FRANK, Tibby Esmerelda
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FRANK, Tibby Esmerelda

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FRANK, Tibby Esmerelda Empty FRANK, Tibby Esmerelda

Post by Clementine Lovegood Thu Nov 07, 2013 9:24 pm

FRANK, Tibby Esmerelda Tumblr_lzxe0apEq01r4kfic



    FULL NAME: Tibby Esmerelda Frank

    NICKNAMES: Tib, Tibs

    AGE, BIRTHDAY SIGNS: Sixteen | November 24, 2009
    Sun Sign
  • Sagittarius
    Element: Fire
    Quality: Mutable
    Ruling House: Ninth
    Ruling Planets: Jupiter

    Chinese Zodiac
  • The Ox
    Fixed Season: Winter
    Fixed Direction: North
    Fixed Element: Water
    Associated Sun Sign: Capricorn

    Mayan Sign
  • Earth (or Earthquake)
    Mayan Name: Caban
    Direction: East
    Gemstone: Agate
    Color: Red

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral
  • The Frank Family
  • The Eaves Family

  • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  • Ravenclaw House
  • Ravenclaw Quidditch Team

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff

    N.E.W.T. Core Classes:
  • Charms
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts
  • Herbology
  • History of Magic
  • Potions
  • Transfiguration

    N.E.W.T. Electives:
  • Ancient Runes
  • Astronomy

    Career Path: Sociology and Anthropology, Magical History
    After Hogwarts Tibby hopes to attend the University for Magical Studies in London, England. There she plans to study history, sociology, and/or anthropology with a possible minor in art. After all of her school is completed Tibby dreams of traveling the world and conducting research on the culture and patterns in wizarding communities around the world.

    O.W.L. Results, 2024 School Year:
  • Ancient Runes – Outstanding
  • Astronomy – Exceeds Expectations
  • Care of Magical Creatures – Acceptable
  • Charms – Outstanding
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts – Outstanding
  • Divination – Exceeds Expectations
  • Herbology – Exceeds Expectations
  • History of Magic – Outstanding
  • Potions – Exceeds Expectations
  • Transfiguration – Outstanding

    WAND: Papyrus, Diricawl Feather and Jobberknoll Down core, springy, 12 inches

    Papyrus - The first scrolls were made of Papyrus, and the wood holds this significance today. While it is too flimsy to be used as more than an inlay, Papyrus lends its strength to the logical arts. It is most commonly found in the wands of bookworms, and those with great skill in Ancient Runes.

    Diricawl Feather - Known to Muggles as the dodo bird, the Diricawl is quite skilled in teleportation and evasiveness. (Muggles are convinced they've hunted the birds to extinction.) As such, their wands find favor with those skilled in Apparation, invisibility spells and Disillusionment Charms. They give a slight boost to Transfiguration, and are found in more subtle wands; more likely a Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw than a Gryffindor or Slytherin.

    Jobberknoll Down - Jobberknoll down is excellent for casting Memory Charms and making truth serums, as well as giving a boost to Divining magics.

    PLAY BY: Kristen Stewart


    HAIR COLOUR: Dark brown, almost black. Tibby likes to keep her hair long, falling about half way down her back. It refuses to be strait and will curl quite pleasantly on most days. In the humidity it can go a bit nutty, which Tibby has to counter with magical hair care products. She has dyed her hair blonde in the past but disliked the look almost immediately and now sticks to her natural color. Overall her hair is relatively cooperative with styling and it doesn’t take a giant fight in the morning to make her presentable. Most often Tibby will simply leave it hanging free or pulled up in a simple ponytale. If she wants her hair to be done fancily she asks for the help of one of her friends or dormmates.

