YEWBEAM, Henry Septerium Paul
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YEWBEAM, Henry Septerium Paul

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YEWBEAM, Henry Septerium Paul  Empty YEWBEAM, Henry Septerium Paul

Post by Henry Yewbeam Sat Dec 21, 2013 5:00 pm

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Henry  Septerium Paul Yewbeam


    FULL NAME:  Henry Septerium  Paul Yewbeam

    NICKNAMES:  Yewbeam

    AGE: 19

    BIRTHDAY: 14th December

    ALLEGIANCE: Death Eaters

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor

    NEWT's: DADA (E), Potions (P), Transfiguration (P)

    WAND: Acacia, Acromantula Web Core, Flexible,   PLAY BY: Zac Efron


    HAIR COLOUR: Dark Brown

    EYE COLOUR: Blue


    BODY BUILD: Muscular

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Henry is of average height with a muscular frame. Throughout his teenage years he was rather skinny, however, and it is only in recent years that he has really increased in his muscular physique. His hair is usually styled in a scruffy up-fringe and his eyebrows are rather heavy whilst his facial hair is not as thick. Yewbeam tends to wear dark coloured clothing and although he once used to style jeans and a lose shirt now he wears wizard robes on all occasions.  


    + Dark Arts
    + Brave
    + Duelling
    + Physically strong
    - Emotionally explosive
    - Betrays people
    - Reckless
    - Dishonest

    + Feeling in control
    + Dark Magic
    + Quidditch
    + Feeling worthy
    + Adventures
    + Social situations (past) 
    + Alcohol & Sugar
    + Working for DE
    -  Working for DE
    - Killing people
    - Hallie Cooper
    - Order of the phoenix
    - Women
    - Magical creatures
    - Being called a coward

    GOALS: To prove his worth and make himself feel as good as he once did before he lost Hallie. To work his way up the death eater ranks.

    HABITS & QUIRKS: His eyebrows come together when he frowns.His eyes don't show emotion unless he is sad. Bites his finger nails and scratches them when he is coming down from a high.

    BOGGART: His worst fear is that he will be found out as a death eater and sent to Azkaban before he has climbed through the ranks of a death eater. As a result it takes the form as a dementor. In turn he is also scared of the death eaters themselves and so could also take the form of Katrina-Carlotta Du Hunt, chief death eater.

    PATRONUS: Henry is incapable of producing a patronus although if he were then the memory he would use would be a time of happiness at Hogwarts when he was captain of the Quidditch team, dating Hallie Cooper and his life was on track.

    DEMENTOR: The day that Hallie broke up with him and he was removed from the Quidditch Team by his head of house.

    VERITASERUM: He still has some sort of feelings for Hallie, even though they are masked by hatred towards her deep down they are still there. He also is addicted to sugar.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: When looking in the mirror he would see himself surrounded by his old friends, hand in hand with Hallie and holding the Quidditch cup.

    PERSONALITY: Henry was once full of life, he was bold adventurous and popular. Most people wanted to be like him or be his friend, simply because of how fun he was to be around. It was no surprise that he found love in Hallie Cooper in their fifth year and the two started dating, sneaking out and getting into trouble together. However, he was soon influenced by a fellow student who was known for being cunning and vindictive. She was the anti-Hallie and after an argument between Hallie he found friendship in her, so much so it led to betrayal of his relationship with Hallie. Hallie broke up with Henry and showed everyone who he truly was: a lying, deceitful boy. He became, moody, rude and bad tempered resulting in his dropping from the Quidditch team and ever since then he has held resentment towards Hallie, always felt second best and that he isn't worthy, thus making him slightly dark, twisted yet misguided and misunderstood.  


    FATHER: Paul Yewbeam, aged 55

    MOTHER: Pansy Yewbeam, aged 49

    SIBLING/S: Young brother, Gordon - aged 13

    OTHER/S: Septerium Yewbeam, aged 83 (Grandfather)

    BLOOD STATUS:  Half Blood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Lower Class

    PET/S: Owl - Deceased.


