CORNER, Steven Matthew
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CORNER, Steven Matthew Li9olo10

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CORNER, Steven Matthew

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CORNER, Steven Matthew Empty CORNER, Steven Matthew

Post by Guest Sun Nov 10, 2013 2:13 pm

CORNER, Steven Matthew 1348677397_59a3c899435ddfd24e05201b6f57849c



    FULL NAME: Steven Matthew Corner

    NICKNAMES:  Steven (Not Ste or Steve, although his brothers call him Stevie to annoy him)

    AGE: Fourth Year - 14

    ALLEGIANCE: Potters Army

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw

    CLASSES: All core classes + Divinations & Ancient Runes

    WAND: Maple, Phoenix Feather Core, 10 inches, slightly yielding.

    PLAY BY: ceallach spellman


    HAIR COLOUR: Dark Brown

    EYE COLOUR: Hazel


    BODY BUILD: Average

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Steven has dark hair that contrasts against his pale skin. His hair is usually styled in a stylish, but not edgy way. It is kept neat and trimmed at the sides whilst being longer on top. His pale skin and hazel eyes don't make him stand out much from the crowd and he can easily fit in. Steven tends to wear his wizard robes even after classes during the week then at the weekends will wear casual jeans with a polo top and some sort of jacket - however Steven tends to style a jumper during the winter or some sort of sweatshirt.


    + Steven is a naturally high achiever, thanks to inheriting his Father's intelligence.
    + Broad range of magical abilities. Steven is pretty much an all rounder and does relatively well in all areas of magic. However, this means that non particular area stands out more than another.
    + Observant and notices things about people that others don't. Whether it be how they behave on odd occasions or how they say certain words. He doesn't usually share his observations and keeps them to himself.
    + Steven takes his own initiative and if something needs doing then he will not hesitate and take it upon himself to complete a task. This means he is quiet decisive and doesn't dawdle around. Furthermore, despite him being an observer in every day to day life, in a high pressured situation he will step out and be the doer.
    + Although not a strong or noticeable strength to others Steven sees himself as a somewhat resilient person and if strong minded as himself. Even if its only trivial things that affect him such as banter from his siblings or not doing so well he feels that he can remain strong and get over his fears of failing. It also means he can handle stress.  
    + Of course Steven if slightly moody but he is also polite and kind natured to those who have good intentions or show no harm. He has been brought up to have morals and due to being the victim of mischief on his siblings behalf has led him to have stronger morals.
    + Steven is strongly opinionated and will say what his opinions are and not usually sway from them. On few occasions this has led him to get into trouble with teachers if he has disagreed with what they say or believe. In spite of that he isn't overly rude about them and will try and be as nice as possible about this.  
    - Sensitive. Although he acts moody at times as if nothing bothers him and he is carefree what people and say and think of him really do leave an imprint.
    - Due to being tricked and pranked many times as a child by his siblings it has led Steven to be less trusting to others and takes a lot before he can truly trust someone.  
    - Steven is social and will talk and spend time with others but he does need his time to recharge from social situations and can come across quiet moody, especially in the mornings. As a result it can be easy for people to dislike him or find him annoying at times. However this is just Steven being a typical teenager and having some resentment towards his siblings - who he believes were favoured.
    - His flying skills are not marvellous, nor are they horrendous. He knows enough to stay on a broom and fly decently but would prefer not to. He doesn't know much about Quidditch either and doesn't see it's importance to modern society.
    - Steven isn't the type to resort to dueling and so his jinxes and hexes aren't up to scratch, especially compared to his brother and sisters. As a result he joined PA not only because of what they stand for but because he wants to improve his combative moves and become a better practitioner of curses and hexes.

    + Warmth
    + Potions
    + Playing the piano
    + Wand lore
    + Owls
    + Travelling
    + Fresh challenges  
    - Being swayed and persuaded  
    - Being around others all the time.
    - Immoral People
    - Failing
    - Siblings  
    - Being wrong about something.

