Seker, Steppe
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Seker, Steppe Li9olo10

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Seker, Steppe

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Seker, Steppe Empty Seker, Steppe

Post by Steppe Seker Thu Jan 02, 2014 12:51 am

Seker, Steppe Wallpaper-of-hollywood-actress-4-300x225
Steppe Seker ______________________________________________________________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------ INTRODUCTION ------------------------------------------------------------

    FULL NAME: Steppe Seker
    NICKNAMES: Stepp, Stepf.
    AGE: 20
    ALLEGIANCE: Death Eater
    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin
    Newt’s: DADA, Nonverbal Magic, Parsel mouth
    WAND: Solid Dark Mohangny all the way to its core, 12inches + non-flexible
    PLAY BY: Angelina Jolie
------------------------------------------------------------ APPEARANCE ------------------------------------------------------------

    HAIR COLOUR: Brown black
    EYE COLOUR:Dull emerald color
    COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: 5’ft 11inches
    BODY BUILD: Hourglass, curvy.
    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Steppe has her hair wavy brown and sort of messy in comparison to the sleek straight like most of her classmates, despite the fact that her hair is sometimes messy looking, it is always clean. Most of the time she wears simple tee shirts, or baggy ones, skinny jeans, sometimes baggy sweaters, and leggings, if not long trench-coats, pairing them with fedoras, or cowboy hats, or boots. Her accessories vary by the outfit, sometimes it’s is chunky rings, or dainty necklaces, or bold and glamorous jewelry, and thin belts, Steppe loves to wear miniskirts. Steppe has a huge toothy smile, with a coy or cocky smirk to it. Her eyes are very expressive, and she is not afraid to express, anger, or surprise, including joy. Fear is one emotion you don’t always see in her face, you also don’t get to see much sadness.
------------------------------------------------------------ PERSONALITY ------------------------------------------------------------

