MIST, Mary
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MIST, Mary Li9olo10

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MIST, Mary

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MIST, Mary Empty MIST, Mary

Post by Mary Mist Mon Jan 20, 2014 1:53 am

MIST, Mary Cameron-diaz-knight-and-day

Mary May Mist


    FULL NAME: Mary May Mist.

    NICKNAMES:  Professor Mist. "Moaning Myrtles Sister" - As a student.

    AGE: 36

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral 

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Hufflepuff

    Astronomy: Exceeds Expectations
    Charms: Acceptable 
    Divinations: Outstanding
    Muggle Studies: Acceptable 

    Astronomy: E
    Charms: E
    DADA: A
    Divinations: O
    Herbology: A
    History of Magic: P
    Potions: P
    Transfiguration: P

    WAND: Silver Lime, Phoenix Feather, 9.5 inches, Swishy 

    PLAY BY: Cameron Diaz  


    HAIR COLOUR: Blonde

    EYE COLOUR: Blue  


    BODY BUILD: Average

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Mary has a round face and dimples when she smiles, if she smiles. Her face resembles her bubbly personality although like a bubble her cheerful smile can be easily punctured and reduced to tears. Her eyes are mostly red and blotchy with tear tracks staining her cheeks after a sobbing session she can't stop. 
    Her hair is usually kept in a pony tail with a centre part. Two curtains of hair fall and shape her round face and contrasts lightly with her pale complexion. 


    + Divinations 
    + loyal
    + Hardworking
    + Trusting 
    + Kind.
    + Baking. 
    - Naive 
    - Coward
    - Sensitive   
    - Unintelligent 
    - Spatial Awareness 
    - Wandwork 

    + Divinations
    + Observing the stars and planets. 
    + Singing to herself. 
    + Flower arranging 
    + Random dancing 
    + Hot chocolate
    + Baking 
    - Creepy crawlies 
    - Angry people/animals
    - Injured people/animals
    - Upset people/animals 
    - Rain 
    - Brewing potions 
    - Dark magic 

    + To continue enjoying life baking brownies, arranging flowers, making daisy chains, reading witch weekly and making predictions and having premonitions. 

    + Mary cries at almost everything, even happy things. 
    + When she is about to cry her bottom lips wobbles and she clutches her neck.
    + She sings to herself around the castle. 
    + Looks out of the window at the weather the first thing when waking up.
    + She tugs at her bracelets when nervous.  

    + Takes the form of a giant bug, whether it be a spider, a wasp, grasshopper.  

    + Her fondest memory was at the age of seven when she was told that she'd made her first prediction. Of course she can't remember ever making them, she never does, which makes her cry everytime. 

    + when the dementors are near Mary heads every single angry voice, every curse, every scream, every year she's ever heard. Of course this makes her fall on the floor gasping for air as she chokes on her tears. Poor Mary. 

    + Sometimes she hates being a seer and having no control over her ability. It can be a real nuisance and although it's her only magical strength, what she has become relatively known for, Mary can really hate it and wish she didn't have it.  

    + Baked treats. 
    + Perfume and tea. 
    + Assortment of flora scents.

    + She sees herself next to a man with children. No man has ever managed to handle her emotions, which is a shame because she longs for a relationship so much. 

    Where to begin. Mary is a cryer, there is no other way to say it. She cries at everything, the weather, peoples moods, peoples comments, disasters, bugs, other people crying, if she loses something, if she wins something. Despite that, however, Mary is a cheerful girl. Extremely naive and will believe almost anything someone says. This isn't purely because she isn't exactly smart but because she is so trusting of people. Mary is loyal, works hard and is a dedicate person. Once you have her as your friend she is your friend for life - an annoying friend who is a bit girly, but a friend for life. 


    FATHER: Dirk Dreamfield, Halfblood 

    MOTHER: Maisy Mist, Halfblood 

    SIBLING/S: None, only child.

