Vakhrov, Hermes
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Vakhrov, Hermes Li9olo10

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Vakhrov, Hermes

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Vakhrov, Hermes Empty Vakhrov, Hermes

Post by Hermes Vakhrov Tue Jan 28, 2014 5:36 pm

Vakhrov, Hermes Jonathan-rhys-meyers-1

Hermes Vakhrov


FULL NAME: Hermes Vakhrov

NICKNAMES:  Psychopomp

AGE: 23



Advanced: Charms, Potions, Animagus.

WAND: French Oak, Non-flexible 13 inches.

PLAY BY: Jonathan Rhys Meyer

Astrological sign:
Gemini-the Twins
Element: Air
Ruling House: Third House
Ruling Planet: Mercury

Virgo-The Virgin/The Vixen.
element: earth
ruling house: sixth
ruling planet: Mercury

Core Classes
DADA- Just okay
Legilimency- Average
Astronomy- Below average
History of Magic- Poor
Botany- Average
Apparation- Exceeds Expectations

Music- Mostly piano- Just okay.
History of Art- Acceptable
History of Literature- Acceptable
Literature- Exceeds Expectations
Music- Clarinet- Poor
Boxing- Average

Dark Arts(this was not one of his classes) But he does very well in this area.
Poetry- When he feels like it you will have to look up a dictionary to figure out the things he said.


HAIR COLOUR: Brown, changes depending on sun lights angle,

EYE COLOUR:Extremely light blue,


BODY BUILD: Athletic. Muscular.

GENERAL APPEARANCE:Hermes is well built standing at 6ft 3, if you are ignorant you would think his almost electric blue eyes are breath taking. His facial features are well toned, his eyes are the window to his soul, sense you can see everything in them except for his cashmere fabricated lies. Hermes has an intense disturbing gaze when he is thinking about something (or when he sets his eyes on something he is sort of fond of, something not many people know) this indescribable and sort of condescending uncanny glare if it can be called glare, makes him look entirely creepy.
Sometimes a lost and aloof look will come over his eyes, which gives off the impression that he is insane, usually frightening whoever is close to him.
Hermes loves to wear caps, but on some occasions he wears no cap at all, his hair is short, and he tends to have short beard stubble on his face. He keeps his clothes light and simple. T’shirt’s sandals, sweater, camouflage jeans on some occasions, he will wear clothing he made of animal skins, only when doing business does he wear suits.


bad traits:
1. Cunning
2. Murderous
3. Weary
4. Sadistic-Sometimes.
5. Crazy?-Probably.
6. Mercurial
7. Self-sufficient
8. Controlling
9. Raw
10. Arrogant
11. Sarcastic
12. Malicious
13. Paranoid
14. Straight-forward
15. Demanding
16. Fearful-didn’t see that coming, huh.
17. Foolish
18. Deceiving

good traits:

1. Eloquent
2. Open
3. Poetic
4. Passionate
5. Generous
6. Self-assured
7. Enticing
8. Archaic in language terms
9. Encouraging: This trait has a good and bad side, just like he consciously encourages people to die, which is ugly but true, he is also unconsciously either in his weary moments, or whenever he is annoyed by a person’s negativity gives encouragement, of course he doesn’t realize it.
10. Valor
11. Dexterity
12. Chivalry: This happens either when he is trying to woo a girl, but sometimes he does it unconsciously, like not permitting a woman to skin an animal he hunts, or not letting her carry anything heavy, putting her on his back if she is having a hard time running, etc. The bad thing about this trait, is that most of the time it is done with irritability and mostly happens because of his sexist views of women, not really because he wants to be gallant or a gentleman.
13. Without prejudice: He won’t have an expectation neither before nor after something is done. A trait that he is not aware of and not many people can notice either. He can be ruthless and his anger can be intense, but it is only momentary, which means he won’t waist his time holding grudges.
14. Laconic
15. Swift
16. Agile
17. Steadfast
18. Honest: Sometimes too much for his own good, spend enough time with him and he might even tell you what became of his former boss.
19. Austere? most of the time.