    +Daring: Steppe is the type of person that will almost always speak her mind.
    +Cunning: This can be good or bad, depending on what way she decides to use it. Most of the time Steppe is looking out only for her own selfish desires, which do not always include hurting other people.
    +Independent: She doesn’t require other peoples permission to do what she wants, and almost always, follows her whims.
    +Nonverbal magic: This can sometimes backfire, but she is getting better at this as time wears on.
    +Carefree: Yup. This woman likes not to have worries about anything, and sometimes shares your philosophy with you if she feels you need to relax and lighten up a little.
    +Expressive: You can tell what she is thinking and feeling most of the time. She actually uses her words, and mannerisms to get what she wants in the most pleasant manner, well most of the time.
    +Physical fights: She is good with her fists and kicks, if you are the same height and almost same body weight you will be pinned to the floor. You have been warned.
    +Vengeful: Oooh, you have all the right to be afraid. Only don’t worry too much if it is something pointless, you will be alright. Well maybe… yeah your right maybe not.
    -Takes things personal: This happens a lot, you may do something that actually has no particular intention, but she will believe or inclusively think there was a bad reason behind it, especially if you offend her.
    -Worry some: It is easy to worry her, just put her in contact with something she fears. Or try reading her mind… it is not too hard.
    -Scared easy: If loud noises scare her, you can just imagine how jumpy she is when she’s around thunder. She is also afraid of ghosts, and has a small fear to vampires. She has never met a vampire yet anyway, but she is a little scared. Vampires… aren’t easy to kill, and ghosts are practically untouchable. You don’t have to make her face a vampire though, just… a simple ghost story or legend is enough.
    -Feels sorry for herself: This happens when she is sad, when she doesn’t get what she wants, when she is insecure, and in some cases even when she is angry.
    -Lack of assertiveness: She is not always assertive. She will be assertive whenever her emotions take control, but when it comes to simple things she is not assertive at all.
    -She believes she is crazy: Deep down she believes she is missing more than one screw, and she doesn’t know how to manage this realization.
    -Lack of faith: This was one of the reasons why she couldn’t make certain spells work… it is hard for her to do more happy spells, or more beneficial spells, lack of faith.
    -Clingy: When it comes to someone she is fond of(Henry) which is rare but does happen. She can get pretty attached, and it will take her sometime to realize that you need your space.
    -Resented: After being rejected by society, and rejected much by people so called friends it is sometimes hard for her not to feel resentment and in some cases will be prone to either feeling sorry for herself, or shrugging it off.
    -Legilimancy: She is absolutely not good at this at all. It is rather hard to do this. She ends up having little to no success. It is just hard for her to concentrate, she can focus her mind on something, but it is hard for her to concentrate hard enough.
    -Occulmancy: The same as Legilimancy, she has very little success. Maybe only once did was Steppe able to do this, but no it is impossible, she just can’t stop thinking. It is very rare for her to have her mind blank.
    -Irritable: Yeah, she will lose her patience if all you are trying to do is to provoke her. She will also lose her patience if you ask her the same question about 4 or 5 times. She becomes more irritable if you put her constantly into contact with a thing she dislikes.
    -Can’t go for too long without food: This is more of a physical weakness than a mental one. If you put her to skip breakfast then lunch, she will end up collapsing, or fainting.
    -Easy to manipulate: Surprising but true, it does not happen often that she is manipulated but if you get to know Steppe very well, and if your some sort of genius, and if you are someone of significance to Steppe and you figure out how to get beyond her defenses, and you find out how the screws in her mind work, then you will have yourself a temporary puppet. Only temporary but yeah.
    -Not clever: Steppe is not that witty, or clever in any sense, yeah she maybe cunning but that doesn’t mean she always knows what she is doing, or that she will always get what she wants. Half the time when she is insulted or confronted about something, she doesn’t know how to respond. It is as if her mind is blank.
    The following traits can be good or bad depending on who you are and how you will use them to your advantage, use the information wisely:
    *Indulgent: Steppe is indulgent with herself, very indulgent, meaning she will give herself whatever she thinks she deserves. Something you don’t expect is for her to be indulgent with others.
    *Motherly: Children, or wounded people, they awaken her motherly instinct quiet strongly. She will be tempted to take a wounded person and try to heal them, which tends to frighten those who think Steppe is evil to her core.
    *Protective: If you are someone of interest to her, and you are in serious trouble, she will try to protect you. Don’t let this fool you, no she is not loyal at all. In fact she is very unpredictable.
    *Low self-esteem.
    *Volatile: Something she inherited from her brother, you will never know when she will blow, and where she will blow. It can be a good thing or it can be bad thing. It is good for her curses, hexes, in some cases jinxes sense it makes certain spells quite powerful, especially when angry but only because she does as she feels. If she wants you to be glued to the wall, she will direct her wand at you, with the full desire to do so.
    *Naughty: Yup. She will sometimes even express her dislike with the most delicious face possible, and she will pull a prank, or will try and make someone angry or bothered just because she feels like it.
    *Reckless: Well she follows her whims and does not care much for what people say. Her emotions control her most of the time, this is also one of the reasons why she is not good at Legilimancy or Occlumancy. Remember recklessness can also backfire.
    *Ruthless: When she feels the need to protect herself and in rare cases protect someone else(Henry), she will be ruthless to whoever she has to be, just like she will be ruthless to those who bother her.
    +People to fear her: If your afraid, she relishes it, and will sometimes take advantage of this, sometimes she will not she will only take pleasure in watching you squirm.
    +Power: with power always comes respect, and she loves it in large doses.
    +Talking to the birds. Mostly owls. Why not they are cute, and befriending an owl sure has its benefits.
    +Daggers: You don’t always have to hurt ‘things’ with wands do you?
    +stealing pretty things.
    +Fighting without wands. This includes nonverbal magic, and also her fists and feet. +breaking things. Haha..
    +Sweet Revenge in its many forms. +Consistency, in its many forms. +kidnapping people +money!!
    -Loud noises: They tend to frighten her.
    -The fact that she is probably not so incredible, or wise, or loving. -She sometimes dislikes herself.
    -Not getting what she wants, material or emotional.
    -Things that change with a lot of frequency.
    -Being put down often.
    -Being ignored.
    -Feeling impotent.
    -Lacking security in its many forms.
    -Cold weather.
    -Her brothers attitude.
    -Hallie: Yeah she wants to be like Hallie, yet at the same time something about Hallie, irks her.
    +To become good at Legilimancy or Occlumancy. She is practicing and is getting better and better, she of course wants power over people, and knows that if she could implant thoughts, and or learn things from other people’s minds she could use them to her advantage.
    +To be considered a powerful mage: Yeah, she wants to be considered powerful by both Death Eaters and ‘dear’ cute muggles.
    +To have better concentration it will help her with Occlumancy.
    +She wouldn’t mind being rich… not too rich but a little rich. It is fun to give money away just as much as it is fun to steal pretty things.
    *She tends to shake her hands when she is excited or when she is laughing at something.
    *She sweet talks people: most of the time she call almost everyone she finds likeable “Kiddo”.
    *Thinks of herself as a queen, sometimes.
    *She will have an ‘interesting’ way of naming people or things.
    *Losing her sanity. Her emotions play a big part in her life, but the more that time wears on, fear and her old self, and what she is now, sometimes put stress on her. *Disappointing her parents: Yeah. It is hard to please your parents, when you are vulnerable to other people’s pain.
    *Watching Henry die.
    *Henry is a half blood: *gasp* what if she was ever sent to kill Henry?!
    Her worst fear would probably have to be the future… it is uncertain. She doesn’t know if she will live up to her parents expectations or not.
    *Being with her father, with many birds on her arms and one on her head some of the birds kissing her face.
    *Being with Henry.
    *Bullied by classmates.
    *Remembering when her best friend died.
    (Yup she has two or more secrets)
    *She wonders what if she became a nurse… or some sort of witch doctor?
    *Sometimes she wishes to be like Hallie: Yeah she doesn’t like Hallie yet at the same time Steppe dislikes herself she sometimes wants to be like Hallie, or trys to be like anybody else she finds admirable enough.
    *Sometimes she wishes to be like her brother. Tom. He is heartless but lives more up to his parent’s wishes. She loves her brother, yet at the same time she does not want to be like him.
    +To make sense of herself: What do you do when good feelings overcome you? Isn’t it ironic? You may have to turn your back against muggle’s the same people you were forced to study with at school.
    *Wanting to be at peace: Half of her heart just wants to be at peace and live life for herself.
    *Sometimes she wishes she lived in another world… she knows it is not possible but she wishes it.
    PERSONALITY: Now Steppe may seem ruthless, but she is more of volatile loner. If that makes any sense. Haha. She is unpredictable due to the whims of her heart and due to the complexes in her brain. Yeah she is someone not to be trifled with but she is not on the look out to hurt people, if you do hurt her for any reason, then she will make sure you pay her back, and when she wants to charge you, she won’t accept cash. She will get angry when you contradict her sometimes, and will get angry when she doesn’t get what she wants. From there Steppe is not actually looking to hurt anyone, but she has deep seated insecurities, and her fear of the future tends to make her emotions wane to and fro.
------------------------------------------------------------ FAMILY & POSSESSIONS ------------------------------------------------------------

