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CONNOLLY, Oliver   Li9olo10

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CONNOLLY, Oliver   Empty CONNOLLY, Oliver

Post by Naomi Mulciber Sat Jan 04, 2014 2:08 am

CONNOLLY, Oliver   Tumblr_mc20exKsdB1qzoaqio1_500



    FULL NAME: Oliver Gresham Connolly

    NICKNAMES:  Olly/Ollie by his friends and immediate family, Gresh by a couple cousins

    AGE: 20
    Birthday: Jan 20th

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral
    Hufflepuff House/Quidditch Team

    The Deas Family
    The Connolly/Clark clans
    Ariel Greyback & co.
    Jack Dyllan

    Leigh-on-Sea Sailing Club in Essex
    The Ministry of Magic

    The Quidditch Federation:
    The Irish National Quidditch Team (for his cousins)
    The English International Quidditch Team
    Puddlemere United

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Hufflepuff Graduate


    Oliver's N.E.W.T.S. And O.W.L. Results were rather poor considering how little he could manage to pay attention in classes.

    WAND: Birch, Unicorn Hair, 10 1/3 inches, Swishy
    The wand wood type is based on the calendar used by Ollivander. It is based off of the Celtic Calendar and while not everyone is given a wand based off of the calendar, most are.

    PLAY BY: Ewan McGregor


    HAIR COLOUR: Reddish-brown (sometimes depends on the lighting)

    EYE COLOUR: Blue


    BODY BUILD: Middling, but fairly well-built


    Face: The most interesting part of his face is probably Oliver's eyes, which are extremely blue and tented by arched eyebrows that seem a shade lighter than the rest of his hair (though they match the stubble he often lets grow on his chin). He's got a rather wide nose, fairly thin lips, and long ears that are attached at the earlobe. When he's thinking rather hard about something, a line appears between his eyebrows. Olly tends to be alright with a day or two of stubble, but almost always keeps a relatively clean-shaven face. He is not at all interested in a bearded face or growing a mustache. His teeth are straight thanks to orthodontia and he always keeps clean as a general rule. The man likes his showers.

    Hair: Oliver's hair is a sort of mix between ginger and brown, so depending on the light it can seem a different color. It's fairly kept fairly short and close on the sides of his head and around his ears, but he leaves the top (around the crown of his head) longer so it can be styled. The only problem with this is that he actually has to style it any time he wants to look put-together. Otherwise it hangs into his eyes. Like after he's slept, for example.

    Body: Oliver wouldn't claim to look athletic, bu he does like to keep in shape to the point where he's not overly muscular but is fit. He's fairly tan from being out on the boat so often, though part of the time he's under the deck.

    Other: Olly has callouses on the bases of the pads of his thumbs from his twelve years of playing cards (and, thus, shuffling them). He also has callouses on his index fingers (the pad, on the side closest to the middle fingers) originally from trying to take up Cello to please his mother, and kept up from dealings on his sailboat and his biting at them when he notices them again.

    Vetements: Oliver would rather wear tees and shorts if he could get away with it. Luckily, he usually can as he isn't required to dress up for his job. He's more likely to wear darker colors, unless he's out on the boat where he'll go for light ones to shoo the light away. When he's at home, he sometimes will take ages to get dressed for the day, wandering about his flat in pajama bottoms but lacking a shirt. Other than that, the only time he would ever dress up would be for a date or some important event for his friends or family. The less he has to worry about his appearance the better. Except for his hair, of course.