1. Horseback riding
2. Agriculture,
3. Animal husbandry,
4. Hunting,
5. Boxing,
6. Dark arts,
7. Animagus, turns into a wolf.
8. Stealing,
9. Survival
10. Travel

1. Lack of patience
2. Lack of compassion
3. Low sense of personal space,
4. Easily Paranoid: it is easy to get him paranoid it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to push him close to insanity. Even a child can make him paranoid just by staring at him.
5. With draws from social events,
6. With draws from emotional bonds
7. Lack of planning
8. Stressed out
9. Huge lack of empathy
10. Uses fists too often
11. Sees people as cattle sometimes
12. Is not good at singing
13. Cannot measure himself: Whether he wants to punish someone, or all he wants is to get a laugh, he goes overboard most of the time.
14. Cannot create a patronus
15. Lack of faith in people
16. Cannot follow his own intuition: He has intuition but most of the time does stupid things because he disobeys it.
17. Has no vision. He can only look for here and now, the simple pleasures of life (which to him are stealing, making money, and taking care of his animals,) but has no vision for the future.
18. Learns things the hard way: He is stubborn, and he almost died of food poisoning once because of it.
19. Lacks prudence: When he was little he would get slapped across the face a lot because of this. Most of the time he would only focus on himself and what he wanted not really looking out for anything else, he would say whatever he saw at the wrong moment.
20. Foolishness: It is easy to get him to do something stupid, just hurt his ego by insulting him, or belittling him comparing him to someone else, then afterwards challenge him. Most of the time every one is lucky enough to get away with doing this to him.
21. Know it all, he thinks he knows everything, but only on rare occasions is there truth to what he says.
22. His consciousness will affect him in weird ways, he lacks empathy but still a part of him feels awkward after he killed someone, one of the reason why he resolves to beating people up, or stunning them.
23. Is unobviable: He cannot think ahead, or plan ahead much, if he ever kills two birds with one stone, it will only be pure luck.
25. He can NOT play the clarinet. Infact he sounds horrible, don't tell him that though... unless you can handle Hermes being furious with you.
26. He can try an sail a boat but he has never done this before, and he is pretty sure to fail.

Getting what he wants: which almost always is money
His horse
Tending to plants,
Cattle driving,
Tricking people,
Helping people die,
Watching people die
His sparrow,
Dark arts,
Protecting his animals,
Yellow poppys

People with lack of environmental awareness
Weakness in others,
Not getting what he wants.
People getting in his way
Frivolous things
Frivolous people
Giving up
People giving up.
Unreal things
People who think they are smarter than him
Getting cheated

owning the mysteries of the world

1. He invades personal space a lot
2. He bites roots or straw a lot
3. He walks like a man with authority. Even if he doesn’t wear a suit or tie, his aura makes you feel as if you are in some sort of huge bubble where only Hermes and you exist.
4. He stays awake certain nights watching the horizons in the distance.
5. Swears with book titles
6. Uses the word bloody
7. Smokes, he is trying to rid himself of the habit


• Getting caught, if he got caught this would put an end to his fun, and he doesn’t want that. He is not looking to rule the world all he wants is personal gain.
• Losing all his ill gained wealth.
• Getting cheated.
• Caring for someone… he hasn’t felt this in a long while.
• Getting sick, he doesn’t want to get sick, ever. He doesn’t want to depend on anyone for his health.

Dancing with his girl, usually any memories of her make him happy.

When he almost died due to a wound in the chest, it didn’t hit his heart but it was close. Being almost half dead was really boring but he doesn’t consider death frightening anymore because of this.

He was once in love. He truly loved her, despite that Hermes was most of the time sort of evil hearted, she was his soft spot. Well WAS.

To be rich and by some scam, hopefully be allowed liberty and not have to always be on the run, only travel when he wants too. He has acquired a good level of wealth but wants just a little more.

PERSONALITY: Cruel. Vicious. Cunning. Hermes has no qualms. A man without a hair on his tongue, he knows no compassion and has wounded many without batting an eyelash. His conscious is as black as… well he doesn’t really have a conscious his mind is a dark place. A very dark place that the light of conscientiousness never really stepped in, this doesn’t mean this guy doesn’t have feelings. His anger, hatred, fear, and even love(if it can be called love which has mostly been short one night flings) is on a large scale. His temper is a lot bigger though, he has a huge lack of patience, and is prone to irritability. He is mercurial and has a love for instant gratification, and will do things in quickness, and will make no excuses. This guy has no scruples. He is very blunt and raw, when it comes to what he says, he is also very good when it comes to lying. He knows how to seductively get what he wants, remember seductive is not necessarily sexual. A word of advice when talking with Hermes, if you get into an argument it will be good for your health if you let him have the last word. One surprising thing about Hermes is that he isn’t necessarily destructive or looking to wreck havoc, he is more selfish, and concerned with his own needs, and will do anything to get what he wants. This guy is not a red neck, he is an eloquent ruffian, with an arrogance and an attractive façade to hide his ill will desires, and execute his torment while displaying emotion.