    FATHER: Thylis Seker
    MOTHER: Teresa Deluna
    SIBLING/S: Tom Seker
    OTHER: N/a
    BLOOD STATUS: Half blood. (Shh… she doesn’t know she is half blood, her Death Eater parents lied to her.)
    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class
    PET/S: Owl named- Demetri
------------------------------------------------------------ CHARACTER HISTORY ------------------------------------------------------------

    Early Years: The years before Hogwarts Steppe was a friendly and cute child. Despite her funny way of dressing, she wanted to make friends. This was all she wanted, besides spending time with her father. He was almost always in the garden, talking with the birds. Steppe loved spending time with him when he was with the birds. He would try and make her talk with the birds, of course Steppe was thrilled when she saw daddy dearest talking to the birds. She was even more excited when he told her that maybe she too would talk to the birds one day. Steppe also enjoyed spending time with her brother… in the days before she had magic.
    Once Steppe was in school, she set about making friends, but keeping them was no simple task. When one of her classmates caught her talking to what he assumed was the ‘tree’ she eventually got bullied at school, even the teacher thought Steppe was stupid just because Steppe was slow to respond to questions, but this didn’t mean she was stupid. Steppe found herself sheltered by her mother who took it upon herself to prove to the teacher that she was wrong, and Steppe could be just as fast as all the other children. So she taught Steppe about all sorts of things, from self esteem, to more difficult things such as reading. Steppe scared the life out of the teacher and her bullies when her magic spurted out during recess. It was on accident. Steppe was frightened and the kids wanted to cream her with eggs, she ended up pushing the 3 children backwards with an invisible force. Which was something she could not explain.
    Hogwarts Years: First year: Steppe could be called a reluctant wizard. When her mother and father found out about her magic ability, they were pleased, her brother who was a few years ahead of her in Hogwarts was happy he tried to get Steppe to practice often. So when Steppe entered Hogwarts, at first it seemed fun, Steppe sent her family letters almost every week. Sense it was a new school maybe she could make friends this time, although she was nervous at the same time.
    Still not many kids wanted to spend time with her in part because of her Death Eater parents, and in part because she was very enthusiastic, and could easily get attached to anyone. She was also very easy to fool, and would admire things that people would assume normal. Her gullible nature attracted friends of the bad kind, the ones that would lie to you, almost every five minutes, not that Steppe noticed anyway. Steppe began to harbor resentment in her heart, for her it was bothersome, that her so called friends only showed up when they needed something. Help with homework, or when they needed to talk to someone because their best friends were gone. Steppe got exceptionally upset when she found out that her friend only called her to be a third wheel, Steppe decided to act as if nothing was happening, but figured her friend only wanted to use Steppe as an excuse to lie to her father, that she was not dating some guy. Steppe was still hurt when this group of friends just quit talking to her without giving her any feedback or explanation as to why.
    It was a good thing that she was only lonely for a month before she managed to make a best friend which she became very attached too sense she couldn’t see her mother and father anymore and she missed being able to see them, she also felt good having someone to spend time with in the new school. For a while she stopped trying to talk to the bird’s sense she would miss her father.

