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Post by Pansy Parkinson-Nott Thu Jan 02, 2014 1:43 am

PARKINSON-NOTT, Pansy El080229219



    FULL NAME: Pansy Bertha Parkinson-Nott

    NICKNAMES:  Pansy, Mrs Parkinson-Nott, Mrs Nott - however she will correct people and tell them it is Mrs Parkinson-Nott because she wants to emphasis how pure-blooded she is.

    AGE: 46

    BIRTHDAY: 27th March 1980

    + Nott Family
    + Parkinson Family
    + Malfoy Family
    + Rookwood Family
    + Greengrass Family
    + Bullstrode Family
    + Goyle Family
    + Crabbe Family

    + Slytherin House
    + Slytherin Prefects
    + Inquisitorial Squad
    + Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry

    + The Daily Prophet
    + Death Eaters

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin

    NEWT Results:
    Astronomy: Exceeds Expectations
    Dark Arts*: Exceeds Expectations
    Herbology: Exceeds Expectations
    History of Magic: Outstanding
    Muggle Studies**: Acceptable

    *Originally DADA, however Professor Carrow had taught DA instead when Pansy came to sit her NEWT's.
    **Pansy only picked up muggle studies in her second year of NEWT's because Professor Carrow made the subject compuslory, however instead of following the correct curriculum she gave a more biased approach to the course meaning Pansy wasn't prepared for her actual exam.

    OWL Results:
    Astronomy: A
    Care of Magical Creatures: A
    Charms: A
    Defense Against Dark Arts: E
    Divinations: E
    Herbology: E
    History of Magic: O
    Potions: E
    Transfiguration: A

    WAND: Chestnut, Dragon heart string core, 10 inches, slightly springy.  

    Chestnut wand wood: "Chestnut is a most curious wood that little character or traits of its own other than its attraction to witches and wizards who possess great gifts in Herbology. Instead, the wand of chestnut tends to take on character of the wand core and the owner.
    For example, when paired with dragon heart string, chestnut wands may find their best match among those who are overfond of luxury and material things, and less scrupulous than they should be about how they are obtained."

    Dragon heart string core: "As a rule, dragon heartstrings produce wands with the most power, capable of the most flamboyant spells. Dragon wands tend to learn quicker than other types. While they can change allegiance if won from their original master, they always bond strongly with the current owner.
    The dragon wand tends to be easiest to turn to the Dark Arts, though it will not incline that way of its own accord. It is also the most prone of the three cores to accidents, being somewhat temperamental"

    PLAY BY: Victoria Beckham


    HAIR COLOUR: Dark Brown

    EYE COLOUR: Brown

    COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: Short, however she usually wears heeled shoes to boost her height.

    BODY BUILD: Slim

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Pansy is short with short dark hair to match. It seems that she has lost her pug-ness slightly as she has aged, however her nose is still a stand out feature with the tip protruding upwards, highlighting her wide nostrils. In spite of this she seems to have aged fairly well but applies make up to look presentable when she leaves the house. In addition her robes are of a high quality and her nails and medium length and are usually manicured black, emerald or gold.


    + Cunning
    + Ambitious
    + Loyal
    + Writing
    + Manipulative
    + Provoking Responses
    + Self Preserving

    - Judgmental
    - Snobbish
    - Wandwork
    - Herbology
    - Full of herself
    - Coward
    - Red Wine
    - Multiple Affairs

    + Pure bloods
    + Money
    + Gossip
    + Seeing others fail
    + Being victorious
    + Having control
    + Male Attention
    + Death Eaters
    + Red Wine
    + Humiliating People
    + Drama

    - Being humiliated
    - Order Of The Phoenix
    - Muggle Borns
    - Blood Traitors
    - Half Breeds
    - Unattractiveness
    - Magical Beasts
    - Muggle Sports
    - Loosing

    + To be remembered in history as a famous journalist with a notorious quill.
    + To retire in a manner house surrounded by luxurious wine, elves and people are her disposal.
    + To see her children marry into pure blood families, such as any she is affiliated too.
    + To one day become the owner of The Daily Prophet.

    + When insulting someone she tends to do this loudly as to gain attention.
    + Holds her chin up slightly when she is talking to someone she dislikes, giving the impression that their is a foul smell under her nose.
    + Has at least two glasses of red wine each evening.
    + Sits with one leg over the other and circles her ankle.
    + Has a girlish fake laugh.

    BOGGART: (worst fears)
    + That her children will not marry into pure blooded families.
    + That she will become poor and have nothing.
    + Hideous and dangerous magical beasts.

    PATRONUS: (happiest memories)
    + Can not produce a patronus, although her happiest memory is when her son was sorted into Slytherin and knowing that she had raised him well.
    + Also her fondest memories are of when Rita Skeeter humiliated Harry and Hermione in the Daily Prophet, which is what inspired her to become a journalist herself, that and her love for gossip.

