Stanley,Aaron Grayson
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Stanley,Aaron Grayson

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Stanley,Aaron Grayson Empty Stanley,Aaron Grayson

Post by Aaron Stanley Wed Nov 20, 2013 1:06 am

Stanley,Aaron Grayson Freddie-Stroma-15

Aaron Grayson Stanley


    FULL NAME: Aaron Grayson Stanley

    NICKNAMES: A,Gray,Stanley

    AGE: 17

    ALLEGIANCE: Potter's Army

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor

    CLASSES: CoMC, Potions.

    WAND: Spruce, Dragon Heartstring, 13+ unyielding

    PLAY BY: Freddie Stroma


    HAIR COLOUR:Dirty Blonde

    EYE COLOUR:Green


    BODY BUILD: Athletic

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Aaron has curly short dirty blonde hair and green eyes.He has a scar on his left side of when he was stabbed.He has a tattoo with his initials A.G.S on his wrist  and a tiger's face on his shoulder blade.


    -Pushes People away
    -He feels like he has to prove a point.
    Likes:Jello,Magical creatures specifically Dragons,Trains,Muggle board games,Muggle Science,History of Magic,Danger.
    Dislikes:Cars(Because his mom died in a car accident),Train stations,Grumpiness,Blood purists,Really crowded places,Reading unwillingly,Drama.
    To become a Dragon Keeper
    He blames himself about things that aren't his fault.
    He is an adrenaline junkie

    BOGGART: Being buried alive

    PATRONUS: Knowing that he was chosen as his parents son.

    DEMENTOR: His biological mother's habits or his adoptive mothers death.

    VERITASERUM: He hopes his biological mother has gotten her life straight

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To become a dragon keeper.

    PERSONALITY: When Aaron was young he was a respectful,educated and responsible kid.When his father died he got closer with his mom but she began to drink and she treated Aaron like trash so he started feeling insecure.He then was taken by social services and adopted by Thomas Stanley and his wife Kelly.This made him feel wanted but he was still very insecure.They reinforced values like chivalry,selflessness,solidarity and generosity.He became rebellious when his adoptive mother died in and he started getting tattoos and he joined a gang.He then became distrusting of people because he stopped seeing the good in them when he was stabbed and his gang just ran.


    Biological:Charles Harris | Muggleborn | Deceased
    Adoptive: Thomas Stanley | Halfblood  | Alive

    Biological:Rebecca Gabriela Harris | Muggle | Alive
    Adoptive:Kelly Cassandra Stanley | Muggle | Deceased

    Biological: None
    Adoptive: Twins:Philip Robert Stanley | Halfblood | Alive
    Peter Ethan Stanley | Halfblood | Alive

    OTHER: N/A

    BLOOD STATUS: Halfblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class

    PET/S:Three dogs at home Laika,Bullet,and Buster.

    OTHER POSSESSIONS: His biological father's dog tags.


    Early Years: Aaron Grayson Stanley was actually born Aaron Grayson Harris.His father was an American Muggleborn wizard, and his mother was an English muggle.Charles and Rebecca moved to United States and Charles joined the army.Then Aaron was born and they lived a normal life, but of course Charles wasn't always there.Aaron was a good kid in general.Until Aaron's eighth birthday when they received the news that Charles was killed in action.Both Aaron and Rebecca were devastated and the only thing Aaron wanted for his birthday was his father's dog tags.Then Rebecca and Aaron moved back to England and she started drinking and when she was drunk she would tell Aaron that Charles' death was his fault.The one day he was taken by social services and he was put on foster care.He spent about six months in foster care until he was adopted by this lovely family, the Stanley's.His adoptive father was Thomas Stanley,his mother Kelly Stanley and his brothers were Philip and Peter, they were twins.His parents were really good with him and they educated him well.He felt happy because they'd chosen to adopt him.He then learned that he and his adoptive brothers were wizards.

    Hogwarts Years:In his first year Aaron,Peter and Philip were all sorted into Gryffindor.They always spent time together practicing jinxes so they could show their father.He also fell I love with flying and with magical creatures.He started making friends and he liked that he was like everyone else.In his second year he and his bothers joined the Quidditch team and he was good at it and it made the bond with his brothers stronger.He then noticed no one had ever asked if he was adopted because he looked like his brothers.He liked that because in their muggle school everyone knew he was adopted and here no one had a clue.

    During the summer of his third year his adoptive mother died in a car accident.He was even more depressed than the twins and that was their birth mother.He then went to school with less enthusiasm and he had gotten lower grades but still managed to be good.In his fourth year, during the summer, he joined a muggle gang and they had fights with other teenage muggle gangs.His grades got a bit higher but he quit Quidditch.In his fifth year during a fight, the one member of the other gang played dirty and had brought a switch blade to a fist fight.He got stabbed and both gangs bolted and left him there.He had his cellphone on him when that happened so he called 911.The paramedics took him to the E.R and he was treated there.If his father had known before he would have taken him to St Mungos but he couldn't be released so early according to the doctor.In his sixth year his grades got back to normal and he quit the gang and joined Quidditch again.He also discovered his new love for adrenaline.




    RP EXPERIENCE: Few characters here

    HOW YOU FOUND US: I live in the pillow fort I built I the cbox so yeah, which by the way will be improved into a castle.

    MAIN CHARACTER:Jamie Griggory,Carter Griggory

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I have an army of Ravenclaws and my second favorite house is Gryffindor and I felt I needed one.


Aaron Stanley
Aaron Stanley

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Stanley,Aaron Grayson Empty Re: Stanley,Aaron Grayson

Post by Aaron Stanley Wed Nov 20, 2013 10:44 pm

Aaron Stanley
Aaron Stanley

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Stanley,Aaron Grayson Empty Re: Stanley,Aaron Grayson

Post by Khaat Lupin Thu Nov 21, 2013 11:37 pm

he looks fine to me. accepted and sorted into Gryffindor!
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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Gryffindor Graduate

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