Antonin Dolohov

MOTHER:Gennadiya Vakhrova –deceased.

SIBLING/S: Not that he knows of any.


BLOOD STATUS:  pureblood.

SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy, though ill gains.

Horse named-Pollux, Raven named-Edgar Allen Poe, cat named- Penelope, Fox named-Dike, Owl named- Somnus, a Dog named Yellow

Flying carpet- He is very good at apparating from one place to the next, but when he feels like it he will take a ride on the carpet. The carpet is a rich wine color with bold golden embroidery on it, and big wide royal blue intricate borders with Turkish designs on its edges. On the other side of the carpet the border is a strong turquoise color, and the center of the carpet is a patchwork of lace, and different pieces of patterned fabric.


Early Years: Hermes was born to Gennadiya long after Antonin was gone. It was in a flighty passion, while Gennadiya was studying college far away from home, in London. It was only one night. Gennadiya thought Antonin was amazing, and Antonin thought the same of her.

Hermes was quiet and enthusiastic as a child, which helped Gennadiya not to give in to the grief she felt when Antonin abandoned her. She didn’t have the guts to tell him that she was going to have a child. Not having much money and having gotten pregnant to young she wondered what she was going to do.

It hurt her terribly to help to tell her parents she failed them. Her parents pretty much told her never to come back home, and so she decided to move in with a friend of hers, so while pregnant Gennadiya worked hard. Saving what she made and the money she had left for college, to be able to take care of Hermes.

The money lasted her 4 months, it was around these months that Gennadiya’s mother called, she called apologizing and also wanting to meet her grandson Hermes. So Gennadiya happily moved back home, and 4 month old Hermes met his grandparents, and Gennadiya stayed with them a few months. Once Gennadiya was strong enough she got herself a job and moved out once more. Still life was hard. There were days when all Hermes and Gennadiya had to eat were cheese and bread. So Gennadiya made small grill cheese sandwiches and gave the biggest half to Hermes. Her pride never allowed her to tell her parents her troubles, the good thing that came out of this was her auto-sufficient side, when she taught herself how to fish in the river nearby, then she was able to feed Hermes fish, but only sometimes, sense fish everyday was not a good idea.

Of course as Hermes grew up he knew, he ended up learning what it was like not to have much, and what it was like to wear hand-me downs, and be criticized by the other children. Gennadiya on the other hand taught him to sew and fish, once she got herself a small job as a maid, and would clean houses it would sometimes earn her a nice amount of money, it was nice enough to buy Hermes more decent food, and she was able to save up some to buy him clothes, which Hermes appreciated. Hermes still realized that sometimes Mummy needed to buy herself clothes too. So he took it upon himself to randomly steal things from the market place, being only a kid, he was swift, agile, and preconscious, so he managed to steal carrots, apples, sometimes bananas, potatoes and different types of fruits, on different occasions and would lie to his Mummy telling her that some kind person gave it to him. Gennadiya took the majority of these things without question, it made her happy to believe there was good people out there.

Little did she know her son was causing so much trouble, Hermes was not the angel she thought he was.
He would randomly set animals free out of boredom. He actually tended to free chickens from chicken coops just to watch his neighbors run after them like crazy. Or he would take a dog and put it into a pen full of ducks just to watch the animals go run around. He found it more funnier to set a pig free in one of the neighbors houses just to watch the pig eat the neighbors pie or food, then see them chasing after the pig with broomsticks.

He actually got himself a temporary job when he was 11.
It happened on accident.
He was just turning into a wild boy as he grew up every day it seemed as if he also had gotten a piece of his biological fathers heart. He was turning into such a trouble maker. When he set the sheep free from farmer Davis pen, he then tried to round them up with his pet dog, he thought it was a simple task, movies make everything look easy. In the end the sheep ended up running into the field, and he made a mess when one of the patronus that Mr. Davis created, (he didn’t know what a patronus was back then) came after him and scared most of the sheep into the nearby hills. He ended up working at the farm as punishment. Apart from this he learned to horseback ride and hunt. He also randomly gave money, or would steal groceries for people he felt sorry for which usually happened to be old ladies and other people who were more impoverished than he was. It was around this time when it was discovered he had magic, and he was sent a letter from Hogwarts, this relieved Gennadiya sense Hogwarts offered what she sometimes couldn’t afford for Hermes.