    DEMENTOR: (worst memories)
    + When Draco Malfoy, a long time teenage crush, announced his love for Astoria Greengrass. She was jealous of Astoria and felt betrayed, however due to the Malfoy's status as pure blood she bit through her envy and remained friends with them. As a result she had to settle for Theodore Nott, not the most attractive of Slytherin's but he was pure blooded had a brain and seemed to know what he was doing in life to make money.
    + Finding out that her daughter had been sorted into Ravenclaw, however she wasn't overly disappointed because it mean't her daughter was smart and if not a Slytherin Ravenclaw would be the next best house.
    + At the start of the Battle of Hogwarts when Professor McGonagall humiliated her in front of the whole school, making her walk out of the Great Hall first in front of everyone.

    VERITASERUM: (secret)
    + That she doesn't love her husband and that she has had multiple affairs behind his back. Furthermore Pansy is only in the marriage for money and a strengthened pure blood status.

    + See her stood side by side in a wedding dress with Draco Malfoy. Even though she has accepted Malfoy is off limits Pansy still desires and lusts for him, perhaps even his son now he is of a reasonable age.

    Pansy is, in one word, uppity. She thinks highly of herself and anyone that has the same thoughts as her. If a person doesn't want the same things she wants then Pansy classes them beneath her and idiotic. The ex-Slytherin is extremely judgmental in as many ways as possible about a person: their looks, their blood status, their job, their home, their wealth. One thing that Pansy does have is a knack for writing and creating an image. She crosses her t's and dots her i's with manipulative venom, something that she has learnt to do since being at Hogwarts where she was the ring leader of her group of girls.


    FATHER: Albert Billius Parkinson, 79, Azkaban (Fighting alongside DE in Battle of Hogwarts).

    MOTHER: Bertha Magnolia Parkinson, 75, Lives in West Cheshire.

    SPOUSE: Theodore Nott, 46

    _____, Nott - Male, 17, 7th Year Slytherin
    _____, Nott - Female, 15, 5th Year Ravenclaw

    BLOOD STATUS: Pure Blood

    RACE: Human

    CLASS: Affluent, due to marrying Theodore who went on to became a highly admired lawyer.

    PET/S: Family Screech Owl - Selwyn & Pure Black Cat - Judas

    + Invisibility Cloak that she forced her husband to get her. This is one of her favourite items of clothing because it allows her to spy on peoples private conversations and report about them in the daily prophet and witch weekly.


    Early Years:
    Pansy was born an only child to Albert and Bertha. The two were both pure bloods and so brought her up to appreciate the values of blood purity. She grew up in a reasonably finanically comfortable home. It was by no means a mansion but she could have whatever she wanted when she wanted, resulting in her becoming a spoiled brat. Her father was a death eater and at the first downfall of Voldemort managed to evade capture due to his position in the Ministry, claiming he was loyal to the Minister and only took part in death eater activity because he was under the imperius curse. Pansy believed this claim also, however she knew that he was interested in dark magic because of overheard conversations between friends Crabbe, Goyle and Malfoy that Harry Potter must be a dark wizard more powerful than lord Voldemort in order to defeat him.
    She then told Draco, who she had always coveted, who was keen to have Harry Potter as his friend when they got to Hogwarts. Pansy felt a huge enjoyment listening into her parents conversations unknowns to them and reporting back to Draco, it brought the pair closer and was the start of her love towards him.
    Much like Draco Pansy was an only child meaning that she shared a bond with her parents more than those who had siblings. Of course it was her Father she was closer to, he was Daddy's girl, and so she was impressed that he was a death eater and evaded capture. None the less her Mother was always there to do the girly things, such as combing her hair, dressing her in luxury dresses and so on.

    Hogwarts Years:
    First & Second
    Eager to befriend Harry Potter on the train in the first year Pansy set off to find him, luckily she bumped into Draco first who explained to her his encounter with the famous Harry Potter. After hearing he had befriended a blood traitor and clearly wasn't the wizard they thought he would be Pansy decided to drop her scout and stick with Draco. The two had been friends growing up and Pansy wasn't going to end there. As expected she was sorted into Slytherin where she made friends with the other pure blood girls in her dorm, becoming the leader of their 'gang' so to speak. Along with Draco the two became mean, popular and powerful in their friendship group and were recognised by older students as well as student from other houses. Already influenced by Draco to dislike Potter she soon disliked all Gyffindors and people that didn't meet her standards or matched her beliefs. Pansy showed no wish to hide her feelings of distain to the likes of Longbottom, who she deemed overweight or Hermione Granger - a mudblood who, like Draco, would have relished the idea of the basilisk murdering her in the second year.

    PARKINSON-NOTT, Pansy GoyleMalfoyCrabbePansy

    Upon entering the third year Pansy elected to study divinations and care of magical creatures. Already having shown promise in herbology she expected, owing the similarity it had with magical creatures, she would enjoy the subject. Of course Pansy wasn't aware that an oath of a Professor would be teaching the class. It was during this year Pansy's affection for Draco had evolved to a greater height, and was there to support and over dramatise his injury from Buckbeak. Because of Buckbeak attacking Draco she, alongside Draco and the rest of the gang, made it no secret that they also hated Hagrid, calling him an oaf and using his lessons as a malicious way to boost their own egos.