    Second year: This best friend of hers didn’t last long in the same house before she was moved. Afterwards, Steppe herd her best friend had died. Steppe didn’t know what had happened. Steppe’s mother didn’t tell her that it was found out her best friend was half blood. While she was visiting her home, her house had been set on fire with her and her family inside it… guess who set it on fire in the first place? Daddy dearest didn’t set the house on fire but he didn’t want her child to be best friends with a half blood. No, that just wouldn’t do now wouldn’t it? So he sent someone else to set the house on fire.
    Steppe didn’t know her dad had sent someone to kill her friend, and did what any normal girl would do, she would cry, and she cried a lot the first few days. She actually cried for a whole night till her pain dulled down and some point, and she decided she needed to look for a new friend.
    Steppe managed to spend time with her brother but only very little. It was different classes that her brother went to, and even if it was in the same house, she culd not see him often. Still her brother was protective and inviting to Steppe when he saw her, and she was allowed to sit with them if they were around during lunch.
    She managed to get people to hang with her who would only last a few weeks before they would turn their backs on Steppe, either because there was someone more cooler, or wittier and they would rather spend time with prettier kids instead of dull, plain, and not at all hilarious Steppe. This hurt but Steppe decided she was going to try and hang out with the cool kids. Of course Steppe was bullied only to a certain level but it was enough to make her cry, still in her foolishness she would try to talk to the cool kids, and in the end got herself hurt even more.
    The cool kids only tolerated Steppe because well… mostly the girls thought Steppe’s older brother was hot. The girls figured it would be cool if they could get to hang with the older students. Steppe’s brother didn’t care much for the younger girls though, he had other interests. He did still visit Steppe when he had time, either to push Steppe to get more tougher and stop being a baby, or to just say hi, and make sure no one was bulling her. Steppe’s brother would get rough if someone was trying to bother Steppe.
    Her father on the other became quite pushy. He had a reputation; he expected Steppe to uphold the family tradition and become a great and potent Death Eater. So he insisted Steppe learn everything she could, meanwhile Steppe’s mother was much more indulgent and would find other ways of making Steppe study.
    In this year Steppe got to know about a girl named Hallie. She didn’t meet Hallie directly, but she had seen her from a distance. Hallie always seemed to have someone to hang with and always seemed to have, a guy after her, in fact some of the cutest guys wanted to date Hallie. Hallie had also deep blue eyes. Steppe’s eyes were a much lighter barely visible shade of blue, they seemed green, and blue at the same time but much duller.
    Steppe figured that maybe if she acted more like Hallie she would have more friends. So, she tried being wittier, and tired smiling more, of course if Steppe wasn’t really feeling it, her smiles never came out normally. Then joking… she just didn’t have the grace for joking or for making people laugh so Steppe gave up trying to be witty. IT seemed that only on rare occasions could Steppe make someone laugh.
    Steppe found herself very homesick on lonely days, she also couldn’t see her brother very often, so she took advantage to spend time with him whenever she could, although she also began to grow admiration for her brother in some ways. Tom was pretty rational and tough. It was not an easy feat to hurt Tom, he would shrug off most insults that other boy’s threw at him, and he was also independent. It seemed as if Tom never needed anyone or anything. Steppe began to wish she was like her brother in some ways. Despite the fact that Tom was also frightening to the older students because he had earned himself a reputation, and put very little to no excuses and would ram into things, he also became frightening because… Tom had this.. temper. You never knew when he could blow up. Tom would sometimes be too busy in detention to exactly spend time with Steppe. Steppe did try to sneak into detention once just to see him, although it was just to see him, she still felt kind of bad. She never knew how attached she was to her family till she didn’t have them, Steppe decided she would try talking with the birds sense she also couldn’t be stuck to her brother he was also a guy, and he would end up requiring his space one day.
    So every day for several months straight, Steppe would make sure no one was around and would try hearing the birds, trying to block thoughts, noises including feelings sometimes, in order to see if she could hear the birds speak, but didn’t manage neither hearing a response, nor communicating something.
    After another month she gave up trying to tall to the birds, figuring she would practice again some other time. At some point Steppe got tired trying to be like Hallie, she was tired that she was never good enough, or smart enough, or funny enough, or strong enough for anyone. So Steppe found herself alone, she still didn’t quit trying to be like her brother, it was awkward for her though, because she ended up having a lot of free time, like in the days before she had a best friend.
    Third year: School was exceptionally strange for Steppe, it seemed every day the teacher had a remarkable way of astounding students with their magic.
    The also made Steppe nervous most of the time, Steppe was not only nervous about the fact that it seemed as if everyday teachers, classmates would surprise Steppe. Steppe who would easily admire things, found herself filled with awe, and also insecurities. She had a lot of trouble doing simple things that her classmates did with their wands. Steppe also was nervous because it was also during this year that Tom was going to graduate. Steppe began trying to distance herself. She had to get used to it because soon Tom was going to be gone.
    Steppe decided to talk to the birds again, in part due to loneliness, and in part because she wanted to learn, she figured talking to birds would be a lot easier than talking to people, people who confused her. This time not bothering to block her thoughts, or feelings she would just vent her frustration, or loneliness for stress relief. She didn’t know if they could hear her or not, but she also didn’t bother or worry if they didn’t. She would tell them her fears her secrets, she would also tell them if she had a crush on somebody.. it was a new way of communicating; and in return she would feed them seeds. Seeds did manage to make them come close to Steppe, but still she could not hear them. It did make her happy that the birds were getting used to seeing her, sense she took her time to feed them. Little did she know someone else was listening to her talk with the birds.
