re: LONGBOTTOM, Frank David Percival

Post by Khaat Lupin Tue Feb 04, 2014 6:47 pm

oh, so sorry, eli! I read him last night and thought he was beeyouteeful. but somehow i didn't go ahead and accept him. must have had a senile moment. rofl

anyway, he's lovely. accepted and sorted to grads.
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