    EYE COLOUR: Green. Tibby’s eyes begin in a hazel tone close to the pupil but turn to a lovely deep green the further out they go, a ring of almost-blue on the edges. Her eyes are not particularly large or doelike but their color keeps them soft and warm. Tibby’s eyelashes are a natural black which only needs to be assisted by minor eyeliner to reach the ideal appearance. She has never been seen with bags under her eyes from fatigue. When having a conversation Tibby makes constant eye-contact and is unabashed in her gaze.

    COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: 5’5”. Tibby is a completely average height. She is neither tall nor short, simply blending in to the other students. In primary school she grew faster than her classmates and was considered quite tall but upon her arrival at Hogwarts she found everyone else growing past her while she only gained a very small amount of height.

    BODY BUILD: Tibby is extremely slender which would be problematic if she were any taller. She has thin legs and a flat stomach, so naturally she also has a small chest and butt. Even in the areas that are less developed than she would hope, Tibby has always been confidant about her body. Genetics allow her to enjoy a wide variety of fatty foods without any physical effects, even extreme gluttony leaving her with only the softest layer of fat. While Tibby’s build would not be considered athletic she does run in the spring through fall, taking long loops around the Hogwarts grounds. She is far from physically weak, although her muscles are unimpressive to the eye.

    DESTINCTIVE MARKS: Tibby has no large scars or blemishes on the skin that would distinguish her from her classmates. Her only notable features are the small tattoos she has scattered around. These include: a small arrow on her middle finger, the constellation Phoenix on her back (enchanted to only appear after the sun has set), and a raven on her foot. Tibby has her earlobes and cartilage pierced, but nothing else. The ink in all tattoos can be dissolved with a series of potions (taking about one week) and Tibby often goes through phases of removal and new ink, trying to find the perfect combination.

    CLOTHING: Some of her clothing that can be found here. Tibby values comfort over style and loves baggy shirts, anything warm, and easy to move around in. Tibby loves color, even though she often ends up wearing neutrals. She isn’t one to accessorize a lot but has a real soft spot for scarves, which she has a large collection of. Tibby has never loved shopping because of budget constraints and stays almost constantly in the sale sections or thrift stores.


    001. Accepting
    002. Ambitious
    003. Brave
    004. Caring
    005. Compassionate
    006. Creative
    007. Determined
    008. Disciplined
    009. Ethical
    010. Generous
    011. Hard Working
    012. Honorable
    013. Imaginative
    014. Intelligent
    015. Mature
    016. Motivated
    017. Perky
    018. Private
    019. Romantic
    020. Problem-solver
    021. Resourceful
    022. Self-sufficient
    023. Stable
    024. Unselfish
    025. Warm

    STRONG AREAS OF MAGIC: Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration
    NEUTRAL AREAS OF MAGIC: Potions, Charms
    WEAK AREAS OF MAGIC: Care of Magical Creatures, Divination

    001. Art
    002. Travel
    003. Adventure
    004. Tattoos
    005. Ravenclaw Tower
    006. Blue
    007. Spring
    008. Scarves
    009. Sleeping in
    010. Campfires

    001. Slytherins
    002. Gameshows
    003. Neon pink
    004. Horror movies
    005. Being sick
    006. Muggle planes
    007. Tequila
    008. Smoking
    009. Artificial grape
    010. Funerals

    001. Graduate Hogwarts with the highest honors.
    002. Attending University for Magical Studies, London.
    003. Earn a degree and then a doctorate.
    004. Get married (for love and on her own terms).
    005. Start a family.
    006. Meet a member of the royal family.
    007. Take a cruise across the Atlantic.
    008. Visit all seven continents.
    009. Help secure equal rights for all half-breeds.
    010. Buy a house with an art studio to work in.

    001. Sings in the shower.
    002. Spends the majority of her free time in the Great Hall and Ravenclaw Tower.
    003. Doodles on the margins of her notes in class.
    004. Talks to her pets as if they were people when she is alone.
    005. Avoids wearing heels at all costs.