Hogwarts Years: Hermes was not your typical jock in school like many would think. Hermes was more of a nerd when he was in school, his first year he spent with his head in a book, reading and trying to pass tests. Of course he spent much of his time lonely and studying. On his second year he began to look for groups to hang out with different groups, and as he opened up to people he grew out of his shell and became more loud and enthusiastic, still he was one of the weird kids especially with his glasses. He also began to draw attention, sense he knew how to tell great stories. He was good at telling things in such a way that people would listen to him for long periods of time. He also got into a lot of arguments with his temper and his know it all attitude.

By third year he entered Quidditch and found himself getting hurt, and breaking a few bones, still he was slowly becoming more athletic as time wore on, he also began to get in trouble a lot sense he would lie to people just for the pleasure of it, he only managed to get off the hook twice but with his lying which created a few foes. Hermes had a great pride, and it was wounded sorely whenever he lost a game or whenever he lost a bet, sense he could never back down from a challenge and he could never go back on his word. By the summer of this year he actually stole an owl, and managed to make a convincing story about where he found it. He ended up using his silver tongue and this time was one of those times he got off the hook.

On his fourth year he was still going through Quidditch but working harder for his grades, he also grew fond of a girl by this year, she was beautiful, and due to his open nature he allowed his heart to come close to hers. He had not given up his usual hobby he had been stealing a lot of bigger things during the summer, and he found it easy to sell these things when he would bring the money home to his mothers cottage. He also began to give some of his money to poor people thinking of himself as a twisted Robin Hood.

His fifth year was much more significant to his life. But it started as usual he spent a lot more time gathering information, and reading history books. The summer of his fifth year his mother helped him ditch the glasses, and he grew more taller, he was still stealing things. During this time he met a strange fellow, who discovered his secret hobby but decided to use it to his advantage, he wanted him to steal things for him, and he would pay him money for it, more money than Hermes ever made on his own selling the small things he would take. Hermes took the man’s offer, and would steal small things for him, which at first happened to be fur coats, and amorentias, Hermes figured the man was trying to please a woman judging by the good’s he asked him to steal but then the man asked him for bigger things, he wanted a certain oil painting, an oil painting that was in a grand house close to the countryside, for a moment Hermes delayed in the idea. The temptation welled up inside of him, it was an alluring thought to accomplish something no one else had done.

By then Gennadiya was able to afford more decent living, Hermes was kind of satisfied, yet the words of the man burned in the back of his head, so he started watching the house. He wanted to figure out who lived in that house, if there were any maids, and if there was a guard dog, and when was the house occupyed and if there was any hour the house was not occupied.

By his sixth year he stopped Quidditch for a while sense he had too much homework to concentrate on, by the end of this year the girl he loved just disappeared. No one knew if she died or if she was kidnapped, or what had happened to her, she was just gone. Hermes was truly heartbroken, so much that he was almost depressed. At first several people accused Hermes of her disappearance after all Hermes was not the most charming guy on the planet, his awful temper had been on display several occasions, still this only insulted Hermes though. He would never lift a hand to hurt her. Other people had to protect themselves from him but not her.
After months of investigation it was concluded that Hermes had nothing to do with it, and so her devastated family continued searching for her.

By the end of this year the paranoia of all of his ill gains was catching up to him and he began to have sleepless nights. A few months later Hermes took his time to steal the painting. It was easy. The folks who lived in the house were a sleep, getting out of the house still caused him trouble, the dog just wouldn't stop barking; still he managed to make it out of the house with the paintings, but he earned himself an awful scare, and wound up sick with hepatitis and had his skin yellow for 2 months. He hated getting sick.

Hermes got to thinking, his boss surely made a lot more money than what he paid him for the oil paintings, and maybe he could make better money off the paintings himself. So he took the paintings and kept them to himself, and sold them to a merchant who happen to be visiting the city, and managed to make the man give him monthly payments. So Hermes ended up earning almost ten times more then what he used to earn stealing things for his boss.

By seventh year he had recovered from his sadness of losing his girlfriend and of course the thrill of having stolen paintings, sold them, and not having been caught made him feel alive. The fact that he was still receiving money from the rich man, made him feel happy, he realized maybe this was something he would like to do with his life.
He was about to graduate school when the money that was sent to him monthly from the paintings just stopped coming, still he was happy. He graduated unaware of what was waiting for him back home.