    A few months after Tom graduated, and her life took a turn when a group of ‘barbies’ found out that she talked to the birds, they managed to get their hands on her dairy. At first these girls only besieged Steppe, who felt hurt but also got tired. Steppe didn’t know what the girls knew, that she spent her time telling birds very personal things.
    What did these ‘barbies’ want? Her brother was no longer around. Steppe wanted these girls to stop bugging her. But what was it going to take to get what Steppe wanted? She seriously didn’t know this time. For better or for worse the answer came by itself. When the one of the ‘barbies’ made Steppe feel incredibly stupid. The girl managed to speak about Steppe’s insecurities in class, one of them holding Steppe’s diary. Steppe actually wanted to cry, but screamed due to her impotency.
    The girls thought Steppe was going to stop it at that, but she launched herself at the ‘barbie’ slapping her over and over again, and bruising her and also getting a few bruises herself. Steppe ended up ripping her dairy to shreds after the fight, during detention. She never, never was going to write her personal feelings again. Little did she know this big fight pretty much changed her life.
    People were suddenly afraid of Steppe, the weird girl who ‘allegedly talked to birds.’ Steppe was not completely used to the idea of people shying away from her. People most of the time just didn’t even notice her, neither did they give her attention, but they didn’t run away from her either, now everyone knew Steppe was the girl who sent a ‘barbie’ home.
    This was really weird. Steppe preferred going un-noticed. Although a few more shady fellows with bad reputations showed up out of nowhere and invited Steppe to their little hangouts. Steppe was also new to this too, it had been a year sense she had socialized with anyone. So she found herself going with the flow, yet at the same time asking herself questions. She had to keep her guard up after all.
    In one of these hangouts Steppe found herself with Toms old friends some who fluked and some who were not going to graduate until the next year. Steppe at first kept her distance, but the fellows seemed actually seemed fond of her. Steppe did spend a lot of time with Tom, so many of them remembered Steppe, they introduced her to dark magic, this awed her yet at the same time put her nervous. The dark arts were forbidden, she didn’t experiment, yet she watched as these fellow classmates toyed with them, there was always something attractive about the forbidden.
    Steppe began to realize that school became a lot easier after a few weeks. Simple things, like during lunch people would move out of the way when she needed a seat. No one daring to tell her to get lost, well… this was not so bad. No one dared pick on her, well almost no one there was still some fellows who picked on her but not enough to bother her, and they were afraid of Tom’s old friends too. Tom’s gang still loved to beat people up, even though their head(Tom) was gone. Steppe figured maybe she could get used to this for a while.
    School got harder on the other hand, her father wanted a daughter who was potent and strong, Steppe felt she was neither of these. The teacher on the other hand became more demanding. Yeah, it was the third year, Steppe had to get a little bit better, no? It overwhelmed Steppe that her aunts, uncles, and half cousins, expected a lot of her. She was not sure she could live up to their expectations, she watched her classmates on the other hand get a little better when it came to magic. Steppe only felt attraction for certain things, such as dark arts, and talking to birds… she hadn’t talked to them in a while but she wanted too.
    Steppe’s fear got the best of her when she decided she never wanted to be a wizard and considered waving a wand around pointless. So far her classmates hadn’t managed to do the wonders that teachers did, and other classmates, who weren’t so lucky would get… well almost half killed with frequency. There was that poor nerdy looking kid with extremely curly hair who fell off his broom during Quid-ditch, the game was canceled and he was sent home with half of the bones in his body broken. What good was magic for if you couldn’t even heal people with it? It was rare that magic cured things. Steppe in this year pretty much flunked, so she was held back, and placed into summer school. Steppe flunked because she saved a baby bird and nurtured it, then spent most of her time waiting for it to fly.
    Summer school, was nice till it became… unbearable. There was very little students who flunked, and so the remaining students, or students who flunked were all squished into one grand room, that seemed almost like a cathedral. Steppe admired the way the windows were adorned, glasscutters had fantastic imaginations. Steppe also found herself kind of alone, the shady types, and Toms old friends that would call her every once in a while to hang out with them, some had graduated and some, just didn’t flunk.
    Who knew that the fellows who picked on Steppe would be in here.. the ‘barbies’ weren’t here but still the guys who picked on Steppe were hanging around here. Steppe half ignored them yet at the same time she felt highly vulnerable. They would jeer at her constantly. Steppe felt tired when it came to class, on the other hand she became infamous during those days in school for breaking the rules and also for her motto, “Why wasn’t I born a Squib?” Which she said ever so frequently, almost every chance she got. Summer school thankfully allowed students to visit home for a week.
    Once Steppe was home her parents had gotten notice from Hogwarts that she was not studying much, which pretty much upset her parents. They decided to get her involved with a mission, she had to help them kidnap a ‘muggle’ Steppe always figured her parents were doing the right thing, she always assumed that they knew what was better for her, so she followed along, her guts lurched in unison though. She only used her wand very little, also her brother Tom tagged along and he seemed very happy.
    Her parents were a little concerned that their daughter seemed to take less pleasure in kid napping, they hoped it was just normal novice issues and that afterward she would be able to do such without remorse. After all they wanted their ‘baby girl’ to be a good death eater, right? She had to uphold the family tradition, no? She was going to pull through.