    To do well in Hogwarts and enter a job that is recognised and respected, such as a healer. Steven believes that doing this will prove that he is something and so is looking for a job for the wrong reasons. He may be overlooking a job that isn't as well respected but would make him happier.

    Expressive facial expression.
    Folds his arms when annoyed.
    Prefers to be alone when feeling blue.
    Only eats his carrots mashed.
    Puts his right shoe on before his left.
    Left handed.

    That he will fail everything, and wont do well and be judged for not being smart and great. This means that his boggart takes the form of his parents chastising him and telling him he is a failure compared to his siblings.  

    When able to conjure a Patronus it will take the form of a sheep, due to those born in year of the sheep being clever, kind natured and moral. However sometimes over-sensitive and moody. The memory used will be when he first held and used his wand in Ollivander's.

    When his brother and sister led him tricked him and pulled a prank on him as children that left him humiliated at the village fair when they led him onto the main stage, where he fell off and his clothes got caught on the railings leaving him almost naked. Since then he finds it difficult to trust people.  

    He sometimes gets upset by things and acts like he isn't bothered when really he is.

    To see himself come out best and make a name for himself in comparison of his sister and brother. The mirror would show an image of him at the front of the crowd with awards and achievements around him whilst his sister and brother lurk in the background unimportant.

    Steven is quiet an unusual character. He is somewhat moody unless you know him and is easily effected and feels bullied by others. Despite this he can be polite when he wants and always has a moral sense of judgement. Steven thinks with his head and wont rush out and do things unless he feels strongly about it. He is observant of his surroundings and picks up on things other people don't notice, this could be because he is more of a watcher/listener than a doer. However Steven does love to learn new things and enjoys exploring and discovering new places. It is this travelling that makes him happiest. Finally he is strongly competitive with his brother and sister and aims to out do them in everything he can, so much so that he feels he needs to prove himself to them and show them that he is just as capable of everything they are - even areas he is better than them in he still works hard to maintain that advantage.


    FATHER: Michael Corner

    MOTHER: Louise Turner

    Older brother, 15, 5th Yr Hufflepuff
    Twin Sister, 14, 4th Yr Gryffindor

    BLOOD STATUS:  Half blood

    RACE: Wizard

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class

    Brown Owl - Oscar, also known as 'Ozzie'


    Early Years:
    Steven was the second born to Michael Corner and Louise Turner. Being close in age to his older brother meant that when they were little he, his brother and twin sister would play together. Unfortunately he was the most uptight and less carefree, which mean't he became an easy target for their tricks and banterous pleasure. He grew up in a somewhat happy home but was easily affected by his siblings and so felt like he had to prove something about himself and that he was just as good as them - due to their outgoing natures it mean't that peoples attention was drawn to them instead of him and he often felt cast aside.
    When he was seven years old at the annual village carnival, after trusting his brother and sister they led him behind stage and told him to go through the next curtain first, which they'd boobytrapped with sticky slime. As he went through his clothing was caught on the slime and in a mad attempt to break free he accidentally ripped out of his clothes, fell onstage in nothing but his underwear before further falling off the stage. Ever since them he has resented them and finds it hard to trust people.

    Hogwarts Years:
    Steven wasn't looking forward to leaving his parents and going to Hogwarts as he knew that his brother and sister would have even more people to team up with to tease him. However his worries were soon cast aside as the sorting hat placed him into Ravenclaw away from his brother and sister where he met people who were likeminded as him about learning.
    Steven fell head first into education and excelled in all areas of magic, slugging somewhat in practical DADA and flying. He has made good friends and aims to continue to do well - still making sure to avoid his siblings who will still tease him as though he is the youngest child.




    HOW YOU FOUND US: PA Member.

    MAIN CHARACTER: Bertie Nogard & Hallie Cooper

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Wanted a new character to get me back into the swing of RPing, plus I wanted a canon character who was either Ravenclaw or Gryffindor.

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CORNER, Steven Matthew Empty Re: CORNER, Steven Matthew

Post by Anabelle Mulciber Sun Nov 10, 2013 2:20 pm

Looks good!

Accepted and sorted into Ravenclaw!
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