    BOGGART: Tibby’s worst fear is suffocating. She has mild claustrophobic tendencies and avoids being in small, enclosed spaces. More than anything else, she is scared of drowning, especially if she was in a box like a submerged car or submarine. Tibby is uncomfortable to have things over her head and doesn’t do well if someone covers her mouth to keep her silent.

    DEMENTOR: Getting the message that her parents had been killed in a car crash after delivering her to Platform 9 ¾. Understandably, Tibby partially blames herself for their fate, since they were there because of her. While she had never been completely understanding of her parent’s lifestyle and choices, they were still her parents and their premature deaths devastated her at such a young age.

    VERITASERUM: Feels responsible for the death of her parents and guilty for her less than stellar relationship with them while they were alive.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Tibby wants knowledge and experience of the world. She desires to travel, see new places, eat new foods, and meet new people. She dreams of seeing the wonders she reads about in books with her own eyes and wishes she could consider herself well-rounded and knowledgeable. Tibby rejects the idea that she will ever truly achieve “complete wisdom” but subconsciously is working towards her intellectual enlightenment.

    PERSONALITY: Tibby is a giver at heart, but sometimes comes off a little cooler than intended. In the tradition of her family she is extremely liberal and is a strong believer and supporter in equal rights for all wizards regardless of blood status, tainted blood, or wealth. Discrimination and prejudices disgust her, although she is slightly hypocritical with her distaste for all of Slytherin house. Tibby has clear morals and is extremely self aware in this sense. She rarely  wrestles with what is right or wrong, simply knowing her beliefs and what she considers the right thing to do. Tibby is willing to fight against any injustices if provoked, although she would not be described as having a temper.

    Tibby is quite the intelligent girl, though she turns more to her heart than logic to solve problems. She loves reading and soaks up endless information in classes and in her everyday life. Tibby truly believes that knowledge is power and strives to be well educated, informed, and intelligent when she speaks. When it comes to academics Tibby can become quite competitive and strives to be in the top of their class. There are very few subjects that she had trouble with and when problems do occur she is willing to put in endless hours in the library until she had perfected whatever she needs to know. Tibby likes to solve problems herself and gets the greatest sense of accomplishment when she completes something difficult all on her own.

    With two artists as parents, creativity has always been an essential part of Tibby’s life. She loves doing everything from sculpture to acting, but appreciates art in every form. Academics have always been a higher priority for Tibby than her involvement in the arts but she ends up putting her creativity into even the most painfully boring essays. Doodles can be found on almost all in-class notes and creased lines from unfolded origami are not an uncommon sight.


    FATHER: David Frank | b. 1974 | Half-Blood | Artist | Neutral

    MOTHER: Elizabeth Frank née Eaves | b. 1974 | Half-Blood | Artist | Neutral

    SIBLING/S: Arren Frank | b. 1999 | Half-Blood | Neutral

    Mark Frank | b.1942 | Muggle | Investment Banker | Conservative
    Tina Frank | b. 1944 | Half-Blood | Secretary | Neutral/Liberal Democrat

    Henry Eaves | b. 1949 | Half-Blood | Daily Prophet Photographer | Neutral
    Shelly Eaves | b. 1950 | Muggle-Born | Primary School Teacher | Neutral

    Baird McLaggen | Best Friend | Ravenclaw
    Johnathan Rader | Ex-Boyfriend | Gryffindor

    BLOOD STATUS:  Half-Blood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Lower Class

    PET/S: Saint Petersburg “Petey” Frank, a barn owl.



    Early Years: Tibby Frank was born on November 24th, 2009 in Northampton, England. Elizabeth and David had not expected to have another child and their first child, Arren, was eleven and already heading off for her first year of Hogwarts. This resulted in Tibby being primarily raised as an only child, only experiencing having a sister during the summer and holiday breaks. She was raised in an atmosphere of open creativity and was constantly encouraged to speak her mind, not only in the home but also to others. The young girl dabbled in fingerpainting and crayon drawings but had a stronger aptitude for the written word and loved nothing more than being read to.