    Her Grandma was a famous seer, Maddison Mist, and because of that even within marriage the child takes the name Mist in hope that they will become a seer. Thankfully Mary turned out to be a seer, unlike her cousins, and being descended from Maddison Mist helped people believe this and it produced a more marketable image. 

    BLOOD STATUS:  Halfblood 

    RACE: Human/Seer

    SOCIAL STATUS: Lower Class

    PET/S: Lavender - Persian Cat

    Crystal Ball, Tarrot Carts, Miniature model of the solar system. 


    Early Years: 
    Mary was born into a respectable family of seers, for centuries the Mist family had produced talented seers most notable of those was Mary's Grandmother: Maddison. 
    Her Grandmother opened a prediction cafe in Diagonal Alley, where Mar grew up, it was here Mary found her love for Divinations and by the age of ten knew the dream dictionary, tea leaf reading and interpreting fire omens inside and out. Of course she also would bake for the customers, make cups of tea and enjoyed her life.
    At the age of seven Mary had her first premonition and got her name in the Hall of Prophecy's when a customer walked in and she went into a trance, her entire body froze and her eyes rolled to the back of her head predicting the murder of the customers children. Two weeks later all seven of the customers children were murdered by werewolves... This is when Mary began to cry at almost everything whether it be the good the bad or the ugly.
    Growing up Mary didn't see much of her Mum, who hadn't inherited the seer ability. As a result her Mum got an ordinary job working as an assistant in Madame Malkin's, which her daughter wasn't as interested in, moreover after Mary's first prediction Maddison kept a tight leash on her know that her Granddaughter was destined for greatness and would continue on with the family trait. 
    Dirk Dreamfield divorced Maisy over an ongoing argument that Maddison had more say on Mary's life, who he barely saw because she was always in the prediction cafe. 
    After Dirk divorced her it made Maisy stand up more for her daughter, the realisation hit, and so finally succeeded in the ongoing argument about sending Mary to Hogwarts - Maddison wanted to home school her herself.

    Hogwarts Years: 
    Mary was sent to Hogwarts and couldn't have been more pleased with how things turned out. She was sorted into Hufflepuff where she easily made friends with two other first year girls. However that's about as far as she went with 'friends'. The constant crying turned acquaintances further away and the teachers weren't too pleased with her uncontrollable emotions and seer ability - Mary was known to make four predictions in her time at Hogwarts, which although strengthened the Mist family image was a nightmare for the Professors who had to take her to the Ministry and register in the Hall if Prophecy's. 
    In her third year Mary was eager to start Divinations, something that she would be good at as the Hufflepuff hadn't performed too well in her other subjects despite the hard work that she put in. It was here she became enemies with Sybill Trelawny who envied her seer ability. Mary didn't notice, she was too naive to think Sybill was blunt to everyone. 

    Mary completed Hogwarts with four NEWT's, not that exam results mattered to her as she immediately began working in the famed cafe where people went for some sort of reading. When her Grandmother died the Mist legacy and cafe was all on her hands. It was a pleasant life, a quiet life. Mary still only had two friends and began driving custom away with the amount of crying she did. 
    Her life was that for almost twenty years until approached by Katrina-Carlotta to teach at Hogwarts. Despite being known as a cryer the wizarding world could hardly say she didn't have talent and so proved to be a good candidate for the post of Divinations. 
    Mary closed and sold the shop, moved into Hogwarts and is eager to embark upon the change in her life, which isn't complete without a love. 




    HOW YOU FOUND US: Found on the list of RPG sites of Harry potter Wikia

    MAIN CHARACTER: Hallue Rookwood

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Had a dream (oh the irony) about this character, fell in love with her and simply had to make her! Plus it will be good to have a more light, silly and fun character.

Mary Mist
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Hufflepuff Graduate

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MIST, Mary Empty Re: MIST, Mary

Post by Khaat Lupin Mon Jan 20, 2014 9:40 am

I like her, rj. she could be a lot of fun.

accepted and sorted to grads.
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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