    Steppe did feel odd though, this ‘muggle’ looked like an old classmate of hers, she knew sooner or later, once he was taken to the head of the Death Eaters he was only going to be held hostage, or worse. Tom on the other had tortured the ‘muggle’ when he was told, this ‘muggle’ was only cut not deeply but just a little bit. Steppe was astounded by her brothers cruelty. She always knew he was cruel but she had never seen it in action. She at the same time wished to be like her brother, and tried her hand at just cutting, she cut the skin on his arm, then felt her stomach lurch. Still she had to be like Tom, no. When she was asked to torture the ‘muggle’ she preferred to torture verbally. No insults, just telling him what he already knew.. worry, and psychological torture was good, but her parents still wanted more, so she vent her anger on the ‘muggle’ with a few bruises. She felt little remorse, but did have awful nightmares a few weeks later.
    Once Steppe returned to school to finish the rest of summer school, she felt her insides twitch. Something was not right about school, but she couldn’t smell what. It was until Steppe caught one of the creeps in her room, rummaging through her drawer. Steppe felt violated and also furious. No. He was not going to get away with this… the teacher was not going to give him detention, just so he could go free. Steppe beat him with what she had in her hand which happened to be her wand. Steppe still was not strong enough to stop him, but she chased him around the school, the boy earned himself a purple eye.
    Fourth year: This school year was confusing. Steppe felt like she was drowning in the big shoes her brother had left for her, and she was also drowning in her classmates who seemed to glow. She also felt like she was disappointing her family.
    In the middle of all this Steppe’s old friends from first year showed up. They just thought Steppe was attractive. But they didn’t remember her name. Steppe didn’t know what to say or do to them but she was not desperate for a friend anymore. So she found it easy to ditch. To not show up when she was invited somewhere and to lie about why she didn’t come.
    It began to make her angry, angry that people were ruthless towards her and then would come back out of nowhere looking for.. looking for what? Favors? For her brother? Hmph.
    That was when she took advantage of the fact that ‘old friends’ didn’t remember who she was, and they seemed to have forgotten that long ago they spent time with Steppe, before ditching her to spend time with someone else.
    So she played with them. She lied to them about her name, lied to them about her hobbies, and was as sarcastic as she had never been, and flirted behind their backs with their stupid boyfriends. IT was all just for fun. It was pay back. She didn’t really like any of the freaks, that her ‘old friends’ were dating anyway, but she knew all about them. She only wanted her ‘old friends’ to cry, she wanted them to feel what it was like to be ignored or left out. Just like she was hurt, and left out.
    At first it kind of concerned Steppe, how mean she could become… but then she wasn’t being mean was she? I mean she was only being fair, right? she thought. After all they were the ones who bullied and did Steppe injustice, so it was only right. It served them right for her to punish them for their ways. She was only doing right..and it felt good. It felt so… good. Never in her life had she excused herself or given herself the pleasure of getting revenge. Of vindicating herself, the way she thought she should. Mmmhmm…. It felt so... sweet! She never felt so alive!
    Of course the idiots would tell their girlfriends, that Steppe was ‘trying to flirt with them’ to which Steppe would deliberately lie that she did nothing of the sort. Steppe felt satisfied once she left one of her ‘old friends’ nerves on the edge. Then she just left them alone to come up to conclusions themselves.
    Well that was serious fun. It was fun to get back at the people who bothered her. It was fun, she didn’t want them to cry forever. Just cry temporarily, but it was great. She felt like a queen. She managed to get herself what she wanted, including a few possessions that weren’t hers, and she did it all by herself. How cool was that? It was awesome, to feel the adrenaline rushing through her veins, every time she lied, every time she wormed her way through almost getting caught. She felt powerful, that she was pushing the envelope and seeing how far she could go. It was amazing. The thrill was strong because she was alone.
    Steppe suddenly realized she didn’t want anyone with her. She loved it being alone. She managed to get herself things she wanted, she didn’t need rescuing, and she didn’t need anyone to help her. She was independent. She was a one woman army.
    So what started as a simple revenge, quickly turned into a way of life, sometimes randomly stealing things, and in other instances getting things through more shrewd means, take care of herself, and when it came to justice, she would just serve herself a plate.
    Steppe’s parents were pleased to see this change in her during vacations, and sent her on simple jobs just to steal things, they were hoping for her to start slowly, sense she still was not ready for bigger things.
    She decided that if the ‘barbies’ decided to make her personal conversations with the birds sort of public, and everyone thought she was scary and crazy, then her parents were putting on her pressure. She figured… well she had nothing to lose… well not completely nothing, but still… not much to lose. Her grades weren’t so great, and she could do whatever she wanted. So… she definitely felt like a one woman army this time. Armed with her fists, she figured it would be good to use them every time someone made her feel scared, or really terrible. Well it was a dog eat dog world. Survival of the fittest. She had to defend herself. Yeah she felt like a queen. More like a feared queen, but still she was going to get the things she wanted a lot easier.
    Steppes reputation grew sense she preferred fighting with her fists or feet, also arming herself with a weapon, which in her case when she was in Hogwarts ended up being her wand or broom stick. There was still people who teased her because she talked to the owls, but it was a dangerous thing to stand near Steppe, because if she was angry, she could very well let out her fury on you, whether you were her perpetrator or not. Of course if you happened to pick on Steppe or provoke her on purpose then you were in more trouble, than just being a mere bystander, you were going to get a full taste of her broom crashing on your head or slapping you across the face. If it was not her broom it would be her wand, and if it was not her wand, then her fists would either go to your neck or would roundhouse you to the floor.