    By the time Tibby entered muggle primary school she had already been taught a basic understanding of language and while her reading was not fluent, she had an exceptionally large vocabulary for her age. She immediately took to the classroom and genuinely enjoyed being at school. Early on, Tibby discovered her natural charisma and was always welcomed into new groups of friends with little trouble. She gradually discovered that she preferred the company of her male classmates over that of the girls and she got easily frustrated when they insisted on talking about boys, playing with dolls, or doing their hair.

    Tibby was around eight when she first discovered her magical abilities. They did not come as a shock because her abundant knowledge of the wizarding world from Arren, however she had been raised in a very muggle fashion and her own abilities were in question for a long time. The summer before her eleventh birthday, Tibby traveled with Arren (who was no longer a student) and their parents to Diagon Ally and was able to purchase her own supplies for the upcoming school year. Despite concerns about money, Elizabeth and David spoiled her by buying an owl which she promptly named Saint Petersburg (a city that, for unknown reasons, she loved and was determined to visit).

    Leaving home was bittersweet. Packing her trunks for the first time was the most difficult thing Tibby had ever done but the second she stepped on the train she never looked back.

    Hogwarts Years: Tibby arrived at Hogwarts and was sorted into Ravenclaw without too much trouble. The Hat considered Gryffindor for her passion and determination, but her love of learning and knowledge quickly won out. Tibby loved everything about her house and they quickly became like her family. She befriended the odd Baird McLaggen and the pair spent many classes together, passing notes and complaining about the other children. Her friend group expanded enormously in those first few months of school as everyone met each other but then gradually reduced in the years after, leaving Tibby friendly with almost everyone but only close to a few.

    Tibby quickly discovered her favorite class was Transfiguration. She was always the first in the group to turn ink to oil and beetles to bobby pins. Contrastingly, her least favorite class (as of third year) was Care of Magical Creatures. Tibby had no way with the beasts and ended every class with more cuts, burns, and bruises than when she had started. As the years passed Tibby discovered a passion for social justice and social studies and found herself locked up in the library to research various times of magical history.

    On the ride home from dropping Tibby off at the Platform for her fourth year at Hogwarts, Elizabeth and David were killed in a car crash, sending her directly home again. She moved in with Arren the weekend of the funeral and in less than a week she was back at Hogwarts. While devastated, angry, and gut-wrenchingly guilty, she put on a brave face and pretended all was well. Only Baird saw the full extent of her grief and, being as he was, could not truly do anything to comfort her.

    Time passed and started to heal her wounds, every holiday home with Arren turning a little less bitter and a little more sweet. Tibby had never been extremely close to either of her parents, always looking to Arren as her hero and role model. Living with Arren made the sisters more like friends than family and they spent time in the ways most teenagers only dreamed up – talking about dates, ordering takeout, getting tattoos, and making art. It was Arren’s best friend, Irene, who began the new maternal figure in Tibby’s life, as both Frank girls often ended up sleeping in her living room when traveling back home proved too difficult.

    Tibby has returned to being a much happier girl with the years passing, though a bit darker than she was before. She manages to still be best friends with Baird and is content with where she is in her life. Tibby searches for her personal purpose and intends to make a difference in this world even if it kills her.  

    Adulthood: N/A


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Emily

    RP EXPERIENCE: Long time.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: I’ve been here for over four years.

    MAIN CHARACTER: Robin. I think it’s Robin now. On another note, can the admin that reads this change Jamie's account to Tibby's details? It won't let me with the permissions I have. Thanks!

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: A sister for Arren, a best friend for Baird, a lover for Gracie. Basically – Amy.


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FRANK, Tibby Esmerelda Empty Re: FRANK, Tibby Esmerelda

Post by Elijah Krum Sat Nov 09, 2013 3:47 pm

Hello Tibster. c:

Accepted and sorted into Ravenclaw!

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