    In the fourth year Pansy met Rita Skeeter and was quickly attracted to the power the journalist held, not realising she was being manipulated for information. Knowing that she had the power to discredit anyone she disliked Pansy quickly made up lie after lie about Hermione, one notable one being that Hermione used love potion to entrance Krum and Potter. It was seeing the humiliation to people, induced by Rita, that inspired Pansy to aim for a career in the journalism herself. It was also in the fourth year that Pansy and Draco started dating and he even invited her to the Yule Ball, something Pansy milked.

    Although Pansy wasn't the most academically gifted she had talents in self preservation, cunning and ambition. It was because of this she became a prefect, alongside Draco. Having stood out to her teachers that she would go far and make it to where she wanted in life. Pansy began to get even more big headed and abused her power as prefect, which she was later upgraded to a member of the Inquisitorial Squad. Her parents had told her to get on Umbridge's good side as it would help her in later life and that she did. Pansy even assisted in helping the capture of Dumbledore's Army members. It was this year Pansy also took her OWL's and, although she didn't care much for exams like a Ravenclaw would, she wanted to try and be the best and prove to Draco she was as smart as the mudblood Granger. Naturally she failed in doing this, probably because Pansy only revised the subjects she deemed useful, along with history of magic: her best subject. Unlike other students who hated the subject she had an eye for history, recounting events and loved to hear about things that had happened. To Pansy it was the academic gossip class.

    PARKINSON-NOTT, Pansy Blaise-Zabini-and-Pansy-Parkinson-blaise-zabini-27999533-400-190

    Choosing what NEWT's to study wasn't that difficult for Pansy because her options were limited. She immediately signed up to study history of magic, and owing to somewhat of a natural ability in herbology continued with that. Having Snape as her potions Professor the previous five years mean't that she intended to continue at NEWT level. Unfortunately she hadn't secured the acquired Outstanding. In spite of this upon finding out that she only needed an Exceeds Expectations with Professor Slughorn, Pansy decided against studying potions to NEWT and instead went with astronomy instead, knowing it was an easier option. Finally Pansy selected defense against the dark arts as her fourth NEWT subject.
    Entering her NEWT's Pansy continued to date Draco and became even more attracted to him when she found out about his Dark Mark. Although Pansy seemed to be giving Draco affection it was received, probably due to his distraction of the task to kill Dumbledore, which he kept a secret from Pansy. During this year Pansy and Draco split up after not giving her the attention she desired - although the Slytherin still had a soft spot for Draco.

    The seventh year was probably Pansy's favourite with the new regime with Snape headmaster and the Carrows as his deputies. She soon noted a talent for the dark arts when the Carrows stopped teaching defense, however her abilities could never match up to Crabbe and Goyles. Her friendship with Draco weakened because she noticed he didn't seem his usual self, instead he kept his head down unlike Pansy who did anything she could to get other students into trouble and would gladly snitch to the Carrows for their praise in return. During the Battle of Hogwarts when the students had gathered to the Great Hall Pansy realised how many students disliked and disagreed with her when she suggested they hand Harry over to Voldemort, resulting in her being humiliated by McGonagall by being the first to evacuate like the coward she is.

    After the battle Pansy wanted to return to Draco's side and tell him that, despite his weakened personality, she still loved him. However before Pansy could tell him she discovered that he had confessed for the love of her best friends younger sister: Daphne Greengrass. This was one of the worst moment of Pansy's life as she began to doubt their entire relationship.

    Knowing Nott had always fancied her the ex-slytherin decided to accept his hand in marriage and moved into Nott's manner house he'd inherited after both of his parents were thrown into Azkaban for being death eaters. Being a pure blood it made her parents happy and also made her feel more powerful, keeping Parkinson as part of her name. However the marriage wasn't out of love but for money and personal gain, of course she gave birth to two not so beautiful babies outside of was love. Like her parents raised Pansy raised her children to hold the same pure blooded beliefs.

    PARKINSON-NOTT, Pansy Owlpen_manor

    Upon leaving Hogwarts Pansy got an internship at the Daily Prophet and, with training from Rita Skeeter - who Pansy had always remained an acquaintance with, soon rose through the ranks to become a senior reporter. In addition to this Pansy is also a reporter for Witch Weekly's magazine. Her goal is to become an editor for both of the papers and then, one day, own The Daily Prophet and have more manipulative power over the wizarding population of Britain.

    PARKINSON-NOTT, Pansy Rita_Quick-Quotes_Quill

    Her allegiance to the death eaters (which she signed up to after getting her career on track) is not kept secret nor do the public know for certain. Instead it is a presumption that she is affiliated with the death eaters because some of her articles in the daily prophet have suggested this, however nobody has any real proof. It is mere a speculation among some of the readers.

    When the Ministry announced their marriage law Pansy was finally more thankful that she had chosen Nott as her partner two years after Hogwarts - not that this has stopped her from having secret affairs. However her likening to the ministry has dissolved since the time she was on the inquisitorial squad and their marriage law has made Pansy's worst fears a possible reality in that her children may not marry into a Pure Blooded family.  




    HOW YOU FOUND US: Member

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Simply would love to RP as her and I would like a female death eater.


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