    Steppe was categorized as naughty for this and was often punished for this sort of behavior. One thing Steppe became famous for… and always famous for was rolling her eyes. She would roll her eyes whenever she was ordered to do a spell, roll her eyes whenever she was punished. Consequently because Steppe didn’t really want to do as she was told, most of her spells were half-heartedly done and because of this her magic wasn’t so effective. Steppe had a high dose of sarcasm, and she would tend to roll her eyes, whenever a teacher order her to make a spell.
    Fifth year: The turning point came around for Steppe when furious with another student, she launched herself against the other student, recklessly hoping to make physical contact with the other person and have her knee on his chest, and his head pinned to the floor. The other student happened to outsmart her by creating a magical sort of force field.
    This hurt Steppe’s pride terribly, as she crashed into the invisible wall, twice, but it also hurt her reputation, but only half because the other classmates who still hadn’t mastered good spell’s were vulnerable to Steppe’s fury. Steppe much to her wounded pride, knew that she had to learn spells if she wanted to still be respected. Well, feared and respected. Well mostly feared. She wanted to be feared. She still had a high discrimination to waving a wand around though.
    Steppe got frustrated with a teacher who was trying to push her to do a spell, Steppe unbeknownst to herself, managed to channel all her anger into the spell she was being pushed to do, and it worked quiet well. They need to call a professor to get the teacher off the ceiling. Steppe was happy, but only a little disappointed by the fact that she couldn’t fight with her fists much. But she was also amazed, and satisfied, moving the wand required very little to no effort. Hmm.. well this would be her royal scepter.. she decreed.
    She figured that every time she was upset her anger would be useful to her, so she focused on channeling her frustration and in the years that followed, she got better and better. The teachers were also pleased with her transformation, sense they were starting to get tired of dealing with a student who didn’t want to learn. Steppe slowly became more powerful and acquired a new ‘respect’ from her peers. Now they had more reasons to fear Steppe. Steppe was now not only good with her fists, but she was getting better at magic.
    Steppe began learning a bit about the dark arts dabbling and learning what she could. She still needed to study more if she wanted to be at the level that her peers were at sense she had stopped studying all together. Now she was not bashing her classmates with her broom like in the first and second year, now she would cast a spell on whoever she fancied, and the poor soul had to beg for a teacher to be nearby or else Steppe would continue with her ‘fun’. Steppe still had trouble when it came to other spells sense Steppe was not always frustrated or angry, some spells required more happiness, or faith, which Steppe considerably lacked, she still tried to think happy things, although most spells were done because you felt them, if you didn’t feel it, it didn’t matter.
    One thing Steppe always had trouble when it came to Occlumency, and Legilimancy. Her emotions didn’t help her much. She could concentrate but only to a certain point, then would either get a headache. She tried to block her emotions and feelings out, whenever she talked with the birds like in her first years, it was not so hard, but still she needed more practice if she didn’t want her mind to be manipulated.
    Sixth year: Steppe managed to catch up with her fellow peers, and was close to graduating. She was secretly was learning more about the dark arts, she still talked to the birds, and was satisfied when she managed to get one of the birds, to fly to her just because she asked. She didn’t believe the bird truly understood her when she saw the creature poking her hand searching for seeds. Still Steppe tried concentrating, she tried sitting absolutely still, she tried everything to get to hear at least one bird speak to her, but everything proved in vain.
    In these days, Steppe stumbled upon a fellow sixth year, well not any fellow sixth year but the boyfriend of Hallie, himself… Henry. Henry Yewbeam. Or Mr, Perfect, was what some girls called him. He seemed very sad. Steppe figured he broke up with Hallie, but she was not sure. Steppe felt truly sorry for him, for some reason, in part an old side of her heart took over. Like when she cared for a baby bird she found, she cared for it till it was strong enough to fly. She found herself feeling compassion she started out simply talking to him, then realized he had only a bad fight with Hallie.
    Steppe told him what any other girl would do, she told him things would get better, but he denied such thoughts. Still Steppe tried to make Henry feel good, then she realized that Henry wanted to spend more ‘quality’ time with Steppe. This was all too tempting. Life. Ironic, and sweet. It was too sweet.
    Steppe gave herself the pleasure of being with Henry, then was thrilled when he actually wanted to date her. Henry was beautiful to have, she began to teach him about dark magic, sense she figured he was going to be around her for a while.
    Sadly though, her relationship with Henry was short lived. He dumped her only a month after dating her. He gave no explanation. No discussion. Could Hallie have something to do with this? What could have triggered this, she didn’t know. It left her pretty sad though.
    Adulthood: Steppe graduated, but continued studying dark arts. Her hobbies include stealing and kidnapping, for other people, to which she places a high price. Right now she works as a waitress in the leaky cauldron. Steppe tries practicing venting her feelings, of any sort through her wand she does visit her parents but only certain days.
    She has no idea where her brother is.. the last she heard of him was that he was on some special mission sent by Death Eaters.
    She is still thinking about another job, but is not sure of which to take. Steppe also enjoys taking her time to steal things for herself, in her free time.
    (She actually stole a watch from Hallie, a very nice watch at that. It was very beautiful. She is hoping to get some money out of it by taking it to a pawn shop.) She still tries talking to the birds, and only once in a while has success in hearing them.
    Steppe is currently looking for Hallie.
------------------------------------------------------------ BEHIND THE CHARACTER ------------------------------------------------------------