    Character Traits:
    1. Tries to be charming, but often fails in the romance department.
    2. Independent (can do on his own)
    3. Intelligent
    4. Blatantly Honest
    5. Faithful
    6. Imaginative
    7. Sarcastic
    8. Active
    9. Relatively Irresponsible
    10. Tolerant
    11. Quiet
    12. Affectionate
    13. Easily Distracted
    14. Dogmatic at times
    15. Tactful
    16. Trustworthy
    17. Aspiring
    18. Considerate
    19. Creative
    20. Deep (almost to the point of being dramatic)
    21. Eloquent
    22. Fair
    23. Mature (except around Ariel)
    24. Self-sufficient
    25. Tidy
    26. Busy
    27. Noncompetitive
    28. Somewhat Outspoken
    29. Grumpy (mostly in the morning)
    30. Sentimental at times
    31. Often to-the-point


    + Desserts
    + Sailing
    + Caffeine
    + Being with family
    + Tea
    + Candy – particularly of the gummy variety
    + Being on time
    + Women/trying to flirt with them
    + Reading/writing
    + Snarking at his friends
    + Cards
    + Children
    + Muggle technology
    + Serious/Important/Deep conversation and thought
    + Working out at random (no set schedule)
    + Music – most varieties, but not all (such as rap or pop, for example)
    + Joking around (sometimes)
    + Views (oceans, mountains, whatever. Pretty places)
    + Mangos
    + Dancing

    - Poetry
    - Cryptic stuff
    - Impatience
    - Arguing (well, he does it with Ariel enough. But he doesn't like real fights)
    - Being idle
    - Alcohol (leans more towards cider, or sometimes deals with it conversationally)
    - The Ministry
    - His family asking about his love life
    - Cooking
    - Vanity
    - Lack of wit
    - Cats
    - Time to himself
    - Winter
    - People without a sense of humor
    - Being put on the spot
    - Having to talk about money or the fact that he's well off
    - Intolerance
    - Erratic Behavior
    - Bullies

    1. Have someone quote something out of one of his books back to him (Even if they don't realize it's him what wrote it)
    2. Write a work that makes even him have serious feelings about it. (no, he doesn't cry, dangit. Don't ask.)
    3. Finally find someone to settle down with. (don't tell Ari, k?)

    1. Carries around books, journals, and/or cards all the time
    2. Plays cards to calm down or to abate boredom
    3. Uses sarcasm or humor to get out of an awkward situation

    VERITASERUM: He's not sure people need to have secrets. Why bother, when there are people out there like him who dare not judge others for the fear of being judged themselves?

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Um, see goals I suppose. They're all pretty equal. Maybe settling down is the biggest one?


    Oliver is never going to be that person who judges someone on either their family or their habits, as he's learned through his years traveling and interacting with people that habits are often accidentally inherited and that parents unwittingly drop these habits along the way. They, too, have learned these things from their parents, making it no real fault of their own. He picks up things here and there to write into his works: the things he learns from others as well as those things he imagines; these make up the worlds in his books. He takes time to look at each person individually, rather than at their place in society, knowing how many times he has been judged for minor flaws or his place in the world. Because of this, he has rarely been able to say he sincerely dislikes or hates anyone.

    Sometimes, he forgets that he's talking to someone rather than writing something for one of his stories and goes off on the things he's thought of lately – like how there is no “harder,” there is just “hard” so people should stop ranking each others' problems by “how hard” they are. Or like how tough conversations have to be had because you can't try and keep a person inside some closet even though starting a hard conversation is painful, if only because a closet is no place for a person.

    He's really not a complete tosser, except maybe around Ariel. The man brings it out in him, and he usually can't help it. He'll be honest with someone to the point of getting himself in trouble. But this also means that he can have those tough conversations or be straightforward with a girl because it's just a habit. He has never had good luck with women, tending to catch one only for her to run off soon after. Thus, he's been trying to write a novel involving romance of some sort (see spoiler, last gif). In the end, he can't bring himself to do it. He really is a good guy, and a sort of sweetheart, but he has his moments. He's a bit of a try-hard but is going to be at his friends' sides regardless of anything that's happened to him as of late.



    Gregory Connolly
    Speaks both French and English quite well
    Occupation: Lawyer.