Adulthood: Hermes found the scene back home unpleasant. There was blood staining different areas of the house, and a trail led him to his former boss who was lying in the kitchen, drenched with the liquid of life. Hermes had found out his mother had been taken hostage by the rich man, and his former boss being angry that he had cheated him by selling the paintings instead of giving them to him, came home in the midst of his mother being kidnapped, and got killed by the rich man.

Hermes was furious. This was not what he had planned. He tracked the rich man down, only to find his mother a dead corpse. The rich man was angry with Hermes, sense the painting Hermes sold to him turned out to be fakes. Hermes didn’t know of this, but it infuriated him, that the man took out his vengeance on his mother.

Hermes killed the coward with the unforgivable curse, in his rage.
This was the first time he had killed anyone, so it what he experienced after the shock was extreme fright, and awkwardness. This was also the first time he had seen someone die... bu he just stared, unable to move.
After a few hours of staring at his the three corpses in the house, and trying to think. His mind had turned into a giant concert filled with screaming people.
He then buried his mother, and packed his few belongings, and fled. He knew as soon as the bodies were discovered they were going to look for him. He has been fleeing from the Magic Ministry ever sense, stealing and making money off the art he sells.



RP EXPERIENCE: 3 to 4 years.

HOW YOU FOUND US: googled top rpg I think,

MAIN CHARACTER: Hermes Vakhrov

PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To cause Chaos. I mean in the roleplay, not really literaly.


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Vakhrov, Hermes Empty Re: Vakhrov, Hermes

Post by Khaat Lupin Wed Jan 29, 2014 10:08 pm


Welcome to PA! Glad to have you on board. I've read your app, and I have a few concerns.

First, I'd like to see Hermes be a bit more rounded, and overall, I'd like to see him have some good traits. I really need to have his violence toned down. This is a PG 13 site, and his violence is too extreme.

He also needs to have a few more flaws. He seems to have some things that he can't do very well at all, and the things he does well are things that he almost seems to be a protégé at. We don't generally allow people to create a protégé on here because of how limited that makes not just the character but how limited it causes other characters to be in relation to that. Please take another look at that.

It seems to me to be a stretch to have someone at 23 be so bloodthirsty, even given his history. I also have a tough time with the fact that he is so poor at DADA but is so strong at being able to kill others, and with so little conscience about it.

It is not very likely that someone that dark minded would be able to successfully cast a patronus at all, since a patronus is made of happiness and "light energies." It is considered to be advanced magic that is rather limited to "good" wizards.

It is also not very likely that a third year would be capable of casting a cruciatus, especially for one who did poorly in DADA. A cruciatus is difficult to cast, and would not be within the reach of a third year's abilities.

I question the abilities of a 5th year to steal a whole suit of armor too. Highly unlikely that even a master thief would be that well developed at that age that they would be able to handle a theft that big.

Also, just a small thing, but in England, medicine (especially wizarding medicine) is socialized, so there would be no hospital bills to speak of for him or his family to be responsible for. Not to that extent, anyway.

Can you please revisit some of these things? Thanks!


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Khaat Lupin
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Gryffindor Graduate

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Vakhrov, Hermes Empty Re: Vakhrov, Hermes

Post by Hermes Vakhrov Thu Jan 30, 2014 4:35 pm

Will be sure to fix those things, darling.

Permission to call you 'darling' Miss Lupin?
Hermes Vakhrov
Hermes Vakhrov

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Vakhrov, Hermes Empty Re: Vakhrov, Hermes

Post by Khaat Lupin Thu Jan 30, 2014 5:45 pm

Sure, love. lol
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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Gryffindor Graduate

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Vakhrov, Hermes Empty Re: Vakhrov, Hermes

Post by Hermes Vakhrov Sat Feb 01, 2014 3:55 pm

I already made those changes, darling.
Feel free to point out anything else that catches your eye, dear.
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Hermes Vakhrov

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Vakhrov, Hermes Empty Re: Vakhrov, Hermes

Post by Khaat Lupin Sat Feb 01, 2014 8:55 pm

I think this is better. He should be very interesting to rp now, and I see him as a guy who sees himself as a poised, polished and smooth guy who actually has very few filters. Its going to be interesting to see how he shapes up once he's actually on the boards because I think you might have to keep a tight rein on him to keep him from going too far either into is polished side or his filterless side until he gets into his own niche in some sort of a comfortable balance. Your writing style looks like its up to the task, though!

So, with that in mind, I'll sort you and accept you to grads!

Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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Gryffindor Graduate

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