    ALSO KNOWN AS: Endless
    RP EXPERIENCE: 3 to 4 years
    HOW YOU FOUND US: Lots and lots of sister sites.
    MAIN CHARACTER: Steppe Seker

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Seker, Steppe Empty Re: Seker, Steppe

Post by Khaat Lupin Thu Jan 02, 2014 9:03 pm

First, welcome to PA! Your app for Steppe is well written. And I like her.

That being said, I’d like you to polish her just a bit. For PA, she’s a bit overpowered. We like characters who are more balanced between good and evil, please. The strengths are good. Leave those as they are. In the weaknesses, you seem to have the weaknesses mixed with the darker portions of her personality, but for a Death Eater, those things are often strengths and not weaknesses. You could move a few of those into strengths if you want, but we’re also looking for a balance of things she’s not good at, so I wouldn’t shift all of her dark characteristics over to strengths.. I see a few of those—, taking things personally, resentment, legilimens, occlumancy, and irritability. It just needs a little polish. Its not bad.
Other than that, I think she’s good!

Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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Gryffindor Graduate

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Seker, Steppe Empty Re: Seker, Steppe

Post by Steppe Seker Fri Jan 03, 2014 11:30 pm

There a go. I have some more weaknesses I want to give her but I want to develope those as the roleplay goes on.

Oh, yeah some traits I intentionally wrote them vaguely, because I wanted to leave mystery to my character. But yeah I tried expanding on some and polishing a bit, and I added new weaknesses and even an extra quirk. *smiles*

If you want I can also redo the app.
I am looking at some of the traits, and I can get rid of some of them. I can also just simplify Steppe and make her evil to her core if you like.. I feel like I am going to get bored making her entirely heartless... she will become predictable if I make her entirely heartless.

I get the feeling like I am going to get bored if I make her entirely predictable.. but if you want I can explain more, and get rid of the vague stuff, and I can give her a lot more weaknesses, if you want I can work on that. I am still going to get rid of more things tomorrow sense I need to get some sleep. *sleepy smile*
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Seker, Steppe Empty Re: Seker, Steppe

Post by Khaat Lupin Sat Jan 04, 2014 8:48 pm

I think she's fine now. Thanks for making the edits.

Accepted and sorted to grads!
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate

Number of posts : 19804
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