    Deborah Connolly (nee Clark)
    Half-British (dad's side), Half-French (mum's side)
    Speaks French better than English
    Occupation: Fashion Designer

    Sister (15, Gryffindor) – Thalia (name up for change if the canon is used by someone else)

    Cousins on his dad's side including Roland Connolly, an Ex-Beater for the Irish National Quidditch Team (in the 1994 Quidditch World Cup)
    Several cousins on his mum's side (all of which are older than himself, but only by a year or two)

    BLOOD STATUS:  Half-blood

    RACE: Humans

    SOCIAL STATUS: Upper-Middle

    PET/S: A pomsky (a dog Wink ) lives at his flat (staying with Ari or another friend when Oliver has trips) as well as a couple dogs at the home in Toulouse. His dog, Eric (named as a joke on Ariel), sometimes goes out to sea with Ollie on his day trips or shorter sails.

    Cell phone, many decks of cards, a sailboat, a flat outside London, etc.


    Early Years:

    Oliver was born in the south of France, in Lyon, but his family moved to England early on in his life, before his third birthday. He learned French and English practically at the same time, being more or less fluent in both. His sister Thalia was born five years after he was, and he's always been rather protective of her – even if she's the Gryffindor and he's a Hufflepuff. He tends to stick to English unless he's visiting family or chatting with them over the phone. That said, he grew up in a half-Muggle household, where his mum kept up with technology and films and the like. Oliver was rather lucky, he discovered, that Hogwarts couldn't use such things – his studies would have been down the toilet if could. So he did his best, in his youth, to avoid getting too stuck on them. Instead, he spent his time outside, or reading, or doing whatever he wanted with his best mate.

    Oliver met his life-long best friend, Ariel Greyback very young as their mothers were close so they often saw one another. Years of shenanigans and adventures led to finding out that Ari was going to end up changing on the full moons like his father had. Faithful to the end, Ollie has always been around when Ari needed him – full moon or otherwise.

    Family nights for Oliver meant sitting about watching a film or playing games or cards. With four of them, it was easy to team up or mi up who did what. This also applied to their chores and dealings with dinner and dishes.

    Hogwarts Years:

    Sorted into Hufflepuff, Oliver sometimes wondered if it was the right place for him. When he was around Ariel, he didn't always feel like one. The two got on well, but having spent so much time together, Ollie stopped caring about if he said the wrong thing. They both knew that snide comments or any sort of attack on each other was in jest or to seriously alert the other person of a problem of theirs. He picked up some rather unfortunate tendencies towards cursing and the like through his Hogwarts years.

    Not the type to spend his time on Quidditch, Oliver instead kept up the family tradition of loving cards and toying with them at all hours. He tended to force Ariel to learn the new card games he brought back with him – they tended to waste most of their time on thinks like poker and spades and skiving on homework until the last minute and skipping Quidditch matches. Oliver was intelligent enough but often had trouble sitting still in classes or keeping on one topic long enough to finish the assigned homework.


    Oliver has never been the type to enjoy being put on the spot, so rather than taking up going through interviews to get a decent or “real” job, He decided he wanted to keep up his writing and spend lazy afternoons on the sailboat he bought off royalties from his first novel. Rather than using it for anything particularly useful, he decided he would rather be able to get away on a random weekend than use money for a nicer flat or more nights out to dinner.

    Ollie's flat is going to be shared with Ari, who needs a place to hang his hat. Undoubtedly, this will mean jokes about Ariel and Eric, forcing the previous to dogsit the latter. Oliver is content to just spend lazy days writing or watching a film or basically doing nothing. His idea of a good time is equally a mix of spending it with those he's close to and spending time alone. He thinks more properly when he's busy, so he's taken to carrying his cards and journals and books around with him everywhere (maybe not all at once, mind, but at least one of those).


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Addie

    RP EXPERIENCE: heh. **see Threads/Character List, then laugh at me**

    HOW YOU FOUND US: I'm paying rent, it's okay. Don't kick me out.

    MAIN CHARACTER: Audriana Swan

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To cuddle Maisie Morrison and take her on sunset sails.
    And to generally pal around with Ariel Greyback.


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CONNOLLY, Oliver   Empty Re: CONNOLLY, Oliver

Post by Elijah Krum Sat Jan 04, 2014 2:24 am


I adore the gifs. He is perfect. He is adorable.

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