    Early Years:
    Henry grew up in a relatively poor home with his brother. His Mother and Father both had low paid jobs within the ministry and worked hard to ensure that their son got the best care that he could. Because he never had much money for material possessions it led to him being more social, enjoying the outdoors and appreciating the little things in life. When his little brother came as he turned six years old Henry couldn't be more proud and simply loved to spend every aching moment with him teaching him how to ride a broomstick (an old broomstick) and trading famous witches and wizards cards with him.

    Hogwarts Years:
    Henry couldn't have been more thrilled than to have received his letter admitting him to Hogwarts. Being the brave, bold and slightly troublesome boy that he was it was no surprise that was sorted into Gryffindor where he became friends with Hallie Cooper. Henry wasn't the brightest of children, he achieved average or below average grades, but he had a thirst for adventure and a skill on the Quidditch pitch. In his third year Henry made it onto the Quidditch team as a seeker (due to his what-was skinny build) and soon rose in popularity. He kept it no secret from anyone about his crush for Hallie Cooper and in the fifth year the two decided to get together.Their relationship couldn't be more perfect. They got each other, had a spark and always were found getting up to mischief by the teachers. Within their house and year group Hallie and Henry were the couple to be, until of course Maura and Ryo came along. However, popularity began to go to Henry's head and he soon started thinking too highly of himself, something that was a turn off for Hallie. As a result the two had a rather nasty argument in the common room, Henry said hateful things that he regretted and so did Hallie, mostly due to lack of emotional affection. That evening Henry left the common room and found solace in Steppe Seker, a fellow sixth year that Hallie seemed to dislike somewhat. Simply to get back at Hallie Henry cheated on her with Steppe. The next day Hallie apologised and Henry felt guilty about he did and confessed that he was with Steppe Seker the night before. Of course this resulted in Hallie ending her relationship with Henry, leading to another blazing row in the common room. Once again Henry found solace in Steppe and the two engaged in a somewhat lustful relationship. He began to get more interested in the dark arts, stopped caring about school work and began being rude and disrespectful to everyone. Of course the teachers weren't at all happy with this and so he was removed from the Quidditch Team, his friends began to turn their backs on him and Hallie told him that he needed to change, she stilled cared for him slightly and didn't like to see him hurt, but when Henry said some hateful things to her she turned her back on him and never spoke to him since. Hurt by what he did to Hallie and the fact his popularity was quickly falling Henry ended his relationship with Steppe, who believed Hallie to be behind it. Throughout his seventh year Henry spent most of it alone, feeling sorry for himself, taking sugar and getting deeply involved in the dark arts. It is no surprise that he failed his NEWT's, apart from DADA.

    Upon graduating from Hogwarts Henry has found it difficult to get a job and has only just managed to get a job at Borgin & Burkes as a sales assistant. Spending time in Knockturn Alley and having a keen interest in the dark arts Henry has decided to join the death eaters to prove that he is worth something and show everyone who deserted him that it was a mistake. Henry hopes that he will, somehow, feel better being part of a group once again and wants to work through the ranks of the death eaters.
    For his first mission, almost like an initiation task Henry was instructed to capture Hallie, keep her hostage and then kill her in return for gold from Mr Rookwood. Theodore Rookwood's Father wanted his daughter-in-law dead in order to restore the tiny dent in his family crest. Henry succeeded in capturing Hallie, holding her hostage for eight days however failed to kill her as Theodore came to Hallie's rescue. After failing the task the Death Eaters weren't impressed and he was indeed punished. Henry has volunteered to take part in the Gringotts Heist in an attempt to prove his worth and recover from his mistake. Furthermore he is also pending trial for the capture and torture of Hallie Rookwood.


Henry Yewbeam
Henry Yewbeam
Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate

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